Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies: A Guide to Success

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Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies: A Guide to Success

Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies 

Mastering Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PECs)for Success  


As an entrepreneur-accredited national mentor and coach of the Department of Trade and Industry, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of  PECs in the journey of every business owner. These competencies serve as the cornerstone of my approach to running my business and are principles I’ve observed and learned from fellow entrepreneurs in our group, the Association of Negros Producers. While I cannot claim mastery over all these traits, I strive to embody them in my daily activities, always reminding myself of their significance.

Financial Management [Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Financial management is a crucial skill for any entrepreneur. Understanding financial concepts, managing finances effectively, developing and managing budgets, analyzing financial statements, and making sound financial decisions are all essential components. For instance, I regularly review my business’s financial statements to track its financial health and make informed decisions regarding investments, expansions, or cost-cutting measures.

[Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]


Vision and Goal Setting [Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Having a clear vision and setting achievable goals is key to businesssuccess. I believe in setting specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals. This approach not only keeps me focused but also helps me communicate my vision effectively to my team, inspiring them to work towards our common objectives.

[Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Persistence [Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Persistence is perhaps one of the most critical traits for entrepreneurs. The journey of entrepreneurship is fraught with challenges and setbacks, but it’s the ability to persevere and stay committed to your goals that sets successful entrepreneurs apart. When faced with obstacles, I remind myself of the bigger picture and the reasons why I started this journey, which gives me the strength to keep pushing forward.

[Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Creativity [Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Entrepreneurs must think creatively to identify opportunities and develop innovative solutions. This involves thinking outside the box, coming up with new ideas, and finding creative ways to solve problems. For example, when faced with a saturated market, I had to think creatively to differentiate my products and services, leading to the development of unique offerings that set my business apart from competitors.

Resilience [Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from failures, learn from experiences, and stay motivated. It’s about facing challenges head-on, learning from setbacks, and using them as stepping stones to future success. In my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve faced numerous setbacks, but each one has taught me valuable lessons that have made me stronger and more resilient.

[Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Self-confidence [Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Believing in oneself and one’s abilities is crucial for entrepreneurial success. This confidence allows entrepreneurs to take risks, make decisions, and pursue their goals with determination. While self-doubt is natural, having confidence in my abilities has been instrumental in overcoming challenges and achieving success in my business.

[Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Initiative and Opportunity Seeking [Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Entrepreneurs should be proactive in identifying and pursuing opportunities. They should have the ability to recognize trends, anticipate needs, and take action to capitalize on emerging opportunities. For instance, when I noticed a growing demand for eco-friendly products, I seized the opportunity to expand my product line to include environmentally sustainable options, attracting a new segment of environmentally conscious customers.

[Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Decision Making [Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Entrepreneurs must be able to make timely and effective decisions, weighing the risks and benefits of each option. They should be able to gather relevant information, analyze it thoroughly, and make informed decisions that align with their goals. For example, when faced with a major business decision, such as whether to expand into a new market, I conduct thorough market research, consult with experts, and carefully evaluate the potential risks and rewards before making a decision.

[Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Taking Calculated Risks [Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Entrepreneurship involves taking risks, but successful entrepreneurs take calculated risks based on thorough analysis and evaluation. They weigh the potential rewards against the risks and make informed decisions to pursue opportunities. For example, when I decided to launch a new product line, I conducted market research to assess the demand and competition, evaluated the potential costs and benefits, and then made an informed decision to move forward with the launch.

Networking [Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

Building a strong network of contacts is essential for entrepreneurs. Networking allows them to connect with other professionals, potential partners, and customers, opening up new opportunities for collaboration and growth. For example, through networking events and industry conferences, I’ve forged valuable partnerships and gained insights into industry trends, which have been instrumental in the growth of my business.

In conclusion

Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies are the foundation of entrepreneurial success. By embodying these competencies and applying them to their daily activities, entrepreneurs can navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship more effectively and increase their chances of success.

