Skin Food Wonders: Transformative Nutrients for a Radiant Glow


Skin Food Wonders: Transformative Nutrients for a Radiant Glow

Skin Food Wonders

List of Skin Food

Embarking on a skincare journey takes on a profound significance, especially for those of us navigating the middle age milestone, like myself. It’s a realization that caring for our skin goes beyond just external applications — it’s a holistic commitment that blends both external care and internal nourishment.

In my own experience, I’ve come to understand that no matter how diligently I apply lotions and creams, the true radiance of my skin is deeply intertwined with what I fuel my body with. It’s a poignant reminder that achieving the vibrant and healthy skin I desire involves a shift in not only my skincare routine but also my dietary choices.

So, let’s explore this journey together. I’ll share with you the foods that have become my allies in fostering healthier-looking skin. It’s not just about what we put on our skin; it’s about what we put into our bodies that truly makes a lasting difference. Join me in this personal exploration of skincare, where the beauty of aging gracefully meets the nourishment from within.

Skin Food Wonders: Transformative Nutrients for a Radiant Glow

Best Foods for Skin

The Power of Skin Food Essentials

Avocados [ Skin Food ]

As a middle-aged individual, I’ve learned that not all fats are adversaries in the pursuit of healthy skin. Avocados, with their abundance of healthy fats, have become a staple in my quest for a youthful glow. These fats play a vital role in enhancing skin flexibility and providing the necessary moisture for a smoother, more supple appearance. Research has illuminated the positive impact of regular avocado consumption, with many women reporting increased skin springiness and radiance.

So, let’s savor the goodness of avocados not just for their delightful taste but as a secret weapon in nourishing our skin from within. They’ve proven to be a valuable ally in my skincare routine, contributing to a vibrant and healthy complexion.

 Skin Food 

 Red and Yellow Bell Peppers 

In my journey through middle age, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of antioxidants like beta-carotene, especially given their skin-nourishing benefits. Bell peppers, rich sources of beta-carotene, play a pivotal role in this skincare narrative. As this antioxidant transforms into Vitamin A, it becomes a crucial component for maintaining healthy skin, imparting a supple and resilient appearance. Vitamin A aids in the development of skin tissues, promoting strength and firmness, qualities that resonate profoundly in the pursuit of ageless and vibrant skin.

Skin Food Wonders: Transformative Nutrients for a Radiant Glow


Fatty Fish [ Skin Food ]

Navigating the middle age phase, I’ve learned that the journey to radiant skin isn’t limited to veggies alone. Fishes like salmon and mackerel have become essential in my diet due to their rich omega-3 fatty acid content. These fatty acids play a pivotal role in maintaining the health and thickness of the skin. I’ve observed that individuals with insufficient fatty acid intake often experience dry skin. By incorporating more of these fishes into my meals, I’ve witnessed a reduction in acne and redness, a testament to the transformative power of omega-3 fatty acids in promoting skin vitality.

Skin Food Wonders: Transformative Nutrients for a Radiant Glow


Red Wine [ Skin Food ]

Discovering unexpected allies in my quest for a youthful glow has been a fascinating journey, and one surprising contributor is red wine. Beyond being a delightful beverage, it houses a compound called resveratrol, known for its numerous benefits, including the ability to reduce and slow down the aging process. In a world where harmful radicals often hasten aging, indulging in a glass or two of red wine becomes a guilt-free pleasure, offering a flavorful way to counteract the effects of time.

Skin Food Wonders: Transformative Nutrients for a Radiant Glow

 Skin Food 


Dark Chocolate  

Indulging in cravings, especially for chocolate, can surprisingly contribute to healthier-looking skin. Dark chocolate, backed by numerous studies, has been shown to impart a hydrated appearance, making the skin thicker and more supple. Beyond its delicious taste, it acts as a safeguard, preventing the skin from becoming rough and providing added protection from the sun’s heat. Moreover, dark chocolate plays a role in improving blood flow, adding another layer to its skin-nourishing benefits. So, the next time the craving strikes, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a small bar of dark chocolate.


Walnuts [ Skin Food ]

Contrary to the belief that nuts might trigger pimples, walnuts emerge as a notable exception. In fact, they stand out as an excellent choice for promoting healthy skin. Packed with fats that our bodies don’t naturally produce, walnuts play a crucial role in reducing the likelihood and appearance of skin inflammation. Far from being a culprit, incorporating walnuts into your diet can be a smart move for achieving skin wellness.


