Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant in Talisay : A Review



Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant in Talisay : A Review

Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant

Enhancing the Seafood Odyssey: A Thorough Exploration of Bamboyet Talabahan in Talisay, Negros Occidental


Embarking on a gastronomic journey, our party—LeiLani Dusaban, Geff Sagala, Sonny Cabahug, and myself—recently uncovered the culinary delights of Bamboyet Talabahan. Nestled in Brgy Zone 15, Miramar Subdivision, Talisay, Negros Occidental, this unassuming bamboo-crafted restaurant within the CICM Area beckons seafood aficionados for an authentic dining experience.

Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant in Talisay : A Review

Sonny and Geff were so excited upon seeing the super black adobong pusit

Setting the Scene for Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant 

Following a day of meetings, our craving for a hearty dinner led us to Bamboyet Talabahan. Post-meeting, we rendezvoused with Sonny for a talent meet-up at L Fisher Hotel, preceded by a research project discussion with Geff and LeiLani. The clock struck 5:30 PM, and as dinner plans emerged, we steered away from high-cholesterol options and leaned towards the sea’s offerings. Geff’s suggestion to revisit CICM in Talisay resonated, and we ventured into the night, arriving at the restaurant amid the darkness with ample parking space awaiting us.

Culinary Delights at Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant 

We embarked on a feast as we settled at our table—only two occupied in this tranquil evening. The menu boasted diverse offerings, including the savory “Inid” sinigang, adobong pusit, succulent talaba, and Sonny’s choice of pork belly. The freshness of the seafood resonated in every bite, and the budget-friendly pricing (Talaba at PHP 130, Pork Belly at PHP 200, Adobong Pusit at PHP 350, Sinigang na Inid at PHP 350) underscored the establishment’s commitment to providing an affordable seafood haven.

Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant in Talisay : A Review

Reflecting on the Past

However, no place is without its nuances, and it’s crucial to evaluate each aspect constructively. A past concern regarding shoreline cleanliness in the CICM area, particularly during daytime, resurfaced in my memory. This observation, although dated, underscores the need for community vigilance and improvement.

Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant in Talisay : A Review

L-R: Geff Sagala, yours truly, Leilani Dusaban and Sonny Cabahug 

Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant  | Aesthetic Considerations 

Bamboyet Talabahan, spacious and welcoming, presented a few notable observations. The table covers, adorned with Pepsi Cola logos, caught my attention—a subtle suggestion to opt for unbranded covers for a more visually appealing dining setting. Uniforms for servers were observed; however, I recommended reconsidering sleeveless attire for male servers, emphasizing the importance of professional appearance. The restaurant’s engagement in seminars, especially those offered for free by the Department of Trade and Industry, could further elevate customer service.

Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant in Talisay : A Review

Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant | Restroom Facilities and Basic Cleanliness

Venturing beyond the culinary realm, we ventured into the restroom facilities. Though functional, a slight enhancement in both functionality and cleanliness would significantly elevate the overall impression. Notably, it’s advisable to reposition the washcloth designated for table cleaning away from the handwashing sink, ensuring a more hygienic and seamless experience for patrons.

Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant  | The Promise of Return and Advocacy

In conclusion, our dining escapade at Bamboyet Talabahan left us satisfied, anticipating future returns. My recommendations are shared with the sincere intention of fostering improvement. I extend the call to the tourism department of Talisay to consider a visit, aiding in furthering the establishment’s enhancements for the local and visiting public. Should you find yourself seeking an alternative dining spot, consider a visit to this area in Talisay City—a burgeoning culinary destination awaiting your exploration.

Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant in Talisay : A Review

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  1. Jovy Japril Cuadra

    It would be good if they make the place nicer with better lighting and presentable tables, especially since they serve seafood. It would also be great if they offer cocktails or soft drinks like coke.

  2. Glaiza Cabigon-MBA1

    Bamboyet is one of the most visited place in CICM and also one of my favorite place to eat Talaba and Grilled fish. Just a recommendations, 1st is to improve customer service, for an orderly service to its customers, 2nd is the cleanliness of the area especially the sink where customers wash their hands, put soap and towel for sanitary purposes and 3rd is to have Public Relations to engage the customers to visit again the place and also to have more customers in the future because of relationship of the service that has an impact to its customers.