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  1. Krisella Joy Quinto

    The one entrepreneurial competency that I am weak in is financial management. Financial management is a crucial skill for any entrepreneur, however most of the time I find it hard to manage my budget and come up with effective financial decisions. I had an experience with business during the pandemic when my friends and I started selling clothes online. With that experience, I found it hard managing the sales, capital and profit.
    On the other hand, the entrepreneurial competency that I am strong in is persistence. The journey of entrepreneurship is faced with challenges and setbacks. But I am willing to be persistent and committed in this pursuit. I am a Political Science student. When you come to think of it, it is kind of far away from this kind of pursuit, but I am willing to learn. I always like a challenge and I always see things in a bigger picture.

  2. Lawrence Deivin Arsuento

    1. For an entrepreneur, creativity is essential. It is the spark that propels advancement and inspires creativity. Creativity enables entrepreneurs to perceive opportunities where others perceive barriers, from recognizing unfulfilled needs to coming up with ground-breaking solutions. Developing an attitude of experimentation, curiosity, and open-mindedness is essential to fostering creativity. In the entrepreneurial journey, utilizing one’s creative capacity can result in genuinely transforming outcomes, whether it is redesigning an existing product or establishing a new industry.

    2. The key to success as an entrepreneur is self-assurance. The motivation behind starting a business and overcoming the unavoidable obstacles that come with it is frequently rooted in one’s self-belief and ambition. Acknowledging one’s skills and flaws, accepting responsibility for mistakes, and adopting a growth attitude are all necessary for developing self-confidence. It’s about being resilient in the face of difficulty, owning your decisions, and having faith in your gut feelings. In the end, self-assurance not only helps people advance but also builds credibility and trust among stakeholders, opening the door for long-term success.

  3. Carlos Vidaurrazaga/abpo3-a

    one entrepreurial competency i am strong in, would be that I am confident and strong in, would be creativity from my field, while these days, there are plenty variations of the same idea, but one to make it seem like a fresh and interesting concept and making it that it is both appealing to the wider audience and that can ride along and reach the given trends that happens currently.

    one compentency i am currently working on and not strong at is self confidence, and trying to put myself out there, underestimating my skills and having more doubt than doing the work. While yes, one’s own wellbeing is important, it is also important to trust in one’s ability to show and trust in one’s own skill, and its still one that I need more to develop.

    I apologize for the late submission, I wasnt able to find this comment box previously. thank you.

  4. Marco Toribio

    1. I find Financial management Personal Entrepreneurial Competency as my strong suit because it enables entrepreneurs to effectively handle finances, make informed decisions, and drive business growth and sustainability.
    2. I find Excessive self-confidence can be my weakness in Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PECs) as it may lead to my overestimation of my own abilities, resistance to feedback, and a lack of adaptability, hindering entrepreneurial success.
    Marco Toribio

  5. Louienze Montelibano

    Louienze Montelibano ABPO3-A

    Networking [Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]

    I consider Networking as My strength when it comes to entrepreneurial competencies. I believe that my personality is the one who helped me interact with people and do business with them.

    Creativity [Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]
    I believe that being creative is my weakness because I lack innovative and critical thinking skills when it comes to taking a risk in business.

  6. Jewel Rhay Tingson

    Jewel Rhay A. Tingson
    1. The entrepreneurial competency that I am strong at is resiliency. In my nonentrepreneurial self, I can see that I have determination, can embrace change, and able to adapt even having different circumstances along the way which I think I can also apply when venturing in entrepreneurship. I can adapt and able to bounce back despite the challenges and setbacks I face.
    2. I think my weakness is creativity. I struggle in developing business that is creative and could really catch the attention of the people. I am not a creative person—sometimes I find it hard to think outside of the box even with resiliency being my strongest competency, I cannot start something and being resilient is useless. So, with that being said, creativity as my weak entrepreneurial competency, not thinking outside is the most difficult thing because without it, starting a business will be impossible.

  7. Luther Dapat

    1. The entrepreneurial compentency I’m strong with is none other than resilience. Resilience means not giving up when thing gets hard and I am that. I may have a setbacks at times but instead of sulking and crying, I go around figuring it out and making it as my source of determination for a successful event next time.

