Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On


Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On

Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On

14 Qualities of a Good Woman to Hold On

Men tend to wonder if the woman they are currently with is worth keeping or not. At times, they figure out what particular qualities they are looking for in a woman. Is she supposed to be kind? Sweet? Intelligent? Well, it depends on the kind of woman that you are interested in. In this article, I will be sharing with you some qualities of a woman worth keeping.

She is more intelligent than you.

Yes, you might be intelligent. But she can think quickly and precisely during a challenging situation. While you are busy thinking of a possible solution, she has gone through different possibilities already.

Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On

She’s truthful

She’s honest. There is no need for you to be afraid that she will lie bluntly in front of your face because she will choose to be brutally honest than to lie. If you’ve met a woman who is like this, she’s a gem.

She’s an optimist

She sees the best in everything despite the darkness around. She’s willing to be the light that guides you in times of doubt and confusion. She often smiles despite the sadness, and she’s happy to be with you regardless of the circumstances.

Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On

Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On

She is willing to compromise.

She will always urge you to meet halfway than asking you to decide on your own. She might be difficult at times, but she will always compromise when it comes to serious matters.

She is easy to please.

It does not have to be expensive or extravagant to make her happy. She’s easy to please because she appreciates everything that you do for her.

Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On

Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On

She is open like a book.

You can quickly know if she’s happy, sad, or in doubt. This is because she is like an open book about everything. You don’t have to be worried that she might be keeping something from you since she’s honest about it.

She is your cheerleader.

She’s giving you all the support you need in whatever you would like to do, whether in a career, personal matters, or almost anything; she is willing to support and cheer for you.

Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On

Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On

She is a good daughter and a sibling.

She is an epitome of a good daughter and a sibling. If she’s like this, you are most probably assured that she will also be a good wife and, most importantly, an excellent mother to your future kids.

She is kind

She spreads kindness in anything that she does. In either small or significant matters, her actions are governed by compassion and directed towards the greater good.

Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On

She is composed at all times.

The stressful situation is handled with utmost poise and grace. You will not see her worry too much because she always has the solution at her hands to resolve things.

She is goofy with you.

She can be crazy and funny! She’s not afraid to laugh his heart out for as long as she’s happy and enjoying. You could have a fantastic adventure with her since she’s always on the go.

Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On

Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On

She has a separate life from your life as a pair.

Aside from her relationship with you, she has a separate world with a different set of friends. She’s not limited to what you have to offer because she’s a complete and dynamic individual.

She accepts you at all costs.

You have flaws, that is certain. But as a woman, she recognizes those flaws and takes you for who you are. Deep within, she has the strong desire to help you fix those flaws because she wants you to be better.

Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On

She easily forgives

She’s not the type of woman who will remember and throw out issues from the past years because, for her, once something is resolved, it is already a part of the past. So, she won’t dwell on those, and she would instead enjoy the present time.

If you have this kind of woman with these qualities, you are indeed a lucky man! Do not ever let go of her at all cost. Love and protect her because, as I have said above, she’s a rare gem in this world filled with fancy yet fake ones. Good luck!

Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On

Qualities of A Good Woman to Hold On

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  1. Kyla Joyce Tenila BSIT 2F3

    Understanding, patience, obedience, and support in everything are the characteristics that speak to my value as a person.
    Human nature is only one of many elements that impact who we become, but it is a significant one. Understanding human nature is necessary for successfully transforming our culture, institutions, or ourselves. This knowledge informs us about what works and doesn’t work for humans.
    Where else in the world do you see people smiling in the midst of a fire or a flood? We Filipinos can smile at anything. We are always helpful to others in times of crisis, as demonstrated during last year’s calamities. The one unique positive trait of Filipinos is hospitality, which they demonstrate by entertaining even unexpected guests and giving their all to the point of sacrificing their next meal. There are many more, but they apply to people from all over the world.

  2. InAngelo T. Elare BSIT 2F3

    The Traits that speak about my value as a person I think is “she easily forgives” I can say this because I dont hold grudge or hatred against to anyone or even to those who had made mistakes to me. I can relate this trait to the nature of man by considering it as an Altruistic person possessing this trait made her prioritise others first than herself so its very Altruistic. I don’t say this that this is bad actually its good beacuse it just means that you’re more mature that you don’t bother or hold on to the past. A trait that I consider belongs to the filipino and family value system is “she’s an optimist” because most of us are optimistic, we see things positively even we are experiencing typhoons many times we still manage to laugh and put a smile on our faces despirr the darkness we have been through.

