Bacolaodiat Festival Schedule of Activities


Bacolaodiat Festival Schedule of Activities

Bacolaodiat Festival Schedule of Activities

Bacolaodiat Festival: Embracing Prosperity, Tradition, and Filipino-Chinese Heritage in Bacolod City | Schedule of Activities


As a proud Bacolodnon, I have always found joy in the vibrant tapestry of culture and tradition that defines our city. One event that holds a special place in my heart is the Bacolaodiat Festival, an annual celebration that fuses the rich heritage of the Chinese community with the warmth and exuberance of our Bacolodnon spirit.

The festivity takes place against the backdrop of our charming streets, iconic landmarks, and the infectious smiles of locals. It’s a time when the city comes alive with color, music, and the irresistible aroma of delicious Chinese and Negrense cuisine.

Bacolaodiat Festival Schedule of Activities

Blending Traditions [ Bacolaodiat Festival Schedule of Activities ]

I’ve always appreciated the harmonious blend of cultures that make our city unique. It exemplifies this fusion, as Chinese and Filipino traditions seamlessly intertwine. From the captivating street dance performances to the lively Chopsticks Alley, every aspect of the festival reflects the unity that defines Bacolod.

 The Filipino-Chinese Heritage Celebration [ Bacolaodiat Festival Schedule of Activities ]

The term “Bacolaodiat” is a portmanteau of “Bacolod,” our beloved city, and “Lao Diat,” a Hokkien term meaning “celebration.” The festival is a tribute to the vibrant Filipino-Chinese community that has played an integral role in shaping Bacolod’s cultural landscape. It signifies a celebration of unity, prosperity, and the shared values between the two communities.

The Roots: A Glimpse into History [ Bacolaodiat Festival Schedule of Activities ]

The roots of this event can be traced back to the early 2000s when the Filipino-Chinese community, in collaboration with the local government and residents, envisioned a grand celebration that would honor their shared history and promote cultural exchange. Over the years, the festival has evolved into a spectacular event, embodying the spirit of unity and friendship that defines Bacolod City.

[ Bacolaodiat Festival Schedule of Activities ]

Mesmerizing Lantern Parade, Family Reunions, and Food Galore

One of the highlights of Bacolaodiat is the enchanting Lantern Parade that lights up our city streets. The parade remains a symbol of hope, prosperity, and the shared dreams of our community.

For many Bacolodnons, it is not just a festival; it’s a time for family reunions and culinary indulgence. The streets transform into a food lover’s paradise, offering a delectable array of Chinese and local delicacies. From tikoy to batchoy, the festival provides a feast for the senses that reflects our city’s diverse culinary heritage.

[ Bacolaodiat Festival Schedule of Activities ]

Warm Bacolodnon Hospitality [ Bacolaodiat Festival Schedule of Activities ]

What sets this event apart is the warm hospitality of Bacolodnons. Visitors are not just spectators; they become part of the celebration, welcomed with open arms and the genuine smiles that our city is known for. This sense of community is what makes the festival a truly memorable experience.

[ Bacolaodiat Festival Schedule of Activities ]

Unforgettable Highlights: Street Dance and Chopsticks Alley

The festival’s street dance is a mesmerizing spectacle that showcases the talent and creativity of our local performers. The rhythmic beats and colorful costumes tell a story of our city’s vibrancy and energy.

Chopsticks Alley, on the other hand, is a gastronomic journey that beckons food enthusiasts to savor the diverse flavors of Chinese and Negrense cuisine. It’s a culinary adventure that highlights the delicious intersection of two cultures.

[ Bacolaodiat Festival Schedule of Activities ]


As the lanterns light up the night sky and the echoes of laughter and music fill the air, I can’t help but invite everyone to experience the magic of the Bacolaodiat Festival. Come join us in celebrating our shared prosperity, our unique blend of cultures, and the warmth that defines us as Bacolodnons. The street dance, Chopsticks Alley, and the entire festival offer an unforgettable experience that transcends mere celebration – it’s an immersion into the heart and soul of Bacolod City. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary celebration; let the Bacolaodiat Festival be a chapter in your own story of discovery and joy. See you there!

