CENECO’s Benchmarking Visit to MORE Power


CENECO's Benchmarking Visit to MORE Power

A Journey of Transformation: CENECO’s Benchmarking Visit to MORE Power

 A Glimpse of a New Beginning

In the quaint city of Iloilo, CENECO employees embarked on a transformative journey as they visited MORE Power, a beacon of modernity in the realm of private electric distribution. Their adventure began with curiosity and a desire to witness firsthand the transition from the traditional ways of CENECO to the innovative methods of MORE Power.

CENECO's Benchmarking Visit to MORE Power

Exploring the Cutting-Edge Infrastructure: A Tour of State-of-the-Art Substations and Facilities

During the visit, the CENECO team had the privilege to explore the state-of-the-art substations located in Molo and Megaworld. These technological marvels left them in awe, providing a stark contrast to the equipment that CENECO had been using for decades. John Raymond Ortiz, Leadman of Service Installation at CENECO, shared his insights on the remarkable advancements seen in MORE Power’s substations.

CENECO's Benchmarking Visit to MORE Power

Efficiency Unleashed: Customer Service and Installation: The Swift and Painless Process at MORE Power

One of the most striking differences noticed by the CENECO employees was the efficiency of MORE Power’s customer service and installation procedures. Sheena Lyn Diaz, an employee of CENECO, compared the installation timelines, with MORE Power completing the task in just over a week, while CENECO’s process could take up to a month. She attributed this disparity to the cooperative nature of CENECO and the numerous requirements for installation.

CENECO's Benchmarking Visit to MORE Power

Embracing Change: The Perspective of CENECO Employees

Jonathan Prietos, an Account Inspector with nearly three decades of service at CENECO, expressed his support for the transition to MORE Power. He emphasized the need for change within CENECO, particularly with regard to pending issues and challenges that were holding the organization back.

Benchmarked Excellence: Learning from MORE Power

Ma. Cecilia Pe-Calunod, Assistant Vice President at Negros Power, extended an invitation to the CENECO employees for a benchmarking session at their sister company, MORE Power. The aim was for CENECO employees to witness firsthand how MORE Power provides quality service, especially in the realm of customer service, which operates round-the-clock, seven days a week. Employee engagement and the holistic approach to their welfare were key takeaways from this experience.

CENECO's Benchmarking Visit to MORE Power

Charting a New Future: Supporting the Joint Venture – Negros Electric and Power Corporation (Negros Power)

The employees of both CENECO and MORE Power are collaborating to support the continuation of the Joint Venture Agreement between CENECO and Primelectric, with the ultimate goal of obtaining the franchise for the joint venture company, Negros Electric and Power Corporation (Negros Power).

This benchmarking visit marked the beginning of a promising transformation journey for CENECO, who, inspired by their experience at MORE Power, are now ready to embrace change and offer a brighter future to their consumers.

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CENECO's Benchmarking Visit to MORE Power

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