Skin Food  


If you’ve been a broccoli skeptic, prepare for a change of heart. This cruciferous gem is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that can bestow numerous benefits upon your skin. Rich in zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C, broccoli doesn’t just offer a burst of flavor; it actively reduces the effects of cancer, provides extra protection from UV light, and helps maintain the balance of collagen levels in our bodies. So, say goodbye to broccoli aversion and hello to a delicious way to enhance your skin’s well-being.

Skin Food Wonders: Transformative Nutrients for a Radiant Glow

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  1. Fatty fish, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, support heart health, reduce inflammation, and enhance brain function. Red wine, in moderation, provides antioxidants like resveratrol, potentially benefiting heart health and reducing oxidative stress. However, moderation is crucial for both, as excessive alcohol intake can have adverse effects. And the platform that i would use to sell it this product is:
    Amazon, The “Grocery & Gourmet Food” section allows for the sale of food products, including wine.
    eBay, You can list food items in specific categories, and eBay is a popular platform for various products.
    Etsy, While known for handmade items, Etsy also supports the sale of specialty foods, including wine.
    Specialized Online Markets, Explore platforms specifically designed for food and beverages, such as or specialized seafood markets.
    Your Own Website, Consider creating your own e-commerce website for a more personalized experience. Use platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce.

  2. Dark Chocolate coffee provides a natural energy boost from caffeine while dark chocolate contains theobromine, a stimulant. Combining them may offer a balanced and sustained energy effect. And the platforms that I would use to sell this product is social media platforms to facilitate seamless transactions for customers interested in purchasing my dark chocolate coffee.

    Red and yellow bell peppers are high in vitamin C and vitamin A. Vitamin C promotes collagen production, aiding in skin firmness, while vitamin A contributes to skin health and repair.

  3. Paul Johnver Vargas

    Avocado Face Mask

    Avocado face mask can offer various benefits for the skin due to its high in nutrients such as vitamins A,D, and E. It also have minerals like potassium. This nutrients can nourish skin and promote a healthy complexion. The platforms that I would use online shopping app like shoppee and Lazada. I can also sell it in social media platforms such as facebook and instagram

    Dark Chocolate Lipstick

    Cocoa butter derived from dark chocolate can be incorporated into lip products. It could use as moisturizer in the lip. The platforms that I would use online shopping app like shoppee and Lazada. I can also sell it in social media platforms such as facebook and instagram

  4. In the article provided titled, Skin Food Wonders: Transformative Nutrients for a Radiant Glow, the two potential products more likely to be created and sold online are dark chocolate and walnuts. These products would be best sold through social media apps such as Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram considering that the most suitable target market, Millennials and Generation Z, are commonly using these products and are active on these social media platforms. Hence, with the power of E-commerce, health-conscious consumers are buying the convenience in accessing and purchasing these nutritional products that promote good skin care to achieve that radiant glow. Moreover, among all the skin food options available, both walnut and dark chocolate have shelf life that could last for months and even years, given proper storage conditions. Therefore, in case these products would not be sold online right away, these skin foods would not easily spoil and are easier to be delivered. Furthermore, utilizing the opportunities online, there would be wider reach and greater scope for the business to cover and that would also mean, more potential customers to purchase the product. Overall, having both dark chocolate and walnut products to be sold online would render the highest margin for the business.

  5. Terence Ruel Buenafe

    Product 1: Dark Chocolate
    Physical item it’s because a complete dark chocolate skincare line includes moisturizers, masks, and exfoliants. I will use the platform to social media (Instagram, TikTok & Facebook): These platforms are used to post striking photos, customer testimonials and targeted ads. Reasoning: The attractiveness of dark chocolate as a ingredient in beauty products comes from its benefits for skin. A dedicated ecommerce website provides an opportunity for detailed product descriptions, testimonials and easy buying. Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook social media platforms primarily provide visual appeal, storytelling and targeted advertising techniques that can reach potential consumers interested in skincare.

