Artistic Diving Beach Resort, Sipalay : A Review


Artistic Diving Beach Resort, Sipalay : A Review

Artistic Diving Beach Resort, Sipalay  | A quick trip away from the city can indeed rejuvenate the soul. Thank you for the fun and laughter, CG Hisona and Mark Canieso.

A Candid Stay at Artistic Diving Beach Resort: Unplanned Adventures in Sipalay

Introduction: An Impromptu Sipalay Getaway

It was December 25, and on a whim, we decided to explore the charms of Sipalay. With no prior plans, CG Hisona, Mark Canieso, and I found ourselves embarking on an unexpected adventure, eventually landing at Artistic Diving Beach Resort. Unplanned and with no reservations, our journey promised spontaneity.

 The Search for Shelter in Sipalay

Arriving in Sipalay around 3:30 in the afternoon, we quickly realized that our spur-of-the-moment trip left us with no booked accommodations. Desperate, we reached out to a friend in Sipalay for assistance, only to discover that all resorts were fully booked. Determined not to let this dampen our spirits, we decided to explore our options through a bit of resort hopping.

A glimpse from our room, illuminated by the night.

A Room with a View at Artistic Diving Beach Resort

Our search led us to Artistic Diving Beach Resort, just beside Nataasan Beach Resort. Our friend contacted Nataasan, but it was fully booked. The only available room at Artistic Diving was at the uppermost part of the resort, a bit challenging to reach from the beach. Despite this, we secured the room for 3,300, labeled as a promo rate by the resort.

Artistic Diving Beach Resort, Sipalay : A Review

 Room Insights and First Impressions | Artistic Diving Beach Resort

Upon entering the room with two beds—a single and a double- we noted that it was air-conditioned and in good working order. It has a television ( we love it!), however, the small refrigerator was not functional. Observing the room, the pricing seemed a tad high, especially since there was no complimentary water. The bedding, not meeting standard expectations, would have benefited from a cleaner, white bedding.

 Breakfast Choices and Disappointments | Artistic Diving Beach Resort

The room rate included a plated breakfast, for which we were asked to make selections the night before. Mark and CG opted for tocino, while I chose a pancake. However, the excitement for our chosen meals was deflated the next morning when my pancake arrived solo. Disappointed, I ordered an additional pancake and two eggs, as I’d anticipated a  little more substantial breakfast.

Artistic Diving Beach Resort, Sipalay : A Review

Special thanks to the friendly staff of the resort for capturing our moments in a photo!

 Comparisons and Suggestions for Improvement | Artistic Diving Beach Resort

While sipping our coffee at the poolside, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons. The rate at Artistic Diving, listed as a promo, was on par with a promo rate at the Belmont Hotel in Boracay, a renowned destination. While I understand the distinct appeal of Boracay, the experience prompted me to ponder if Artistic Diving could enhance its offerings. My intention is not to discredit the establishment, but rather to encourage improvement in services.

 A Friendly Reminder for Future Enhancements

Despite the shortcomings, it’s crucial to note the staff’s friendliness and the picturesque views from our vantage point. The room was clean as well and their linen smells good too. As a travel enthusiast who loves Sipalay and its people, I hope this blog post serves as a friendly nudge for establishments to consider elevating their offerings. While I am not complaining about the rate, a bit more attention to room presentation, standard bedding, and providing basic amenities like water could go a long way. I hope that I’ve crafted an honest yet balanced review of the place.

In conclusion, this is not just a review but a constructive suggestion for Artistic Diving Beach Resort to align its offerings with the rates charged. Sipalay is a gem, and I look forward to witnessing its tourism industry flourish with each passing visit.

Artistic Diving Beach Resort, Sipalay : A Review

Thanks to CG Hisona 

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to CG Hisona for his generosity in providing and driving his car, enabling us to enjoy an overnight stay in Sipalay. Naturally, we are eager to return to Sipalay soon.

Mark Canieso and CG Hisona attempting not to breathe in this photo—wondering if you can guess the amusing reason behind the breath-holding! Hahah!

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Artistic Diving Beach Resort, Sipalay : A Review

Artistic Diving Beach Resort, Sipalay 

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