DSK Batchoy House at Robinsons Triangle, Bacolod City

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DSK Batchoy House at Robinsons Triangle, Bacolod City

DSK Batchoy House at Robinsons Triangle, Bacolod City

A Review of DSK Batchoy House at Robinsons Triangle, Bacolod City

 A Rainy Day Craving

As the heavy rain poured down on a weary day in Bacolod City, my fellow teachers and I found ourselves in dire need of a comforting meal. We had just wrapped up a challenging day of proctoring exams, and the stress was still weighing on our shoulders. The rain outside only amplified our desire for something warm and soothing. Naturally, our minds turned to a quintessential Filipino favorite – batchoy. We’d heard about a spot at Robinsons Triangle renowned for its “Super Batchoy,” though we soon discovered its true name: DSK Batchoy House.

DSK Batchoy House at Robinsons Triangle, Bacolod City

Arrival at DSK Batchoy House: A Modest Retreat

Upon our arrival at DSK Batchoy House, it became evident that the eatery didn’t aim for a lavish atmosphere. Instead, it resembled a simple carenderia, offering a no-frills yet decent setting. Notably, the absence of a designated waiting area and the scarcity of vacant tables caught our attention. Nevertheless, considering the casual nature of the establishment, we were willing to overlook this small inconvenience.

As we searched for a table, our friend Lei Lanie’s keen eye spotted a pair of friendly girls who were already finishing their meal. With courtesy and a touch of desperation, she asked if we could share their table, and they graciously accepted. They mentioned they were waiting for their boss at the adjacent table, so the arrangement worked perfectly.

DSK Batchoy House at Robinsons Triangle, Bacolod City

The Great Batchoy Debate: Bacolod’s Hidden Gem

In the world of batchoy, La Paz, Iloilo, is the uncontested champion. It’s the place that immediately comes to mind when one thinks of this iconic Filipino dish. However, Bacolod, while often overshadowed, boasts a treasure trove of equally delectable batchoy variations, proudly crafted by local Bacolodnons. The purpose of this blog post is not to diminish La Paz Batchoy’s stature but to serve as a guide for Bacolod residents and visitors, steering them to a comforting bowl of batchoy within the City of Smiles.

Exploring the Menu: Price and Selection at DSK Batchoy House 

To provide clarity for those contemplating a visit to DSK Batchoy House, here’s a quick rundown of their offerings and prices:

  • Ordinary B: P88
  • Ordinary  B with Egg: P102
  • Ordinary with Utok (Bone Marrow): P117
  • Special: P115
  • Special  with Egg: P129
  • Special  with Utok (Bone Marrow): P149
  • Super Special: P159
  • Pan de Siosa: P12 per piece

Considering the potential cholesterol overload, we decided to order the “Special Batchoy with Egg.” The primary difference between the ordinary and special batchoy lies in the inclusion of liver, which adds an extra layer of flavor.

The Culinary Experience: Flavorful Bliss at DSK Batchoy House 

When our orders finally arrived, our expectations were met with an unexpected delight. The special batchoy was an explosion of flavor, a harmonious symphony of various textures and tastes. To accompany our soup, we couldn’t resist ordering some Pan de Siosa, although we noted that the bread was served cold. This minor hiccup did little to detract from the overall satisfaction of our meal.

DSK Batchoy House at Robinsons Triangle, Bacolod City

Final Thoughts: Unpretentious and Tasty | DSK Batchoy House 

In summary, DSK Batchoy House is a straightforward eatery, lacking any pretentious frills. The decor may need some improvements, as it leans heavily on plastic ornamental plants. However, this unassuming aspect seems to align with their intended audience, who value delicious comfort food over aesthetics.

Despite its simplicity, DSK Batchoy House shines where it counts the most – in the taste of its batchoy. For anyone in Bacolod searching for a hearty, comforting bowl of this iconic Filipino dish, DSK Batchoy House at Robinsons Triangle is a worthy destination. It may not steal the limelight from La Paz, but it stands as a testament to Bacolod’s rich culinary heritage and offers a satisfying bowl of soup dish on a rainy day.

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