Vigan Tourist Spots

Vigan Tourist Spots

The Top Tourist Spots in Vigan

I have always been fascinated by history. The idea of exploring the past and identifying the implications of previous generations to the present times make me very interested in a lot of things. It awakens my curiosity, and it sparks my love for discovery. Vigan is one of the places to visit if people would like to be both culturally and traditionally immersed. The place offers a variety of opportunities to anyone who visits the place. 

If you are planning to come here, the list below is a collection of the top tourist destinations in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Vigan Tourist Spot 

Baluarte | Vigan Tourist Spot 

List of Vigan Tourist Spots


The vast place is owned by Chavit Singson, a well-known politician. The attraction is a zoological park that aims to protect different species of animals and, at the same time, provide the Ilocanos the opportunity to relax and unwind while enjoying the presence of friendly animals. 

Vigan Tourist Spot 

Calle Crisologo | Vigan Tourist Spot 

Calle Crisologo

The Calle Crisologo is the place where you could experience the Spanish vibe hundreds of years ago. The old house on both sides, the old rock pavements, and everything in the area will make you feel like a Maria Clara. The site is very Instagram worthy, making it a spot for a lot of themed pictorials. It literally gives you a time-machine experience back in the 1500s to 1800s. 

Vigan Tourist Spot 

Crisologo Museum | Vigan Tourist Spot 

Crisologo Museum

The birth and establishment of the place started from a tragic incident; that is, a political figure (Cong. Floro S. Crisologo) was shot in the head. From then on, the place was converted into a museum to honor and to show the people how much loved and respected the politician was. He may be gone too soon, but his memories and everything he had done to his people were all preserved in the Crisologo Museum. 

Hidden Garden

Hidden Garden | Vigan Tourist Spot 

Hidden Garden

Dining with a view, this is what the Secret Garden is all about. As you enjoy the lush green environment, enjoy the native or authentic Vigan cuisine being served. The view, along with everything in the garden will enhance your appetite as you order your preferred dish. 

Padre Burgos House

Fr. Jose Burgos, one of the martyrs of GomBurZa, lived in this old house hundreds of years ago. It is their ancestral house, making it memorable and historic. Now, it is not anymore a residential house but turned into a museum. It holds several memorabilia of the life of Fr. Burgos along with other crafts and artifacts gathered from the province. 


Pagburnayan | Vigan Tourist Spot 


Pagburnayan is a pottery place in Vigan. As one of the top livelihoods in the site, it is no wonder that the locals give high importance to their flourishing craft. They take pride in showing the process of how to come up with beautiful pots by making the tourists see the actual making and designing of it. This specific tourist spot is very educational. 

Palacio De Arzobispado

Originating from the 18th century, the Palacio De Arzobispado, as an archbishop palace, once served as the headquarters of General Emilio Aguinaldo as well as other American invaders. Canonical artifacts, religious manuscripts, and all other remnants of the past can be seen at the Museo Nueva Segovia, an area inside the Palacio De Arzobispado. 

Plaza Salcedo and Dancing Fountain


Plaza Salcedo and Dancing Fountain | Vigan Tourist Spot 

Plaza Salcedo and Dancing Fountain

The place is named after Juan De Salcedo, a Spanish conquistador. The plaza is situated in the middle of the city center, making it very convenient for those who would like to take some time to unwind and relax. At night, expect that there will be a crowd since it also has a dancing fountain light show. 


Saint Augustine Parish Church

The Nuestra Señora de la Caridad or popularly known as the Saint Augustine Parish Church, houses the well-known and said to be the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary. With such news, it is not a wonder that both religious and pilgrims flock the place. 

St. Paul Cathedral

St. Paul Cathedral | Vigan Tourist Spot 

St. Paul Cathedral

St. Paul Cathedral or also popularly known as the Metropolitan Cathedral, was built following the grand Baroque architecture. Its magnificent beauty and noble structure. It was built in 1574, and it is continuing to be a center of devotion for the past hundreds of years up to the present. 

Vigan Tourist Spot 

Syquia Mansion | Vigan Tourist Spot 

Syquia Mansion

The place once served as the mansion of former President Elpidio Quirino during his administration. Now, it serves as a museum-like place where people could go and see artifacts of the family and other crafts from the time that the mansion was used as the residence of the president. 

Vigan Tourist Spot 

Vigan Bell Tower and Bantay Church | Vigan Tourist Spot 

Vigan Bell Tower and Bantay Church

Vigan Bell Tower or also locally known as the “Bantay” tower, is not a usual tourist spot. Back in the Spanish colonization, it served as a watchtower for both pirates and soldiers in waiting for the enemies. They use the bell to alert the people to prepare and even hide if necessary. Thus, making the place a life-saver and a part of the place’s rich history. 

Visiting history is easy in Vigan. It is as if one is riding a time machine, choosing which specific era to stop and to journey. The next time you plan your Vigan trip, don’t forget to consider this list in choosing the destinations to visit.  

Vigan Tourist Spot 

  Vigan Tourist Spots 

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