    2. Even if I’m resilient enough to overcome obstacle, it’s still is hard because my weaking is creativity. I can go on and on about solving problems but I can never go outside the box to took for new opportunity making it harder for me to continue doing business. Being creative is important to the point where if creativity does not exist, successful business is impossible

  8. Arianne Sagarang

    1. Strength (CREATIVITY)
    -As an artist, I always think outside the box and come up with unique designs. I believe being different is key in the market, and creativity grabs people’s attention. I’ve been passionate about arts since I was young, studied arts and design, and now I apply that creativity to my everyday life as a person with an entrepreneurial mind. I see creativity as a strong entrepreneurial skill that sets me apart.

    2. Weakness (SELF-CONFIDENCE)
    -I’m a introverted person who doesn’t show off much. I come up with ideas to make money and can turn them into reality, but I find it hard to believe in my products. I fear people won’t buy them because there are many other great products out there, and mine might not be as good.

  9. Calixto G. Galido III

    Decision making – I tend to think things through before deciding, that’s why I believe I’m strong in this entrepreneurial competency.
    Networking – I believe this is my weakness because I’m not innately good at socializing.

  10. Lyra Jumiller

    Creativity: I must say that I am capable of doing so, and my strength is creativity. Thinking outside the box and making solutions to the problem that I’m facing. As a political science student and a theater artist, I always thought about how to be creative, whether it be in set design, how you act, or how you debate. Teaches us how to be resourceful and create ideas that can help boost production and performance. In the entrepreneurial aspect, it will still be the same: being creative and resourceful is one of the keys to having a successful business. We must squeeze our creative juices and make plans to have a better and ideal business. We must be creative in order to be different and have an advantage over other businesses.


    Financial Management- As a person who doesn’t know how to save money, it’s so hard to do it and track my finances, but in order to be responsible, I must start learning how to save and make myself engage in doing things in relation to money.

  11. Glouel Dee Estrella

    1. The entrepreneurial competencies that I’m strong in are vision and goal setting. With every goal that I have in mind, I always envision it as to how I expect it to happen. This would help me make a framework as to the steps needed to achieve it. With that framework, I would be able to take the actions required.

    2. The entrepreneurial competency that I’m weak in is financial management. This is the skill that I’m still working on since I’m struggling with handling money. I have a hard time making sound financial decisions and tend to waste money.

  12. Marianne Veron Era

    1. Persistence
    I’m proficient at persistence in my nursing experience, meaning I don’t give up easily. This has made it possible for me to handle the difficult challenges that arises while dealing with patients in nursing, as well as continue with classes even when they become tough. It makes it possible for me to keep trying even when things are not going as planned. This is why I am good at sticking to my goals and finding solutions to problems, which is crucial either in nursing and entrepreneurship.

    2. Self Confidence
    My weaknesses include self-confidence especially when it comes to entrepreneurship, whereas, on the other hand; I am confident enough among the tasks I have learned in nursing education hence, do not have belief in myself when starting up a business. However, there are instances where I may lack confidence on occasions such presenting proposals during entrepreneurial forums or talking to potential partners or taking risks within the business domain. To improve this situation, I should trust myself more and get some practice of doing different businesses so that my confidence can grow beyond crashing point. Moreover, being more confident would enable me succeed at bringing new ideas into healthcare and using my nursing skills differently.

  13. Kenneth Vejano

    Vejano, Kenneth J. BAPO3A

    1. I believe that the strongest entrepreneurial competency that I have is having a big channel of networks or networking. I’ve been working in different offices before even up to now that I am a student scholar, I still work with people. Even in external organizations, I also deal with communities and a lot of young leaders, families, and youth-led organizations. This is really something to be maximized when I enter entrepreneurship. Having many people that you know is an ace when you start with business. Not all of it may be your target market but they can be a channel of interest and promotion for your business. But above all, when you start building a business, their basic needs should be your first priority so that they can be part of your target audiences.

    2. My weakest entrepreneurial competency is calculating the risk of the business. It is something that no machine or tool can measure it but with your logical mind and your gut only. Risks are inevitable and to see it ten times ahead is a big ace your a business owner. Knowing your risk would also lead you to know your interventions and mechanisms to address these problems and challenges. And that is something I should work on the most.

