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GORDA Pastelería Artesania

Gorda Pastelería Artesania | a fun dining experience with Lei Lani Dusaban and Arjay Solitario

A Culinary Adventure at Gorda Pastelería Artesania: Where Good Food Meets Great Company

Dining transcends the mere act of savoring delicious food and nourishing our bodies; it also enriches our souls and stirs our emotions. Recently, we gathered to reconnect, catch up, and celebrate a significant milestone—Arjay’s triumphant completion of his MBA. To commemorate this achievement, Lei Lani, Arjay, and I embarked on a delightful culinary rendezvous, where we shared our stories while savoring the delectable dishes at Gorda Pastelería Artesania, situated at The Hub, La Salle Avenue, Bacolod City.

We swiftly realized that dining encompasses more than just the palate; it’s a harmonious fusion of ambiance, companionship, and conversations that breathe life into every meal. In this article, I extend a heartfelt invitation to you, our cherished readers, to join us on our gastronomic journey at Gorda Pastelería Artesania.

I’ll dive deep into three key aspects of this memorable dining experience:

About Gorda Pastelería Artesania

Let’s start with an introduction to this charming eatery:

The Atmosphere

Upon entering Gorda, you are instantly enveloped by the enchanting scent of freshly baked bread and pastries, setting the stage for a delightful dining experience. The restaurant’s ambiance is a captivating blend of Mediterranean charm, creating an atmosphere that transports you to distant shores. What sets this place apart is its cozy mezzanine, a hidden gem that adds an extra layer of comfort and intimacy to your visit, perfect for those seeking a more private dining setting. Whether you’re dining with friends, family, or that special someone, Gorda’s warm and inviting environment is sure to enhance your overall experience, making it the perfect place to savor exceptional cuisine and create lasting memories.

The Service

I would like to give credit to their warm and attentive service. The waitstaff ensures your water glass is never empty, ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free dining experience.

GORDA Pastelería Artesania

F & F Fried Chicken

About the Food of Gorda Pastelería Artesania 

Now, let’s explore the star of the show—Gorda’s delectable dishes:

F & F Fried Chicken

The F & F Fried Chicken is a culinary masterpiece that’s bound to satisfy your cravings for a satisfying meal. The chicken is cooked to perfection, boasting a delightful crunchy exterior that gives way to succulent and tender meat. The addition of Nashville hot sauce adds a fiery kick, while the country gravy provides a rich and comforting contrast. To further elevate the dish, they include sweet potato mush and sweet potato chips, introducing a playful twist of sweet and savory elements. This symphony of flavors creates a truly unforgettable experience for your taste buds.

GORDA Pastelería Artesania

Salmon Gratin | Gorda Pastelería Artesania 

Salmon Gratin

Their Salmon Gratin is a sumptuous delight that seafood lovers won’t want to miss. This dish boasts a perfect harmony of flavors with its generous portion of salmon served on a bed of Adlai, a nutritious and flavorful grain. The ginger-miso cream adds a subtle yet intriguing twist, while the furikake seasoning enhances the dish with its savory depth. Each bite of this exquisite creation is a journey through a medley of tastes and textures, leaving a lasting impression that exemplifies their commitment to culinary excellence. If you’re seeking a memorable seafood experience.

GORDA Pastelería Artesania

Torched Beef Carpaccio| Gorda Pastelería Artesania 

Torched Beef Carpaccio

Their Torched Beef Carpaccio is a culinary masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression. This dish features thinly sliced beef tenderloin, precisely seared to perfection, resulting in a melt-in-your-mouth texture. The infusion of herb-garlic butter adds a burst of savory flavors, while the bagna cauda sauce provides a delightful contrast with its rich and aromatic notes. Each bite is a mouthwatering experience, and it’s a testament to their commitment to delivering exceptional cuisine. If you’re a fan of gourmet delights, this Torched Beef Carpaccio is an absolute must-try.

GORDA Pastelería Artesania

Spinach Artichoke Dip | Gorda Pastelería Artesania 

Spinach Artichoke Dip

The Spinach Artichoke Dip is a gooey delight that features melted mozzarella cheese, served alongside slices of perfectly toasted bread. This appetizer is not only a treat for the taste buds but also perfect for sharing with friends and family. The creamy, cheesy goodness of this dish adds a delightful dimension to your dining experience.

GORDA Pastelería Artesania

Gorda Pastelería Artesania ‘s  Dessert Delights

Don’t miss out on the Hokkaido Cheese Tart and Egg Tart, both of which offer a sweet ending to your meal. I paired mine with a Café Americano to enjoy the perfect balance of rich, creamy desserts and a comforting coffee. Arjay, on the other hand, opted to complement his indulgence with a Cappuccino, creating a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. It was a delightful choice, showcasing how different beverage pairings can enhance the dessert experience. As we savored these delectable treats, our taste buds were treated to a symphony of sweet and bitter notes, concluding our meal at Gorda on a high note of culinary satisfaction.

Gorda Pastelería Artesania

About the Experience of Having Fun in Dining Together

But dining isn’t just about what’s on the plate—it’s about the memories created with great company:

Sharing is Caring

Our decision to order an array of dishes to share at Gorda Pastelería Artesania was a choice that deepened our sense of togetherness. We believed that sharing not only the food but also our dining experiences was a way to strengthen our bonds. As each dish arrived at our table, we couldn’t help but marvel at the exquisite presentation, and the shared excitement as we took our first bite created an atmosphere of camaraderie that enhanced our meal.

The act of sharing also allowed us to explore their diverse menu more thoroughly. It was like embarking on a culinary journey together, with each dish unveiling a new adventure for our palates. From the crispy F & F Fried Chicken with its tantalizing blend of Nashville hot sauce and sweet potato chips to the delicate Salmon Gratin with its fusion of ginger-miso cream and furikake, we savored every bite together. This shared experience not only multiplied our joy but also allowed us to appreciate the nuances of each dish, sparking animated conversations and laughter around the table.

GORDA Pastelería Artesania

Capturing Moments at Gorda Pastelería Artesania

In my role as the designated food photographer, I found myself irresistibly drawn to capture the artistry of our beautifully plated dishes. Each snapshot not only preserved the visual delights but also added a creative dimension to our dining experience, turning it into a memorable visual feast.

GORDA Pastelería Artesania

Engaging Conversations

The real magic of dining together lies in the conversations that flow as smoothly as the wine, creating an ambiance of warmth and connection. During our meal at Gorda Pastelería Artesania, we delved into a wide range of engaging topics. Arjay shared insights into his MBA journey, offering us a glimpse into his educational pursuit and growth. We also explored our own career paths, exchanging stories and advice, and opened up about our love lives, sharing both laughter and heartfelt moments. Additionally, Arjay provided fascinating insights into his role as a site director for a prominent BPO company in Negros Occidental, shedding light on the dynamic world of business process outsourcing.

GORDA Pastelería Artesania

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