Halong Bay Cruise  | Fabulous Asian Lifestyle


 Halong Bay Cruise  | Fabulous Asian Lifestyle

Halong Bay Cruise

Experiencing Halong Bay Cruise  My Personal Perspective

Disclaimer: The following blog article is a recounting of my personal reflections and experiences during our journey through Halong Bay. It is important to note that my views and opinions may differ from those of my travel companions, Engiemar Tupas, CG Hisona, and Lei Lani Dusaban. While I aim to provide a balanced account, it’s crucial to acknowledge both the positive aspects and areas for improvement during this adventure.

Setting foot in Halong Bay for the first time was a momentous occasion, brimming with anticipation and excitement. With my trusty companions by my side, we embarked on a voyage that promised to leave an indelible mark on our memories. Our decision to book through Klook, given our base in Hanoi, proved to be a game-changer, ensuring a seamless start to our Halong Bay escapade.



 Halong Bay Cruise  | Fabulous Asian Lifestyle

Exploring Handicrafts and More

The tour kicked off with stops that showcased the talents of local artisans. The first destination provided a window into the world of differently-abled individuals, particularly in the realm of embroidery. The second stop enlightened us on the intricate process behind cultured pearls, a truly fascinating experience. These breaks allowed us to absorb the culture, refuel, and prepare for the adventures ahead.

 Halong Bay Cruise: Enchanting Realms

Upon our arrival in Halong Bay, we were warmly greeted by the cruise manager, who provided us with a thorough orientation. Originally booked on the Amanda Cruise, a last-minute offer led us to the Hera Cruise, promising VIP accommodations complete with a luxurious bathtub and more spacious living quarters. While Amanda boasted a larger vessel and a livelier atmosphere, Hera offered a quieter, more intimate setting. For me, the latter was a perfect fit, allowing us to savor the journey with a tranquil ambiance.

 Halong Bay Cruise  | Fabulous Asian Lifestyle

 Halong Bay Cruise: A Fair Assessment

In the spirit of transparency, it’s important to highlight some aspects that left room for improvement. The size of the Hera Cruise vessel, though not significantly different, may not appeal to those seeking a livelier, bustling atmosphere. Additionally, while Vietnamese cuisine was a personal favorite, the bold flavors may not resonate with every palate. It’s essential to be aware of this when embarking on a culinary adventure in the region.

 Halong Bay Cruise  | Fabulous Asian Lifestyle

An Evening of Elegance and Entertainment at  Halong Bay Cruise

Post-lunch, we were presented with a choice of activities. Opting for a refreshing swim over caving, we enjoyed the calm waters. As night fell, the crew treated us to a captivating cooking demonstration and an engaging show. Dinner on the sun deck was a sophisticated affair, with the four of us dressed in our finest. I particularly relished the culinary event, even taking the opportunity to participate. The night concluded with a spirited sing-along before retiring early in preparation for the day ahead.

 Halong Bay Cruise  | Fabulous Asian Lifestyle

A New Day in Halong Bay

The morning commenced with a graceful tai chi session, an option we chose to pass on in favor of a sumptuous buffet breakfast. The day unfolded with kayaking and a visit to a serene lagoon, immersing us in the bay’s natural wonders. Our adventure culminated with a satisfying lunch before being shuttled back to Hanoi, arriving in the late afternoon.

Halong Bay cast its enchanting spell upon me, leaving an indelible mark on my heart. It’s important to approach any adventure with a discerning eye, recognizing both the highlights and areas for improvement. With this balanced perspective, I hope our reflections provide valuable insights for fellow travelers seeking their own Halong Bay experience. Stay tuned for more tales from my Vietnam tour, a journey filled with awe-inspiring moments and cherished friendships.

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