Sharyn’s Cansi House: A Night of Hearty Meal

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Sharyn's Cansi House: A Night of Hearty Meal

Sharyn’s Cansi House

A Wholesome Evening at Sharyn’s Cansi House: A Tale of Friendship, Comforting Cansi, and Wanderlust in Bacolod

It was an exceptionally busy day for me, filled with the hustle and bustle of daily life. Exhausted, I sought solace at home with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Little did I know that the day had more surprises in store for me. A phone call from CG Hisona changed the course of my evening, as he and Mark Canieso decided to drop by for an impromptu visit.

The Unexpected Gathering

Within minutes, CG and Mark arrived, and we found ourselves engrossed in a lively conversation. As the evening progressed, the realization that hunger had crept in struck CG. It was then that we collectively decided to venture out for a satisfying meal. Coincidentally, I was craving something hot and soupy, a perfect comfort food after a hectic day.


The Journey to Sharyn’s Cansi House

The unanimous decision led us to Sharyn’s, a renowned establishment in Bacolod that boasts a culinary legacy. Our choice of dish for the evening was none other than the famous Cansi. This delectable, hearty soup is known for its ability to comfort the soul, making it the ideal choice for our tired bodies and hungry stomachs.

Sharyn’s Cansi House Legacy in Bacolod

Established as one of the oldest culinary landmarks in Bacolod, Sharyn’s has been serving locals and visitors alike for years. With a reputation for offering traditional dishes with a home-cooked touch, Sharyn’s has become synonymous with warmth and hospitality. The inviting ambiance and commitment to quality make it a go-to spot for those seeking an authentic Bacolod dining experience.


Sharyn's Cansi House: A Night of Hearty Meal

Unveiling Cansi

Cansi, a celebrated dish in Bacolod, is a beef soup with a distinctive sour broth, akin to sinigang but with a unique local twist. Slow-cooked to perfection, this dish is known for its tender beef shanks, flavorful marrow, and rich broth infused with batwan fruit, creating a delightful harmony of flavors. Sharyn’s commitment to preserving the authenticity of Cansi has contributed to its widespread popularity.

Inviting Lei Lani and Dr. Kate Jison to Sharyn’s Cansi House

As we made our way to Sharyn’s, we reached out to Lei Lani, extending an invitation to join us for dinner. To our delight, she was nearby and eager to join. Lei Lani brought along Dr. Kate Jison, adding another layer of camaraderie to our impromptu gathering. The more, the merrier, as they say.

Sharyn's Cansi House: A Night of Hearty Meal

An Evening of Indulgence and Wanderlust At Sharyn’s Cansi House

Seated at Sharyn’s, we eagerly placed our orders for a steaming bowl of Cansi. Considering the generous portions, we decided to add another bowl to ensure everyone left with contented stomachs. The aroma of the simmering broth and the anticipation of savoring this Bacolod delicacy heightened our excitement.

During our dinner, the conversation naturally turned to our favorite activity—travel. Each of us shared tales of our most memorable journeys, recounting the joy of discovering new cultures and landscapes. Travel, for us, was not just a pastime but a way of refreshing ourselves from the demands of our busy schedules. The discussion added another layer of connection among friends, as we exchanged tips and dreams of future destinations.

Our evening at Sharyn’s, enveloped in the comforting warmth of Cansi, evolved into an unexpected adventure as we decided to explore Bacolod’s newest hotspot, Yumla, following our delightful dinner. Sharyn’s, steeped in history and devoted to authentic flavors, created the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable time with friends. This culinary haven in the heart of Bacolod continues to beckon locals and travelers alike to savor the essence of the city’s gastronomic heritage.

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