    Product 2: Walnuts
    Physical Items because walnuts inside it together with educational materials about their skin care benefits plus recipes. It helps tighten the skin pores and slow down multiple signs of aging. Eating a few walnuts a day could even reduce sun tan and puffiness, and thus help you have a healthier texture. I will use the platform to Amazon Market Place is a well-known market place with a large audience interested in skincare products like this one. These platforms allows for recurring revenue and an ongoing relationship with customers. Amazon’s wide reach and trust among consumers make it an ideal platform to attract those interested in wellness and nutritional products.

  6. Nolyn Jude Bolinas

    Among the listed skin foods in the article, two products that could be sold locally online would be walnuts and dark chocolate. They can be easily promoted and sold through different online marketplace platforms such as Facebook, Shopee, Instagram and even a brand website. Compared to other products, with an appropriate packaging and proper handlement, these may be one of the least perishable products available, with a shelf life of at least six (6) months. It can still maintain their quality, and effectively work wonders to one’s skin. With e-commerce, both of these products can take advantage of availability, accessibility and convenience of purchase.

  7. Derrick Raphael Montelijao

    Derrick Raphael D. Montelijao BAMK 3D

    1st Product: Dark Chocolate Avocado Soap
    Dark Raw Chocolate helps dry and irritated skin, while an Avocado contains vitamin E, soothes and nourishes your skin. I believe in combining the two super foods they can create a harmony of benefits for consumers. The product I came up with is a Dark Raw Chocolate Avocado Soap that can help and give you healthy, vibrant, and glowing skin.

    For the platforms of the product, I would choose to market it on Instagram and Facebook as my two main platforms. Instagram is filled with lots of potential clients and possible endorsers for the product. Instagram is easy and accessible to use for myself and potential target market which are young teens and adults. For Facebook, I chose it because most or almost all people have a Facebook account and that would help me gain a general market for my product.

    2nd Product: Salmon Marinated in Red Wine Walnut Sauce
    I would cook a Salmon Marinated in Red Wine Walnut Sauce because it is packed with various health benefits for the skin such as providing a youthful glow, reducing the chance of skin inflammation, rich omega-3 fatty acid, and healthy skin.

    GrabFood is my main option for the platform of the product because their are a lot of potential customers that buy food from the app or website. Their are many health conscious people looking for healthy food and I believe the product can be sold there.

  8. Jude Brian C. Gonzales

    Product no. 1: Walnut
    According to the article, walnuts produce fats that the body doesn’t naturally provide. Relatively to it’s size, walnuts could come in handy. The article also mentioned that it is good for the memory so if given the chance to purchase walnuts, I myself would love to purchase it online. We can use online selling platforms such as Facebook marketplace, Lazada, Shopee and Food Panda. In addition, I also recall that walnuts are imported and have a shelf life of three months, so it is a convenient product that could be sold online.

    Product no. 2: Dark Chocolate
    Just like walnuts, dark chocolates also come in handy. We can use online selling platforms such as Facebook marketplace, Lazada, Shopee and Food Panda. Dark chocolate has a 2-year shelf life. That’s long in terms of food. It’s also time consuming to look for the brand you specifically want in stores so it would be convenient to shop online.

  9. Trexie Marie P. Morancil

    Red wine has a lot of benefits to offer in the development of an individual’s appearance, including the delay in the aging process. For the avocado, it also benefits the skin through its abundance of healthy fats that results in a youthful glow. Avocado provides moisture for a healthier and smoother complexion, and an enhanced flexibility of the skin.

    With these ingredients, I was able to come up with a product, which is the sunblock, that will help my skin to be healthier and moisturized. This will also be used as a protection against the burning sunlight. Made with fresh and healthy ingredients. The product will be made available through the official social media accounts of the business such as Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram.

  10. Abelardo Bantug IV

    1. Avocados- Avocados are not only healthy, sustainable, and delicious, but it is also a great source for healthy skin. Here in Bacolod, avocados are quite sought after especially among millenials and GenZ. Most are really not aware of the skin benefits avocados offer. This can be a strong potential online selling business. Advertising the many pros avocados provide, such as the skin benefits would engage the younger demographics, enticing them to avail and try avocados. A strong platform to sell would be on Facebook Marketplace. FB Marketplace allows you to easily connect and sell locally. Joining groups and getting to know your customers and the sukis is also encouraged.

