Pampanga Tourist Spots

Pampanga Tourist Spots

Pampanga A Fusion of Old and New: Tourist Spots and Things To Do

Pampanga is dubbed as the “Culinary Capital of the Philippines.” It is home to many Filipino staples like kare-kare and sisig. However, the province is better known for Clark, one of the best cities in the world, and its nightlife. Other than that, Pampanga boasts other attractions for families and more discerning individuals. The old and new seamlessly mingle here, and visitors are more than welcome to join in the fun.

Pampanga Tourist Spot

Pampanga Tourist Spot

List of Pampanga Tourist Spots

Puning Hot Spring

Puning is one of the most exciting places to visit in Pampanga. The name of the site came from the Aeta word ” punang,” meaning full of trees. Experience a 4X4 wheel drive towards the place and spa service offered by the Aetas therapists.

Makatapak Festival 

A more somber festival in commemorating the disastrous Mt. Pinatubo eruption back in 1991. After a feast, participants would walk barefoot across the lahar (mudflats) on a hot sunny day to reenact the escape from the eruption. Participants would dance at the end (still barefoot) and offer prayers to God and the province’s patron saint, The Virgin Mary of Remedies. This is to ensure that such a disaster will never happen again.


Pampanga Tourist Spots

Dinosaurs Island | Pampanga Tourist Spot

Dinosaurs Island

Dinosaurs Island claimed to be the first animatronics attractions in the country. This dino-amusement theme park allows you to see gigantic and life-size dinosaurs. Kids and families will surely love this tourist spot.

Nayong Pilipino 

Visit all of the Philippines in just one day or two. Nayong Pilipino is a cultural exhibit showcasing replicas of the country’s other tourist attractions and historical sites. Another gallery features the different currencies and clothing used by Filipinos throughout the ages. Native dances such as the tinkling or singkel are also performed in the in-house theater on a regular basis. Nayong Pilipino either saved you the hassle of having to travel to other parts of the Philippines for the sites or encouraged you to visit and see what they look like in person.

Pampanga Tourist Spots

Sandbox Pampanga | Pampanga Tourist Spot

Sandbox Pampanga 

Start your adventure with a bang by going through this obstacle course. Sandbox offers different challenges for its guests ranging from the Adventure Tower to Aqua Dash. The giant swing and rollercoaster zip line also await brave souls. Visitors can ride ATV’s throughout the park or engage in airsoft and paintball tournaments as well. For the kids and less-physically inclined, they can go on a picnic on the grounds, golfing or kite flying. The reward for coming here is one unforgettable experience.

Candaba Bird Sanctuary 

This is one of the places Asian birds go to avoid the winter in the northern and central regions of the continent. Birdwatchers would have a field day cataloging the different and often rare avians that call this place home. Having contact with the birds or going near is prohibited to avoid disturbing them and possibly contracting infectious diseases.

Pampanga Tourist Spots

Sky Ranch | Pampanga Tourist Spot

Sky Ranch Pampanga 

Right beside SM San Fernando, Pampanga is a smaller version of the original Sky Ranch located in Tagaytay. Despite the lesser size, tons of fun can still be had here. Sky Ranch has all the theme park staples you can think of and more. The entrance is free, with visitors paying to get on individual rides or booths. For such a small package, it sure delivers a lot of goodies.

Mt. Arayat 

Travel to any point in Northern Luzon, and chances are you will come across this seemingly all-seeing mountain. Travelers can take the opportunity to see it up close and personal to perhaps see a breathtaking view of Pampanga and parts of nearby provinces. You’ll even be surprised to discover as well that Arayat was once a volcano. As the mountain is often a backdrop of many Philippine myths, you might even encounter sightings of local spirits. If you’re more of a skeptic, though, the journey might suffice for you.

Pampanga Tourist Spots

Aqua Planet  | Pampanga Tourist Spot

Aqua Planet 

Have your dose of fun in the sun at one of Pampanga’s newest attractions. Take a plunge in any of Aqua Planet’s 30+ water attractions and pools. Once back on dry land, grab a bite at the delicious restaurants, or enjoy a show featuring Captain Aqua and the park’s other mascots. Affordable and luxurious accommodations are even offered to those who want to stay a little longer.


Drop by and hang out with our animal friends. Visitors can feed Zoocobia’s residents (meaning the animals) or even watch them put on a spectacular show. Horse and camel rides are also offered to more adventurous patrons. You can even roam the nearby hills with either an ATV or bike. After a day of fun, help yourself to a scrumptious meal at the in-house restaurant. The attractions will surely bring you closer to other creatures that call this planet home.

Pampanga Tourist Spots

Pamintuan Mansion | Pampanga Tourist Spot

Pamintuan Mansion 

Pampanga is one of the first provinces established by the Spaniards. It is also one of the first eight provinces to rebel against their rule (as symbolized by the eight rays of the sun in the Philippine flag). As such, Pampanga has a rich history to complement its modernized society. Pamintuan Mansion is where the First Philippine Republic celebrated its first year of independence. The structure houses the furniture and other items once used by the country’s first independent leaders.

Pampanga Tourist Spots

Museo ning Angeles | Pampanga Tourist Spot

Museo ning Angeles 

Standing in contrast with Angeles’ infamous night clubs is the austere Museo ning Angeles. The museum showcases the history of Pampanga and portraits of the province’s prominent personalities. Cooking and painting lessons are also held on its top floor. This is a good way to not only learn about Kapampangan culture but also to experience it.

