Roy’s Hotel and Convention Center : A Review


Roy’s Hotel and Convention Center

Dining Experience at Roy’s Hotel and Convention Center


Recently, my friends Lei Lani Dusaban, Jojo Bayona, and I decided to dine at Roy’s Hotel and Convention Center, located at the corner of RC1, Araneta Highway, Pahanocoy, Bacolod City, Philippines. We were intrigued by the positive reviews we read about the place and wanted to experience it firsthand. This review focuses on our dining experience and our observations around the hotel, as we have not yet stayed there.


Arrival and First Impressions | Roy’s Hotel and Convention Center

Upon arriving at the hotel, we parked beside the restaurant. From the outside, we could see the entire dining area. We initially thought there might be another restaurant within the hotel, but we learned that the main dining option was the restaurant we parked next to. The only other dining facility is a bar located at the rooftop of the hotel.

Roy’s Hotel and Convention Center: Ambiance and Setting

The restaurant is relatively small and rectangular in shape. The tables and chairs are modern and simple, but on one side of the dining area, there were plastic rattan canopy-style chairs, adding a unique touch to the decor. The dining area is well-lit, with lighting that almost mimics daylight, and the air conditioning is excellent—perfect for the hot weather, allowing us to focus on our meal and conversation comfortably.

Roy's Hotel and Convention Center

Service | Roy’s Hotel and Convention Center

The waiters were friendly and attentive. To my surprise, I recognized a familiar face—an old employee from Sugarland Hotel who is now the captain waiter at Roy’s. This added a personal touch to our experience. They promptly addressed our requests and ensured our table was well taken care of. Their knowledge of the menu was impressive, helping us make informed choices. Overall, the service exceeded our expectations.

L-R: Jojo Bayona, yours truly and Lei Lani

Exploring Roy’s Hotel and Convention Center

While waiting for our food, Jojo Bayona and I decided to check out the lobby, while Lei Lani stayed back to book hotels for her upcoming trip abroad. The lobby is quite simple, lined with designer chairs from Cebu City. The front office is also very basic, but I was delighted to see Paul, my former student from LCC, working as the front office supervisor. The lobby’s minimalist design was clean and inviting. It provided a comfortable space to relax and explore. Seeing a familiar face made our visit feel even more welcoming.

Location and Accessibility of Roy’s Hotel and Convention Center

The hotel’s location is a bit of a challenge, as it is situated quite a distance from the city center. If you’re taking a taxi or a Grab car, the fare might be higher than usual. However, public utility jeepneys (PUJs) pass by the hotel, providing a more affordable transportation option. Additionally, the area around the hotel is quieter compared to the bustling city center, which might appeal to those looking for a more relaxed environment. For those with private vehicles, ample parking space is available. Overall, while the location has its drawbacks, it also offers a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle.


Additional Facilities

We also checked out the rooftop bar, which has a spacious alfresco area perfect for parties. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take photos due to a function happening at the time. The pool area on the third floor was occupied by a family, so we didn’t photograph it either. However, it looked quite appealing, especially at night when it was well-lit. It is also a nice place to hold a small party. The ambiance of the rooftop bar, combined with the well-maintained pool area, makes it an ideal spot for gatherings and celebrations. Despite not being able to capture the moments, the setup left a positive impression on us.

Roy's Hotel and Convention Center

The Food | Roy’s Hotel and Convention Center

Mango-Beet Salad (₱390)

We started with the mango-beet salad, which we all loved. It included lettuce, mango slices, beet cubes, cherry tomatoes, and dried rose petals. The mango puree-based sauce added a delightful taste to the salad. The combination of fresh ingredients created a refreshing and visually appealing dish. Each bite was a perfect blend of sweet and tangy flavors. This salad set a high standard for the rest of our meal.

Roy's Hotel and Convention Center

Korean Buffalo Wings (₱380)

Next, we had the Korean buffalo wings. The chicken wings served with a spicy sauce, were quite hot. While I enjoy spicy food, the wings bordered on being slightly bitter. Reducing the saltiness could enhance the flavor. The heat level might be too intense for some, but spice lovers would appreciate the kick. The wings were well-cooked, with a crispy exterior and juicy interior. Overall, a good dish with room for improvement.

Roy’s Hotel and Convention Center

Rack-a-Bye Baby (Baby Back Ribs) (₱480)

The baby back ribs were a bit of a disappointment. Although the portion was large and served with mashed potatoes, the meat was tough and difficult to slice. We expected the ribs to fall off the bone, but they were strongly attached. The presentation was nice, but the cooking method needs improvement. The flavor was decent, but the toughness of the meat overshadowed it. With more tender preparation, this dish could be much more enjoyable.

Roy's Hotel and Convention Center

Batangas Beef Caldereta (₱450)

The Batangas beef caldereta was flavorful and generously served with green and black olives. However, like the other dishes, it was a bit salty. Adjusting the seasoning could make it even better. The beef was tender and well-cooked, blending nicely with the rich, savory sauce. The addition of black and green olives added a pleasant tanginess, complementing the dish well. Overall, it’s a hearty and satisfying dish that just needs a slight tweak in seasoning to be perfect.

Sides and Presentation | Roy’s Hotel and Convention Center

We also ordered steamed rice (₱70) and soda (₱95). One thing we noticed was the use of colorful containers, which distracted us from the presentation of the dishes. The plastic placemats also need improvement to match the overall dining experience. While the food quality was generally good, the mismatched and vibrant containers detracted from the otherwise pleasant ambiance. Upgrading these small details could significantly enhance the visual appeal of the dining experience.

Roy's Hotel and Convention Center


In conclusion, our visit to Roy’s Hotel and Convention Center left us with a generally positive impression, though there are areas where enhancements could be made. The warmth and attentiveness of the staff contributed significantly to our enjoyment, as did the inviting atmosphere of the establishment. While certain dishes might benefit from fine-tuning in terms of seasoning and presentation, the overall quality of the cuisine was satisfactory. Looking ahead, we anticipate the opportunity to return for a stay at the hotel, affording us the chance to delve deeper into our assessment and provide a more comprehensive review of our experience.

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