Project Confidence | 11 Tips to Consider


 Project Confidence | 11 Tips to Consider

Project Confidence | 11 Tips to Consider

11 Ways to Project Confidence

Many are extremely skilled but lacking when it comes to confidence; this is a common problem that many people experience in work. You have the intelligence to make a significant change, but you do not dare speak up and make it happen.

Being confident can determine and enhance your position in your workplace. It is one of the crucial determiners if you are suitable for greater responsibility.

Everybody gets nervous; you are not alone in this. Here are some things to consider to help you project the confidence that you think you lack.

Project Confidence | 11 Tips to Consider

Project Confidence | 11 Tips to Consider

Find your core values and act on them.

Find your core values and act on them. Actions speak louder than words. There is no need to talk about it; you must constantly work on your matters. The people around you will be able to see your efforts and beliefs without upselling yourself. They will identify this as confidence on your part.

Do not be dazzled too much by the confidence of others.

Do not be easily swayed by confident people. Believing them quickly is not beneficial for you, especially in the workplace. Another person’s confidence can overshadow your ideas. Once you start thinking that the other person is so great, you might end up not showing the people around you what you are truly capable of.

Keep a list of your successes.

No matter how small your step may take, success is a success. Keep a list of your successes to keep you enlightened and boost your confidence. Remember that everything starts small, so there is no need to be shy about it.

Project Confidence | 11 Tips to Consider

Project Confidence | 11 Tips to Consider

Be Assertive

Do not let other people walk all over you; you must show assertion even if you try to avoid conflict with others. You need not be aggressive about something; just stand up for what you believe in.

Be conscious about your non-verbal cues.

Learning a few things about voice control and body language can help you gain confidence. Adding this to your repertoire will aid you in feeling confident and even improve your body and voice control.

Develop self-control

Learning to control your reactions is favorable not only for you but also for the people around you. You can gain other people’s respect, and this will help you be more confident. And having self-control will benefit you throughout your life.


Project Confidence | 11 Tips to Consider

Get a mentor

Ask your most trusted person for some comments about your confidence. It is essential to get an idea of how other people may see you improve yourself. Just ensure that you maintain an open mind regarding the feedback of your trusted person. It is simpler to come up with ideas on how you can make yourself better.

Be well informed

Know what you are talking about by gaining the correct information about common questions from your colleagues or other people. Being a reliable source of information helps you communicate better, showing your competence on the subject.

Be a specialist in a specific field.

Every person is unique. While we are in the digital age, but this does not mean that everybody already knows everything; even Google has its limitations. Polish your knowledge and become an expert on a subject. If you do not have the expertise, you can always find one and learn more.

Project Confidence | 11 Tips to Consider

Project Confidence | 11 Tips to Consider

Raise your competence

Raise your competence level, and in turn, you will be raising your confidence. Establishing your competence can help you turn your knowledge into confidence. This is a good starting point for you to build up that determination and tenacity.

Embrace your uniqueness

Be who you indeed are and embrace it. The ways mentioned above are simply a guide for you to gain confidence. It mostly depends on whether you will be confident enough to face everything that life throws at you.

There is greatness accompanied by gaining confidence. You can obtain a conviction in many ways, but it is more substantial if you find it within yourself. For faith already resides within, it is only a matter of how you bring it out to the world.

Project Confidence | 11 Tips to Consider

Project Confidence | 11 Tips to Consider

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  1. Jonalyn S. Degabi BSIT 2F3

    Contrary to popular assumption, displaying self-confidence allows you to feel free of negative thoughts and worries about yourself. Having these guidelines will, for the most part, benefit most people greatly, as they will receive a lesson and a method to specifically increase their own confidence. Building your self-esteem is, for all intents and purposes, a vital trait because it can improve the kind of beliefs that specifically make you successful, and for all intents and purposes allow you to move in your sort of positive direction. Gaining self-confidence allows you to take more risks and venture outside of your comfort zone.

  2. Claire M Miravelis BSIT-2F3

    As I’ve read the article about ” Projecting Self Confidence” I can say that it was related to our topic about the Nature of Man . Being confident with yourself can help you to achieved something new about you. Just like Aristotle belief that the people are also wanted to achieve happiness it should start within yourself. Be confident of who you are and embrace your flaws and imperfections because all of us has a different kind of uniqueness. You are the only one who really know about you. And in the Filipino Values practicing of having a self confidence in this society that full of judgements and discrimination can help you to stand out. Being confident is not only seeking new opportunities but also the process of trusting yourself more.