    Based on the topic reported by the first reporter, they mentioned the scope of operations management. The following are my recommendations based on the blog that I have read (Bamboyet Talabahan).

    Firstly, is about the Facility layout planning, the owner should ask help from the LGU or Dept. of Tourism especially in improving the facilities. This collaboration can greatly contribute to improving the appeal and functionality of the establishment. When it comes to tablecloth selection, it’s essential for the owner to opt for designs that are not only suitable for the area but also complement the dining experience. Utilizing neutral designs or those that harmonize with the ambiance of the location can significantly enhance the overall dining atmosphere. Furthermore, avoiding the use of commercial brands without a proper agreement with the supplier to maintain a professional and ethical business approach. When planning the layout, the owner should prioritize creating an environment that is inviting and visually appealing, especially for individuals seeking a place to unwind and savor their favorite seafood dishes by the seaside. Ensuring that the layout is conducive to relaxation and enjoyment is essential for attracting and retaining customers.

    Next is about the quality control especially with regards to the food, it should always be fresh not just in sea foods but also for other food to be serve. They should avoid serving reheated food. They must also maintain the cleanliness of the place.

    Finally, the maintenance which focuses on the facilities especially the public utilities like the comfort room, which should be maintained clean and hygienic from time-to-time . The must also conduct routine checks on tables and chairs ensures that the furniture is well-maintained and provides a comfortable dining environment for consumers.

    I believed that these recommendations could enhance the overall operations management of the establishment, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and business success of Bamboyet Talabahan .

    MBAD 207 Operations Management with Computer Applications

  4. Neil Bryan G. Clamor

    For me, there are three notable suggestions and improvements for Bamboyet Restaurant. These will help them to be more equipped thereby creating a quality customer service.

    1. Proper dress code for employees.
    This is vital because there is a saying that quality starts with your employees. I sag this because I think, one’s appearance reflects how the system in an establishment is.

    2. Renovate restroom facilities.
    I have also been there for a lot of time. The restroom is quite far from the area and sometimes it is unclean. It is better for them to really put emphasis on this one since customers tend to use it before and after eating.

    3. Reposition the washcloth designated for table cleaning away from hand washing sink.
    This is one is for hygiene purposes since health must always be their first priority. I suggest to put a tray with label for soiled washcloths.

  5. Remegio, Mark A. - MBAD 207

    CICM has been known not only to Talisaynon but also to Bacolodnons, Silaynons, and the like. CICM is known for the number of seafood restaurants that provide fresh and delicious food. Most of the restaurants there are made of bamboo, which gives off a natural and more appealing vibe. Since these restaurants are not considered high-class or fine dining, there will always be imperfections in some aspects, may it be with the operation, the amenities, or the services. Bamboyet Talabahan is one of those who needs improvement in some aspects. Here are some recommendations that would be very helpful in improving the food and services they offer.
    First, when it comes to the efficiency and cost of the restaurant, Bamboyet Talabahan must implement a well-organized inventory system to maintain the freshness of the food they are serving, and this could also minimize waste that could lead to cost control. The restaurant can also practice standardized operations and standard recipes. They can create popular recipes to keep up with the consistent taste and also have portion control. Training for the people working at the restaurant or the crew can also be done. Cross-training specifically, as this will help to increase flexibility to cover all the work and could save more time to serve other customers.
    Secondly, when it comes to the customer experience, the restaurant could practice personalized service where staff can socialize with the customers by providing recommendations, which could lead to a unique atmosphere between the customers and people in operation.
    Lastly, Bamboyet Talabahan can switch and practice sustainability and show the customer that they don’t only go after the sale but are also committed to giving back to the environment. Employee training is crucial and a must for any restaurant. The restaurant must invest in their employees’ growth for them to improve their skills and knowledge in day-to-day operations and customer service.

    Please remember that the recommendations that I have provided are subject to amendment, and it also depends on the situation, target customer, and budget. Those are just helpful tips and can be a starting point for Bamboyet Talaban to use resources to reach goals and meet needs.

