Mambukal Mountain Resort

Mambukal Mountain Resort

Travel Guide for Mambukal Mountain Resort 

Summer is fast approaching, and I am sure that you can’t just wait to book the perfect vacation and have a fantastic time with the rest of the gang (family). Well, with the technological advancement now, all you have to do is go to google and look for the place which you think you would enjoy the most. If you are tired of the common or the usual spots to visit, why not try something new yet equally or even beyond enjoyable?

Mambukal Highland resort located at the foot of Mount Kanlaon at Barangay Minoyan in Murcia Negros Occidental might be the place that you are looking for. The 23.6 hectares land covers different areas that happen to provide a different form of experience to every visitor. The first thing that you might ask me now is, is it going to be expensive? We’re on a tight budget! My answer is no. Since this resort is being managed by the local government, except that the fees that you will pay on your stay here are within your budget, the entrance fee for adults will only be 50php and 20php for children. Bringing your car is also possible by paying 15php for light vehicles and 30php for trucks and buses. Inexpensive right?

In a way, this resort is secluded from the busy city. But along with its location lays a fantastic and scenic natural environment. You will feel so relaxed as you sit and listen to the sound of nature, or watch the surroundings, or join activities. In short, you can do here whatever it is that your heart desires. How about the food now? Well, no worries because you can choose to bring your food or you can also opt to buy it here. There are available tiangges or small stalls just inside and outside the resort, and I am sure that whatever they have prepared for you will make your stay here memorable.

If you want to stay for the night, villas equipped with amenities are also available. The price ranges from 1,700php (double bed) up to 4,000php (family cottage). There is also LGU cottage, which you can choose to rent for the only 900php to 1,500php. The price is still low, considering that all rooms are already fully-airconditioned and a veranda.

As for the facilities, I know that adults and kids alike will find something here that will entertain them. They have the picnic hut (300-600php), trellis and pagoda (300php), pavilion (600php), swimming pool (50php), Japanese Ofuro (100php), zipline (50php), wall climbing (25php), boating (30php), canopy walk (50php), butterfly garden (20php), camping (50php/person), Ishiwata Bath House (100php/30mins), and the Blade Spa. Imagine, with just a minimal fee, you get to experience an enjoyable activity.

Mambukal Mountain Resort

Mambukal Mountain Resort

Things to Do

  1. Be mesmerized with the beauty of the Mambukal Falls. Through you need a guide to explore the falls along with its passage within, walk-in this beautiful falls is a must-try adventure.
  2. Take a bat-watching with the kids. With about 8,000 flying bats in the resort, your kids will surely find it amusing being part of a batman like a scene. This is also fun and, at the same time, educational activity for the kids.
  3. Visit the Butterfly garden. How about a visit to a garden teeming with varied butterfly species? Let your kids run freely as they enjoy the scenery of the little flying friends. Make use of this activity to introduce to your kids the different butterfly species.
  4. Immerse in a hot mineral bath. Not only is it refreshing, but I am also sure that all the negativities and worries will be released as you enjoy your moment here. This is also perfect for one’s health since the temperature of the body regulates the blood circulation.
  5. Try out all the other activities. May it be wall climbing, canopy walk, zip line, camping, or whatever you find in this place, try it out! It is not every day that you get the chance to try something exciting and unique.
  6. Join the Mudpack Festival. If you happen to visit here by the 3rd week of June, joining this festival will give you an extra activity to join too. The artistic presentation of different artists using mud can be seen in this festivity.

With a lot of things you can do in Mambukal Mountain Resort, I am sure that you and your kids will find your time here very relaxing and, at the same time, entertaining. Gone are the days that vacation has to be extravagant or expensive, for you can also do it in a much simpler yet equally enjoyable way. Visit Mambukal Highland Resort now!



Entrance Fees: 

  • Adult- P50.00
  • Kids 11 years & below – P20.00
  • Light Vehicles – P15.00
  • Trucks/Buses – P30.00


  • Matrimonial – P1,700.00
  • 1 Single & 1 Matrimonial – P2,000.00
  • 4 Single Beds – P2,400.00
  • Extra Bed – P200.00

Family Cottage – P4,000.00

  • Extra Foam P100.00

LGU Cottages

  • Good for two pax – P900.00
  • Good for four pax – P1,200.00
  • Good for six pax – P1,500.00
  • Extra Foam – P100.00

Tourist Lodge

  • Ordinary Room – P600.00
  • Deluxe Room – P750.00
  • Family Room – P1,000.00

Dormitory (Exclusive Use – good for 20 packs) P2,000.00

Camping P30.00 per person

Picnic Huts

  • Big Hut – PHP 600.00
  • Small Hut – PHP 300.00
  • Tables w/ four Chairs – PHP 100.00



Mambukal Mountain Resort:

Address: Brgy. Minoyan, Municipality of Murcia

Telefax: (034) 473-0610

Mambukal Mountain Resort Bacolod Office:

2F Northwing, Old Capitol Bldg., Bacolod City

Telephone Numbers: (034) 433-8516 | (034) 7090990


Address: Barangay Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental

The most convenient way to reach the place is to rent a car, especially if you are traveling as a group.

For people who would want to commute, you can take a jeepney at Libertad Public Market. Just ask for directions as to where to find the Jeepney traveling to the place. 

Mambukal Mountain Resort

Mambukal Mountain Resort

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