Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar – NGC Bacolod | A Review

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Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar - NGC Bacolod | A Review

Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar | As we posed for this photo, everyone insisted on looking their best, with Sonny Cabahug and myself taking particular care. We joked about needing some light effects to cover up our “scandalous tummies,” adding a touch of humor to the moment. I was especially pleased to be wearing a black polo shirt, while Lei Lani and Jojo Bayona were coolly seated at the rear, ensuring that their waistlines were hidden. Jojo Bayona even jokingly threatened us that our contract wouldn’t be renewed if his appearance will not be nice, adding to the playful atmosphere of the photo session.

Dining Experience at Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar – NGC Bacolod

Disclaimer: This review is the honest narrative of our experience and is not intended to discredit Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar. Rather, it aims to provide constructive feedback based on our dining experience to help them understand the varying taste preferences of their customers. It’s worth noting that we have previously visited and sampled their branch in EB Magalona, where our experience was different. The offerings there were tastier and more to our satisfaction. I have also documented that experience in my travel blog, We hope that this feedback will be taken into consideration to further enhance the dining experience at Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar. We look forward to returning in the future to see if some changes were made.

Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar

As we savored the dishes, we couldn’t help but laugh and joke among ourselves, insinuating, “Is life too bitter for us, that even the food is going with that theme?” Despite our disappointment, we tried to make the most of the situation, finding humor in the irony of the overly salty flavors. Our laughter lightened the mood and helped us enjoy each other’s company, turning what could have been a disappointing meal into a memorable experience with friends.


Valentine’s Day is more than just a celebration of romantic love; it’s also a time to cherish friendship. For Lei Lani, Jojo Bayona, Sonny Cabahug, and me, this day serves as a reminder of our strong bond. United by our love for food and fun adventures, we form a tight-knit group. Although some of our friends couldn’t join us, our quartet shares a special connection that often leads us to exciting escapades. Join us on our journey of friendship and fun!

Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar

Arrival and Parking at Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar – NGC Bacolod 

On Valentine’s Day, my friends Lei Lani, Jojo Bayona, and I decided to have dinner at Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar in NGC Bacolod. Unfortunately, Engiemar Tupas and Archie Valderrama couldn’t join us as they had their dinner plans. Sonny Cabahug, another friend, informed us that he was finishing a meeting and would join us later. The traffic was hectic, with everyone seemingly rushing somewhere else. Finding parking was a bit challenging, but we were relieved to find more parking spaces on the grounds of the restaurant.

Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar

While we were not so happy with our meal, we couldn’t help but feel grateful for the goodness of life. Being alive, having jobs, and having each other as friends made our time together even more enjoyable and delicious than any dish could.

Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar – NGC Bacolod: Ambiance and Seating

Cianos embraced us with the promise of a delightful evening. The restaurant’s ambiance was inviting, with the irresistible scent of seafood wafting through the air. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted and presented with the choice of dining indoors in the air-conditioned comfort or outdoors in the festive al fresco area. Despite the lively atmosphere and beautiful lighting of the al fresco section, we opted for the air-conditioned area. While the lighting in the indoor area was plain daylight, the comfortable seating and the promise of a cozy dining experience appealed to us. Additionally, we appreciated the availability of a nice restroom, which was accessible and clean, enhancing our overall impression of the establishment. As we settled into our seats, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of anticipation and excitement for the culinary journey that awaited us.

Menu Selection and Pricing | Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar – NGC Bacolod | A Review

When it came time to select our dishes, the fresh seafood options were somewhat limited. Despite this, we managed to find some enticing choices, including “gingaw fish” for sinigang, squid for adobo, blue marlin for sizzling, and “isol sang manok” for barbecue. However, as we made our selections, we couldn’t help but notice that the prices were higher compared to similar restaurants in the city. Despite the price point, we were eager to see how these dishes would be prepared and presented, hoping for a memorable dining experience.

Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar

Food Quality and Taste at Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar – NGC Bacolod 

When our eagerly awaited dishes arrived, we were ready to indulge. However, our anticipation quickly turned to disappointment. The sinigang, while vibrant with its generous assortment of vegetables, was surprisingly salty, throwing off the balance of flavors. The squid adobo, lacking the characteristic black ink, presented a peculiar overly sour-sweet taste that failed to satisfy our palates. The sizzling blue marlin though served generously on two plates, was disappointed with its dryness and the absence of the promised buttery richness; it tasted more like a fried fish. Even the “isol sang manok,” typically a flavorful barbecue choice, fell short, being smaller than expected and overly salty. The consistent theme of excessive saltiness in all our dishes left us longing for a more balanced and nuanced flavor profile.

Service and Staff | Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar – NGC Bacolod 

Despite our disappointment with the food, the staff were courteous and accommodating. They greeted us warmly upon arrival and attended to our needs throughout the meal. However, we couldn’t help but notice that some of the staff seemed tired, which may have affected the overall service experience. Of course, we gave the waiters feedback about the salty taste of the food, but we didn’t hear any explanations from them. Despite this, they remained professional and courteous, ensuring that we were comfortable and had everything we needed.

Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar

Conclusion and Feedback

In conclusion, our dining experience at Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar in NGC Bacolod was a bit underwhelming. While the ambiance was decent and the staff were courteous, the food quality and taste did not meet our expectations, especially considering the higher prices. We hope that they can improve its food quality and consistency to attract more customers in the future.


Cianos Seafood Grill and Bar – NGC Bacolod 


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