  14. May Shayreen Delasa

    May Shayreen M. Delasa

    1. Taking Calculated Risks
    Risks and challenges are some of the constants of entrepreneurship. It is impossible for one’s entrepreneurial journey to be free of issues and problems. Having the ability to make calculated risks based on data and thorough analysis makes a successful entrepreneur.

    I personally believe I excel in this area, as I am not afraid to take risks. I also tend to think thoroughly and weigh the pros and cons before making any decision.

    2. Creativity
    I consider creativity one of the many ‘must haves’ of a successful entrepreneur. Creativity is the foundation of any entrepreneurial journey, as creative ideas essentially serve as an entrepreneur’s capital in any of their ventures. A creative entrepreneur is more likely to succeed compared to those who rely on common and mainstream ideas.

    I find having this PEC a challenge, as I tend to stick to realistic and convenient approaches that have been tested and proven rather than thinking outside the box.

  15. Hanna Nicole t

    1. As a strong suit of mine, I think I can say that I would fall in the persistence as my strongest suit. There had been many times when I was discouraged and was tired of selling stuff because sometimes, my products don’t get sold out or I don’t earn more than my capital. But I persevered because if I don’t, that would make me a quitter, and I am not a quitter.

    2. In entrepreneurship, creativity is necessary. But I am not creative enough. I am not good at thinking outside the box and producing something that is naturally engaging and attractive to the eyes. But since I am selling food, I make up for it not by how it looks or how it’s designed, but by making sure the money they paid for is worth it through its taste.

  16. Thresha Jhoelle Natuil

    1. Persistence. Being consistent with the goal(s) within businesses creates an image that could help the impression of potential customers to engage more in its products and services. Also, if you are committed to showing up for your business, the customers will respect your efforts and dedication to putting up with it. 

    2. Networking. I am someone who is not exposed to people engaging in a lot of things, especially when it comes to businesses. It’s difficult to connect with other partners as I do not have links outside my potential business, such as suppliers with low, affordable costs. Not-known businesses cannot easily enter conventions, events, and conferences that showcase different small businesses to grow and collaborate as the products I will be selling are too common for the market.

  17. 1.As a performer the competency that I am strongest when it comes to enterpreneurship is aside from my skills as a drag queen, I can comsider my marketing strategy is also strong.I have noticed that I am able to reach different clients because of mu social skills and the way I market myself and my talent to other people and with that I can say that I am one of the sought after queen in the island because of my connections,reach and marketability.

    2.Although my strongest is my marketing strategy,I can consider my innovation as lowest of my competency kn entrepreneurship because it is hard for me to innovate especially my visuals,as a performer budget is prerequisite but due to demands and needs in life I am not able to produce good amount of money to innovate.

  18. I believe that I am very good at creating a thorough and futuristic strategy vision for initiatives or endeavors. To accomplish long-term objectives, this entails spotting opportunities, predicting market trends, and efficiently allocating resources. So i believe that creating events like a fashion show will really fit what I am passionate about.

    I believe that money is a big factor when it comes to entrepreneurship and I am aware of the fundamentals of finance, I confess to having a deficiency in comprehensive financial management. This covers more complicated topics like financial modeling, resource allocation optimization for maximum profitability, and complex budgeting. To increase my overall level of entrepreneurial competency, I’m actively focusing on increasing this component.

  19. Since the age of 17, I have immersed myself in entrepreneurship and business, venturing into selling upcycled hoodies and bottoms and engaging in online thrift shopping. Through this entrepreneurial journey, I discovered both my strengths and weaknesses in entrepreneurial competency.

    1. Strength: Creativity.

    One entrepreneurial competency that I am strong with is my creativity. To me, creativity isn’t merely a skill; it’s my secret sauce. It helps me tackle tricky challenges with a fresh perspective, bringing unique ideas to the table that set my ventures apart. It’s not only about developing products; it’s about embracing change and staying adaptable in the ever-evolving business world. This creative edge isn’t just noticed—it’s an essential ingredient that defines my approach and fuels success in my entrepreneurial endeavors.