  6. Rogelyn Mayagma

    I think one of the things that Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant would consider is its facility layout. You should properly organize your equipment and the people in its place so that the whole operation will be efficient. You should have a comfortable place to dine and put up decorations that will add a good vibe to the customer. I also suggest that you always maintain the place neat and clean especially you are in the food industry the health of your customer will always be your top priority. Second, your exceptional service—being attentive to your customers and having a welcoming ambiance—can create a memorable dining experience. Lastly, you should have a regular financial analysis of your performance or inventory management so that you can track your sales and expenses, and identifying areas for improvement can help ensure that your restaurant operates smoothly and remains profitable.

    – Rogelyn Mayagma

  7. Kim Albert G. Taleon

    1. Prioritize Hygiene- Customers prefer to dine at a hygienic restaurant that serves fresh and delicious food. Clean premises are also pleasing places to work at. Prioritizing hygiene in restaurants is essential to ensure the health and safety of customers and employees. Employees should be well-groomed and in clean uniforms. All equipment and each table should be cleaned and sanitized after use. Restaurants are required to maintain high hygiene standards to acquire and hold the license needed to run a restaurant.
    2. Marketing- With the introduction of various search engines, social media platforms, and online restaurant reviews, people usually choose to search for restaurants online. Most restaurants have a strong social media presence. Restaurants run well and post fresh content on their social media platforms regularly. Many restaurants use attractive discounts to lure new customers and run loyalty programs to give regular patrons an incentive to keep coming back. Other restaurants still prefer to use traditional marketing strategies such as billboard ads, newspaper advertising, radio and television ads, and ads, articles, and features in magazines. Word of mouth referrals, however, continue to remain one of the most effective marketing tools for restaurants.
    3. Special promotions and offers- By offering special promotions and deal to existing customers, restaurants can encourage customer loyalty. Customers may return more frequently if they know they can take advantage of discounts or special offers. Also, the students can avail the promotions if the menu is budget friendly and with special promos or discounts.

  8. Rachel Joy D. Emolaga

    A seafood restaurant can be highly profitable business venture due to popularity and demand of seafood among customers. Some of the things that needs to be considered to attain success are the location, menu/food and the management. We all know that seafood restaurants are rampant nowadays, so the management should think of ways in order for the customer to patronize their store. Based on the report last week, I must recommend that they should observe elements of an operations strategy such as:

    1. Product assembly and delivering and storing inventory – the management should focus on the quality of their product. Make sure to offer diverse range of seafood dishes that can attract broader customer. The management should also consider different dietary preferences of the customer. They should also make sure that they are using high-quality and fresh seafoods and establish a stable supply of seafood from a reliable supplier.

    2. Forecasting for planning – the management should also invest in research and marketing to maximize profit. They should identify the demand, competition and target market of the restaurant because it can help them modify their product offerings and marketing strategies accordingly. They should develop a strong online presence and utilize social media platforms. It will help them implement their marketing campaigns that can be able to attract their desired customers. Also, they should highlight the uniqueness of the restaurants and what is their edge to some other restaurant.

  9. Elsin Van T. Sinaon

    The feedback for improvement from the customers of the business was also one of the consideration to enhance the good and services. Enable for the owner to review the solicit feedbacks for the good of the business.
    Also, because now a days we need to preserve our environment, so it is consider to practice sustainable operations such as minimize of using plastic cups or utensils or plastics.
    Lastly, support the local fishermen to be one of the prospect of suppliers of seafoods.


    Talking about restaurants, it is not just about class and sophistication, but It’s about more than good food, good location, decor, good service, but a bit of everything. For the Bamboyet Talabahan and Seafood Restaurant, they should not just offer great food, but giving attention to excellent service to customers is also a must, because most people do not just visit restaurants for the food, but also for the experience. Their employees can be trained for excellent customer service for them to communicate professionally, and in order for them to deal customer’s complaints and concerns.
    Another suggestion for Bamboyet Talabahan and Seafood Restaurant is for them to use technology for better restaurant service. They can provide their customers with online restaurant reservations. Sometimes, customers would like to book the table and order online in advance so that by the time they arrive, the food is already served on the plate. It is quicker for both the employees and the customers. With the use of technology, they can also offer diverse payment options. Some customers don’t want to have hassles with making payments. While some are not usually taking bills with them, especially since the pandemic, they would rather have little contact with cash, so they prefer to pay cashless transactions.
    Lastly, it is highly suggested to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in your restaurant. Not just to ensure health and safety of your employees and customers, but it also plays a significant role in the perception of your restaurant. Moreover, following the cleanliness and hygiene standards will give your customers an overall positive impression of your restaurant.