  3. Jonalyn S. Degabi BSIT 2F3

    Being kind is a personality feature that reflects my values. Being nice in everyday life is essential; it allows you to maintain your emotional, bodily, and spiritual equilibrium without stepping on anyone. Even if you are abused, these attributes will benefit you in the long run. There is an evil look to greet, as well as an evil angel look; different persons present different displays. Values are significant because they provide as a source of motivation and direction in our daily lives. I feel that being kind is your charm for having a good circle of friends, having a good time in everything, staying away from the enemy, and having many people approach you because of your habit. Filipino and family values system traits, in my opinion, are always a cheerleader. As I can tell,filipino people cheering up their families during bad times.

  4. Queenie Mae Gargallano BSIT 2F3

    The trait that speak about me as a person is ” she is easy to forgive ” because I have believe that all things are meant to happened and I don’t know the reason why you choose to make that mistake and i don’t hold grudges to those people who have wronged me , as you age you realize that forgiving is better than hating because life is short .

    “She is a good daughter and a sibling ” belongs to our Filipino values system because when we choose our soulmate we want someone who have respect to their parents and siblings in that way we know that they are raised right and they will also show respect to your parents , so it is very important to choose a good person to introduce to your family.

  5. Marvin Bayona

    •For me, the traits that I value the most from the article are, truth, optimist and cheerleader. I think it is important if the girl I loved posses this traits. Things will be so much easy for the both of us. Surely we understand one another all the times because I really wanted to have an honest relationship, because I think most partners failed in their relationship because both parties lie to one another. I also love if she’s optimist because most probably if we have problems we always see it in a positive side and will make way to solve it and learn our lesson from there. And lastly, cheerleader because we do have bad days and it’s so much better if there is someone you can lean on, who will make efforts to make you feel loved, happy and appreciated at all times.
    • The article projects an altruist person. It shows how you value your partner in a way you always choose his/her feelings and welfare out of love. It shows that you have to do efforts, sacrifices and things that will help in regards to your relationship. Altruist is a person who unselfishly have concern for others which most traits in the article are that type, like comprise, optimist, honest.
    • Traits that belongs to the family value system is most probably the COMPROMISE because filipinos is always been like this. We always compromise our happiness, needs and feelings just for our loved ones. We always choose first other people than our self because they believe that if they see their loved ones happy then it’s their happiness too.

  6. Leomar R Alpetche BSIT 2F3

    The traits and value speak about Me as a person base on the articles that I read it just now that I am a Intelligent,honest, cheerleader,optimist
    and truthful. Optimist is related to NATURE OF MAN because man is always do their best as a good partner no matter what happened they always find a way to solve and gave all thier family needs. Base in real life I can say that the Traits being Filipino and family values are we always kind respect for elder say off and loving caring optimism strong family ties,bravery and always smile whatever problem come their way’s as a Filipino I proud to say that we are OPTIMISTIC.