  3. Kimberly F. Betic BSIT 2F3

    Project Self-Confidence taught us how we develop ourselves to the things we don’t usually do also it help us to boose our self-confidence and self-esteem. The Nature of Man gives us motivation in every moment in our life to continue the things that make us happy. All of us have many trials that came in our life but it didn’t make us give up. We Filipinos are used to being happy even though we face many trials in life because we know how to find a way to do it because of trusting ourselves that we cope with it. Trusting ourselves is the most important value of man, even lots of people can’t trust you, you know yourself well than them. Boosting our self-confidence will help us to speak up because nowadays many people are ashamed to speak up. If we apply these tips of Project Self Confidence we became a better version of our self.
    All the tips of Project Self Confidence have, Embrace your Uniqueness reflect the Filipino value because we Filipinos love ourselves even many imperfections and flaws that we have, it is not a problem to us, society it is. We embrace our uniqueness can help us to develop our self-confidence.

  4. Angelo T. Elare BSIT 2F3

    Reading this article will help lots of people who’s lacking of self confidence or having low self-esteem including me, I myself has low self-esteem and I really want to change this attitude beacusr I lost so many opportunities because of I’m shy so reading this article will help me build my confidence. I can relate those tips on our topic by building our confidence is also building our self our nature of self. Among all the tips this tips “Embracing your uniqueness” is I think the most reflected to the filipino values why? Beacuse most us have differences such as by color, by how we speak, by how tall are we I think Embracing our own sel uniqueness will make us more confident.

  5. Kyla Joyce Tenila BSIT 2F3

    As I’ve read the article about “Projecting confidence,” is related to our topic The Nature of Self and The Nature of Man. All of the tips in the article, just like our topic on the Nature of Self, provide us a sense of how we regulate our self-esteem. A healthy sense of self-confidence is all about having a balanced view of yourself taking pride in your abilities while recognizing your flaws.Not everyone is born with an inbuilt sense of self-confidence. Sometimes it can be hard to develop confidence.Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.

  6. Queenie Mae Gargallano

    Among the traits provided ” be assertive” reflects to out Filipino values because our parents educate us not to let people step on us and fight for ourselves when we are right , to not people discriminate us and prove people that we are not easy to be discriminated,and to this generation our voice can be heard easily through social media some people are afraid of discriminating and doing wrong in public because of the influence of social media you can easily be bashed and there is also a lot of programs who can help you fight for what is right

  7. Michelle O. Nalangan BSIT 2-F3

    Based on the article “Projecting Self Confidence,” it gives us an idea of how to build our confidence because some of us lack self-confidence. We are somehow confused and doubt our capability to speak out about our opinions and perspective on something. After reading this article, I realized that it is related to our topic about the nature of man and the nature of self in that our self-esteem is developed in middle school or junior high because at this age we are looking for friends, participating in school activities that help us develop our self-confidence, and also learning our skills and talents where we can excel and stand out. Having confidence is not easy, especially for an introvert person, but we need to get out of our comfort zone in order to better enhance and develop our skills, talents, and capabilities. We have these weaknesses, but it is not a reason to lose our confidence. We need to embrace our imperfections and take this as an inspiration to be better in life. We are unique. We all have our own strengths to excel with. All we need is to enhance and develop it for ourselves to improve. Find your core values and act on them. This is one that reflects the “Filipino Values” because we all know that values are the standards to guide our actions, judgments, and attitudes, which also reflect our confidence as a person. If we have the right actions and good attitudes, we are confident about what we do and can do it confidently without any doubts or hesitation. We can do it confidently because we know ourselves. We have to trust ourselves for us to overcome our fears, imperfections, and weaknesses in life.

  8. Marvin Bayona

    •The tips given is very beneficial and it really works in you apply in reality. Such as develop self-control, find your core values and act on them, be well informed and the rest on it is such a great tips because in human nature humans tends to be informed all of his life, this is what human is made of. Because they said happiness is knowledge and by gaining knowledge possesing self-confidence is a great pair. Discovering yourself, learnings things comes with great condidence that eventually turns to knowledge that may you apply to become the best version of yourself.
    • Among the tips being state, Embrace your uniqueness and be well informed I think suits to filipino value system. Why? Filipinos are intelligent. They love to seek something they can learn and apply, they love to innovate that’s why filipinos excel in our own way. We never let get behind by others, we love to feed our minds because we are creative too. As well as, we embrace our uniqueness, we make most out of it. We use this uniqueness to inspire and share on how to accept and use our potential. We may get bullied about our uniqueness but we make sure we use this to put our name on the top.