    Dark Chocolate- Dark chocolate is a desert craved by mostly the older generations, such as Millenials and older. It is them who prefer it because of the many health benefits, including the antioxidants healthy for the skin. This can be a good selling product online as there is already a market for it. The best place to sell it online, would also be on Facebook Marketplace. Selling it on FB Marketplace is the fastest way to reach the millenial+ demographics.

  11. As what I learned In skincare journey, It takes on a profound caring for our skin that goes beyond just external applications. Doing skin care routine can gives us a positive impact to our mental wellbeing. This serves us a daily reminder to prioritize ourselves and our needs. Just like broccoli it’s full of many vitamins and minerals important for our skin health, including Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Zinc. Most important here when eating broccoli, it contains a carotene and lutein that works for beta carotene. In fact this helps us to protect our skin from oxidative damage.

    Dark Chocolate
    It benefit us by many variety ways, for instance, manganese aids in the synthesis of collagen, a protein that keeps skin appearing young and healthy. additionally, this studies shows that the high antioxidant content of dark chocolate may shield our skin from the suns potent UV radiation.

  12. The two potential products that could be created and sold online are red wine and walnuts. Both of these items are highly marketable in any e-commerce platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Shopify, Lazada, Amazon, and any other e-commerce website as these are hard finds and cannot be easily purchased locally and it cost a way more expensive, especially wine and nuts enthusiast would tend to do a “pasabuy” or ask someone to order it abroad and/or search for it online rather than search for it in grocery stores. Hence, they could purchase online, and it can be directly shipped to their respective places, at the same time they get to choose the specifics of their preferences. Moreover, these products have a longer shelf life and cannot easily get spoiled that could affect its quality in the inventory of the business (seller). In fact, wine lasts for years and months for walnuts that does not diminish its product quality. Although these products need extra proper care in the hauling and shipment due to the sensitivity of the nature of the product — wine is stored in a fragile container and nuts are sensitive to heat and moisture, nevertheless through proper handling it can arrive to the customers in all good condition that they could enjoy.

  13. Diana Rae A. Doloso

    “As a middle-aged individual, I’ve learned that not all fats are adversaries in the pursuit of healthy skin. Avocados, with their abundance of healthy fats, have become a staple in my quest for a youthful glow. These fats play a vital role in enhancing skin flexibility and providing the necessary moisture for a smoother, more supple appearance. Research has illuminated the positive impact of regular avocado consumption, with many women reporting increased skin springiness and radiance.
    So, let’s savor the goodness of avocados not just for their delightful taste but as a secret weapon in nourishing our skin from within. They’ve proven to be a valuable ally in my skincare routine, contributing to a vibrant and healthy complexion.”
    As a student, I am very conscious about my skin and it is tested and proven that avocados have a great impact in enhancing my skin. The product in my mind is Avocado Toast, it is easy to make and most especially delicious. The ingredients that I will be using will be gluten-free bread, avocado, salt and egg. Customers can also pick its toppings such as nuts, tomatoes, or garlic.
    Dark Chocolate
    “Indulging in cravings, especially for chocolate, can surprisingly contribute to healthier-looking skin. Dark chocolate, backed by numerous studies, has been shown to impart a hydrated appearance, making the skin thicker and more supple. Beyond its delicious taste, it acts as a safeguard, preventing the skin from becoming rough and providing added protection from the sun’s heat. Moreover, dark chocolate plays a role in improving blood flow, adding another layer to its skin-nourishing benefits. So, the next time the craving strikes, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a small bar of dark chocolate.”
    Most of us love Dark chocolate, with this product I can sell brownies with different toppings also such as almonds, marshmallows, and chocolate chips. Dark Chocolate has less sugar and is healthier than other sweet desserts.

  14. Arthur Benedict C, Monteclaro

    Red Wine [Skin Food]
    – I would suggest to sell Red Wine on Food Panda or GrabFood for easier access for everyone to buy and sell. Many people especially young adults and adults wants the convenience of buying alcoholic drink with the tap of their phone and just pay it via Cash on Delivery or E-cash such as Gcash, Paypal or their debit card. I choose red wine since it is universally accepted compare to beer, vodka and gin and would be a great product to sell along with other products such as chocolate, and other foods.