  7. Crystal Gail B. Gavileno BSIT 2F3

    Upon thoroughly reading the article, I can say that I am an optimistic, kind, being a good daughter and sibling and a cheerleader kind of person. I am optimistic in the sense that I see good in everything even amidst of all chaos and darkness. Having an optimistic point of view is really a must because it really helps your mind think about positive thoughts. Radiating positive vibes will also attract positivity in your life. Having this mindset will help you realize that turning your problems into blessings is a benefit for you in order to grow and become the best version of yourself. Second, being kind, this is a really important value for me because I always think that every people is battling silently their problems so we always need to be kind. I strongly believe that sharing kindness is something that should always be done. The world is already very chaotic for some and it is our job to lighten it for others who needs help. It makes my heart full every time I can help, spread love and kindness to someone. Third, being a good daughter and sibling, it is a must for us to follow our parents and listen to what they say because it is written on the Bible specifically on Ephesians 6:1 that “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.” Our parents are just disciplining us because they just want the best for us, they are the ones who are responsible for molding our characters and values in life. If you are raised in a good environment then it will really reflect on your behavior and personality. Lastly, I am a cheerleader kind of person, I am the type of person who will always support and be there for you. I will not become an hindrance but rather I will become your inspiration in order to attain your goals in life. It may be just a simple gesture but having someone who has back is everything, thinking that you do not know what lies beyond but there is that someone who believes in you. One person who believes will somehow boost your hope and confidence.
    This article relates to the nature of man in the sense that sometimes we are all blinded by love, we tend to forget what we deserve. We should widen our minds and know how to validate because not all people has a pure intention for us. That is where the distinguishing feature if man comes, we have the ability to think and internalize things. We are far more intelligent than machines and animals so we should never forget to use our mind and intuition. Some people may have an egoist and altruistic mindset so it is important to validate how they treat and talk to you. Always think before you act.
    The trait that belongs to the Filipino Family Value System is being the good daughter and sibling because as Filipinos we are very connected with our family. Filipinos are often known for being loving and caring, we tend to put our family first beyond everything. We are willing to do anything just for our family, in simple terms no matter what we say it is already part of our culture. This is one of the norms that we already inhibited from our ancestors. Being good is a pride for our family because when someone spreads the news that you took great care of them then it will become a big honor for our family’s name. And also, Filipinos are known for being optimist. Filipinos are always hopeful in all aspects, they consistently see light in the end of the tunnel. We can always see our fellow Filipinos smile even if they have problems because they are positive that everything has a solution and everything will be alright.

  8. Claire M Miravelis BSIT-2F3

    The traits that speak about my value as a person are ” easy to please” goofy with you” and easily to forgive” I am a kind of person that can easy to please because I appreciated those little things that you did to me. I won’t aske anything from you as long as I am happy with you.Also, I am a goofy person because I am crazy and funny , that’s my love language, the way how I am communicate and that’s how I live my life.I am very comfortable with that traits I can show who really I am but besides that personality of mine I also take things seriously. And for the easy to forgive this is the traits that I like the most about myself because if you did something wrong to me I wont get angry to you for so long instead I will think that it already happen because there are reasons why did you do that to me. And after that I will forgave you, why?Because life is too short treasure the moments to those person who did wrong to you , we don’t know what will gonna happen tomorrow.Forgiveness can set free us from the things that hurt inside us.I can relate the article on the human nature because those qualities/ traits explained the character of man as a person.And as a person we also want to feel the unending happiness in our life. And I think all of those traits are belong to the Filipino and Family Values but for me being easy to forgive in your family can help to have a good relationship to them.

  9. Anchel B. Erecido BSIT 2f3

    There are two traits that speak about my value as a person 1st is “She is kind” Being kind to other people can repay you with kindness too. In small or big things if you are a kind and helpful person people will love and appreciate you. Even if there are others that don’t like you just don’t mind them because you know yourself better. Let them gossip about you and don’t think about getting revenge because revenge is not the best way to solve your problems. The second is “She Is composed at all Times” In every hard situation I face every day like financial problems and family problems I know that I can handle it all by myself even though people do not see me worrying about my problems but deep inside I’m fighting it alone. But as a fighter, I always find a solution to my problems.
    I can relate these two traits to the nature of man because as a human being man also have these traits and characteristics that make them unique. Men also possess these traits. We all know that we see men as strong and aggressive but their ego reflects their behavior and moral values.
    I think the trait that belongs to Filipino and family values is She is kind because we all know that we Filipinos are kind in every people we encountered. Being helpful, kind, and generous Is already a part of the Filipino values system. Despite of all the struggles that we face we Filipinos still manage to smile and still help others and revel in life to the fullest.

  10. Khien D. Torreña BSIT 2-F3

    The traits that speak about my values as a person are first, “She is your cheerleader.” I’m the type of person who will cheer and support you. The most obvious cheers are those that say “you can do it.” Itmay not seem like it, but being supportive is one of the foremost things guys like girlfriends to do because who doesn’t need a supportive partner in their lives? A supportive other half isn’t someone who will hang on your every word, do whatever you want, and follow you to the ends of the earth.When someone truly loves and supports you, they challenge you, stand beside you when you need them, and give you the space you need to roam free and grow as a person.Keep supporting each other. Stop worrying that your other half is going to leave you or wrong you or let you down. Have some faith and, in return, they will have faith in you.