  9. Anchel B. Erecido BSIT 2f3

    I can relate Projecting Self-confidence to the nature of man I believe that man also wanted to achieve happiness. Improving your self-confidence and boosting your self-esteem will be very helpful not only for your work but you needed it especially for yourself. You won’t be shy anymore when facing or taking in front of crowded people. You can wear this confidence where ever you go. In nature of self. When we were young we’re always depending on our parents because we don’t know what is right or wrong. For me, the more I grew up the more my confidence disappears but as I grew up I understand what is going on around me and I also know what’s characteristics and behavior I have. I am paying more attention to our surroundings. I can say that “Embrace your Uniqueness” reflect Filipino Values because as Filipino we shouldn’t be ashamed of what we look or what we dressed. We are all equal, my family taught me how to appreciate my own beauty. Despite imperfections we should accept and appreciate our own Uniqueness this will lead to confidence.

  10. Leomar R Alpetche

    To the Nature of Man, I can simply relate these tips by the fact that human beings wants to know, discover and acquire knowledge, wants to understand their capabilities and abilities. Self-confidence is important in almost every aspect in the lives of human. Boosting or building self confidence and by being willing to take risks and to go the extra mile to achieve better things are the key to achieve something and to be able to become productive in all aspects of life. In the nature of self, we always dream and aspire to become the person we want to be, we have abilities and capabilities but lack of confidence and motivating ourselves that sometimes a hindrance to become a productive individual. We must just do what we believe to be right, even if others mock or criticize us for it. Believe that we are unique from others, we are created uniquely and it’s about valuing and motivating ourselves to become optimistic in all aspects with the help of the people thats surrounds us. Trusting ourselves, believe that we can do everything.
    Among the tips provided, for me, embrace your uniqueness best reflects the Filipino Values because I do believe that every individuals are distinct and different in a positive way. We just need to accept, appreciate, and embrace our differences.Everyone have their own unique skills and talents. Everyone have different experiences or stories to tell that shaped us of what we are now. We just need to be brave enough to show the world of what we are and who we really are. Afterall, being unique is the best decision you can ever make.
    Among the tips provided, for me, embrace your uniqueness best reflects the Filipino Values because I do believe that every individuals are distinct and different in a positive way. We just need to accept, appreciate, and embrace our differences.Everyone have their own unique skills and talents. Everyone have different experiences or stories to tell that shaped us of what we are now. We just need to be brave enough to show the world of what we are and who we really are.

  11. Crystal Gail B. Gavileno BSIT 2F3

    All of the things that is stated in the article reflects on how a person see and believes on himself. In the nature of man, Aristotle stated that “each human being should use his abilities to their fullest potential and should obtain happiness and enjoyment through the exercise of their realized capacities.” This relates in the way that all people has the capability of being confident towards themselves but they are somehow intimidated and have not yet found their full potential which makes them doubt their abilities. Realizing what you can do and believing in your self will give you a power to stand and be confident on your own. But, it is where the nature of self comes in, you cannot judge and criticize someone for doubting their capabilities because you do not know what they’ve endured. It all comes back to their environment, people who raised them, their peers, and experiences. All of these are connected on how a person carries himself and it also reflects their behavior and personality.
    Among all the tips stated above, I can say that Embracing your uniqueness, Be well informed is something that is very Filipino like. First, Embracing your uniqueness, It is common for us to accept the uniqueness of others and appreciate them. We have this mindset that, all of us has our own area which we excel. In that way, we will not start comparing ourselves to others thinking that they are better than us or we are better than them. It should be neutral. Have confidence but not too much or it may result to having a big head. Second, being well informed is also one thing that Filipino people have. Having a well informed statement will boost your confidence knowing that you are saying facts. It will make you look more intelligent if the words that are flowing out of your mouth is reliable.

