SM City Bacolod Prestige Lounge : Rediscovering Elegance


SM City Bacolod Prestige Lounge

SM City Bacolod Prestige Lounge

Rediscovering Elegance: A Return to SM City Bacolod Prestige Lounge

It had been a considerable stretch since my initial encounter with the Prestige Lounge at SM City Bacolod, a time when it was first unveiled. Recently, I had the pleasure of revisiting this exclusive enclave, an experience that unfolded as a delightful rediscovery of opulence and sophistication. Accompanied by my friends, CG Hisona and Mark Canieso, our return to the Prestige Lounge was nothing short of a luxurious escapade.

SM City Bacolod Prestige Lounge

Photo by Sigrid Lo taken May 22, 2013

 A Trip Down Memory Lane | SM City Bacolod Prestige Lounge

My journey into the place began years ago when it was first introduced to the discerning patrons of SM City Bacolod. The memory of its grand unveiling lingered, and the allure of its opulent setting had stayed with me over the years. This recent visit was, in essence, a nostalgic journey down memory lane, tinged with excitement and anticipation.

The Author  with Mark Canieso

Reconnecting with Refinement: SM City Bacolod Prestige Lounge Ambiance

Entering the room after all these years felt like a reunion with refinement. The ambiance exuded a timeless elegance, with plush seating arrangements and tasteful decor creating an atmosphere of sophistication. It was a space that promised tranquility amid the bustling mall environment – a perfect retreat for those seeking respite from the energetic shopping spree.

CG Hisona

Personalized Luxury: Service with a Smile at SM City Bacolod Prestige Lounge

One of the standout features of the Prestige Lounge is the personalized service it offers. The dedicated staff, always with a warm smile, was ready to cater to our every need. From providing information on ongoing promotions to assisting with reservations, their attention to detail added a layer of exclusivity to our visit. The personalized touch made the experience not just a visit to a lounge but a tailored luxury affair.

Indulgence in Comfort: Amenities and Refreshments

As we settled into the plush surroundings, we were reminded of the thoughtful amenities that make the Prestige Lounge a true indulgence. Complimentary refreshments, ranging from beverages to light snacks, were on offer, creating an atmosphere where we could relax and recharge. It was a haven for unwinding and socializing, providing a comfortable space to catch up with friends or delve into business discussions.

Beyond a Lounge: Status Symbol and Exclusive Events | SM City Bacolod Prestige Lounge

Our return to the place also underscored its role as a status symbol. Exclusive events, previews, and special promotions were often hosted in this premium space, adding an extra layer of privilege for Prestige cardholders. It was a reminder that the place is not merely a resting spot but a hub of exclusive opportunities, making every visit a memorable affair.

In conclusion, our return to SM City Bacolod’s Prestige Lounge was a rediscovery of sophistication, personalized service, and a touch of exclusivity. It’s a space that has evolved with time, yet retains its timeless appeal, making it a must-visit for those seeking a luxurious shopping experience. Whether it’s a trip down memory lane or a first-time discovery, the place continues to stand as a beacon of refined elegance in the heart of the mall.

SM City Bacolod Prestige Lounge

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SM City Bacolod Prestige Lounge

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