  11. Leslie D. Carnaje BSIT 2-F3

    The traits that speak to my values as a person are that she easily forgives. If you’ve done something wrong to me, I’m the type of person who will readily forgive you. I’m always thinking that I’ll forgive someone, not just for their sake but also for mine. It’s easier to forgive than to keep grudges against someone who has harmed and betrayed you. Acknowledging that we are all human and will make mistakes, and that we are permitted to do so because no one is perfect. In terms of our nature of man lesson, this piece can be altruistic because I care about how other people will feel if I forgive them. If I forgive, I will be free of the burden and resentment I felt. Concentrate on the present moment and begin to make new pleasant memories to replace the old ones. I assume this is part of the family value system. I am quick to forgive and forget when it comes to my family. By letting go of grudges and ignoring the past, forgiving my family members can make my mind and body free and healthy. Forgiveness is an important aspect of maintaining a good family tie. It has the potential to lead to the development of a good family relationship.

  12. Andrea Isabelle C. Palma

    Every woman is a gem, that is, she needs to be loved, she needs to be understood, and she needs to be protected. There are indeed many characteristics and qualities that a good woman to hold on, and this article has cited comprehensively those attributes. Firstly, I can personally relate to some of the qualities mentioned such as being truthful for I am very much honest and sincere to what I am saying, secondly, I am an optimist that see the beauty and the good in everything no matter how difficult the situation may be. The article is a reflection of the varied characteristics and values of a man in such a way that it mirrors all the traits that are present and evident in a woman. One of the traits that signify of becoming a Filipino and the family value system is being a good daughter and a sibling. We Filipinos are known to be family-oriented, and we have our extended family. We are famous for being kind-hearted sons and daughters and we love our family members very much. Indeed, we may possess these qualities of a Good woman and harness our values to unleash our full potentials.

  13. Lorraine D. Resurreccion. BSIT2F3

    Out of the 14 Qualities of a Good Woman to Hold On that was stated in the article, the traits that speak to my value as a person are; First, she’s an optimist and she is your cheerleader. Why do I consider myself an optimist, kind, and cheerleader to myself/others? because I like to concentrate on cultivating a positive view of life rather than on the dark side. I’ll be more inclined to take risks, form deep bonds with my loved ones and others. So, in the end, I turn my failures into fresh learning opportunities. Second, she is willing to compromise and she accepts you at all costs. Because I occasionally consider and accept the wishes of important people in my life, I may accept something slightly different from what I want, believing that the best possible outcome would occur. Although that was not my original desire. Third, she is a good daughter and a sibling, as well as she is goofy with you. It’s not easy being the eldest daughter to my three siblings, but it’s a lot of fun. Playing and doing family things with them like we are all always on the go. When it comes to my family my joy and humor just come out naturally and spontaneously. Despite my imperfections, I consider myself to be a very supportive and loving person toward my loved ones. Fourth, she is composed at all times. I admit that I am moody at times, that I do weird or silly things, and that I don’t care if I laugh out loud. I mean, I’m simply living life to the fullest, savoring every moment of my simple life. Not minding the struggles I have, Like other Filipinos, as someone who has lived in a problematic and powerful country, I have developed a feeling of resourcefulness or the ability to endure whatever resources I have. I can survive and manage challenging situations with calmness. You won’t see me worried too much because I always have the solution to any problem in my head. Lastly, she easily forgives. What makes me so forgiving? I simply want to be truly free, as do most of us. We want to be free in all aspects of our lives, to be able to act truly on our terms. Yes, forgiveness is difficult, but it leaves you with a wonderful sensation. Every bad action has a reason, and Filipinos are quick to forgive when the reasons for the mistake are truly reasonable. 
    Aristotle, like us in Nature of Man, thought that humans wanted to be happy. Based on the article stated, These are some of the common characteristics and features that we may find in both men and ourselves that can lead to happiness in our lives. By understanding and recognizing the characteristics that we may develop through our life. Like our family, there is the center of our social structure. There are the persons who can help you to be happy in life and unselfishly concerned for the welfare of their family members. All these qualities or traits are have connected and related to our topic, and it has led us to believe that this is what makes humans human. There are two types of men we might encounter. The first is Altruistic, which will provide you with the life you desire. And being an optimist, cheerleader, kind, willing to compromise, accepting you at all costs, a good daughter and a sibling, being compos at all times, and easily forgiving is a part of Filipino and Family Values. Why? Because Filipinos know how to be contented, loving, and giving out of the goodness of their heart. just like me, they can be happy even without doing something special for them, just let them feel your presence to make them feel better and let them know you’re with them regardless of the situation that may happen. Just like the word “bahala na” or “come what may,” which is popular in Filipino culture values, the thinking of “what goes around, comes around” can also prevent finding solutions out of difficult situations. Which essentially gives me the idea of “giving everything to God.” There is a common cultural value as a Filipino, a “Close family ties” the ties I have to my family are closed enough to the point that we know each other’s secrets and can tell if one of us has a problem. There is a phrase that family comes first before others.

