YumLa Tapas Bar Grand Opening | Bacolod City

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YumLa Tapas Bar Grand Opening | Bacolod City

YumLa Tapas Bar: the owners during the ribbon cutting ceremony

The Grand Opening of YumLa Tapas Bar Grand Opening in Bacolod City

As a blogger, our anticipation peaked once again as we attended the grand opening of YumLa Asian Tapas Bar in Bacolod City. This culinary gem, a brainchild of Dennis Villanueva and his wife Anouska, in collaboration with Matthew Lopez, Mark Occenola, Ben Gonzales, and Dinah Fuentesfina, made an indelible mark on the city’s vibrant nightlife. Building on the excitement from our attendance at the soft opening last November, the grand opening promised an immersive experience, seamlessly blending Asian-inspired cocktails, delectable tapas, and a pulsating atmosphere.

YumLa Tapas Bar Grand Opening | Bacolod City

L-R: Sonny Cabahog, Lei Lani Dusaban, Atty. Gold Lemoncito, Ms. Dinah Fuestesfina, Atty. Lizette Dato, Dr. KT Jison, and yours truly

 A Grand Inauguration of YumLa Tapas Bar 

Our journey commenced at Shophouse Heritage, Narra Extension, Bacolod City, where YumLa’s vibrant culinary adventure awaited. Having been part of the soft opening, our expectations soared for the grand opening, which became an even more extravagant affair. The evening began with an exclusive VIP reception at 6:00 PM, where city dignitaries, influencers, media practitioners, industry leaders, and friends and family of the owners gathered for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The presence of a priest added a special blessing to mark the official commencement of YumLa’s legacy in Bacolod City.

during the soft opening last November 2023: the Author, Dr. KT Jison, Leilani Dusaban, Dinah Fuestesfina, Mark Canieso, and CG Hisona

Culinary Wonders of YumLa Tapas Bar 

YumLa’s grand opening wasn’t just a feast for the eyes; it was a compelling journey for the taste buds. Having experienced the delightful flavors during the soft opening in November, expert chefs Dennis and Anouska Villanueva curated a menu that transcended expectations. From Asian-inspired tapas to carefully crafted cocktails, each dish served as a testament to YumLa’s unwavering commitment to culinary excellence.

An Entertainment Extravaganza

The night evolved into an entertainment spectacle, featuring a lineup of DJs headlined by the renowned DJ Coox. Her eclectic sets and passion for music elevated the evening’s ambiance, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees, including select media personalities present at the event.

YumLa Tapas Bar Grand Opening | Bacolod City

with  Agnes Chang

The Public Unveiling

As the clock struck at 9:00 PM, the doors swung open to the public, inviting residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the celebration. YumLa promised a night filled with live music, delectable treats, and an atmosphere that resonated with the dynamic spirit of Bacolod City.

It was nice to bump into a former student, Andrew Torre Demetillo

 A Culinary Adventure at YumLa Tapas Bar 

Nestled in the heart of Bacolod City, YumLa wasn’t just a bar; it was an immersive culinary adventure. The fusion of Asian-inspired tapas, innovative cocktails, and a vibrant atmosphere redefined the city’s nightlife. For those seeking to join the YumLa experience, connecting on social media for updates is a must:

  • Location: ShopHouse the Heritage, BS Aquino Drive corner Narra Ext, Bacolod City
  • Instagram: yumla_bcd
  • Facebook: YUMLA

YumLa Tapas Bar Grand Opening | Bacolod City

Amid the exuberant crowd, the energy and excitement radiated, showcasing the passion, dedication, and vision of the minds behind YumLa. The culinary adventure had officially begun, promising Bacolodnons an extraordinary ride through the vibrant world of YumLa.

YumLa Tapas Bar Grand Opening | Bacolod City

with one of the owners Ms. Dinah Fuentesfina during the soft opening last November

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YumLa Tapas Bar Grand Opening | Bacolod City

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