Love Yourself Again | Tips on Getting Back to a Happier Life


Love Yourself Again | Tips on Getting Back to a Happier Life

Love Yourself Again | Tips on Getting Back to a Happier Life

Practical Tips on How to Love Yourself Again  

Many people are focused on finding love that they forget that love starts by loving oneself. Some give more than their 100% in loving another that they don’t leave any for themselves. Not everyone is at that same level of loving another.

Rejection is one of the reasons why people start doubting themselves. We all want to be loved by someone because we believe in the love we find in stories. Our hearts yearn for love, considering that we are completing ourselves by loving another, not seeing that love can be found within.

You can only truly love another if you can love yourself. Your world should revolve around you. By showing others that you love yourself, people will be able to see you in that light. Do this for yourself, and everything you need in life will follow next.

Love Yourself Again | Tips on Getting Back to a Happier Life


Love Yourself Again | Tips on Getting Back to a Happier Life

How can you love yourself again?

Look within; what is in you that is worth loving? 

What do you like about yourself? There are a lot of hidden qualities and abilities in you. Look within, and you will be able to start loving yourself.

Acceptance opens new doors.

Embrace your limitations, weaknesses, and failures. This will help you in becoming the unique person you are. There will be days when we make a false step, but do not let it stop us. Take this chance to explore something new. Remember, we are perfect in our imperfection.

Love Yourself Again | Tips on Getting Back to a Happier Life

Be who you are

We often dress to impress; when was the last time you dressed for yourself to be comfortable or feel great? Bring out to the world who you honestly are. No hesitations; be free.

Focus on yourself

Spend time on yourself, not on trying to get everyone else’s approval. Surround yourself with friends and support groups who can bring the best out of you. Don’t waste your time on others who only discourage and hinder you. Stop comparing yourself to others; put that energy into becoming the who that you want to be.

Love Yourself Again | Tips on Getting Back to a Happier Life

Live today

Cut the chains of the past that keep you from moving forward. It will help if you live now at this moment. Put this quote from Kung Fu Panda close to your heart: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That’s why they call it present.”


Have courage and do it. Remaining stuck will not give you brand new results, so take a different step.


Love Yourself Again | Tips on Getting Back to a Happier Life

Choose positivity

The way you feel and react is a choice. You can choose to be happy, grateful, and confident. Stop depending on your emotions on another person or thing. Be thankful for what you have, and you can achieve things that were unknown to you before. Just choose it. Being positive attracts the right things into your life.

Believe in yourself

Self-doubt only holds you back. Be honest to yourself, trust what your instincts tell you, and be confident. You are choosing to do things for yourself, and you can do anything!

Love Yourself Again | Tips on Getting Back to a Happier Life

Love Yourself Again | Tips on Getting Back to a Happier Life

Find humor in it

Drop the long face and relax. Problems can be solved, do not bother with the negativity. Once you take things seriously, you will never see the good side of things.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Love has many forms, and sharing it with everyone creates positive energy. Love your family and friends, but most of all, love your enemies. That is selfless love.

Always remember that love starts in you. Please do it for yourself. Find what makes you beautiful and impressive. Become a better person. And this all starts from loving yourself again.

Love Yourself Again | Tips on Getting Back to a Happier Life

Love Yourself Again | Tips on Getting Back to a Happier Life

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  1. Tristan Kent Balayo BSIT 3A2

    Choose positivity
    Believe in yourself

    I choose that two because first you need to think positive that you have to believe that you can do everything you have to believe that you can do it and you can handle the hardship you also have to work hard. And the last i choose is you have to believe in yourself that everything you are asked to do or you are already doing that you can and you will be able to finish your work well.

  2. Johnie Dave Cordero #BSIT3A2

    Be who you are, show them what you want to become and hold on to that. Focus on your self more, treat yourself, buy what you want, do what will make you happy. Think positive and always believe in yourself. No ones gonna believe you but yourself.

  3. Arby Gumban 3A2

    focus on on your self, and live taday. I choose this two tips on getting back to a happier life. beacause i realize to do my responsibility in my life to become a better person in the future. and my past that made wrong was left behind and i regret that its all done, so i choose to live today and face tommorow and be happy.


    Being motivated everyday is important. It helps us to be eager and achieve our dreams and goals in life without any hesitation. For me, one thing that is applicable in doing better in life is, be who you indeed are. It is very important that you will show others who you really are and for them to accept and appreciate you. Before others will accept you, you need first to accept yourself, and keep yourself motivated by showing others your true beauty and personality without any hesitations and with all honesty in yourself. The second thing that I can apply in doing better and motivated in life is change. Take the risk to change. Don’t let your life be stuck on the wrong road that you are walking on. Change is the only permanent thing in life, so we must always be ready and accept the changes in our life. Change for the better, not for the worst. If that change creates a great impact in your life, you will be motivated and you have the willingness to always take the risk to change and not be stuck on stagnant. The last thing that I can apply in my life to do better is believe in yourself. If you think there is no one who believes you, remember always that you have yourself. Don’t do things to satisfy others, do things to make yourself better and satisfied. Believing in yourself starts within you, if you have no courage to believe in yourself, then others will not believe in you as well. Believing in yourself helps you to be motivated also, it will help you to always trust yourself and to do the things you never expected that you can do. In life, motivation indeed is very important. We must always remember that, if we feel no one loves us and no one believes us, you have yourself who motivates and keeps you moving forward.

