Marketinglandia 2023: A Creative Triumph in Condo Living


Marketinglandia 2023: A Creative Triumph in Condo Living

Marketinglandia 2023 | The Marketing and Entrepreneurship educators of the University of St. La Salle Bacolod. Standing: Sonny Cabahug, Dr. Jojo Vito, and Dr. Jojo Bayona. Seated: Dr. Leilani Dusaban, Ms. Liza Nismal, and the Department Chair, Ms. Rowena Graciano.

Revolutionizing Urban Living: Marketinglandia 2023, Condo Living Showcase

The University of St. La Salle (USLS) in Bacolod City recently took center stage as it hosted the highly anticipated annual event, Marketinglandia. This dynamic extravaganza provides a crucial platform for Marketing students, offering them a unique opportunity to unveil their innovative creations developed as part of the Product Management Course. The 2023 edition, embracing the theme of “Condo Living,” not only showcases the students’ prowess but also reflects the evolving urban landscape of Bacolod City amid the rise of condominiums.


Dr. Jojo Bayona stands proudly alongside his students, showcasing their innovative products.

With the bustling energy of creativity and entrepreneurship, Marketinglandia has become a pivotal event in the academic calendar of USLS. The convergence of inventive minds and practical product development underscores the university’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of marketers and innovators.

Marketinglandia 2023 | Collaborative Brilliance: USLS and La Consolacion College Bacolod Unite

In a bid to elevate the presentation of concepts and ideas, USLS collaborated with La Consolacion College Bacolod, specifically engaging students from the disciplines of Architecture and Fine Arts. This collaborative effort sought to bring a fresh perspective to the prototypes, infusing artistic creativity into the practical aspects identified through extensive research and surveys conducted by Marketing students.

Mr. Sonny Cabahug with his students proudly presenting their product.

Condo Living: A Creative Catalyst [Marketinglandia 2023]

The theme of Condo Living proved to be a powerful catalyst for the imaginative minds of budding marketers at Marketinglandia 2023. Against the backdrop of Bacolod’s evolving cityscape, marked by the proliferation of condominiums, students delved into creative explorations aimed at elevating the living experience within these compact urban spaces. The theme provided a unique canvas for them to envision innovative solutions, pushing the boundaries of conventional design to meet the specific needs of condo dwellers in this changing landscape.

Judges Arch. Arlene Infante of ANP and Dean Vincent Alovera of LCC Bacolod engaged in interviews with the students about their innovative product.

The spotlight on furniture and furnishings within the Condo Living theme underscored the students’ keen awareness of the pivotal role these elements play in optimizing comfort and functionality within the confines of condominium spaces. Each prototype presented at the event was a testament to their ability to translate market insights into tangible and aesthetically pleasing products. This thematic focus not only showcased the students’ adaptability to real-world challenges but also highlighted their commitment to addressing the evolving demands of contemporary urban living through thoughtful and creative design solutions.

Revolutionizing Urban Living: Marketinglandia 2023's Condo Living Showcase

Marketinglandia 2023 Exhibition Extravaganza at Ayala Mall: Unveiling Urban Elegance

The much-anticipated prototypes came to life at Ayala Mall, Bacolod City, where they were exhibited for two days on November 30 and December 1. The event drew a diverse audience, from design enthusiasts eager to witness the latest trends to potential buyers keen on acquiring these avant-garde pieces for their own condo spaces.

Revolutionizing Urban Living: Marketinglandia 2023's Condo Living Showcase

Marketinglandia 2023 Grand Opening Spectacle: Ribbon Cutting Extravaganza

The grand opening ceremony of Marketinglandia 2023 marked a momentous occasion as the symbolic ribbon-cutting officially inaugurated the event. Ms. Reowena Graciano, the esteemed Department Chair of Marketing and Entrepreneurship programs at USLS, took the lead in this symbolic gesture. Joined by a panel of distinguished judges, the ceremony was graced by Arch. Vincent Alovera, the esteemed Dean of the College of Architecture and Fine Arts at La Consolacion College Bacolod; Arch. Arlene Infante, serving as the President of the Association of Negros Occidental; and Dr. Rommel Amihan, the Provincial Director of DTI Guimaras.

Revolutionizing Urban Living: Marketinglandia 2023's Condo Living Showcase

As the ribbon fell, it signified not only the commencement of a spectacular showcase but also a celebration of collaborative efforts between academia and industry professionals. The presence of such eminent figures added an extra layer of significance to the event, acknowledging the importance of bridging the academic and professional realms in fostering innovation and creativity among the students.