[ Bacolaodiat Festival Schedule of Activities ]

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  1. Julia Rose Consuelo V. Olis

    The 2 products that I have chosen to sell would be Tikoy and Chinese Kikiam. These two food products would be great since it is a fushion of both Filipino and Chinese cuisine. The platform that I would choose for selling these products would be Shopee. Shopee is on top of the list when it comes to e-commerce. Aside from that, I would choose the platform because it has user-friendly interface and innovative marketing campaigns. I know that my products would be able to attract customers and boost sales in the said platform.

  2. Jesmarie Cheng

    The potential products I identified for the Bacolaodiat festical are siopao and bubble tea which can be introduced through Facebook and Instagram to be recognized for the incoming celebration. These products can be sold online to consumers through FoodPanda and GrabFood which are known for their delivery services. I’ve selected these products because of their influence and popularity in the Filipino cuisine which are highly preferred by the locals among other Chinese-Filipino products. Facebook and Instagram only advertise these potential products but FoodPanda and GrabFood are the main and most common, if not popular, platforms to attract the most consumers instead of other online services as they are most effective with delivery apps of many users.

  3. Mary Gillie Gemino

    The products that I think would be sellable online in relation to Bacolaodiat festival are mooncakes and masi. Mooncakes are sweet and nutty. They are made from particular dough combinations and fillings like lotus seed paste or red bean paste. Masi, on the other hand, is a glutinous rice ball with a nutty filling on the inside. These products are the highlights of the celebration. I could market these in Facebook and Instagram. These would create a lot of exposure and so the audience would be enticed to purchase the products.

  4. Michelle T. Ballaran BAMK3-C

    Michelle T. Ballaran BAMK3C

    *Tikoy- Tikoy or also called as Nian Gao is a very famous food every Chinese New Year and Bacolodiat. Therefore, selling this can make a good profit for the business owner. As a fan of eating Tikoy, I usually bought it in a physical store and sometimes online. Furthermore, if I’ll be selling tikoy, I’ll choose to sell it in Facebook where I can post it together with its price and some other stuffs about it.

    *Tarot Card Reading- A tarot reading is a form of cartomancy whereby practitioners use tarot cards to purportedly gain insight into the past, present and future of a certain person. This is also a famous service during Chinese new year. Furthermore, the platform you can use to do this type of service business is doing a facebook page or instagram and tiktok. There you can post some readings you did and put a caption that they can contact you whenever they want to avail your tarot reading service.

  5. Giselle Mae Delacruz

    I believe seafood and mask painting are the best products that can be created and sold online. It will enable customers to explore different styles and designs and choose the masks, and flavors that they want. This will also allow the seller to showcase their creativity, connect with customers who want unique and personalized masks, and enable them to try the foods we offer here in Bacolod.

  6. Jeremiah Lyn M. Denora BAMK 3C

    Jeremiah Lyn M. Denora BAMK 3C

    I will sell Feng Shui Coins it is a traditional Chinese currency with a central square hole, symbolize wealth and prosperity. It is also to attract positive energy and financial abundance, these coins are often arranged or hung in specific configurations to enhance prosperity in homes and business. The other one that I can sell Chinese Lantern, it has a vibrant colors and intricate designs and also the traditional decorative objects used in festivals and celebrations to symbolize good luck, happiness, and prosperity in chinese culture.

    The platforms that I would choose for selling this in E-commerce Store. I will make a dedicated e-commerce website to sell Feng Shui Coins directly to customers. This allows you to create a brand identity, customize the shopping experience, and showcase related product or resources.