  5. Klint Libona BSIT 3-A2

    I will choose these three steps that I think is applicable to me and can motivate me in doing better in life. First is, acceptance of my weaknesses and failure in life. I am truly not a perfect person, therefore I have weaknesses that sometimes hinder me from achieving my goals. I’m afraid of doing greater things from my perspective because I am afraid of failing. There comes my second choice, that is to change. Changing my attitude towards things that comes my way and to never be afraid of my weaknesses and failure will surely be my weapon in achieving my goals. To change means to forget what I am afraid of committing because I am not confident enough to do it and be strong or bold to pursue it no matter what the results may be. It leads me to the third step that is to live today. Forget about my past failures that have showed me how weak I am and never to depend too much on the future result. Living for today and doing the necessary is I think a very ideal thing that I should do. Being impatient of the result of my work makes me forget the important details of today’s events.

  6. Manuel Fungo 3A2

    Positivity, self belief, and change are pillars to loving yourself.
    Surrounding yourself with people who will lift you up, encouraging yourself and others around you to believe in themselves that they can do it, and acceptance of constant change in your life is whats key to being happy, successful and contented with your life.

  7. 1. Believe in yourself
    2. Choose positivity

    these two things I chose to motivate my self
    first believe in yourself because when you just rely on yourself you will not hesitate to make a decision in your life. always believe in yourself that we can all withstand the trials we face. be who you are don’t be shy don’t be nervous we try our best to surpass and achieve the desires in life.
    Second choose positivity because when everything you think is positive you are not violating morality or our humanity. always think positively for the good of the outcome we desire and no one is hurt. think positive to achieve goals without karma and without being violated. keep our mind positive for ourselves and we can handle the challenges that come in our lives.

  8. kelly L. Lavergas BSIT 3A-2

    first of all you must be brave to face the problem you are going through because if you are not brave it is as if you are neglecting yourself so that then we need to love ourselves.

    secondly we must be true to ourselves because to be real and let’s not fool ourselves because when you fool yourself it’s like you don’t love yourself

  9. Ashlley Jaztine Hisu-an, BSIT 3-A2

    Be who You indeed are or Being yourself means comfortably doing the things that you love. Don’t let anyone change you just for them to like you. Choose friends who accept your flaws for being yourself.
    Believe in Yourself, we have to believe ourselves to have the courage and confidence to face anything without fearing of something.
    Change, for a better You. We all have to change our bad habits that made us all stuck at our past. Move on and start a new life for a better you.

  10. Zaver B. Divinagracia BSIT3A-2

    For me is to love yourself first, then your family also your friends. Do not make negativity to yourself and better and better everyday. Don’t underestimate yourself, you can do what they can do, trust the process and be positive always. Don’t argue to the toxic people that surrounds you. Then last is don’t change your attitude for the people who can’t appreciate you, be who you wanna be just remember that true people is the one who stays in your attitude.

  11. Emel B. Baldeveso

    Emel B. Baldeveso BSIT 3-A2

    My choice is to change and believe in your self. Change because if you have already made some decisions in your life you need to change. You will change with that focus. And this is where believe in your self will come in because when you are new and you have learned something that you have a belief in yourself that you can do without hesitation to do the things that you think you have not done yet and you will spend it’s just that you got infected because you have a belief in yourself and you’ve learned something from the mistakes you’ve made that you’ve changed.

  12. Kevin M. Astrologo BSIT 3-A2

    Kevin Astrologo BSIT 3-A2
    I will choose do for adventure why ? Because i want to adventure with my friends and can make me happy.second accept yourself why we need to accept are self know matter what happens to you and also give time to your self.


    Choose positivity
    Believe in yourself

    It is because i lack of self confidence sometimes i think the worst possible happen . I’m afraid of mistakes I’m scared of what people think when i do mistakes and make fun of me I’m just confident when i know I’m good at it but when i try something new and in front of many people I’m scared and shy. So i need this tips to make me better in the future

  14. Be who you indeed are
    And believe in yourself

    I choose that two tips because this is how i am , be who i indeed are , i am my self im unique no imitators and truth to my self and also to others because i don’t lie to myself to impress others. And also i believe in myself that i can do things that i can. Yes at first i have a doubt in myself but later on i manage it and take out the doubt because i realize it can hold you back to what are you doing or what you are going to do and you always dependent to others which is not good. That’s why i believe in myself.

  15. I choose positivity and believe in yourself tips it is because this two tips are opposite to what I feel right now cause lately I suffer depression I feel sad and lonely even if I am actually not, I choose this to apply it to my self cause now I always think negativity and I’m not believe that I can do things well. Hopefully I apply this two tips to motivate me and to be a best version of my self someday.

  16. Ronnel Nagalo BSIT3-A2

    Be who you indeed are. That’s the 1st one I pick in the article below, I can apply it to myself by showing people who I really am. People around me will gonna talk about good or bad things I do, so let them judge me or do some hilarious things. But in the end of the day I’ll show them who I am, I don’t need to ruin my self just to impressed them all.

    Second is, focus on yourself. Focus on your dream, fucos on what you have. I don’t need to compare myself to anyone, I’ll just need to be contented on what I have and What I can.

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