Azucarera: A Birthday Intimate Celebration for Engiemar Tupas

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Azucarera: A Birthday Intimate Celebration for Engiemar Tupas

Azucarera | Engiemar tupas, CG Hisona and yours truly

Savoring Spanish Flavors at Azucarera: A Birthday Feast for Engiemar Tupas

Step into Azucarera, our chosen culinary haven as we gathered to celebrate the birthday month of our dear friend, Engiemar Tupas. In the heart of Bacolod City, this Spanish-inspired restaurant promised a gastronomic experience for the intimate trio—CG Hisona, Engiemar, and myself.

Seeing the black table napkin, CG Hisona couldn’t help but reminisce about one of his romantic dining experiences at this restaurant.

Setting the Stage: A Symphony of Spanish Delights at Azucarera

Our culinary journey unfolded with a glance at the menu, unveiling a tempting array of Spanish delights that set the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. Nestled in the space once occupied by Bob’s Restaurant, Azucarera now offers a fresh concept and identity that beckoned us to explore its flavors.

As we eagerly awaited our meal, a wave of fond memories from other places where we had enjoyed delightful dining experiences swept over us. Of course, no dining experience is complete without capturing the moment through photos. CG Hisona, ever the enthusiast for his photo appearances, couldn’t help but express his satisfaction with his looks in the pictures. So, I’m sharing one for the memories! And oh, I must mention Engiemar’s new shorts and linen polo shirt – a clear indication that he was well-prepared for our impromptu photoshoot. Lol!

The Ambiance: Mezzanine Charms and Unexpected Paella Delays

As we entered, the ground floor bustled with preparations for an exclusive event, prompting the staff to guide us to the mezzanine floor. Eager to dive into the Paella Negra, our excitement faced a brief setback upon learning it required a 45-minute preparation time. Undeterred, we sought alternatives, and the attentive waitstaff graciously guided us through the menu.

The mezzanine’s ambiance, adorned with captivating paintings, provided an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for our culinary exploration.

Azucarera: A Birthday Intimate Celebration for Engiemar Tupas

Among the various dishes we tried, the Salpicao stole the spotlight. Cooked to perfection, its rich flavors and the generous use of garlic made it a true standout.

Sampling Flavors at Azucarera: A Symphony of Dishes

Opting for variety, we embarked on a culinary adventure with four diverse dishes. My selections included the Callos con Garbanzos at 240 and the Ox Stripe with Garbanzos. Engiemar delighted in the Salpicao de Vaca at 300, a flavorful dish of tenderloin cubes bathed in garlic and olive oil. To our order, I added the Lomo de Vaca Al Pobre at 600, featuring beef tenderloin on a bed of potato medallions. CG’s choice was the Gambas al Ajillo at 240, a delightful concoction of shrimp sautéed in olive oil and garlic.

Azucarera: A Birthday Intimate Celebration for Engiemar Tupas

The Lomo de Vaca at 600 wasn’t disappointing at all; in fact, it tasted fantastic!

Farewell Notes and Honest Review of Azucarera

Our departure from Azucarera was marked by satisfied smiles and memorable moments. While the portions were undeniably delectable, it’s worth noting that they erred on the smaller side, considering the restaurant’s somewhat pricey image. Coupled with a limited beverage selection, Azucarera projected an image of a slightly upscale establishment. However, our delightful lunch was generously covered by the celebrant, who extended a warm invitation for coffee and dessert at another venue.

Azucarera: A Birthday Intimate Celebration for Engiemar Tupas

The Gambas proved to be a delightful starter, presenting a plate adorned with seven succulent shrimp. I had to content myself with just two pieces of those tempting shrimps. LOL!

In Retrospect: Culinary Artistry Meets Hospitality

As we wrapped up our culinary adventure, Azucarera had proven itself as more than just a dining venue—it was a canvas where culinary artistry met warm hospitality. An ideal space for future celebrations and shared laughter, Azucarera etched itself in our memories as a place where every flavor told a story of joy and camaraderie.

Azucarera: A Birthday Intimate Celebration for Engiemar Tupas

The Callos, undoubtedly, had the smallest portion among all the dishes we sampled.

Location: Azucarera, Where Flavor Meets a Pricey Palette

For those eager to explore Azucarera, you’ll find it at 89 C.L. Montelibano Ave, Bacolod City, Philippines. Simply contact them at (034) 445 2867.

After indulging in the delightful culinary offerings at Azucarera, we made the unanimous decision to continue our gastronomic journey with coffee and dessert at Felicia’s along Lacson Street.

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