Sir and Ma’am Restaurant, Silay City: A Review


Sir and Ma'am Restaurant, Silay City: A Review

Sir and Ma’am Restaurant | L-R: Engiemar Tupas, Your truly and Cg Hisona 

 A Culinary Journey at Sir and Ma’am Restaurant: Navigating the Flavors of Tradition

 A Spontaneous Quest for Lunch

It was just past noon when my friends Engiemar Tupas and CG Hisona messaged me about picking me up for lunch. The eternal dilemma of “It’s up to you” floated in the air, leaving us in a culinary limbo. Eventually, we found ourselves driving through the streets of Bacolod, Talisay, and finally settling on Silay. Returning to Sir and Ma’am Restaurant, established in 1962, was a unanimous decision, given its longstanding reputation for serving delectable dishes.

Sir and Ma'am Restaurant, Silay City: A Review

Sir and Ma’am Restaurant | A Glimpse of Legacy

As we stepped into the restaurant around 1 PM, a sense of nostalgia enveloped us. Having frequented this place numerous times, we knew we were in for a treat. Established in 1962, Sir and Ma’am have secured the favor of the locals, a testament to their commitment to delivering quality food.

Sir and Ma'am Restaurant, Silay City: A Review

An Array of Choices, A Limited Supply

Our timing was both perfect and challenging. The clock almost struck 1 PM, and to our dismay, the kitchen was almost sold out for the day. The owner kindly offered us the remaining options: Lechon Kawali, Morcon, and their renowned Laing or Pangat. Opting for 2 servings of Morcon (half-sized) and the last plate of Lechon Kawali, we eagerly awaited the flavors that awaited us.

Sir and Ma'am Restaurant, Silay City: A Review


Sir and Ma’am Restaurant| Gastronomic Delights on the Table

Served before us were culinary treasures waiting to be unraveled. The Pangat, my personal favorite, stole the spotlight with its creamy coconut goodness and perfectly balanced spiciness. Although the serving was quite small, I also missed the customary addition of pork or dried fish, the dish still shone. The Morcon, suggested by a former student, lived up to its reputation. While the price was fair, I found the texture slightly loose for my preference.

Sir and Ma'am Restaurant, Silay City: A Review

 Lechon Kawali

Crispy Farewell with Lechon Kawali

The last plate of Lechon Kawali bid us farewell, showcasing substantial chunks of pork, but it was generously endowed with fat. Understandably, as the last serving of the day, the crispy skin added a delightful crunch to our meal.

Sir and Ma’am Restaurant |  Areas for Improvement

Despite the delightful feast, it’s imperative to address certain areas that have been overlooked. The limited waitstaff appeared stretched, revealing a need for comprehensive customer service training. Observing a single waiter and a female staff clearing tables highlighted this concern. While the friendly waiter exuded warmth, his use of a hip bag as a body bag inadvertently conveyed a subtle readiness to conclude the day’s service, especially given the post-lunch hour. Furthermore, attention to cleanliness and visual improvements within the dining area could significantly enhance the overall dining experience. The presence of garbage on the floors of the alfresco area detracted from the restaurant’s ambiance. A commitment to maintaining a pristine environment aligns with the expectations of patrons, contributing to a more enjoyable and memorable visit. As Sir and Ma’am Restaurant proudly represent Silay City’s culinary legacy, these considerations can further elevate its standing among the discerning diners it has consistently delighted over the years.

Sir and Ma’am Restaurant |  Nurturing Tradition with a Dash of Progress

Sir and Ma’am Restaurant stands as a culinary institution in Silay City, proudly cherished by Silaynons. While the flavors of tradition remain intact, a nod to improvement in service and ambiance could elevate the dining experience for patrons, both loyal and new. As we left, savoring the aftertaste of our meal, we couldn’t help but hope for a future where Sir and Ma’am continue to marry tradition with a touch of aesthetics.

Sir and Ma'am Restaurant, Silay City: A Review


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