SamgyupTa Korean Restaurant, Silay City : A Review


SamgyupTa Korean Restaurant, Silay City : A Review

SamgyupTa Korean Restaurant [ L-R: Dr. Lei Lani Dusaban, Sonny Cabahug, Yours truly and Dr. Jojo Bayona ]

A Delightful Evening at SamgyupTa Korean Restaurant: Professors’ Weekend Escape

A Week of Educational Pursuits

As an educator committed to my profession, the demands of the job often leave me exhausted, especially after conducting classes and extra training programs for my clients. Despite my busy schedule, I cherish the weekends as a time for rest and recreation, a break from the hustle of the week. This particular Saturday brought an unexpected invitation from my co-teacher, Dr. Lei Lani Dusaban, leading to a delightful evening escape.

SamgyupTa Korean Restaurant, Silay City : A Review

From the appearance of this photo, it’s evident who is the loudest laugher and the master of wacky storytelling. The captured moment reflects the joy and humor that filled the air, showcasing the vibrant personalities and the shared moments of merriment that made the dining experience truly memorable.

Testing Cars and Spontaneous Plans

The weekend began with a private message from Dr. Lei Lani  Dusaban expressing her desire to test her car. Intrigued by the idea, we quickly organized a small group (all professors from the University of St. La Sall), including Sonny Cabahug and Dr. Jojo Bayona, to join the adventure. With plans set, we embarked on a journey that would lead us to Silay City.

Lei Lani Dusaban and Jojo Bayona showcased their modeling prowess, striking their best poses with style and confidence. The duo brought a touch of glamour to the scene, capturing a moment that highlighted both their personalities and the dynamic energy they shared during the photo shoot.

The Culinary Oasis – SamgyupTa Korean Restaurant

Arriving in Silay City around 3 PM, hunger pangs hit us, prompting the decision to stop for a meal. Our gaze fell upon SamgyupTa, a Korean restaurant nestled on J. Pitong Ledesma St., McKinley Bukid, Silay City. Despite the simplicity of the exterior, the two sides of painted walls and an Instagram-worthy wallpaper inside caught our attention.

SamgyupTa Korean Restaurant, Silay City : A Review

Sonny Cabahug skillfully concealed something with effort, adding an intriguing element to the photo. Meanwhile, I  managed a captivating smile while discreetly holding my breath, skillfully avoiding revealing any hints of a larger tummy. The contrasting actions created a playful and engaging dynamic in the photograph.

SamgyupTa Korean Restaurant | Aesthetic Ambiance and Friendly Staff

Upon entering SamgyupTa, the simplicity of the place was offset by the welcoming ambiance. The staff, though limited at that early hour, greeted us warmly. We couldn’t help but take advantage of the aesthetically pleasing backdrop for some memorable photos, showcasing the restaurant’s charm.

SamgyupTa Korean Restaurant, Silay City : A Review

Do I need to say more? They keep on refilling these items…

All-You-Can-Eat Adventure at SamgyupTa Korean Restaurant

Choosing the all-you-can-eat Samgyupsal option, attractively priced at a reasonable 349/person, turned our dining experience into a delightful feast of succulent pork barbecue. The delectable aroma of the grilling meat wafted through the air, setting the stage for a memorable meal.

Despite our early arrival, the side dishes, although a tad chilly, were abundant and complemented the savory barbecue perfectly. The friendly waitstaff, with their warm smiles, went the extra mile by recommending the use of two stoves. This thoughtful suggestion not only ensured that our meat was cooked to perfection but also enhanced the overall efficiency and enjoyment of our dining experience.

What makes this all-you-can-eat Samgyupsal truly exceptional is that, if you are dining with a companion, you have the freedom to savor your meal to your heart’s desire. This added flexibility transforms the dining experience into something truly amazing. The shared joy of grilling and relishing a variety of pork cuts, combined with the abundance of side dishes, creates an atmosphere of culinary indulgence that is perfect for enjoying quality time with a friend or loved one.

SamgyupTa Korean Restaurant, Silay City : A Review

The beauty of Samgyupsal lies in the interactive experience of cooking your own food. Being an active participant in grilling and preparing the delicious cuts of meat not only adds a unique and enjoyable element to the dining experience but also fosters a sense of connection with the meal itself. This hands-on approach transforms the act of eating into a fun and engaging culinary adventure.

Aesthetic Feedback and Future Hopes 

While we reveled in the delightful dinner, there’s always room for improvement. Aesthetic enthusiasts like ourselves yearn for an Instagram-ready environment, and though the staff helped capture our moments, I couldn’t help but envision a slight enhancement in the restaurant’s overall aesthetic.

SamgyupTa Korean Restaurant, Silay City : A Review

The truth is, this seemingly candid shot is anything but spontaneous! These two were on a mission to look effortlessly good for the camera, and the resulting laughter and poses were all part of their playful plan. The shared humor and intentional effort to strike a pose add an amusing layer to the photograph, capturing the lighthearted and fun spirit of the moment. Hahaha  

Conclusion: Wishing Success to SamgyupTa Korean Restaurant

Our evening at SamgyupTa was a pleasant surprise, and we genuinely wish them continued success in the future. With growing patronage, a small touch-up on aesthetics could attract even more visitors. As educators, moments like these become essential breaks, allowing us to unwind, bond, and savor the flavors of life beyond the classroom.

Visit their FB Page – SKR KOREAN RESTAURANT Silay City

The waitstaff at SamgyupTa in Silay City was incredibly helpful, especially when we requested assistance for taking photos from different angles. Their eagerness and friendly demeanor added a personal touch to our dining experience, making it more memorable. Their attention to our needs showcased a commitment to customer satisfaction that enhanced our overall impression of the restaurant.

SamgyupTa Korean Restaurant, Silay City : A Review

In addition to the generous servings of food continuously placed before us, our dinner was made even more enjoyable by the lively banter and fun atmosphere we created. The combination of delicious dishes and our laughter-filled interactions added a special and memorable touch to the overall dining experience.

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SamgyupTa Korean Restaurant, Silay City : A Review

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