The Farmhouse | Halo-halo | A Review

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The Farmhouse | Halo-halo | A Review

The Halo-Halo of The Farmhouse

A review of The Farmhouse | Halo-halo

Note: This review zeroes in on the ambiance of the place and the Halo-Halo. I haven’t had the chance to sample any of their other offerings, so I can’t comment on those. If I get the opportunity to try more of their menu items in the future, I’ll make sure to update this post.

Our culinary exploration took an unexpected turn when the restaurant we planned to visit was closed. Undeterred, Lei Lani Dusaban, Engiemar Tupas, Kobe, and I redirected our gastronomic curiosity towards The Farmhouse, nestled within the verdant embrace of Mays Organic Garden in Pahanocoy, Bacolod City.

The Farmhouse | Halo-halo | A Review

A Moment of Serenity |  The Farmhouse

Arriving around 3 PM, The Farmhouse announced its presence as a newly constructed and well-crafted establishment, situated serenely beside the street with a charming view of a recently erected hotel nearby. Despite its contemporary and robust demeanor, the architectural finesse and ambient lighting fixtures hinted at a potentially enchanting dining experience. My admiration soared for the sizable hanging pendants, the meticulously designed floor tiles, and the warm embrace of wooden accents that adorned the interior.

The Farmhouse | Halo-halo | A Review

Halo-Halo of The Farmhouse: Navigating Flavors and Surprise

As an avid aficionado of Halo-Halo, my anticipation was palpable as I embarked on this culinary escapade. Unanimously, among the three of us, the decision was clear—we were all eager to indulge in the quintessentially Filipino delight, Halo-Halo, while Kobe opted for an iced coffee. Presented with the menu offering a choice between regular and special Halo-Halo, distinguished solely by the addition of ice cream, I grappled with the temptation for an extra burst of sweetness before ultimately opting for the special variant.

However, my expectations encountered an unexpected twist. The ice cream, presumed to be the traditional delight, revealed itself as an unconventional surprise. Rather than the anticipated creaminess, it bore a resemblance to a buttercream-like concoction or butter icing commonly found on cakes. Though not entirely disagreeable, it strayed from the conventional essence of Halo-Halo. The lingering greasy aftertaste that delicately lingered on our palates introduced a nuanced layer of disappointment, juxtaposing the initial excitement of exploring the diverse interpretations of Halo-Halo. I still prefer the customary ice cream, which contributes to the overall creaminess of this beloved dessert.

Lei Lani and Engiemar browsing the menu

Exploring Native Ingredients

Indulging in the complex layers of The Farmhouse’s Halo-Halo, we discovered a delightful fusion of familiar flavors—candied banana and sweet potato intricately intertwined with the exotic touch of kaong. This artfully crafted dessert, made from locally sourced ingredients, was good. The blend of flavors struck a harmonious balance, leaving a lasting impression.

Contemplating the potential for customization offered by native ingredients, I am drawn to the idea of a playful symphony of flavors. Picture this: the addition of Ube Halaya, lending its vibrant color, and the delightful texture of sago providing a satisfying chewiness. Infusing the tropical aroma of langka and incorporating macapuno or young coconut strips could further elevate this frozen delight into a sensory experience.

In the realm of culinary imagination, envision a decadent layer introduced by a slice of custard or leche flan, creating a symphony of textures and tastes. To push the boundaries of delight even further, why not strategically place a slender stick of barquillos within this frozen concoction? I am confident that this creative interplay of flavors would elevate The Farmhouse’s Halo-Halo to unprecedented levels of excitement.

Recognizing the careful considerations in the pricing of Halo-Halo—dependent on ingredient availability and the establishment’s reputation—I suggest a festive addition. Incorporating other candied root crops, particularly those vibrant in color, could transform this dessert into a visually stunning and celebratory masterpiece. The explosion of colors would not only tantalize the palate but also create a vibrant feast for the eyes, enhancing the overall Halo-Halo experience at The Farmhouse.

The Farmhouse | Halo-halo | A Review

L-R: Lei Lani, Yours Truly , Engiemar and Kobe 

Conclusion: A Symphony of Emotions [The Farmhouse | Halo-halo ]

The Farmhouse, despite its quiet charm, introduces a Halo-Halo experience that may not align with traditional expectations. The unique twists in flavors, although intriguing, left a nuanced frustration—particularly the greasy sensation that subtly detracted from the overall enjoyment. As we contemplate future visits, the desire for a more classic rendition of this Filipino delight looms large, fueled by the enduring fascination for the diverse flavors Halo-Halo can offer.

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