    Dark Chocolate [Skin Food]
    – I choose dark chocolate to sell on the same platform as the Red Fine. In fact, we can sell the Red wine and the chocolate at the same time for an event, a celebration or a “steamy” night. The reason I choose dark chocolate is because many people likes to eat chocolate either for the sweetness and delicacy of it or the benefits of it. It can be also sell with other products and is also universal accepted.

  15. In today’s generation people are more conscious about their health and well being but at the same time they also want to enjoy a different taste and not just stick to fruits and vegetables. The majority of us love the sweet taste of chocolate. For people who are looking for a dessert that is not too sweet, dark chocolate is a perfect treat. Surprisingly this dessert contributes to healthier-looking skin. The product that I want to be sold is chocolate shake combined with walnut which also helps us achieve a healthy skin. Because it contains fat that our body doesn’t naturally produce, this product is suitable for people who want a sweet taste of dessert and look for some health benefits from the products they consume. I propose that this product should be sold on facebook, grab, and food panda because it is a food and it should be delivered after a customer placed an order to prevent spoilage and complications.

    Since broccoli has no taste but it is rich in zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C. I want to create a face mask made from broccoli. Since it provides a protection from UV light that is beneficial to reduce the risk of skin cancer. I want to sell this product on online platforms such as shopee, lazada and facebook. As I believe there are a lot of millennials and generation z who like using skin care products.

  16. Alla Nosehca Dubouzet

    I chose to sell dietary foods and smoothies due to the fact that is essential for our good health and nutrition. There are a lot of people used to eat dietary foods and drink smoothies for many reasons. The platforms that I will use for selling these products is through facebook. By using this platform, I can easily engage to my customers on facebook and I can adapt or make better strategies based on my customer feedback in order to continuously improve my online sales. I can also offer promotion and discounts to attract new customers. Lastly, I will encourage my customers to leave some reviews to build credibility and influence potential buyers.

  17. Dark Chocolate – As a student, I can sell cookies that the main ingredient is the dark chocolate since the dark chocolate is good for our health and has a lot of benefits just like it helps to lower the risk of heart disease and good for our to our skin as well, I can sell this thru Facebook market and Instagram, because this two platforms has many potential buyers in this product that I will sell.

    Walnut – I will sell candied walnut because I myself love candy and the candied walnut is not just delicious but also healthy, Walnut can help mental health, lower the risk of some illness , and also decrease the aging process of the brain, according to studies on the walnut. I will sell this to Facebook and Instagram because this two platforms has many potential buyers in this product that I will sell.

  18. Caile Francess Espinosa

    The two potential products that I choose that I believe could be created and sold online are Dark Chocolate and Walnuts. These two are a good combination since they are both heart-healthy foods, combining these two give off nutrition such as good fats and antioxidants. The platforms that I would choose for selling these products are social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, & Instagram and have them delivered by delivery services such as FoodPanda, Grab, and Maxim. By using these platforms, I strongly believe that my products will reach potential consumers that are either near and/or far from me, the seller. I would also like to use a platform like E-commerce applications such as Shopee and Lazada since the products that I have chosen have a long shelf-life. With this, services such as LBC, ShopeeExpress, JRS, J&T, and NinjaVan can be used for shipping the products that the consumer will purchase from me. I can also sponsor my products to some famous influencers for them to promote my products, as well as giving off big discounts to some affiliators and resellers since I believe they are the life of a business. With them spreading my products is already a big step and help for my product to be known locally and maybe even internationally.

    ESPINOSA, Caile Francess BAMK 3-D/BABE 3-B

  19. Donna Ross E. Bacolod

    Products that I would produce or choose would be coming from avocado and dark chocolate, I will make it as a avocado jam and dark chocolate jam. Since avocado’s and dark chocolate has a benefit to the body such as vitamins C, E, K, and B6 riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, potassium and can be a antioxidant. They also provide lutein, beta carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids which means this products can be helpful to the body and your health as long as you know your limitations. This products can be found in an online platforms such as Facebook, TikTok shop, Shopee, Lazada, Grab Food, and Food Panda. This are the mediums that I used for the reason that this would help bring awareness and publicity to the product, as well as this mediums can reach a lot of target audiences that could be a possible market for the products. This mediums are also popular and user friendly. This platforms can also provide convenience to the consumers.