Deca Wakeboard Park and Pradera Verde 

Can’t get enough of the water but want something more extreme? Then head on to Deca and wakeboard to your heart’s content. It’s all good whether you just want to learn the basics or join the tournaments. Either way will leave you soaked and out of breathing (in a good way). After some change of clothes, you can go to nearby Pradera Verde for some go-kart action. Again, both amateurs and professionals are welcome. What’s important is that everyone is having fun.

Clark Museum 

Clark Museum | Pampanga Tourist Spot

Clark Museum 

Within the confines of this urban paradise, is a tribute to its fallen heroes. The museum contains exhibits on American and Philippine experiences during World War II. Clark once served as an American airbase before the city we know today. At present, the city is considered the pinnacle of urban planning and home to the Philippines’ second major airport.

Old Train Station 

It is another historical site commemorating WWII heroes. The Japanese packed their American and Filipino captives in claustrophobic trains during the infamous Death March. On a lighter note, the small museum shows the history of train travel in the Philippines. There are even plans to reopen the station once the Philippine government reactivates the Manila-North Luzon Railway Line. Do not fret as the museum will be kept intact as a memorial to a dark moment in Philippine history.

Holy Rosary Parish 

Holy Rosary Parish | Pampanga Tourist Spot

Holy Rosary Parish 

A trip to the Philippines won’t be complete without a visit to at least one church. So what distinguishes the Holy Rosary Parish from other churches in Pampanga? For starters, it served as an execution ground (both inside and outside), something unheard of for religious buildings. Later on, the Americans converted the church into a hospital, with the Japanese turning it into an administrative center afterward. Now, Holy Rosary Parish hosts the province’s religious festivals. As of the time of writing, the interior of the church is closed for renovations and repairs until 2025.

Miyamit Falls 

Let us begin with Pampanga’s natural attractions with Porac’s hidden gem. The falls are tucked away in a small forest amidst the province’s open plains. The trek is hard, but the sight and a dip in its pool make it worth it. The local government cares for its piece of heaven, so do your part by just enjoying the view and not leaving any litter.

Hot Air Balloon Festival 

Hot Air Balloon Festival | Pampanga Tourist Spot

Hot Air Balloon Festival 

Pampanga’s most famous event usually takes place around February or March (or whenever the weather is favorable, particularly during the summer months). As a testament to the festival’s popularity – announcements and posts about it reach all corners of the Philippines as early as six months prior to the celebration. Many of the visitors and participants even come from oversees. Hot air balloons of various sizes, colors, and shapes are displayed in Lubao and often hold flight exhibitions for a week. For a small fee, patrons can ride on them and roam parts of Pampanga for a few hours. Guests usually camp near the festival site at least two days before the festival proper to ensure a good spot once it begins.

Giant Lantern Festival 

Giant Lantern Festival | Pampanga Tourist Spot

Giant Lantern Festival 

Christmas is a big deal for Filipinos, so celebrations are normally a momentous one. Kapampangan craftsmen took it up a notch by displaying intricately-designed giant lanterns as early as September. Exhibitions are done in San Fernando, the so-called “Lantern Capital” of the Philippines, with the gigantic lanterns brightening the night for visitors to behold. Christmas lanterns are usually star-shaped, but those in the display can come in different forms. A few are even qualified to be exhibits on their own, often featuring lanterns joined together to depict a Christmas-related scene. In fact, for the duration of the festival, visitors can see beautiful Christmas lanterns hanging from every post or tree in the city.

Sinukwan Festival 

Each province in the Philippines has its own colorful festival to celebrate God, prosperity, or something positive. For Pampanga, it’s the Sinukwan Festival, held every December to honor the country’s God of farming, Haring Sinukwan. Although to reconcile with modern Christian sensibilities, the festival is now held to celebrate Kapampangan culture, prosperity, and unity. Locals hold cultural performances (normally turning into contests between companies or schools) featuring colorful and gaudy clothing and native instruments. Food fairs all over the province allow visitors to sample some of the best cuisines the Philippines has to offer.


Sisig | Pampanga Tourist Spot


Although home to many Filipino dishes, the sisig is considered Pampanga’s signature food. Sisig means “something sour,” referring to its original version of a mishmash of sour fruits eaten as a snack. Lucia Cunanan, famously known as “Aling Lucing,” created its modern version in the 1970s. Sisig, as we eat it today, is made of grounded meat (usually pork but other meats are fine, even fish), topped with a sunny-side-up egg and season with chili peppers and onions. Many restaurants serve the dish all over the Philippines with different variations, a fitting tribute to the late visionary. However, many still flock to Aling Lucing’s original restaurant in Angeles, Pampanga, to sample the recipe that started it all.

Pampanga has seen it all – major events in Philippine history and paving the way for the country’s future development. The past, present, and future intertwined with almost no problems at all. Its attractions hold so much acclaim that even foreigners crowd towards them. Only the best is in store for Pampanga moving forward. In the meantime, don’t be a stranger and visit as soon as you can. Who knows what’s in store for you once you arrive.

Pampanga Tourist Spots

Pampanga Tourist Spots

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