Revolutionizing Urban Living: Marketinglandia 2023's Condo Living Showcase

Judges Arch. Arlene Infante of ANP, Dean Vincent Alovera of LCC Bacolod, and Dr. Rommel Amihan of DTI Guimaras attentively listened to the pitch of the “Marketing Boys” about their product.

Exceeding Expectations: Orders Pour In on Day One

The outstanding performance of the students at Marketinglandia 2023 surpassed all expectations, leaving an indelible impression on both the esteemed panel of judges and prospective buyers. Their inventive creations not only demonstrated a high level of proficiency in design and product development but also showcased a nuanced understanding of the prevailing market dynamics. This exceptional display not only underscored the students’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity but also redefined conventional norms within the realm of marketing and product management.

Revolutionizing Urban Living: Marketinglandia 2023's Condo Living Showcase

As a testament to the students’ market-savvy approach, the first day of the exhibit witnessed a flurry of orders pouring in from enthusiastic buyers. This immediate and positive response underscored not only the practicality and market relevance of the showcased prototypes but also indicated a strong potential for real-world application and widespread consumer acceptance. While basking in the success of these innovative creations, it’s noteworthy to mention that the judges, in their discerning role, provided constructive feedback for some prototypes, guiding the students towards areas of improvement. This valuable input serves as a catalyst for continuous refinement, ensuring that the future iterations of these products meet and exceed the evolving expectations of both the market and discerning consumers.

Revolutionizing Urban Living: Marketinglandia 2023 Condo Living Showcase

Marketinglandia 2023 | Aligning with Objectives: Beyond Creativity to Market Relevance

Beyond being a mere exhibition, Marketinglandia 2023 underscored the alignment of student outputs with the objectives and goals of the Product Management Course. The students demonstrated not only their creative prowess but also their ability to create products that resonate with the needs of the market.

Revolutionizing Urban Living: Marketinglandia 2023 Condo Living Showcase

Acknowledgments and Gratitude: A Collective Effort

The triumphant success of Marketinglandia 2023 wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated guidance of the three distinguished professors leading the course on Product Management: Dr. Jojo Bayona, Dr. Jojo Vito, and Mr. Sonny Cabahug.  Expressing their heartfelt gratitude, the professors extend warm thanks to all the students for their unwavering cooperation, acknowledging the integral role each one played in bringing forth a showcase of unparalleled innovation.

Revolutionizing Urban Living: Marketinglandia 2023 Condo Living Showcase

Beyond the student body, the professors extend their appreciation to the invaluable sponsors, whose support contributed to the realization of this grand event. The unwavering encouragement from the parents and the steadfast support from the management of the University of St. La Salle has been instrumental in making Marketinglandia 2023 a resounding success. Special recognition is reserved for Dean Jacqueline Felix and Marketing and Entrepreneurship Chair, Ms. Rowena Graciano, along with the entire faculty of the department, for their exceptional commitment and guidance. Their collective efforts have not only elevated the academic experience for the students but have also positioned Marketinglandia as a beacon of excellence in the realm of product innovation and entrepreneurship at USLS.


Revolutionizing Urban Living: Marketinglandia 2023 Condo Living Showcase

Anticipating Tomorrow: Awards and Beyond

As the initial two days of the exhibition conclude, anticipation builds for tomorrow’s announcement of the top 15 products and the ultimate recognition of the best 5 products. The success of Marketinglandia 2023 goes beyond accolades; it signals a promising future for aspiring marketers who have proven their ability to innovate, create, and meet the dynamic demands of the market.

Revolutionizing Urban Living: Marketinglandia 2023 Condo Living Showcase

Professor Liza Nismal and Department Chair Rowena Graciano attentively listened to the sales pitch of the students about their product.

Marketinglandia continues to stand as a beacon of creativity and entrepreneurship at the University of St. La Salle, showcasing the transformative journey of students from conceptualization to market success. The event not only serves as a celebration of achievements but also as a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation that defines the USLS community.

Revolutionizing Urban Living: Marketinglandia 2023 Condo Living Showcase

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Revolutionizing Urban Living: Marketinglandia 2023 Condo Living Showcase

Product Management Professors Dr. Jojo Vito, Dr. Jojo Bayona, and Mr. Sonny Cabahug stood proudly and joyfully during the opening ceremonies of Marketinglandia 2023.

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