  11. Ryner Louise G. Caceres

    1. Equipment
    – they need to provide good ventilation for customers who are not accustomed to the scorching heat of the sun here in the Philippines, given that it’s near the seashore hence the air there is too humid.
    2. Facilities
    – They need to improve their comfort room and wash area, in the food industry hygiene is very important, especially for girl’s washrooms given the quality of the food business they uphold. It is the reflection of how they provide quality service.
    3. Personnel Development
    – Personnel are the face of the management. Hence, they should give importance in properly providing them uniforms to make them appealing, train them to be more proactive to customers so that they could gain more clients in the near future. Food is great but the system they practice needs to improve.


    If I were given a chance to share my thoughts about Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant, especially because it’s in the CICM area, which is a great spot to unwind and experience the soothing vibes of the beach, here’s what I’d suggest:

    Firstly, as a business person benefiting from such a location, it’s crucial to understand the importance of social responsibility. This means giving back to the community by keeping the surroundings clean and promoting proper garbage disposal practices. By maintaining cleanliness, we not only contribute to the well-being of the environment but also enhance the overall experience for customers.

    Secondly, it’s essential to uphold professionalism. While the restaurant may aim for a relaxed atmosphere, it’s still important to maintain a certain level of elegance. This can be achieved by using appropriate table covers and ensuring that servers wear presentable uniforms. This not only attracts customers but also creates a comfortable and pleasant dining environment.

    Lastly, hygiene and cleanliness should be a top priority. Since food is being served to customers, it’s essential to ensure that everything in the restaurant is kept clean and sanitized. This includes not only the dining area but also the kitchen and restroom facilities. Maintaining high standards of cleanliness not only promotes customer satisfaction but also prevents any potential health hazards.

    In summary, by focusing on social responsibility, professionalism, and hygiene, Bamboyet Talabahan Seafood Restaurant can enhance its reputation and provide customers with a memorable dining experience in the beautiful setting of the CICM area.

  13. April Joy Uberas

    Based on the article above the following are my recommendations in reference to the report of Group 1, Operations Management Introduction specifically the eight scopes of operation management:
    1. The article mentioned and commended the quality of the seafood Bamboyet Talabahan is serving so I would suggest that they must continue to implement a strict quality control to make sure the freshness of seafood in the restaurant. Also, the author mentioned that the price of the seafood is budget-friendly, in that way it will be a good strategy to do a regular price review to make sure it remains competitive and affordable.

    2. Focusing on transportation and logistics is a must recommendation for Bamboyet Talabahan though the article did not touch this topic I believe that this is important to their line of business to make sure that the seafood supply chain is optimized for prompt and efficient deliveries. To maintain the freshness of the seafood and to give the client the best food possible.

    3. Bamboyet Talabahan should also collaborate with the LGU of Talisay to propose a project on how to enhance and maintain the cleanliness of the CICM area this would lead Bamboyet Talabahan in having a good impression on its customers. So I recommend that they should create an organize project management approach for ongoing enhancement based on input from customers and internal evaluations.

  14. Shiela Ann A. Villanueva

    MBAD 207- Operations Management
    Assignment 1

    It was mentioned in the report of Group 1 that one of the scopes of operations management is Quality Control. Quality Control is essential for any restaurant, regardless of size, as it directly impacts customer satisfaction.
    Considering the location of Bamboyet Talabahan in Talisay City, I think one way to improve customer service is to comply with the quality food standard and maintain the proper hygiene and sanitation.

    1. Consistent Food Quality
    One way to ensure the consistency of food is to use the standardized recipes by using the same ingredients, measurements, and cooking methods.
    Consistent preparation method of food and drinks are essential for ensuring that every dish served meets the expected quality and having a regular quality check can help maintain the consistency.

    2. Fresh Ingredients
    Using fresh ingredients, particularly seafood is vital for both taste and safety. Establishing reliable suppliers or vendor and implementing proper handling and storage of seafood to prevent from spoiling should be strictly implemented to ensure the safety of ingredients.

