Power Revolution Coming to Central Negros | A Bright Future


 Electrical Revolution Coming to Central Negros | A Bright Future

Exciting News: A Brighter Electrical Future for Central Negros

The Spark of Change: House Bill 9310

Imagine a world where electricity flows seamlessly, lighting up homes, powering businesses, and making life easier. In Central Negros, this dream could soon become a reality, thanks to a game-changing proposal in Congress. It’s called House Bill number 9310, and it’s the brainchild of Negrense Representatives Joseph Stephen Paduano, Juliet Marie De Leon Ferrer, and Francisco Benitez. Their goal? To hand a franchise to the Negros Electric and Power Corporation (NEPC) and revolutionize how electricity reaches you in Bacolod, Silay, Talisay, Bago, Murcia, Don Salvador Benedicto, and beyond.

NEPC’s Electric Mission

NEPC is on a mission, a mission backed by an initial capital infusion of Two (2) Billion pesos. Their aim is simple yet powerful: to modernize and rehabilitate electric power distribution, making it more reliable and efficient for everyone. You, me, businesses, institutions – they’ve got us covered. The catch? Right now, these areas are under the umbrella of the Central Negros Electric Cooperative Inc. (CENECO). But here’s the twist: CENECO’s franchise is set to wave goodbye in 2030.

 Electrical Revolution Coming to Central Negros | A Bright Future

Charging Ahead: Challenges and Constraints

CENECO, as an electric cooperative, has faced its fair share of challenges. Think limited funding, no room for additional Capital Expenditures, and a lack of access to the latest tech. It’s like trying to drive a classic car in a world of electric vehicles. To overcome these hurdles and pave the way for a brighter electric future, CENECO’s member-consumer-owners have given the green light to a joint venture with Primelectric Holdings Incorporated/NEPC.

The Powerhouse Combo: NEPC and MORE Power

Now, here’s where things get exciting. NEPC isn’t just any player in the game. They’re the sister company of MORE Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power) in Iloilo City. And boy, do they have a track record! In Iloilo City, they waved their magic wand and transformed the distribution system in just three years. System losses dropped, new customers flocked in, and power costs took a nosedive. The folks in Iloilo City are all smiles and thumbs up, endorsing and praising MORE Power’s achievements.

Unlocking the Power: What Sets NEPC Apart

NEPC isn’t your ordinary superhero; it’s the whole Justice League. Why? They’ve got a management team that’s cut from the same cloth as MORE Power. Plus, they’ve got deep pockets, thanks to the same group that controls several publicly listed companies, like Bloomberry Resorts Corporation (BLOOM), Manila Water Company, Inc. (MWC), and Apex Mining Company, Inc. (APX).

A Powerful Vision: The Heart of House Bill 9310

The three Negrense lawmakers behind House Bill 9310 believe that the Negros Electric and Power Corp. can light up Central Negros like never before. And they have a strong case. This isn’t just about better electricity; it’s about kickstarting economic growth and improving lives in this part of our beautiful country.

Brighter Days Ahead: The Call for Support

“With NEPC’s expertise and resources, Central Negros may soon enjoy reliable, efficient, and cost-effective electrical distribution services that will benefit its residents and businesses,” emphasize the Negrense lawmakers. They’ve put the call out to their fellow Members of Congress: “Support the prompt and timely passage of this measure.” It’s a bright future we’re all hoping for – let’s power ahead together.


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