  7. Danika Chia

    A product that has potential to be sold during the Bacolaodiat Festival would be a dessert that fuses both Filipino and Chinese tastes, a Tikoy Bibingka or a tikoy in bibingka form. This will be sold in a food stall located at the Chopsticks Alley as it serves as a fusion of both cultures that are highlighted by this celebration. The other product to be sold would be an acrylic keychain or a form of a Filipino “anik-anik” in the shape of a rectangle or an money envelope following the lucky Chinese Angpao. It would come in a variety of designs depending on what you would like to receive this year (i.e. wealth/ prosperity, health, peace, etc). This product can be sold through both social media and e-commerce platforms or through a physical store or booth located near the North Capitol Road where a majority of the events will be held.

    Danika Chia BAMK3C

  8. The Lunar New Year is the most important social and economic holiday for billions of people around the world. The holiday is tied to the lunar-solar Chinese calendar and was originally observed as a time to honor household and heavenly deities and ancestors. This Bacolaodiat festival is all about celebrating luck and abundance as well as experiencing the culture of what it is like to celebrate the Chinese lunar year here in Bacolod. With street dancing and fireworks displays to lots of festive activities that locals and tourists can enjoy. To many, the Bacolaodiat festival holds many opportunities to earn extra income. Since the year focuses on removing the bad and welcoming the good one product that would particularly stand out is to sell lanterns as it symbolizes driving out darkness and bringing hope to a new year. I believe this product would be popular amongst tourists visiting here in Bacolod. Lanterns are good to sell in a physical store as it would attract a lot of attention and curiosity. 2nd product would be some Chinese souvenirs that are related to the Chinese new Year as locals and tourists would buy them for a small remembrance of what they experienced during the festival, they would also be sold through a physical store as well.

  9. Trisha Marie B. Tabaque BAMK3C

    Trisha Marie B. Tabaque BAMK3C

    I will sell Tikoy because it is a part of Chinese culture and tradition during CNY. I will also sell Chinese Lucky Cat because it symbolizes money and brings good luck. Nowadays, people are into Facebook. Thus, online platform such as Facebook will be very useful to sell it by posting it to group pages with captions and photos so that it will attract the target audience who are interested to buy it.

  10. Upon reading the article, the two potential products that come to mind that could be created and sold in the festival are a Filipino-Chinese fusion of Masi and a Prosperity Knot Bracelet.

    Firstly, the Filipino-Chinese fusion of Masi is made from sweetened glutinous rice shaped into little balls with a filling of chopped roasted peanuts and muscovado or brown sugar. It will come in three different flavors namely, Ube, Pandan, and Tsokolate in order to infuse both cultures. This will be packed in a 15 pieces or 30 pieces box which will be sold through Instagram as a preorder basis due to its visually appealing nature and the platform’s popularity for showcasing diverse and unique products. Instagram allows for engaging visual content, enabling us to showcase the vibrant colors and flavors of the Masi fusion.

    Secondly, the Prosperity Knot Bracelet will feature an intricate knot design, representing eternal prosperity and harmony. This product is crafted from high-quality red and gold threads symbolizing good luck and wealth in Chinese culture. Additionally, small decorative charms inspired by both Filipino and Chinese elements will be incorporated, creating a unique fusion that resonates with the diverse cultural spirit of Bacolod City. This will be sold at a booth near the entrance of the Bacolaodiat Festival, offering festival-goers a chance to embrace positive energy and symbolize good fortune throughout the festival. This strategic location capitalizes on the festival’s vibrant atmosphere, attracting a large number of attendees. The physical booth provides a hands-on experience, allowing customers to appreciate the craftsmanship and symbolism behind the bracelet.

  11. Bacolaodiat is a celebration where both Filipino and Chinese culture are united together. With that , here’s my two products that i would love to sell on this celebration and these are:

    1. Chinese KeyChains – this keychains symbolizes the Chinese zodiacs of every person. This keychains are made from crochets that can be displayed in our bags or wallets. Using this item , i would love to choose Facebook , Instagram and Tiktok as my platforms for selling this product because these platforms have a much wider scope when it comes to customers needs especially now a days that the people are more evolved on social media.