  14. Lyka C.Oscianas BSIT 2F3

    From all the traits that given above ,I would say I am optimistic , I’m easy to please,I’m a cheerleader and I am a good daughter and sibling that value would speak me as a person.
    Being optimistic,I always believe that even in the darkest night of your life ,their will always be a light ,just trust.Even you fail a thousand times just stand up and still fight , don’t retreat because you’re in the game of life , you’re the hero of your own so win it.Family is the most very important gem to us ,that we can’t lose it .Even it’s not perfect family like what we seen in fantasy drama or what we read in a book,family will always be a big matter.If time will come that you’re down ,that you feel your not worthy enough I’ll be here standing on your side supporting on your hardest battle .I will be your number one fan despite of your imperfections.I will be happy even in a little deeds of you.I’m not expensive when it come to happiness ,genuine love and care that all matters to me. This article expresses the nature or the character of man as person. These are the traits that a man possessed and it’s a common character that flows on us.As a woman ,I will conclude that in the Filipino and Family Value System, being a good daughter and a sibling, and being an optimist are the traits that I would say that is really fit on these values of man . Being
    a good daughter and a sibling, is our nature value as a member of the family ,we are obliged to be a good child ,to be a good sister/brother ,we need to respect our parents and love them . We will do everything and anything for are family to make them happy and to make them proud. Lastly, being an optimistic. This kind of values ,are strong that nothing can beat it.You see light even in darkest night.You see one reason to fight among a thousand reasons to give up.Your not afraid of problems because you see that their are solutions and it will be fine in time.

  15. Michelle O. Nalangan BSIT 2-F3

    The traits that speak about my values as a person are first, “she’s an optimist.” Despite the problems and struggles in life, I can take it as a positive view, which I always tell myself that it is only God’s way for me to learn in life, to be strong, and to be better and better every day. For my family, I will be their light in the darkness; I will do my best to be strong and tell them that everything will be fine because God has never given us a problem that we cannot overcome; it is simply God’s way of allowing us to be strong together despite our difficulties.I always take my problems in a positive way because it helps me to be strong and not give up in life. The next thing that speaks about my value as a person is “she accepts you at all costs.” I’m the kind of person who always looks on the brighter side despite your flaws and imperfections as a person. I will accept you wholeheartedly without any judgments or doubts. I will be true and never judge you. I will accept you the way that you deserve in this world full of judgements and doubts. I can relate to the article on the NATURE OF MAN in what Aristotle believed, which is that people wanted to achieve happiness, but for me to achieve this, we need to be good to others, we need to accept someone’s flaws and imperfections because when we do, we make them happy and accepted in this world. We also need to serve as a light to the person who’s in the darkness part of their life, for us to be truly, to be better and to be a strong individual. All these traits belong to Filipino and family values because all of this was our way of giving importance to everything that we have and appreciating the people who were reaching their hands for us, and lastly, our way of accepting each others’ capabilities and behavior as human.

