Theious: A Night of Tasteful Conversations in Bacolod City

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Theious: A Night of Tasteful Conversations in Bacolod City


A Night of Conversations and Culinary Delights at Theious in Bacolod City at Theious 

After a bustling Production Night at the Marketing Department of the University of St. La Salle, hunger pangs led us, a group of faculty members—Engiemar Tupas, Kevin Lopez, Lei Lani Dusaban, Sonny Cabahug, and myself—on a quest for a satisfying meal before heading home. Our culinary journey eventually brought us to Theious at Billboard Ramos, 23rd Lacson St., Bacolod City, Philippines (Tel. No: 0945 127 7331).

Theious: A Night of Tasteful Conversations in Bacolod City

Choosing Theious: A Decision Fueled by Curiosity

Our initial pass by several restaurants left us uninspired, as many appeared devoid of patrons. Noting this, we speculated about the quality of their offerings. Time was ticking, and some places were on the verge of closing. Eventually, our curiosity led us to Theious, hoping it would be the perfect capstone to our night.

Theious Menu Exploration: An Array of Tempting Choices

As we perused the menu, Theious presented a tempting array of reasonably priced dishes. Engiemar opted for the all-day breakfast meal and pork sisig, while Sonny and Lei Lani chose the pork teriyaki rice topping. Kevin and I, in the mood for something sizzling, settled on the sizzling spare ribs. Craving variety, we also ordered crispy pata, but alas, it was unavailable. A quick decision led us to add sizzling bangus to our ensemble.

Theious: A Night of Tasteful Conversations in Bacolod City

Savoring Every Bite: A Gastronomic Journey at Theious

The initial skepticism about the lack of patrons quickly dissipated as we dug into our meals. No complaints echoed through the table, a sign that the flavors resonated with everyone. Personally, I sampled the bangus and pork chop. While not reaching the heights of culinary spectacle, both dishes proved exceptionally good. The only qualm with the pork chop was its thinness, somewhat diminishing the experience of savoring the meat.

Rice Toppings and Yielding Bowls: A Matter of Preference

The pork teriyaki, served as a rice topping, came in a bowl, offering a choice in portion size—yielding for those with hearty appetites, just enough for others. The variation in serving styles added a subtle layer of customization to the dining experience.

Theious: A Night of Tasteful Conversations in Bacolod City

Quirks and Solutions: Navigating the Dining Hiccups at Theious

As with any dining escapade, minor hiccups surfaced. The unavailability of soft drinks during our visit was one such quirk. However, the attentive waiter promptly resolved this by securing canned sodas from outside sources. Personally, I opted for a mango shake, my go-to fruity indulgence with every meal.

The Essence of Dinner at Theious: Conversations and Contentment

Beyond the culinary delights, our dinner at Theious was elevated by the engaging conversations that danced between discussions about our careers and snippets of our personal lives. A bit of chit-chat has always been the seasoning that enhances our dining experiences, and this evening was no exception.

Conclusion: A Return on the Horizon

Reflecting on our overall experience, the enjoyable dinner, coupled with the delightful company, leaves us with a positive impression of Theious. The flavors were good, the atmosphere inviting, and our spirits were high. Will we return? Without a doubt. Theious has woven itself into our culinary tapestry, and we eagerly look forward to the next chapter of conversations and contentment in this inviting Bacolod City establishment.


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