    2. hokkien chha-peng ( Fujinese-style fried rice ) with Chicken Adobo Flakes Rice Bowl – These product is a taste where it has a composition of Chinese and a Filipino food that incorporates both traditions. With that , i would like to sell this on Facebook , Instagram and Tiktok for which they will serve as my platforms for selling my product. Through this , there can be a more greater scope of finding and trying my product online .

  12. Ana Carmela Antimo

    The potential product that I chose to sell during Bacolaodiat is Pearl Milk Tea. When it comes to drinks one thing that Bacolodnon and Chinese people have in common and really likes is Pearl Milk Tea. This would be a perfect drink for people who will celebrate the Bacolaodiat. I will make a facebook page, instagram account and most importantly create a website to promote my product. My product would also be available at foodpanda and grab. These website and apps would be a perfect choice to sell and promote since almost all people now is using these apps. The website would be very timely as well since there are many foreigners that would visit the city to celebrate the Bacolaodiat and one thing that they will do is to check this online. Through this, my product would show on theirs screens as they and browse for food recommendations

  13. Geomari G. Lucero

    Possible products that can be sell online this upcoming Chinese New Year for me would be:
    First, Online food delivery within the area of Bacolod. This upcoming Chinese New Year is a celebration for the historical influences of Filipinos and Chinese and one of the influences that Filipinos are delighted about the Chinese are their culinary arts, hence, online food delivery specifically for Chinese food products are a go-to for me.
    Second, would be feng shui services. It can be both a live-online interactive with a fengs hui expert or a call to appoint a feng shui expert to come to the customer residence. One of the reason is because of personal insights, with every chinese new year that has come to pass there is always a Master Han in the presence on the media and even today Filipino still engage either for entertainment, curiosity or belief as an individual. Hence, having a feng shui service that is online especially in todays time that internet in integrated I think it is a go-to as well.

  14. Angel Silvestre

    The two potential products that I could be created and sold online are metallic paper and fabric because it can be use as costumes in Bacolaodiat Festival. This is a tradition from the ancient chinese that is still followed and used even in the modern times. The social media platform that can be used are Facebook, instagram, twitter, website, and also we have a physical store that is located in the 16th Lacson street and is very near in the area where the Bacolaodiat is celebrated.

  15. Cherry Ann D. Cornel

    the 2 potential product that I can offer during the Bacolaodiat are wonton soup and spring rolls. These 2 main dishes can be availed by the use of social media platforms like Facebook, messenger, twitter, website, grab and food panda. Wanton soup and spring rolls were loved by the Filipinos and other tourist for this is both very famous and liked by the people and I think having it offer in the media platform will give an easy access for everyone in the modern digital era that we are today.

  16. Jeremy P. Chan BAMK 3C

    Jeremy P. Chan BAMK3C

    The products that can be potentially sold are Year animals ornaments or decorations specifically the Dragon because 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, it can be sold through Facebook marketplace since the target market will be older customers who are engaged in collecting ornaments every Chinese New Year. Another is Chopsticks, in branded and in different materials since the culture of using chopsticks is now very influential to the Filipinos especially the millennials and the Gen Z, and it can also be sold through Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and Tiktok since the target markets are all over these social media platforms it will be easy to reach them.

  17. John Ray O. Arcolas

    One of the best products to sell during Bacolaodiat is traditional Chinese foods such as Tikoy, dumplings, and mooncakes. these delicious treats will surely entice customers looking to indulge in authentic Chinese cuisines. another profitable product to sell online during bacolaodiat is decorative items such as lanterns, paper dragons, etc. these items are essentials for creating an enchanting ambiance during bacolaodiat. online sellers can provide a variety of these eye-catching ornaments that symbolizes good luck and prosperity.