    3. Hygiene and Sanitation
    Maintaining a clean and hygienic kitchen environment by implementing cleaning schedules, providing proper training to staff on handling of foods and regularly inspecting kitchen equipment for cleanliness and functionality are essential to sustain hygienic standards.


    Quality Control emphasizing the importance of consistency, freshness and hygiene in ensuring customer satisfaction. Following these steps are a great advantage to gain more customer for the success of the business.

  15. Grace Janoya

    By making strategic operational improvements, Bamboyet Talabahan has the chance to improve the quality of its client experience. Attracting a wide clientele and optimizing revenue requires placing a high priority on aesthetics and customer service while preserving cost-effectiveness. Improvements to the restaurant’s look and level of service can boost patron happiness and loyalty dramatically, increasing revenue and yielding a quick payback period. Using plain tablecloths and giving male servers sleeved uniforms would improve the atmosphere while also projecting professionalism and attention to detail. Customer perceptions will be improved as a result of this small but significant modification that will move the emphasis from branding to the standard of the eating experience. Additionally, spending money on thorough training for customer care representatives will raise guest satisfaction and retention rates even more.

    Another area which Bamboyet Talabahan may make major changes is concerning restroom operation and hygiene. Assuring that cleaning supplies and equipment are kept out of consumers’ sight will maintain hygienic standards, while routine cleaning and little improvements will improve cleanliness and comfort. Restaurants may improve overall dining experiences and create a good impression on customers by emphasizing toilet cleanliness and operation.

    Furthermore, developing goodwill in the neighborhood and drawing in eco-aware clients depend on exhibiting environmental responsibility by attending to beach cleanliness issues. Addressing this issue can be accomplished through working with local authorities and encouraging appropriate garbage disposal methods.

    All things considered, Bamboyet Talabahan can show its dedication to quality and environmental responsibility while enhancing customer satisfaction, generating more income, and creating a more welcoming environment by putting these operational changes into practice.

  16. Kenneth Lope A. Abelido

    To improve the operational aspects of the Bamboyet Talabahan, I would like to give three suggestions. First one would be the quality control, as we all know current generation especially Gen Z’s focuses more on the aesthetic side of things due to the social media influence. I would like to suggest that Bamboyet Talabahan would make changes on how they present their foods to their customers that will standout from other talabahans. With Gen Z’s, they focuses more on looks pleasing to the eyes while keeping a good standard on the taste of the food the talabahan served, so if they feature your food in their social media accounts it would be free promotion on your restaurant and it can encourage other customers to visit your talabahan.

    Second would be the the maintenance, I would like to suggest that keeping the wash area clean all the time, with more people getting health conscious it would be unpleasing if you have unsanitary towels lying on the washing area and empty soap bottles. It would also better if you assign an employee to keep the hand soaps available all the time especially the restaurant encourages the use of hands while eating the tasty seafood’s.

    Third one would be facility layout planning, as I can see in the pictures above it would be better if they can add something to the place that is somewhat welcoming by adding some decorations because it has a bigger space and it looks dull to look without any decorations. As I mentioned on the first one, current generations looks for a place that is pleasing to the eyes by adding decorations to make the place it will make the experience in the Bamboyet Talabahan alive and welcoming.

  17. Junry B. Quillano

    Under the Scope of Operations Management, here are my three recommendations to improve its operation.

    1. Maintenance
    Since the overall look of the Bamboyet is bamboo, it must be put into consideration that it must be polished. Since it is near the sea wall of CICM trash and unnecessary materials must be kept out.

    2. Project management
    It would be a good addition for a more hospitable approach to create a deck outside the restaurant and have a receptionist that would help the customers to find their best location the fastest way possible considering the number of diners. It would be an effective measure to lessen the delay of the diners’ time to get the menu on their hands.

    3. Transportation and logistics
    Since the place is not located along the highway, there should be a shed in the corner so diners could stay there to wait for tricycles or trikes to transport them to Bamboyet.

  18. Zacharia H. Dereza

    Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is a requirement for any restaurant operation. Developing and implementing hygienic policies and procedures for your employees is the best method to win over customers.

