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Felicia's Cafe


Felicia’s : Where Every Sip and Bite Tells a Story

After a satisfying dinner, the idea of capping off the evening with a warm cup of coffee naturally came to mind. The first place we considered was bustling with customers, the place actually is a bar, but we had coffee there in the past while others were drinking beer. So, we unanimously decided on Felicia’s, a spot we often frequent for our caffeine fix. While our usual haunt is the 6th Street branch, we found ourselves near the 15th Street location, enticed by the sight of an available parking space.

Stepping into Felicia’s on 15th Street felt like entering a comforting oasis. The simple ambiance, not really that sophisticated but nice enough to hang out, put us at ease. The cafe was not really that full so that encouraged relaxation and conversation.

Familiar Faces, Warm Conversations at Felicia’s

Together with dear friends Dr. Lei Lani Dusaban, who had recently celebrated her birthday, and Dr. Jojo Bayona, along with Engr. Engiemar Tupaz, we settled in a corner to have a nice conversation. The familiarity of the setting and familiar faces in the crowd instantly made us feel at home.

Felicia's Cafe


A Simple Pleasure: Black Coffee and Cake at Felicia’s

Opting for simplicity, we ordered our usual – black coffee – allowing the rich, robust flavor to awaken our senses. Conscious of our sugar intake, we decided to share two slices of cake among us. Felicia’s offers an array of delightful options, but our hearts (and taste buds) have a special fondness for their exquisite Salted Sansrival. We highly recommend it.

Sweet Flavors at Felicia’s

The first bite of cake was a harmonious blend of textures and flavors. The layers were expertly crafted, each bite delivering a perfect balance of sweetness, a little saltiness, and crunch. It was a testament to the artistry of the bakers at Felicia’s, who consistently deliver nothing short of excellence.

Felicia's Cafe


Unwinding Amidst Busy Lives

As professionals with demanding schedules, our evening at Felicia’s was a well-deserved respite. The simple and well-lit ambiance and the soothing aroma of coffee provided the perfect backdrop for unwinding. Sharing laughter and stories over our cups of coffee, we found solace in the simplicity of the moment.

Beyond the delectable offerings of cakes and coffee, it is the camaraderie shared among friends that truly elevates each gathering. The laughter, stories, and genuine connections we nurture during these moments turn ordinary evenings into cherished memories.

Strengthening Bonds Through Shared Experiences at Felicia’s

These gatherings at Felicia’s serve as more than just an excuse for coffee and cake; they’re a testament to the power of friendship. They remind us that in the midst of our busy lives, taking the time to come together and share experiences strengthens the bonds that hold us close.

Nurturing Lifelong Friendships

Friendship, as we’ve come to realize, is a garden that requires tending. It’s in these moments of togetherness that we water the roots of our relationships, ensuring they grow deeper and stronger with each passing day. Felicia’s has become the backdrop to countless conversations and shared experiences, solidifying the foundation of our lifelong friendships.

Location and Store Hours | Felicia’s

Located next to the iconic L’ Fisher Hotel, Felicia’s on 15th Street in Bacolod City extends its warm hospitality until 10 PM in the evening. This makes it a delightful late-night option for coffee enthusiasts and dessert lovers alike, offering a cozy haven to unwind and savor the moment.

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