    2. Weakness: Networking.

    Networking has been a hurdle in my entrepreneurial journey due to my introverted nature. Initiating conversations in social settings isn’t my strong suit, and at times, I find myself prioritizing tasks over building and sustaining professional relationships. This focus on day-to-day activities has resulted in missed opportunities for valuable collaborations and partnerships. Recognizing the importance of a robust network in business, I’m actively working on honing my networking skills, understanding that forging strong connections is paramount to unlocking growth and opportunities.

    To end, as I reflect on my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve come to realize that creativity isn’t just a skill, but rather the beating heart of my success, transforming challenges into unique masterpieces. Networking, once a daunting mountain, is teaching me that every missed opportunity is a chance to grow, creating meaningful connections and paving the way for exciting collaborations ahead.

  20. Fritz Cyfer D. Aribas

    1. An entrepreneurial competency that I am strong in is initiative and opportunity seeking. I believe that social media and the role of influencers have made it easier for the normal person to recognize trends, which includes me. For instance, when I have a lot of time on my hands, I tend to scroll through multiple social media platforms, and I am bound to come across a product or a service that would be trendy, or a product that would be useful that has not been recognized yet. But another side of the coin of this competency is that one should know when the trend has stopped, then you should know how to jump into another trend, like when 2023 was all over cargo pants, even though that market is alive and well, it is slowing down, or this 2024, was the Adidas Samba, a trendy shoe, but the hype has since calmed and will eventually die down in a matter of months and will eventually be replaced with another shoe.

    2. An entrepreneurial weakness that I believe I have is self-confidence. I am an introvert and have only been working on my self-confidence these past few years. I want to have a business when I graduate, but I still have doubts now and then, because I have no experience in business, I question myself if it will be a good decision, because what if it does not work? But my self-confidence over time, I noticed, has gotten a lot better, and my entrepreneurial self-confidence has been boosted because of this course, as well.

  21. Athaliah Karylle Juanillo (BAPO 3A)

    1. I grew up with businessperson/entrepreneur parents, so I’m quite familiar with the field; I would help them out every now and then with the business, and I have witnessed them handle the business to which I have picked up through out the years. So the entrepreneurial competency that I believe am strong in is Vision and Goal setting, and Resilience. With life in general, I know what I want, and I know what I have to do in order to achieve that; I set out my plans, and goals for my future. Also, whatever plans I have that may fail, I know how to motivate myself to get back up. In a business aspect, I create this mind map which involves the vision and goals for the business what what is needed to be done in order to achieve them. If ever those plans may fail, I need to have a plan B, C, D, and so on, so that I may have a solid ground to land on.

    2. The entrepreneurial competency that I am weak in is Decision Making. I am quite an indecisive person, and I have yet to improve myself in this. If I want to make my business successful, I have to make the right and careful business decisions.

  22. Ginci Mae Padios Montes

    Ginci Mae Padios Montes – BAPO3A

    1. What I am strong at:
    I can see that I am leaning towards having the quality of having initiative and being opportunity seeking. Throughout my business ventures, I find that I am quick to jump at the possibilities of setting up, collaborating with, planning and being somewhat a “hapos istoryahon” or “Always G” type of person when it comes to setting up a business.

    2. What I am weak at:
    I do acknowledge however, that persistence is not my strong suit in the field of business, as I often get discouraged when plans do not work out. Although I believe that I am resilient as I find new ways to market my wares and such, I am not persistent, and often get discouraged in doing the long term for the specific market that I am in, which results in short term, or sporadic types of business.

  23. Maorin Aguilar

    Maorin Joy D. Aguilar ABPO3A


    1.Choose one entrepreneurial competency that you are strong:

    – My family was into business when I was younger, we had small restaurants or eateries, and I was used to working for them until now. One of my strengths was resilience. I’ve learned to be prepared for challenges in our businesses. I’ve learned to improve my skills and broaden my knowledge of our business because my family and I have made mistakes and failures, but it hasn’t stopped us from growing and learning from them and we bounced back and planned everything to avoid making mistakes in the future. If we make mistakes, we learn to accept setbacks in order to regain our stability and provide excellent service to future customers. Also, as a result of my resilience, I’ve learned to be mentally prepared, to stabilize my emotions, and to manage my time in both our business and my academics.

