Panaad Park Adventure | Culinary Delights, Himamaylan City

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Panaad Park Adventure | Culinary Delights, Himamaylan City

Panaad Park Adventure | Culinary Delights, Himamaylan City

Exploring Panaad Park and Stadium |  Culinary Delights at the  Booth of the City of Himamaylan 


The Panaad sa Negros Festival is a weeklong celebration held at the Panaad Park and Stadium, where municipalities and cities from all over Negros Occidental come together to showcase their culture, history, and products. It is a vibrant display of Negrense pride and creativity, with each booth offering a unique glimpse into the identity of its respective locality. The festival provides a platform for communities to share their heritage and traditions with visitors, creating a rich tapestry of experiences that celebrate the diversity of Negros Occidental.

Panaad Park Adventure | Culinary Delights, Himamaylan City

Dining Delights at the  Panaad Park  

Dining at Panaad Park is a highlight of the festival, with visitors indulging in a variety of local delicacies and specialties from the different booths. Despite the bustling crowds and traffic, many people flock to the festival site to savor the flavors of Negrense cuisine. As a proud Negrense, I ventured to the festival to immerse myself in the lively atmosphere and culinary delights. The aroma of grilled seafood and the sight of colorful desserts filled the air, creating a truly festive ambiance. I joined the throngs of festival-goers in sampling the array of dishes, each booth offering a unique taste of Negros Occidental.

Panaad Park Adventure | Culinary Delights, Himamaylan City


A Visit to the City of Himamaylan’s Booth [ Panaad Park ]

For many years, my friends and I have made it a tradition to visit the booth of the City of Himamaylan during the festival. Led by Mayor Raymund Tongson, the booth is a testament to the city’s commitment to showcasing its beauty and heritage. Although Mayor Tongson was unable to personally greet us due to prior commitments, we were warmly welcomed by their Peso Manager, HR Head, and OIC of the Agriculture Office, Dr. CG Hisona. The booth’s design was impressive, featuring intricate details that reflected Himamaylan’s culture and history. We were given a tour of the booth, where we learned about the city’s initiatives and future plans for development. The hospitality of the Himamaylan team made our visit truly memorable, and we look forward to returning next year.

A Memorable Dinner Experience  [ Panaad Park , Himamaylan City ]

Accompanied by my fellow members of the Negrense Blogging Society, including Sunshine Dacudao of Sunny Encounters, Ed Joven of Bacolod Lifestyle, Sigrid Lo of Sigrid Says, Dennis Lo of Marriage Markers, Dhadha Garcia of The Blue Ink, and Mark Canieso, we were treated to a sumptuous spread of seafood, including Sinigang, Talaba, Crabs, Bangus, Shrimps, Adobo Squid, Chicken Inasal, and Pork Barbecue. The meal was a delightful respite after a day of exploring the festival grounds and left us satisfied and content. The atmosphere at Himamaylan’s booth was festive, with many people dining . We shared stories and laughter as we enjoyed the delicious food, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Our dinner at the City of Himamaylan’s booth was not just a meal; it was a testament to the warmth and hospitality of the Negrenses. The experience showcased the rich flavors and traditions of Negros Occidental, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture. I encourage everyone to visit the booth of the City of Himamaylan at the Panaad sa Negros Festival and discover the unique offerings that each municipality has to offer.

Come and experience the magic of the festival, where every booth tells a story and every meal is a celebration of Negrense heritage.


Panaad Park Adventure | Culinary Delights, Himamaylan City

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