  16. Efren John Reyes

    Based on acknowledging and recognising my values, I believe that accepting someone at all costs, being easily forgiven, and being optimistic are the best characteristics that speak about me as a person. Accepting someone at any cost encapsulates the characteristics of being truthful and open. Because these are the characteristics I possess, I believe that if I am honest and open to someone while it is still early, it will be easier for her to accept me because I have nothing to hide. If I’m not honest with her about myself, my attitude, and my problems, how can I have the assurance that she’ll accept me in much bigger problems? Yes, I understand that Love speaks acceptance, but when am I going to speak? When she already found out about it during our relationship? As I was assessing myself, I discovered that I have a difficult time forgiving someone, but I later realized that my life has changed because of this revelation, that I am forgiven, and that in order to forgive someone, I must first recognize that I cannot give what I do not have, and I also cannot give if I do not receive it. Only then will I be able to forgive someone. Finally, being an optimist is a gift that leads me to be a better person, it gives me direction, and it gives me the passion to help those in need, especially during their darkest times. When you have these traits, your heart will always understand it. Being both a light and a salt, a light who sees the brighter picture and a salt who adds flavour to those who are bland. This article, I believe, relates to the nature of being a man. In a sense, it has a moral sense that determines our ability to know and recognize the consequences of our own actions, as well as valuing our judgments and various characteristics and traits that we develop throughout our lives. Considering that these characteristics are also found in Plato’s theory of the soul, spirit, and rational. This causes our hearts and minds to think logically while falling emotionally.Being a good daughter or son, sibling, and optimist, in my opinion, is part of the Filipino and family value system. We cannot deny that when you see a Filipino anywhere in the world, they will always recognize us because our characteristics and values as Filipinos will manifest in our actions. Regardless of how difficult life is, we Filipinos are born to fight and to stand up not only for ourselves but also for others. Being a good son who always respects and obeys my parents is one of the most important qualities I will be proud of because that is what my parents have taught me.

  17. Kimberly F. Betic BSIT 2F3

    This trait of mine that I always value as a person is that I “accept you at all cost”, in recognizing myself I learned how to accept my imperfection and flaws I have, as well as those who are close to me because accepting you in yourself you can gain confidence in the things you can do. I can say that I easily accept you at all costs no matter what you are because I know in myself that what you do to accept your neighbor is the same as how that person treats you.
    This trait that Filipino and Family Value System I always notice is being they accept you at all cost because we are Filipinos who know to value the people or things that we have even you are not a Filipino we welcome are a guess nicely. We can easily forgive and accept those who do have not to shelter even the animals, therefore we have a lot of foundations who accept the people at all cost whole heartedly.

  18. The traits that reflect me the most as a person is “easy to please” and “easy to forgive”. I could tell that i’m easy to please because i’m the type of a person when someone is pleasing me as long I can cope their favor I will. And for the easy to forgive one of this traits also I can say that it’s me cause everytime someone done wrong to me I always choose to forgive them if you ask me why? It’s because we are only a human if God of all highest learn to forgive to our sins why we can’t? That’s why i’ve always wearing the traits of easy to forgive cause i believe forgiveness can free ourselves from hatred, pain, jealousy and curiosity neighbor.

  19. Chris Ruella G. Mejarito BSIT 2F3

    The traits that speak about my value as a person base on the article is that I easily forgives. This is what my mother taught me since I was a child, because God forgives us without hesitation, so we must know how to forgive even though how bad they did to us because they are also human like us. I can easily forgives others because I enjoy the present and learn from what the past has brought me now.

  20. Khea Joy S. Juanico BSIT 2F3

    Over all these traits, being an optimist, a good daughter and sibling, and a cheerleader speaks of my value as person. Being an optimist is being hopeful at all times and at all cost. When everything else is failing, a little ray of hope would still radiate in this heart. I do believe that a little seed of faith can move mountains. To be optimist is believing that I will grow in the midst of the process. Second, a good daughter and sibling. I value my family the most. I believe that they are my priority, they should receive all the love, appreciation, care, and they must feel my joy for having them. They are the most precious gift I always thank to God. They are the one that really keeps me going. Lastly, a cheerleader. Despite of the uncertainties in life, despite of the hurtful things, occurrence of worse or best scenarios, I will cheer you all the way through. It might be a small thing for some, but to the person I’d be cheering, it’s everything.
    This article rightly expresses the nature or the character of man as person. These are the traits that a man do possessed, and it’s a common character that just flow out of us. It just manifest. Some even did express these unknowingly. As we are being mindful that these will bring something good, and when we successfully execute these, we are obtaining happiness. Our ego and super ego are guiding us to become mature, morally good, and wield these characters for good. It stir out emotions to be pleased by doing it, and bothers if neglected.
    For me, in the Filipino and Family Value System, a good daughter and a sibling, and being an optimist are the traits that do really belong here. A good daughter and a sibling, it is not just on our culture but also on our value as a member of the family and member of the society. Family is very significant. If we can be hospitable and generous to a stranger, the greater it should be to our family. We emphasize the sense of togetherness, respect, indebtedness and close family ties. We will do everything them. Lastly, being an optimist. Nothing beats us from being hopeful. No matter how discouraging the situation is, we remain hopeful and we hope for a better and victorious days. It is also because we know, things shall come to pass too, so we need to survive and remain positive for our self, for our loved ones and the people that needs us.