    2.Choose one entrepreneurial competency that you are weak:

    – Networking is one of my weakness when it comes to business. Making connections with other professionals and possible partners through networking is crucial. It is my weakness because I don’t or sometimes I am hesitant to recommend potential clients to our business. But the article taught me that networking is important since it helps you create a strong network of contacts and opens up additional options for our firm to grow.

  24. Rica Joy Aguirre


    1. Initiative and Opportunity seeking
    – Initiative is very important when it comes to dealing with business, if you are able to take risks and develop a plan then you are able to come up with a good outcome. Opportunity seeking is a key part of the entrepreneurial process, as it helps entrepreneurs find new ways to grow their businesses. By constantly seeking out new opportunities, entrepreneurs can ensure that their businesses are always moving forward and making progress. The first thing is to expect opportunities to come your way, what is the point of being prepared if you don’t first expect them. Use motivations and ideas to make things better in your way.

    2. Decision Making
    I have difficulty in making a decision sometimes because I tend to miscalculate the situation and the outcome is different to what it used to be. I also try to ask someone and be able to get their suggestions or opinions and compare it to mine. In that way, I was having a hard time to deal which is which. As an entrepreneur I am now trying or working this out in order for me to achieved the goal.

  25. Cialea Ann Dela Cruz

    Vision and Goal Setting (strength)

    During the pandemic, I tried to sell a beauty product I made. I had a concrete goal and objectives in order to make my business successful. I also earned twice my first capital. I believe that this is my strength whenever I start a business because I am focused and I really need to earn money at that time.
    Resilience (weakness)

    I easily get discouraged once I can feel that my business isn’t doing that good. I easily get drained from doing the things I am passionate about. That’s why this is my biggest weakness in entrepreneurial competencies.

  26. 1. For me, the competency that I am strong with is the persistence. In all aspects of my life, if I have a goal that I really want to achieve, I stay persistent in achieving it no matter how hard the challenges is or how bumpy the road becomes in achieving my goals. I don’t easily quit because whenever there are challenges or obstacles, I always remind myself that it is part of the journey in achieving my goals.
    2. One thing that I consider as my weakness is the financial management. I always have a hard time managing my money or budget because there are times that I am being impulsive that leads me to spending on something that I don’t really need. Sometimes I forgot to track my financial statement that gives me a hard time in budgeting.


    1. I consider decision making in an entrepreneurial competency where I am strong. Personally, I am a person who weighs the pros and cons and considers various perspective when making a big decision. My strength in this area will allow me to approach the challenges with clarity and solve problems effectively. With this, I believe that thinking critically and making rational decisions are essential in entrepreneurs.

    2. I consider creativity as my weakness in an entrepreneurial competency since I am not a creative person. It struggles me when creating new or innovating ideas or when thinking outside the box. I believe that this is essential especially in the field of entrepreneurs. It drives innovation and adaptation to the changing market demands. However, I will try my best to explore ways to enhance this skill.

  28. Angie Mambalos

    Choose one entrepreneurial competency you are strong in and another that you are weak in. Explain briefly.

    1. One entrepreneurial competency I can say I am strong in is the Vision and Goal Setting. As a young entrepreneur, I always set my goals and vision as to where the business is heading. Setting my vision and goals guides me on how to operate with my team on achieving common objectives. I believe strong vision and goal setting skills help entrepreneurs to stay focused, motivate their team, and navigate challenges effectively toward achieving success.
    2. One entrepreneurial competency I can say I am weak in is the decision making. I won’t deny the fact that I am not good in decision making as I sometimes act upon my emotions and do some impulsive decisions. Those impulsive actions have consequences that I needed to overcome but I can also say that those wrong decisions somehow helped me grow specifically in my mentality aspect. I believe I am doing better in decision making as I practice critical thinking, seeking feedback, learning from mistakes, and honing intuition.