    Donna Ross E. Bacolod BAMK 3D

  20. Gian Jake D. Gequilan

    1st product: Dark Chocolate Coffee mix

    The 21st century will not be complete without coffee. It is a part of 8/10 Filipinos daily lives and will always be a part of our lives. I believe that the dark chocolate coffee mix will be a product that can succeed in the industry not only because of how coffee businesses are very profitable in the philippines but i think that it could be an healthy alternative for all those filipinos that drink coffee daily. Mixing dark chocolate and coffee can unleash their full potential and together in a powder form that would be affordable to almost everyone will make this product a must have for coffee lovers. I think that the best online platforms that i can sell the product to are instagram and facebook since almost everyone, especially millennials and gen z’s are on top of the list when it comes to coffee consumption. Creating a facebook page, and an instagram account would be very beneficial when it comes to selling the product online. 3rd party businesses like maxim and food panda could be of use to deliver the product to the consumers.

    2nd product: Mixed nuts jar

    Nuts are very healthy for people and are widely considered as brain food. With this as my selling point I think that I could sell this product to students, office workers, and people that are looking for a healthier snack alternative . The mixed nuts jar will be composed of peanuts , almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts (filberts), and pecans. I will sell this product using social media platforms specifically instagram and facebook since almost all of the target customers/market of this product that i am selling are always browsing on these social media platforms. 3rd party businesses like maxim and food panda could be of use to deliver the product to the consumers.

  21. Katherine Nicole Panie

    Avocado has an abundance of healthy fats that result for a youthful glow. The fats allows to enhance the skin flexibility and provides the necessary moisture for a smoother appearance. In addition, broccoli is rich in zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Broccoli also actively reduces the effects of cancer, provides protection from UV light, and helps to maintain the balance of collagen levels in our bodies.
    With these ingredients, I will produce a body moisturizer where avocado will be use as a scent and broccoli extract for further ingredients to provide my desire body moisturizer to be sold in the market. This product will result to a youthful glow and a body moisture that are rich in zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C, and UV protection. In order to promote and sell this product, I will be using online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. With these platforms I am able to reach a number of target market as this product does not limit only its benefits for adults but also for teenagers.

  22. Michael Jan S. Baloyo Jr

    Red Wine Lip Balm: Formulate a lip balm using red wine, beeswax, and nourishing oils for moisturized lips with a hint of color. Red wine contains antioxidants and natural sugars that can help hydrate and moisturize the lips, preventing dryness. The antioxidants in red wine, such as resveratrol, may offer protection against free radicals, promoting healthier and more youthful-looking lips. Selling your Red Wine Lip Balm on e-commerce platforms like Etsy, Sephora, Amazon Handmade, or boutiques like Amazon Handmade can be a successful strategy. Shopify or WooCommerce offers control over branding and sales, while social media promotion drives traffic.

    Avocado Soap: Incorporate avocado puree or oil into handmade soap for added skin benefits. Avocado has anti-inflammatory properties, making avocado soap suitable for soothing sensitive or irritated skin. The natural oils in avocados can contribute to a gentle exfoliating effect, helping to remove dead skin cells and promote a smoother complexion.
    Always consider individual skin sensitivities and perform patch tests, especially for those with allergies, before using any new skincare product. Local Farmers’ Markets: Explore local markets or fairs where handmade and natural products are often well-received.
    Farmers’ markets often attract a local and engaged community seeking natural and handmade products, providing an opportunity for direct interaction with potential customers. Emphasize the use of fresh, locally-sourced avocados, appealing to customers who appreciate products with a connection to the community and local agriculture.

  23. John Sherbert Acha

    Skincare is an essential routine to apply for our self and it is one of the way how we treat ourselves nicely, and how we love ourselves. Maintaining skincare routine could provide a lot of benefits to our skin and it depends on the purpose and ingredients that you are using. However, skincare is pricey for some people and there are other alternatives that could provide a lot of benefits as well at the same time much more healthy. Eating nutritious foods, drinking enough water, and having enough of sleep is enough and adding fatty fish to your diet is much better as it helps provide more vitamins and nutrients that our body needs such as omega 3 or etc. Fatty fish also can be market easily since this is essential foods and primary foods. One of the best platform to market this product since this is perishable goods, it is best suited in fb online ordering system. By creating a chatbot that can easily manage orders in a fast and convenient way is enough even without website since most of the people are using facebook rather than opening website and doing a purchase unless our products is not perishable. Facebook also has no cost- little cost if you know how to manage and be resourceful.

