Christmas Fiesta: Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department

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Christmas Fiesta: Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department

Christmas Fiesta: Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department

A Jolly Christmas Fiesta: Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department |  Vikings Bacolod Adventure

 Unwrapping the Festive Feast at Vikings

‘Twas the season to be jolly, and what better way to celebrate than with a grand Christmas dinner! The Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department at the University of St. La Salle in Bacolod decided to kick off the festive season with a bang. Although the initial plan of escaping to an out-of-town paradise didn’t quite materialize due to our jam-packed schedules, we happily settled for a delightful gathering at Vikings Bacolod – a feast fit for the spirited marketers and aspiring entrepreneurs in us!

Beyond the tantalizing buffet spread that Vikings is renowned for, what truly made our evening memorable was the uproarious banter that echoed through the air. We found ourselves spending more time cracking jokes, sharing anecdotes, and indulging in good-natured banter than actually filling our plates. The joyous atmosphere became contagious, and soon, Vikings transformed into the backdrop of our very own comedy show, with each colleague playing a starring role.

December birthday celebrants: Kathlyn Tium, Jojo Bayona, and Engiemar Tupas

Christmas Fiesta: Birthday Cheers for Three Beloved Colleagues

Adding an extra layer of celebration, the gathering also doubled as a birthday bash for three of our beloved colleagues: Engiemar Tupas, Jojo Bayona, and Kathlyn Tiu. Cheers and laughter filled the air as we sang the birthday song, indulging in a sweet treat to mark the occasion. It was a perfect opportunity for the department to take a breather after a bustling semester and recharge for the upcoming academic challenges the next semester.

Christmas Fiesta: Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department

 Vikings Buffet Review – A Feast for Thought

Now, let’s talk about Vikings – the buffet wonderland that hosted our festive feast. While it’s important to note that the following is my personal opinion as a writer and may not reflect everyone’s sentiment in the department, I couldn’t help but feel a tad underwhelmed by the experience. The price tag of 900+++ pesos seemed a bit steep, considering the offerings felt somewhat diminished compared to my previous visits. Taste and quality, too, didn’t quite meet my expectations, and the unfortunate water drippings from the ceiling became an unexpected part of the feast.

The towering Love Giant Tree at SM instantly captivated our attention, its branches adorned with radiant lights and festive ornaments creating a magical ambiance. Unable to resist the enchanting allure, our group spontaneously decided to capture the moment with a group photo, the Love Giant Tree serving as a breathtaking backdrop. The shared joy and holiday spirit echoed in our smiles, making the snapshot not just a photograph but a cherished memory of our time together amidst the festive splendor of SM.

Christmas Fiesta:  Post-Dinner Escapades – The Adventure Continues

Post-dinner, our adventure didn’t end. We found ourselves migrating to another locale to extend the merry-making. Activities like these, beyond the workplace, have a magical way of fortifying our bonds. The laughter, shared moments, and inside jokes created during such escapades reverberate into our professional lives, making our working conditions even more enjoyable come the next semester.

Christmas Fiesta: Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department


Christmas Fiesta: A Grateful Nod to Falcor Marketing Corporation

A special shoutout goes to Falcor Marketing Corporation for generously sharing individually packed goodies with each one of us. Their gesture added an extra touch of sweetness to an already delightful evening. As we wrapped up our Christmas fiesta, bellies full, and spirits even fuller, we couldn’t help but marvel at the unique camaraderie within our department. Here’s to more adventures, more laughter, and more successful semesters in the spirited world of marketing and entrepreneurship at the University of St. La Salle! Animo!

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