  29. Jeevic Magnabe

    1. Self-confidence [Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]
    – I believe that I am strong in this aspect because I like taking risks. I pursue my goals with determination and confidence that I can make or achieve it. I make decisions that I believe would be beneficial to me in the long run, for I like to think ahead.

    2. Creativity [Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies ]
    I believe that I am weak in this aspect because this drains me a lot. I find it hard to think outside the box because the ideas I have or I can think of have already been made by someone else. It’s hard for me to come up with new ideas and solve problems in a creative way that could benefit me in the long run.

  30. Jiloma, Hanna Roshen S

    Hanna Roshen S. Jiloma BAPO3-A

    1. For me, one entrepreneurial competency that I’m strong and capable about, is the essence of resilience. At my young age, I already faced a lot of challenges and adversity in every aspects of my life but none of those problems won over me because of my personality of being resilient. I take every problems on my life as a new opportunity for me to change, to grow and even to learn. Of course, there are some circumstances in my life where I feel lost and even cry on smallest things and problems simply because I don’t know how to face and solve them, however, somehow being resilient help me to atleast take it slowly, step by step and day by day to find ways and methods on how to approach obstacles in my life without being hard to myself. That is also applied in same way when I see myself as an entrepreneur. I know that a lot of problems may arise once you enter the world of business or let us say the world of being an entrepreneur. A lot of emerging issues in regards with your business might arise and unforeseen cirmcustances might happen. Which requires an individual to be flexible and of course adaptable with the changes and challenges. And on my side, being resilient would be a beneficial tool wherein, I would be able to take all of these occuring problems on my business on the future into a positive perspective on situations. As well as, view challenges as learning opportunities for me to grow effectively as an entrepreneur and focus on the things I can control instead of dwelling on what I cannot change. I might sounds cliche, but I really belelieve in the saying that if you are not part of the solution maybe you are part of the problem. So, I guess being an entrepreneur is more on assessing yourself on what you are, what you can have and what you can’t have. It is all about staying motivated and take criticisms as a stepping stone that would lead me/us to be more resilient and stronger in the face of hardships not only in the world of business but also in the real world of life.

    2. I think one of my entrepreneurial competency that I’m weak in, is the lack of self-confidence. I highly doubt myself everytime I make decisions in my life especially if I know that it would not only affect me but also everyone around me might be afflicted once I make a wrong decisions and bad choices. That’s why I really need to be careful with my choices and when I do, I really doubt myself because of my poor self-esteem . Of course, I know my capability as a person but there’s always a part of me that tells me I can’t do it nor achieve it. That’s why I see this one as my weakness when it comes to my entrepreneurial spirit also. Wherein, for example I might want to try something new and something unique in my life and also the same way applied to my future business, however, I won’t do it because of being scared to get out from my comfort zone and for having a lack of self-confidence, with this kind of attitude I know for sure that my business won’t be successful and I personally won’t be successful. Because being an entrepreneur is that you have to gain a lot of self-confidence and guts. A lot of successful entrepreneur mostly I’ve known does not have enough money to start a business but because of their burning passion fueled by high self-confidence they are able to make their business flourish and mostly all of them are now living the life they envision when they are still starting from the scratch. And as for me, their story is truly an inspiration not only for those who are looking forward to have a business but also to someone who are in the verge of doubting their self amd their full potential. Doubting ourselves might be normal and natural but once it becomes a habit it becomes deadly and destructive but on my part, as an individual who is not only continue growing but also chooses to grow; what I mean is to learn something new everyday, I also worked on with this weakness because I know that my weakness would be a hindrance to my success and a limit on my creativity as a person and on my entreprenurial spirit. So instead of seeing this as my weakness I guess I see this one as a problem that also needs a solution.

  31. Nataly E. Bermejo

    Nataly E. Bermejo ABPO3-A

    1. Creativity- Anything that is related to art excites me to visualize and create things. Drawing, painting,and layout boost my mood. It became my stress-reliever.
    2. Financial Management- Among the personal entrepreneurial competencies, I find it hard to manage financial-related stuff since I am not that financial literate yet. I admit that I need to learn more on how to itemize and audit well my financial health.

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