  24. Ma. Bianca M. Jaranilla

    Skincare is strongly significant today and is an essential at any age. Starting healthy habits in an early age strengthen and prepare for the effects of aging down the road. It’s about what we put into our bodies that truly makes a lasting difference.

    Choosing the right skincare products depending on your skin type will further prevent damage for both light or sun and the environment on our skin. Keeping our skin glowing by optimizing hydration, barrier function and cell turnover, and minimizing irritation will help repair past superficial damage to skin.

    The oils of avocado can help keep your skin properly protected and minimize irritation and inflammation. It can lessen and prevent breakouts. Avocado can also even out skin blemishes and scars.

    For the fatty fish, that can boost hydration, help fend off breakouts and visibly reduce signs of aging with the help of Omega-3. It can boost the skin’s immunity to UV damage through its ability to help increase protection against environmental aggresors.

  25. Gia Christina L. Mantalaba

    Facial cleanser is important to one’s skin as it removes all the dirt on your face. However, some facial cleansers are so harsh it strips down your skin, damaging it. Hence, I would combine walnut and chocolate to create a facial cleanser. The combination would be perfect for a cleanser as dark chocolate will act as a hydrating agent to one’s skin and prevent them from being rough-up and provide added protection from sun’s heat, while walnut will help as anti-inflammatory agent.

    I would be selling them on 3 platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. Both Tiktok and Facebook pull massive amounts of engagement, as there are millions of people using it everyday. And I will also be selling on Instagram, as I’ve noticed that the Instagram users are more into beauty related products, unlike Facebook and Tiktok where the market is saturated.

  26. According to the article I just read, walnuts and red wine are the two goods that can be sold online. I would sell the walnuts as granolas, but the red wine is more focused on the packaging’s fragility, which could be harmed during delivery.

    Since red wine is simple to market and the majority of wine lovers are probably active on Instagram while they wait for a new wine to be launched, I would sell red wine on that platform. Since Facebook makes it simple to contact and interact with our market, I would provide information about walnuts there.

  27. Ma. Sofia Valladolid

    Reading from the article provided, the top 2 products that come to mind are a vegan chocolate crunch spread, and a Broccoli food supplement.

    The first product, the vegan chocolate crunch spread is a mixture of dark chocolate, avocado, and walnut that creates a perfect crunch. This product can have a longer shelf life than taking the raw ingredients itself. It will also be a perfect chocolate spread alternative for those who have a vegan diet. The second product, the broccoli food supplement, as most people do not like to take the broccoli as it is and is having a hard time taking in their green portion in their platter, a food supplement is the go for them. This food supplement can be mixed with berries for a natural sweetener and will also serve as a nutritional boost.

    As both products can be packaged in airtight containers it can be easily transported and distributed that makes it compatible to almost all platforms. For starters it can be sold on Facebook & Tiktok Marketplace, Instagram, and Shopee. Facebook Marketplace for easier reach to the target market and a convenient communication platform, Tiktok to easily make a buzz or for a viral advertisement, Instagram for a more authentic & exclusive feel, and Shopee for a more efficient application. These platforms are chosen as they are cost effective for starting sellers and are user friendly as well.

    Ma. Sofia Valladolid (MKEL3 BAMK3-D)

  28. Broccoli Face Mask ; Broccoli is rich in vitamins and antioxidant, making it useful for skincare. The antioxidants in broccoli may help promote healthy skin. Masks can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of pores while providing a relaxing, spa like experience at home. The platform that i will be using for selling is facebook.

    Peanut oil ; peanut based products can offer skincare benefits due to the nutrients found in peanuts. Peanut can be used as a moisturizer for the skin. Can also use for massage. Since peanut is rich in vit E and antioxidants it can soften and hydrate skin. The platform that i will be using for selling is facebook.

  29. Nathaniel Rhamzel Cruz

    From the article I’ve read above, the two products suitable to sell online are red wine and walnuts. Before the decision to sell these two, I believe it is important to consider how perishable the items and what platforms to be used. Red wines on the other hand is more focus on the fragility of the packaging since it could be damaged when delivered. Then walnuts, I would sell it as granolas so it could be easily packed and transferred through logistics.

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