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Taiwan Tourist  Spots

Taiwan Tourist  Spots

Taiwan is a beautiful place to visit. As an Asian country, it is teaming with a lot of exciting and fun things to do. If you are thinking of visiting the place, this ultimate itinerary is prepared for you. 

List of Tourist Spots in Taiwan to Visit

Shifen Waterfall

Shifen Waterfall | Taiwan Tourist Spot

Shifen Waterfall

This attraction in Shifen can be visited by food. The water fall which measures 20-meters high is one considered as one of the most popular and spectacular site in this part of Taiwan.

Foot Massage

Reflexology at its finest through a good foot massage will remove all the stress and pain away. As the masseur try to stretch those feet of yours, you will feel nothing but pure bliss and relaxation. 


Houli Flower Farm | Taiwan Tourist Spot

Houli Flower Farm

An insta-perfect place to visit in Taiwan, Houli Flower Farm offers a spectacular view of a colorful garden perfect for any photo-op.

National Palace Museum

The Chinese art tracing back to almost 8,000 years is on display in this museum. Calligraphy, carvings, ceramics, and paintings are just some of the sights that you could see in the place. So, art enthusiasts will find this place as their haven. 


Beach  | Taiwan Tourist Spot


Going to the southern part of the city will allow you to get the much-needed heat of the sun through sunbathing. At the same time, a time to dip in the cold water and even swim. Yes, a beach adventure will surely complete your itinerary. 

Din Tai Fung

Get a taste of the famous dumplings of Din Tai Fung. If It is a real and authentic food trip that you are after, this place will be more than willing to serve you their best menu. Not to mention, their famous dumplings. 

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea | Taiwan Tourist Spot

Bubble Tea

This café offers palatable dishes as well as the famous bubble tea. They provide crash courses in preparing bubble tea three times a day. Take advantage of this learning opportunity and head to this place. 

Dihua Old Street

This street is teaming with goods to buy beginning from vegetables, fruits, and even souvenirs. Walking on this road is like taking a walk in a part of history. Thus, bringing your friends with you will give you such a good bonding time. 


Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall | Taiwan Tourist Spot

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

The vast influence of Chinese heritage is found in this place. It holds an extensive collection of both Chinese and early Taiwanese tradition. As a memorial hall, rights and ceremonies are also celebrated here. 

Chimei Museum

May it be the arts, musical instruments, or weapons; all of these are available in Chimei Museum. As you come here, appreciate the rich cultural and traditional heritage of the country. Plus, don’t forget to take lots of photos. 


Lungshan Temple

Lungshan Temple | Taiwan Tourist Spot

Lungshan Temple

Experience the architectural beauty of the place, the burning incense, and the spirit of people coming to this temple. The cultural and traditional heritage present in the temple will leave you educated and satisfied. 

National Museum of Fine Arts

Both traditional and modern works of famous Chinese and Taiwanese artists could be seen on display here at the National Museum of Fine Arts/ be inspired by the beauty of their jobs and perhaps, begin to start your artwork. 



Shilen Night Market | Taiwan Tourist Spot


Shilen Night Market

The Shilin Night market is one of the must-see places. This will give you the chance to buy different crafts and souvenirs at a meager price. Not to mention, haggling with the price is possible. 

Shi Dong Food Market

Farmers and fishmongers alike would go to this place to buy their unique goods like a black queen, blue lobster, and seaweed jelly. Milk-based products like avocado milk are also one of the most remarkable things to try in this area. 

Sky Lantern

Sky Lantern | Taiwan Tourist Spot

Sky Lantern

Choose your lantern, write something on it, and wait for the night time to arrive. As you light it, let it fly on its own and send you heartfelt wishes and prayers. This is indeed a great way to explore the culture in a unique way. 

Tea Houses

There are a lot of tea houses in Taipei. Choosing which one fits your liking of flavor, ambiance, and the location is just a matter of a minute. As you select your tea house, enjoy the cup while it is hot. 


Sun Moon Lake | Taiwan Tourist Spot

Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is the best spot for a chill and relaxing afternoon. Resting and unwinding for a bit away from the busy city center and going to this park-like place will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

The Source

The famous Kavalan barley-based whiskey could be tried in this place. Those who have a particular inclination towards whiskey will find this opportunity to give it a shot. Its unique and famous taste will be enough to make you ask for another cup. 

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 | Taiwan Tourist Spot

Taipei 101

Head to the 89th floor and see the entire city like an eagle. The observation deck found at the top will make the experience a better and a much-clear view of the beauty of the town. Might as well take advantage of this skyscraper if you happen to visit Taiwan.

Taipei Zoo

One of the great features of the Taipei Zoo is their Pandas. Yes! These friendly creatures will be more than willing to amuse you just with the sight of them. Head here and take amazing photos. 


Taroko National Park | Taiwan Tourist Spot

Taroko National Park

This national park provided its visitors with great ambiance and scenery. Taking a walk here and enjoying the breeze of fresh air on a beautiful afternoon will always be the top favorite of those who are knowledgeable about the beauty of this national park. 

Whale Watching

Going to Wushih Harbor will give you the chance to see a significant number of whales. As they dance with the waves, you can take good photos, or you may enjoy the fascinating moment. 

Parks, zoos, museums, food trips, these are just some of the opportunities to try in the beautiful country of Taiwan. 


Taiwan Tourist Spots


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