MORE Power’s Customer Service : Power Outages Response

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[ MORE Power's Customer Service ]

MORE Power’s Customer Service

MORE Power’s Exemplary Customer Service: A Beacon of Empathy in Times of Power Outages


In the face of power outages, consumers often experience frustration and inconvenience. However, for residents of Iloilo, the recent outage on April 28 showcased a different narrative. MORE Power, the local utility provider, responded swiftly and compassionately, setting a new standard for customer service excellence.

[ MORE Power's Customer Service ]

Empathy in Action [ MORE Power’s Customer Service ]

During the maintenance outage, MORE Power’s response was nothing short of remarkable. Recognizing the challenges faced by consumers, they deployed mobile generator sets to affected barangays, offering free mobile charging services. Additionally, they provided complimentary cold water for washing and laundry, demonstrating a genuine understanding of their consumers’ needs.

[ MORE Power's Customer Service ]


Clear Communication and Timely Updates [ MORE Power’s Customer Service ]

A key aspect of MORE Power’s approach was their commitment to transparent communication. Through regular updates on social media and other channels, they kept consumers informed about the outage duration and restoration efforts. This proactive communication helped manage expectations and alleviate concerns among residents.

[ MORE Power's Customer Service ]

Innovative Solutions during Power Outages [ MORE Power’s Customer Service ]

During the recent 12-hour power interruption in Iloilo, MORE Power exhibited a remarkable commitment to community welfare by offering free charging stations to residents across affected barangays. Understanding the crucial need for connectivity, they strategically positioned mobile generator sets to ensure that individuals could remain connected and informed despite the outage. This proactive initiative not only provided practical assistance but also demonstrated MORE Power’s dedication to supporting residents through innovative solutions.

Additionally, alongside the provision of free charging stations, MORE Power continued its admirable initiative of supplying complimentary cold water to residents. Recognizing the importance of hygiene and comfort during the outage, they ensured that individuals had access to clean and refreshing water for washing and laundry purposes. This holistic approach not only addressed immediate needs but also showcased MORE Power’s empathy and consideration for the well-being of the community. Through their concerted efforts, MORE Power reinforced their role as a reliable and compassionate utility provider, earning the trust and appreciation of residents.

[ MORE Power's Customer Service ]

Restoring Faith in Service [ MORE Power’s Customer Service ]

Beyond restoring power, MORE Power’s empathetic response restored faith in their service. By prioritizing consumer needs and demonstrating a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction, they underscored their dedication to serving the community. This empathetic approach not only resolved the immediate issue but also strengthened consumer confidence in MORE Power’s reliability and responsiveness.

Extending Empathy to Central Negros [ MORE Power’s Customer Service ]

As MORE Power continues to lead by example in Iloilo, its commitment to empathy and exceptional service extends beyond regional boundaries. With plans to introduce Negros Electric Power Corporation (NEPC) to Negros, residents of Central Negros can anticipate the same level of responsiveness and compassion during times of need. Just as they have demonstrated in Iloilo, NEPC pledges to prioritize consumer welfare and deliver exceptional service, ensuring that residents receive the support and assistance they deserve during power outages and other disruptions. This commitment underscores NEPC’s dedication to serving communities with empathy and integrity, setting the stage for a future marked by reliable and customer-centric power distribution services in Central Negros.

In conclusion, MORE Power’s exemplary customer service sets a high standard for utility providers nationwide. By prioritizing empathy and consumer satisfaction, they not only resolve immediate challenges but also foster long-term trust and loyalty among consumers. As they continue to expand their services, they serve as a shining example of compassionate leadership in the utility industry.

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