  18. Pauline A. Miraflor

    Chinese Delicacies- Chinese delicacies like Tikoy are in demand during Chinese New Year. Tikoy’s shelf life can last for a month when opened, and up to one to two years if it was properly stored and unopened. Hence, it is perfect to sell on social media platforms like Facebook and even E-commerce platforms like Shopee and Lazada.

    Chinese Lanterns- Chinese decorations like lanterns are also in demand. They are seen everywhere inside or outside restaurants and other public places to serve as a symbol of celebrations and festivities during Chinese New Year. E-commerce platforms like Shopee and Lazada are the platforms that sell decorations since it’s a product that is not easily perishable.

  19. Anas M. Aldossary

    1.Filipino-Chinese Heritage Memorabilia: A line of carefully chosen goods, such as shirts, caps, purses, home décor, and jewelry with Filipino-Chinese themes, can be created and sold online. The merchandise is inspired by the merger of Filipino and Chinese culture in Bacolod. This will be a keepsake of the city’s rich history and culture in addition to being a souvenir from the Bacolaodiat festival. Products may include unique, limited-edition items that are introduced annually to commemorate the festival.

    2. Festival Survival Kit: The Bacolaodiat Festival Survival Kit is one product that might be marketed to festival goers. Along with some necessities like sunscreen, water bottles, reusable cutlery, a small first aid kit, a map of the festival, and maybe some locally produced food, this may contain a guidebook detailing the schedules of various activities, the history of the festival, important places to visit, etc.

  20. Andre Ann Gabayeron

    In this page, it shows the Bacolodiat festival activities. The first one is Blending traditions, it is the harmonious blend of cultures that make our city unique. Next is filipino-chinese it is a tribute to the vibrant filipino-chinese community. Next is the mesmerizing lantern parade,it is the enchanting lanterns that light up our city. Warm bacolodnon hospitality, by the name itself, it shows the hospitality of the bacolodnons. Lastly, the street dance and chopstick alley. it show s the different talents of the bacolodnons.

  21. As we celebrate the ever vibrant Bacaloadiat Festival here in Bacolod City, we also welcome guests and visitors coming from afar, may it be local or internationally. By that, how can we let them feel the spirit of the festival as Bacolodnons? How can we let them enjoy diversing through the Chinese heritage even for a limited time only?

    Here are 2 product/service I thought of to display during the festival:

    – Rice and noodles are very important part in the Chinese diet. Rice and noodles are equivalent to potato and pasta in the western diet. Handfuls of bite-sized meat and vegetables accompany the rice and noodles. This can be a good inclusions on the offered menu alongside chinese-style drinks and quenchers.

    2. LANTERN/S
    – Like so many Chinese traditions, Chinese lanterns have a long history dating back thousands of years. Over the centuries, lanterns have become a staple Chinese item, particularly in times of celebration. Different types of Chinese lanterns exist for many occasions, and each type has a unique meaning. This can also be a good product to offer during the festival for it will really let the customer primarily experience the lighting of a specific colored lantern and grant a wish as it drives away itself unto the sky. This must be done or implemented with legalities and permission from the local government to avoid any incidents and violations.

  22. The two potential products that can consider to sell in Bacolaodiat first is, ARTISANAL CRAFT: It is an inspired craft that can showcase the culture and creativity of Bacolod.
    ORGANIC FOOD PRODUCTS: Online sale product of organic, locally sourced food products. It’s include snacks, sauces, or even traditional delicacies

  23. Paolo Gabriel H. Guanzon

    Chinese Tea – Personally I think one of the most under-appreciated but widely consumed products is tea. And this could be in any form such as but not limited to milk tea, english tea, chai tea, and chinese tea. To sell this product online i would take out a page on twinings tea brand and how they marketed their product and how it is packaged and sold.