  12. Khien D. Torreña BSIT 2-F3

    As I’ve read the article about “Projecting confidence,” I can relate this to our topic in “Nature of Man” because it’s connected to “Aristotle believed that people wanted to achieve happiness.” If you want to have happiness, you should have confidence first. We all have times when we lack confidence and do not feel good about ourselves.
    You’re never going to feel confident if you have negative commentary running through your mind telling you that you’re no good. Think about your self-talk and how that might be affecting your self-confidence. Treat yourself like you would your best friend and cheer yourself on.Self-confidence can be learned,
    Once you master it, everything in your life will change for the better.

  13. Andrea Isabelle C. Palma

    Establishing self-confidence among us is truly a hard shell to crack most especially if one is not used to expressing his/her true self. The article projecting self-confidence tells us more about how to manifest self-confidence in our own little ways by providing steps that will trigger us to step out of our comfort zones and explore more on life. This article is truly in consonance with the topic nature of man and nature of life since man is a social being that will have to learn how to get along well with others in order to survive. We humans should compose ourselves in front of others if we want to build lasting relationships. As a Filipino, one trait that reflects majority of us is embracing uniqueness. We are unique individuals that have something more to offer and to show to the rest of the world. We really need to harness our self confidence for this will be our passport in overcoming the timidness and a ticket for global identity; that Filipinos are people of astonishing self-confidence.

  14. Leslie D. Carnaje BSIT 2-F3

    Based on what I’ve read in the article “Projecting Self-Confidence,” it can help us improve our self-confidence. This topic has a direct connection to the nature of man, so I can relate it to what Aristotle believed that people wanted to achieve happiness. If you want to be happy, just be confident in yourself. Accept all your flaws and believe in your own ability, skills, and capability. Most of us wish we could be more self-assured. When it comes to the nature of oneself, this tip can be linked to self-esteem.We need higher self-esteem to boost our confidence because it pertains to how we feel about ourselves, our appearance, and whether we believe that we are worthwhile and respected. People with lower self-esteem are more likely to experience lower self-confidence in general. It can be reflected in our Filipino values because the majority of Filipinos do not have enough self-confidence. Filipinos are, on the whole, shy creatures. As a result, when the opportunity to be loud and extravagant presents itself, we prefer to back away. This article, “Projecting Self-confidence,” can be our guide to having enough self-confidence.

  15. Lyka C.Oscianas BSIT 2F3

    Base on the article above “Projecting self-confidence” is related to the topic of Nature of Man and Nature of self Above all the tips in the article ,just like our topic on the Nature Man , Aristotle said in Nature of Man,thought that people wanted to be happy and happiness will be a tip to be free in everything .It will help you on building your self confidence to be a man who deserve to be enough ,a man who knows what he what he needs ,a man who accept all his imperfections and a man doing all he wants confidently no matter what other people say.Also just just like the topic about Nature of Self ,its provide a sense of how we could regulate our self-esteem .Some people confuse about our values and characteristics ,if it’s a heredity that transfer from one generation to another generation,or maybe we learned it on our environment .Having low self-esteem can be also harmful to our mental and emotional health that will lead to sadness ,tiredness,anxiety and even questioning your self worth . That’s why values,are considered a big significance in our lives.Among all the tips provided ,”Embrace your uniqueness” and “Keep a list of your successes reflects Filipino value .Embracing someone uniqueness will turn us finding our self starting also to embrace ourself.We socializing in terms of encouraging ourselves to don’t be sorry for who we are ,to don’t be shy to show are true colors to other people .Lastly keep a list of your successes.No matter if it’s big or not , success will always be a success .We don’t need to be shy because every step of our journey is a way to get the most precious prize we deserve,that is success.

  16. Efren John Reyes

    The main idea behind the concept of man’s nature is the idea of acquiring knowledge or the capacity of every man to know and understand himself, which will allow us to develop the desire to achieve something. By following these tips, we can understand and project a higher level of confidence in all aspects of our lives, including school, work, home, and even how we interact with others. In terms of nature of self this concept revolves around the question of who we are . The answers we choose can mean the difference between peace and turbulence in our lives. At first glance, we appear to be nothing more than a bundle of carbon and hydrogen. However, for some strange reason, we are also sentient, with minds, intellects, thoughts, and, most intriguingly, consciousness. That allows us to understand more about ourselves, and these tips can help us assess how we can improve and grow more. Just like every value we have from the time we are young until we are adults, we are influenced by our parents and our environment. Among all the tips provided, being assertive and embracing one’s uniqueness reflects Filipino values; assertive in the sense that we have this mindset of being a good listener because we have our own beliefs; it can be difficult to be assertive at times because people nowadays see themselves as perfect, that they don’t need your help or that they already knew everything. However, we Filipinos have a reputation for being patient and polite when it comes to correcting others. Regarding accepting our own uniqueness, Filipinos have various cultures, and as a group, we are all accepting our own uniqueness in terms of clothing, languages, and other aspects that teach us to adjust and accept each other’s uniqueness. Accepting our flaws and mistakes allows us to stand firm and be able to face our own battles with love and confidence.

