Revolutionizing Power: NEPC Franchise Gets Congress Approval


Revolutionizing Power: NEPC Franchise Gets Congress Approval

Revolutionizing Power: NEPC Franchise Gets Congress Approval


In a momentous session convened on November 13 at the Mitra Building in Batasan Complex, the House Committee on Legislative Franchise delivered a crucial endorsement for the franchise proposal of Negros Electric and Power Corporation (NEPC). This watershed decision follows an exhaustive review of the initiative, spearheaded by Negrense lawmakers, including Representatives Juliet Marie Ferrer, Stephen Paduano, Kiko Benitez, and Greg Gasataya. Chaired by Gus Tambunting, the Committee engaged in substantive discussions regarding House Bill 9310, a pivotal legislation outlining the transfer of the franchise from the beleaguered Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) to NEPC.

Key Deliberations:

  1. Scope of Franchise:
    • The franchise’s purview extends across the cities of Bacolod, Bago, Silay, and Talisay, encompassing the Municipalities of Murcia and Don Salvador Benedicto. This expansive coverage underscores the potential impact on a significant portion of Central Negros.
  2. Urgency Emphasized by Lawmakers:
    • Negrense representatives passionately underscored the urgency of NEPC’s intervention during the deliberations. Financial challenges faced by CENECO, specifically in securing Capital Expenditures crucial for facility modernization, were highlighted as pressing concerns.

Revolutionizing Power: NEPC Franchise Gets Congress Approval

Stakeholders’ Presence:

  1. Diverse Stakeholder Representation:
    • Noteworthy figures from both NEPC and CENECO, accompanied by representatives from the National Electrification Administration, Energy Regulatory Commission, and Securities and Exchange Commission, were present at the hearing. Their collective presence underscored the gravity of the decision at hand.
  2. Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) as a Focal Point:
    • A pivotal aspect of the discussions centered around the Joint Venture Agreement (JVA). The conduct and outcome of its ratification through a plebiscite were thoroughly examined, with the majority of consumers expressing support, solidifying the rationale behind the proposed transition.

Revolutionizing Power: NEPC Franchise Gets Congress Approval

Committee Approval and Contingencies:

  1. Conditional Approval and Documentary Requirements:
    • In a resolute conclusion, the committee granted, in principle, approval to House Bill 9310. However, this approval is contingent upon the submission of specific documentary requirements. This careful consideration reflects the Committee’s commitment to ensuring a well-documented and transparent transition.
  2. Commitment from the NEPC President:
    • NEPC President Roel Castro assured the Committee that the necessary documents would be promptly submitted. Additionally, he committed to addressing concerns raised by some committee members, fostering an environment of collaboration and transparency.

Implications for Central Negros:

  1. Transformative Role of NEPC:
    • This legislative nod signifies a pivotal juncture in reshaping the energy landscape in Central Negros. With NEPC poised to assume the franchise, the corporation is expected to play a transformative role in enhancing and modernizing the electric distribution service in the region.

In summary, the green light from Congress for the NEPC franchise stands as a monumental step towards empowering change in Central Negros’ power dynamics, promising a future characterized by innovation, sustainability, and improved energy services.


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