  21. King Ruben D. Sales BSIT 2 F3

    Those traits said above are more likely a filipino value system and nature of a man. As a human being, in my experience, those traits about the “Qualities of a good woman to hold on to” are kinda traits that most filipino/man are showing especially to loved ones including close friends and and those friends that they treat as a family and the literal family. Because it is natural for the filipino to be a truthful but sometimes we lie but if we cannot contain ourselves from the lies we said, we always say the truth, optimist because we filipino, are resilient and or always make a way to find a solution to every problem that we had, willing to compromise , easy to please because we are also easy to give everything we have, open for everyone like a book because we always communicate like we let everyone know about ourself even if its like a private matters, , being a cheer leader yes because we love to make everyone we love successful, good daughter/son and a sibling, kind, accepts you at all cost, and easy to forgive, and hospitable.


    The traits that speak to my value as a person are “she accepts you at all cost”. Because, honestly speaking, I do not mind if you have your flaws, because that is you. The important thing is that you accept yourself. I’m just here to support you or guide you through whatever you want to do. I’ll just help you to be proud of all the flaws that you have and to accept them wholeheartedly. Because all of us have flaws and we should accept them or fix them to have a better version of ourselves. I can relate to the “she accepts you at all cost” in the nature of man as altruistic because she cares about others. She cares about what others feel. Accepting others’ flaws is caring for them. You care about what they feel. 
    As I see it in the Filipino and family value system, I can say that most Filipinos do not mind if you have your flaws; they will just accept you wholeheartedly. You just be yourself. They don’t mind if you have your flaws. You just be true to yourself. Filipinos are the kind of people that don’t care if you have flaws. They will help you to be a better version of yourself. They will help you to build your self-confidence.

  23. Nathanael D. Pabiania BSIT 2F3

    The traits thats speak about my values as a person is being easily to forgives because based on the article “throw out issues from past year” and ” instead enjoy the present time”. As I believe in nature of man can always decide a better desicion making in thier lives. As a man, brother and a person should think positive things even thier have a lot of people discriminate your personality that’s should we always be in not trouble in any problem situation. Forgive them as you know whats good or bad.

  24. Melvin M. Villanueva BSIT-2F3

    The traits speak about my value as person base on the article that I am an optimist person, because I am proud to say that I can make myself happy in a small thing, even though that I am surrounded by many problems in my life.
    Being optimist is related to the nature of man because I believe the TRIPARTITE SOUL. I believe that Optimism belong to the tripartite soul, which is being rational/logic because it is related to each other, if you are using you rational/logic you are always seeking truths, finding solution to the problem and always think the brighter side of the world that can make you an optimist person.
    For my observation and base on my experience in life I will say that Filipino people are optimist, because even there is a lot of things happen in their life like now we are facing this pandemic, crisis and disaster we can still see the big smile on their faces and they are always saying that As long as you live there is hope.

  25. My value as a person is I’m easy to please because I appreciates those small things that you do for me, I’m not materialistic in everything but if you here to help and accept my flaws and attitude I’m happy with that. And I willing to accept you at all you costs, You have flaws, that is certain. But as a women. We need to accept those flaws to make it lessons for us, Be strong even if it’s hard and make our life better and happy.

  26. Jheeve Dhalin M. Iligan 2F3

    The traits thats speak about my value as a person is being understandable and being supportive in everything. The Nature of man is related because it is the same as the qualities of a good woman, It describes the character of each person and his or her attitude. Of what I have read, almost all belong to the Filipino values ​​system. For the reason, everything written there is true to the character of every filipino.

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