  17. Lorraine D. Resurreccion. BSIT2F3

    The article Projecting Self-Confidence is related to our topic The Nature of Self and The Nature of Man. All of the tips in the article, just like our topic on the Nature of Self, provide us a sense of how we regulate our self-esteem. We people argue about whether our behavior is heredity, the transmission of characteristics from our parents, or learned in our environment. Having low self-esteem can be harmful to our mental health and lead to issues like sadness and anxiety. So, we should guide our self to think positively rather than negatively. This is why our values are the things that we should consider because they have significance in our lives. We should figure out our priorities, and it may probably be the indicators we can use to see if our lives are going the way we want to. Aristotle, like in Nature of Man, thought that people wanted to be happy. And this happiness can be a tip to be free in all things and a big help on building confidence to a man, doing what he wants confidently and doing what he can do not minding what others may think on him. And this is why it is important to make a conscious effort to identify our values as a human. In addition, the purpose of this article on Projecting Self-Confidence is to provide us with advice on how to improve our Nature of self-regarding on our self-confidence and The Nature of Man is concerned with assisting us in comprehending our human nature by finding where and what we lack.
    Among the 11 Ways to Protect Confidence the one who reflects the “Filipino Values” for me is. “Find your core values and act on them” and then “Embrace your uniqueness”. Take pride in your individuality. Stop comparing yourself to others; it will give you the confidence to start. We, Filipino’s have a unique life purpose and mission that sets us apart from everyone else. Dare to be unique, and empower yourself to think positively. Some of us have incredibly talented, but lacking in confidence, Finding our core values and acting it the way we want is a good way. It’s generally considered our lives to be meaningful, purposeful, and unique. We may see this as a sign of our self-assurance or confidence. Life becomes a lot easier when you don’t make a decision based on that circumstance. Surround yourself with others or do new things that challenge you if you lack confidence. Just like on our topic in Filipino values, We can do “Pakikisama” getting along with people to challenge ourselves and to comprise our true intrinsic appreciation to our fellow Filipino. It is a core characteristic or typical trait of a Filipino.

  18. Melvin M. Villanueva BSIT-2F3

    Projecting self-confidence is connected to the Nature of Man as well in the Nature of self. The article of projecting self-confidence is all about giving us tips on how we can able to boost up our self-confidence. While the Nature of man is about helping us to understand the view of our human nature, it help us to determine where we can get those knowledge, emotion and appetite in ourselves, this is what we called the TRIPARTITE SOUL of nature of man. The Nature of self, it gives us an idea where we are got those characteristic that we are able to manifest, in nature of self you can able to determine either you characteristic is heredity or environmental. For conclusion this article are related to the nature of man and nature of self, because if you knowledgeable and aware of yourself, you can easily able to apply this tips of projecting self-confidence on your life and to be better person.

    Which among the tips of projecting self-confidence reflects the Filipino values, I think is being assertive, Filipinos is assertive because I believe that the values of Filipino is always fighting what they think is right, and stand what they think is truth. In the Philippine either you family are well-off or not, you give value on what you believe and fight for it.

