Iloilo Business Park Launches the “Dinagyang For All” Celebration


Iloilo Business Park Launches the "Dinagyang For All" Celebration

Iloilo Business Park | Dinagyang For All [ Left to right: Mr. John Michael Monancil, Sales Manager, Megaworld Regional RFO; Mr.Jay Trenas, President of Dinagyang Arts Festival; Ms. Natalie Lim – General Manager, Richmonde Hotel Iloilo; Ms Jogie Viceo, Township Director, Iloilo Business Park; Ms. Karmela Jesena, General Manager, Festive Walk Iloilo; Mr. Allan Ryan Tan, President, Iloilo Festival Foundation, Inc. (IFFI); Mr. Mikee Vivo, Cluster General Manager for provincial properties, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls; Ms. Jennifer Palmares – Fong, Megaworld Iloilo Head of Sales and Marketing; Mr Marbin Espina, Megaworld Premier Offices; Ms Joan Paulette Mary Libo-on Tolentino, Museum Manager, ILOMOCA ]

Iloilo Business Park Initiates the Festivities with the “Dinagyang For All” Celebration


I find myself immersed in the pulsating energy of Megaworld’s Iloilo Business Park, a sprawling 72-hectare space that promises to be the ultimate destination for the Dinagyang Festival. The air is charged with excitement as the venue prepares to host a spectacular celebration, a fusion of star-studded events, delectable food festivals, and captivating cultural attractions, all reflecting the essence of inclusivity that defines Iloilo City.

Iloilo Business Park Launches the "Dinagyang For All" Celebration

Iloilo Business Park | Embracing “Dinagyang For All”

As I step into this dynamic environment, the theme “Dinagyang For All” becomes evident. Towering above the Festive Walk Iloilo Bridgeway is an iconic 20-foot giant inflatable dog, symbolizing the warm invitation extended to guests of all ages and walks of life. The spirit of inclusivity is palpable, welcoming tourists from different corners of the globe, local visitors, and even the delightful presence of fur parents and their pets.

Iloilo Business Park Launches the "Dinagyang For All" Celebration

 Culinary Delights and Cultural Extravaganza at Iloilo Business Park

Anticipation Builds for the Longest Food Festival in the City

The journey is set to begin with the Dinagyang Art Festival on January 24 at the Iloilo Contemporary Museum of Culture and Arts (ILOMOCA). Here, I anticipate a grand showcase of Ilonggo culture and arts, a testament to the rich heritage of the region.

Excitement Grows for Indulging in Iloilo’s Flavors

The culinary adventure is poised to unfold at the Dinagyang Food Festival, a gastronomic haven along Java Road and Festive Walk Parade. With over 200 merchants offering a diverse array of Ilonggo dishes, delicacies, and street food, it’s set to be a feast that showcases the city’s recent recognition by UNESCO as a creative center of gastronomy.

Iloilo Business Park Launches the "Dinagyang For All" Celebration

 Musical Revelry and Star-Studded Nights at Iloilo Business Park

Anticipating the Melodies of Pepsi Night and Dinagyang Music Festival

The air is expected to resonate with melodies during Pepsi Night on January 25, where popular bands and artists are set to take the stage. The rhythm will continue at the Dinagyang Music Festival on January 26 at Java Road, featuring DJs Victor Pring, Dara Carmina, Arvin Ong, and the Patequeros.

Anticipating the Crescendo with Coke Studio and Kapamilya Karavan Finale

The festival is projected to reach its crescendo on January 27 with the much-awaited Coke Studio, headlined by Janine Berdin and local bands Alamat and Tropa Vibes. The grand finale is expected to unfold at Dinagyang Kapamilya Karavan on Java Road, featuring stars like Paulo Avelino and Kim Chiu, bringing the curtain down on a week of sensational performances.


 A Kaleidoscope of Lights and Colors at Iloilo Business Park

The Imagined Iloilo Business Park Light Show

As the sun sets, the Iloilo Business Park is envisioned to come alive with the Dinagyang Iloilo Business Park Light Show at Plaza Delgado from January 24 to 25. The vibrant hues are expected to dance in harmony, setting the stage for a magical evening.

 ILOmination in The Sky

A highlight of the Dinagyang Festival, the ILOmination In The Sky is projected to transform the skies above Iloilo Business Park on January 26 into a mesmerizing canvas of lights and colors, a breathtaking spectacle to behold.

 Immersing in Local Culture and Trade

 Iloilo Business Expo (ILOBEX)

For those eager to explore local products, the Iloilo Business Expo (ILOBEX) at the Festive Walk Mall Atrium from January 19 to 28 offers a diverse array of items from local delicacies to garments, accessories, and more.

 Dinagyang Family of Dolls and Dagway Face of Festival Exhibits

As the anticipation builds, the exploration into Dinagyang culture is expected to continue with visits to the Dinagyang Family of Dolls Exhibit at the 2nd floor of Festive Walk Mall and the Dagway Face of Festival Exhibit by Manny Librodo at the mall’s indoor atrium.


“Dinagyang For All” is not merely anticipated as a celebration; it is envisioned as an immersive experience that transcends boundaries, uniting people in the celebration of culture, diversity, and the vibrant spirit Iloilo City is renowned for. Regardless of background or preferences, everyone, including fur parents and pets of all shapes and sizes, is not just anticipated but imagined to be embraced in this vibrant, pet-friendly community. As I eagerly await the unfolding of the Dinagyang festivities at Iloilo Business Park, the anticipation of this extraordinary journey lingers, foreshadowing the power of festivals in bringing people together.

Iloilo Business Park Launches the "Dinagyang For All" Celebration

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