Kubo sa Lawn Restaurant in Bacolod City | A Review

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Kubo sa Lawn Restaurant in Bacolod City | A Review

Kubo sa Lawn

A Review of Kubo sa Lawn Restaurant in Bacolod City

Amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy Friday filled with meetings and engagements, my colleagues and I found ourselves searching for a place to unwind and enjoy a delicious dinner. Amid the Masskara Festival traffic in Bacolod City, we stumbled upon Kubo sa Lawn Restaurant, located on P. Hernaez Street. Known for its native dishes, this restaurant has been a culinary staple in the city for many years. While some of my friends had dined there before, it was my first time experiencing what this restaurant had to offer.

Kubo sa Lawn Restaurant in Bacolod City | A Review

The Food Adventure at Kubo sa Lawn

CG Hisona and Engiemar, my companions for the evening, were not first-timers at Kubo sa Lawn. We had initially planned to invite Lei Lani to join us, but given the challenging traffic conditions, we advised her against it. After settling into our seats, we perused the menu and decided to order lechon kawali, bangus belly sinigang, and two servings of chicken barbecue. The prices were reasonable, and the service was impressively prompt. The restaurant was not particularly crowded during our visit, allowing us to enjoy a tranquil dining experience.

Kubo sa Lawn Restaurant in Bacolod City | A Review

The Culinary Highlights of Kubo sa Lawn

Kubo sa Lawn Restaurant did not disappoint when it came to the quality of its native dishes. The lechon kawali, crisped to perfection, was served with a delectable lechon sauce that enhanced its flavors. The bangus belly sinigang, a Filipino sour soup with milkfish belly, was another winner. The fish belly was remarkably fresh, and it was served with a medley of fresh vegetables, creating a harmonious balance of flavors and textures.

Kubo sa Lawn Restaurant in Bacolod City | A Review

A Slight Letdown | Kubo sa Lawn

While the majority of our meal left us satisfied, there was one dish that failed to meet our expectations—the chicken barbecue. It had a sourness that was likely a result of the marinade, and it didn’t align with the typical taste of chicken barbecue in Bacolod City. The disappointment prompted us to request that the waiter pack up the chicken. Although I wasn’t particularly fond of it, I believed that some of my employees might appreciate the meal, so it wasn’t completely wasted.

Final Thoughts

As we wrapped up our dining experience at Kubo sa Lawn Restaurant, we contemplated whether we would return in the future. The verdict, unfortunately, leans toward the negative. The primary reason for this decision is the restaurant’s relatively remote location, which makes it less accessible for us. While the lechon kawali and sinigang were commendable, we felt that we could easily find dishes of comparable quality in other eateries within Bacolod City.

In conclusion, our visit to Kubo sa Lawn Restaurant was a mixed bag. The ambiance and native dishes, particularly the lechon kawali and sinigang, were highlights of our dining experience. However, the disappointment from the chicken barbecue and the distance from our usual location dampened our overall enthusiasm. While Kubo sa Lawn offers a taste of Bacolod’s culinary traditions, we may explore alternative options for our future dining adventures in this vibrant city.

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