    Customized Bacolodnon Ampao – Since Bacolaodiat is the culmination of the Filipino and chinese culture of bacolod, it does make sense to create customized Angpaos for the event. Angpaos which are universally used by the cultures when giving gifts to others. A good example of how the layout would look would be that of using the classic angpao colors such as the bold red and gold highlights and shapes which creates a masskara or a sugarcane which both represent bacolod. These will then be on websites such as shoppe or on the negros showroom

  24. Aleyssa Dionio

    Bacolod is known for its seafood dishes. I would be selling mixed seafood dishes, since it’s a Bacolodiat, there are Chinese everywhere. We might as well let them try our specialty when it comes to food, and others would enjoy it since it would be fun and exciting for them.

  25. Jan Reu O. Mendoza

    The unique Chinese New Year celebration of Bacolod City (Negros Occidental) is called the Bacolaodiat. The festival began in 2006, therefore it is still very new. The words Bacolod and Laodiat, a Fokien term for celebration denoting boundless joy and good fortune, are combined to form Bacolaodiat. A significant part of the economic and tourism industries in the city of Bacolod is played by Bacolaodiat, a reflection of the fusion of the Chinese and Filipino cultures.
    Among the many highlights of the event are the illuminated enormous multicolored lanterns, the float procession, the amazing fireworks, the Chinese and Filipino food alley, and the amazing arena and street dance competitions. Undoubtedly, the Bacolaodiat Festival is among the most vibrant celebrations in the Province of Negros, drawing in a wide range of tourists from neighboring provinces and even overseas.

  26. Gerald H. Demafelis

    Given the spirit of unity amongst different cultures it best to establish a kiosk or a booth that sells both local and Chinese products. It best to sell it in a kiosk located along Lacson street as a lot of local and foreign individuals are gathering here to celebrate the festival. In the kiosk we can offer variety of Local delicacies such as Piaya which is very popular in the city. Also we can offer Tikoy, a sweet rice cake dessert. By offering both, we can fully embody the spirit of unity of culture, bridging the gap between chinese and local traditions.

  27. Dan Vharun Suarez

    This page shows a lot of activities during “Bacolaodiat” or chinese new year. It also shows a lot of chinese traditions and culture.

    The product the I would likely to sell during this Festival is Chinese Lanterns and Tikoy. For me, It will market chinese-filipino communities for their culture to celebrate and also their delicacies.

  28. As I finished reading the article, the two potential products that I believe could be created and be sold online is crafted good luck bracelet and chinese delicacy “mooncake” as it’s related to the celebration of bacolaodiat festival.

  29. Ma. Angela J. Mondejar

    For me the 2 potential product that can be sold in Bacolaodiat Festival are Fortune Cookies because most people not just Chinese loves to receive messages that can inspire, as well to eat cookies also Flowers because flowers means happiness and prosperity and that is the main reason of the festivity. And I would like to sell it in social media like facebook and instagram.

  30. Marcelino Tan

    The 2 potential product or services that I could offer in the festivity of Chinese New Year are:

    1. Cute Animals Mochi Dessert – this is one of the sweets that most chinese-filipino look for. The concept is putting different kinds of feeling inside the mochi.

    2. Angpao Piggy Bank – one of the chinese culture is being frugal and angao or red envelope to bring good fortune. Combination of this 2 concepts would bring good fortune and the practical way of saving money.

    These are my 2 product concepts. Thank you

  31. Joseph Franz Magbanua

    If I were given a chance to sell products or services I would sell hair clips that is somehow trending in institutions but with a small Chinese Dragon figure attached on top of the hair clip. My second product will be a mooncake with ube filling. This product is a fusion of Chinese and Filipino cuisine. Both products can be sold online or through a physical store during the Bacolaodiat festival and I chose these products because other than it can be popular, it is new here in Bacolod because I didn’t see or know anyone that sells mooncakes that are fusioned with ube filling inside.

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