Green Label Cafe | Vegetarian Restaurant : A Review

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Green Label Cafe | Vegetarian Restaurant : A Review

Green Label Cafe

Green Label Cafe: A Vegetarian Restaurant in the Heart of Bacolod City

In the lively backdrop of the second semester’s first day at the University of St La Salle Bacolod, a quartet comprising Engimear Tupas, Leilani Dusaban, HR Director Jojo Bayona, and myself sought refuge and nourishment at Green Label Cafe. Nestled within the historic walls of Unit 11-12, The Shophouse Heritage Building, Narra Avenue, Villamonte, Bacolod City, this eatery tantalized our taste buds with the promise of vegetarian indulgence. Join us as we candidly dissect our experience at this culinary gem.

Green Label Cafe | Vegetarian Restaurant : A Review

Arrival and Atmosphere | Green Label Cafe

As the clock struck 6:30 PM, we embarked on a culinary escapade. Engiemar, concluding his class, added a touch of delay to our plans. Choosing Green Label Cafe wasn’t a testament to our vegetarian devotion, but rather a collective desire to veer away from greasy fare and embrace a healthier alternative. Despite having visited this culinary haven on previous occasions, my sporadic blogging habits meant those experiences remained undocumented—a regrettable lapse.

Green Label Cafe | Vegetarian Restaurant : A Review

Culinary Expedition at Green Label Cafe

Our tardiness cost us some beloved dishes like fresh lumpia and spring rolls, but undeterred, we plunged into a banquet. Hot and Sour Soup, Egg Fu Yong, Sweet and Sour Tofu, Veggie Meat with Broccoli, and Veggie Fried Rice adorned our table. The Hot and Sour Soup, a swift arrival, served as a lively prelude, awakening our senses and preparing our palates for the feast ahead.

Green Label Cafe | Vegetarian Restaurant : A Review

Tasting Odyssey | Green Label Cafe

The Hot and Sour Soup emerged as a symphony of flavors, setting the stage for an enjoyable repast. Egg Fu Yong, dressed in delectable sauce, offered a refreshing interplay of tastes. However, the Sweet and Sour Tofu erred on the side of sweetness, a divisive note among our group. Despite its sugary inclination, I took it upon myself to ensure no food was left to waste. Regrettably, the Veggie Meat with Broccoli delivered an unexpected bitter note, leaving it largely untouched.

Green Label Cafe | Vegetarian Restaurant : A Review

Ambiance and Service at Green Label Cafe

Green Label Cafe emanates simplicity—stripped of extravagant decor, offering a straightforward and comfortable dining setting. The absence of food server uniforms, while contributing to a casual atmosphere, could benefit from a touch of uniformity, perhaps in the form of simple, branded t-shirts. Despite the absence of frills, the air-conditioned ambiance provided a delightful backdrop for our dinner conversations.

Green Label Cafe | Affordability and Consistency

The pricing proved fair, with each of us parting with around 300 pesos for our meals. Yet, the inconsistency in the Veggie Meat with Broccoli raised eyebrows. While past experiences testified to the restaurant’s culinary prowess, this hiccup calls for the management’s focused attention to ensure culinary excellence prevails consistently.

Additional Insights

Green Label Cafe extends its hospitality beyond dine-in, offering a reliable delivery service within Bacolod City. You may call them for your orders at 0961-031-8899.


In retrospect, our rendezvous at Green Label Cafe presented a medley of highs and a minor hiccup. While the Veggie Meat with Broccoli introduced a bitter note, the overall dining experience remained gratifying. Green Label Cafe’s commitment to vegetarian cuisine, coupled with affordability and a laid-back ambiance, positions it as a commendable choice for those seeking a healthier dining alternative in the heart of Bacolod City.

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