  19. Khea Joy S. Juanico BSIT 2F3

    To the Nature of Man, it directly connects on how much man desire to know. How much man desire to understand their capabilities. How much do a man wants to acquire the knowledge that would make it transparent the traits we possessed and can boost it to increase the confidence. Like what Aristotle believed, people wanted to achieve happiness. This happiness can be obtained by projecting and building confidence so a man would be courageous enough to show what they are capable of. In the Nature of Self, we usually aspire for being good on something and we do desire to annihilate the fears and to manifest what we are able to do. The tips connects on where does our self-esteem depends on. It can be on how we think highly or lowly of ourselves, how our parents nurtured us, how our peers helps us and how much the environment affects us. As someone who is searching for one’s self, we even use hypothetical learning to determine and find out what we lack, what we seek and we must develop.
    Among the tips provided, embrace your uniqueness, be well informed, and find your core values and act on them reflects Filipino Values. To embrace one’s uniqueness is what motivates us to be true on ourselves. We are being socialistic in terms of encouraging one’s self to love who you are and don’t be afraid to show it to other people. To unite with someone who has the same vibes as ours. We all have something to be proud of. Second, be well informed. Filipinos value the importance of discovering the truth. We are being theoretical in a sense that we approach truth critically and rationally. Being careful in analyzing and evaluating information through reflection and considering the facts or opinions in order to conclude. This will arrive us to embrace our uniqueness and find our core values. We would be able to build our confidence in accepting what we can do and who we really are.

  20. “Projecting self confidence” we all know that many of us feel ashamed and lack of confident to show case what best to us but sometimes we need to use our flaws as a stepping stone in practicing to how to deal with it because at the end only us can help ourselves to achieve what we want to be in ourself. In addition if you have confidence you can do what you want without feeling ashamed and what ever we want in life, we can enjoy cause we are wearing a self confidence.

  21. Chris Ruella G. Mejarito BSIT 2F3

    Base on the article “Projecting Self Confidence” can help a lot of people who are lack of self confidence. Accepting your uniqueness and stop comparing yourself to others is the best piece of advice. Life is you vs. you and when you start comparing, your confidence will of course take a hit because you only look at your shortfalls compared to others and not your strengths. Behave as though you already were what you want to be. That will give you the confidence to start the process. Every little change you achieve in the meanwhile will boost your confidence. I can relate it to our topic in Filipino values because we filipino are over confident sometimes that we tend to say the word “Bahala na” when things get worst or we don’t know what to fix things.


    As I’ve read the article about “Projecting confidence,” I can say that the people who may read this can help to build their confidence. We all know that some people do not have enough confidence in themselves because they have flaws or weaknesses. People who don’t have confidence in themselves should learn to overcome it. We should live the life that we want. We should not care what people say about us because this is our life, our rule. I can relate this to our topic in “Nature of Man” because it’s connected to “Aristotle believed that people wanted to achieve happiness.” If you want to have happiness, you should have confidence first. Because you can’t be genuinely happy if you have insecurities about yourself. Be yourself first and accept who you are. Trust me, you will be happy just as you wanted. I can also relate this to our topic on Filipino values because we Filipinos do not have enough confidence in ourselves. We have so many insecurities, but we should overcome them. And the article “Projecting Confidence” can help you build your confidence.

  23. My opinion in this article Projecting self confidence’ that you know your strengths and weakness well, and especially have a positive view of ourselves. Self confidence a person’s belief or trust in thier own ability. Being not confident enough is natural for people because sometimes they scared to speak or etc, because they think wrong, When you value yourself and have self confidence you feel secure and worthwhile. More positive in life and with others and feel confident about your ability.

  24. Jheeve Dhalin M. Iligan 2F3

    It is related to the topic because it is related to the Nature of Man. Project confidence tips are also relevant to people who lack self -expression or showing confidence in other people. One of the tips related to the Values ​​of Filipinos is “Be conscious about your non-verbal cues”. Because sometimes other people can’t help but make bad dealings with fellow peoples.

  25. King Ruben D. Sales BSIT 2 F3

    According to what I’ve read above, “Projecting self Confidence” it may help anyone who suffers the lack of confidence to themselves. Being shy or not confident enough is natural for the people because sometimes they are just scared to speak up because they think they might be wrong and/or get bullied about something that’s happening to them because of the cruel society we lived in. And the one that reflects the “Filipino Values” is the confidence itself because we filipino, we do not care if we succeed onto something or fail in the exam or test, because we are still confident about it and we just laugh about it the only important to that is we are CONFIDENT.

  26. Nathanael D. Pabiania BSIT 2F3

    Base on the article “projecting self confidence” is to developed self control can be relate to nature of man and nature of self. Being confident you should know how to control yourself . Also this can relate in the Filipino value to developed self control as we living in this society of full of lack respect and lack of confident. Build on discipline and elimination of bad habits to develd self control. But improving self control and building good habits is much easier said than done , It takes a lot of physical and mental discipline to be better your self.

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