    The first thing that I can recommend for Bamboyet’s Talabahan to improve its operational aspect is by maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. A restaurant’s longevity can be determined by a number of things, one of which is the level of hygiene the establishment maintains. Maintaining a clean atmosphere is crucial for the safety of both patrons and employees of restaurants, as it also greatly enhances the establishment’s reputation. Consumers are becoming increasingly selective about the restaurants they visit. They wanted a clean, hygienic restaurant with delicious food and a nice atmosphere. Without a doubt, preserving the quality of the cuisine comes first when it comes to operating a restaurant, and hygiene comes in second. Hygiene is a vital component that can help your business succeed in the food market.

    Secondly, in my opinion if you operate or manage a restaurant, training your workers ought to be your top priority, even though it sometimes seems like a forgotten task. Remember that employees and servers are the initial points of contact with customers, even though at first it might not seem like restaurant training directly correlates with higher sales and revenue.

    Any collaborative endeavor need the correct structure to be effective, regardless of how skilled the team members are. This holds true for the employees and is unquestionably true for the restaurant business. Even if you gather the best talent available for restaurant employment, without an effective framework for training restaurant employees, the outcome is usually a disorganized, unsatisfactory attempt.

    Positive customer experiences result in favorable feedback, which drive up sales. It appears that having a well-trained crew is now much more crucial. While acknowledging that training is necessary that puts you on the right track, really putting your employees through training is a more difficult task. Any restaurant that wants to succeed must ensure that its training is well-planned, simple to understand, repeatable, and easy to follow. The most crucial aspect of your staff’s job could be their training in the restaurant.

    Finally, the restaurant design, as it “allows us to create environments that sculpt narratives and allow diners to immerse themselves in the sensorial journey.” There’s more to today’s winning restaurant concepts than just “good food, good service, good atmosphere.” They give you an idea of the complexity of these projects and the reasons it’s typical to see seasoned outside experts with expertise in restaurant design consulting closely involved in the development of today’s popular new restaurant designs.

    A restaurant may improve customer service, increase operational efficiency, and keep a competitive edge in the market by implementing the aforementioned recommendations.

  19. Kathreen Elise A. Danao

    3 recommendations

    1. Facility layout – Bamboyet’s talabahan could consider redesigning the interior of its restaurant. The place is quite spacious in accordance with the photos posted as well as a good space of the parking lot. The façade of the restaurant is good for its theme, I guess sandbar? Since they offer seafood. But I would recommend designing the interior of the restaurant as well. Perhaps the tables could be well painted. Maybe white or toffee brown color to match up. The raw materials are quite old, so I think a recheck of the chair and table materials should be done since wood is used. Factors that could level up the degree of attractiveness of the restaurant to its customers. I recommend that the wash area should not be visible to the customers. I think one thing that entrepreneurs ( especially when it comes to food) is it should be showcasing the cleanliness of their place. A wash area is a place where people tend to wash off dirt and perhaps excuse themselves. Which is I think if this is visible to the customers it would be discourteous.
    2.Quality control – as mentioned in the article the restaurant offers a variety of good food with a fair price. I think this should be maintained. The ingredients and the freshness of the food would refer to its quality. I think for a restaurant, the heart of it is the food and it’s services. One thing I noticed that plates were piled up instead of directly placing it to the table of the customers. I would suggest to distribute the plates to the customers when food is served. To add up good service and well presented.
    3. Maintenance – I noticed the lights were hanged from the sides of the ceiling. The ceiling is made up of cogon material and some parts of the ceiling were cloths hanged, perhaps I would assume to cover up some few things unwanted. My concern would be the wirings. I would advice that it should be checked from time to time to ensure the safety of the customers and the employees. This reminded me of a seafood restaurant I visited in Iloilo last year. They have the same concept in terms of lights being hanged to maintain it’s theme. There was a gap from the ceiling and the lights. The ceiling of the restaurant was quite high and far enough from reaching the wirings of the lights, and also a skylight was provided and a space for a few ceiling fans are well matched with the seaside theme of the restaurant. The cogon material was also used only on the exterior surface of the restaurant’s roof. I think with this kind of concept, it would ensure the safety of the customers and the employees. Preventing harmful events such as fire.

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