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Congress Approves NEPC Franchise

Congress Approves NEPC Franchise

Empowering Negros: Congress Approves NEPC Franchise

In a historic and pivotal moment during the 2nd regular session of the 19th Congress on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, the Committee on Legislative Franchises unveiled Committee Report No. 936 on House Bill No. 9805. This crucial bill, having successfully passed the second reading, signifies a major advancement towards the granting of a franchise to Negros Electric and Power Corp. (NEPC). If enacted, this franchise would empower NEPC to establish, operate, and maintain an electric power distribution system tailored for commercial purposes and in alignment with the public interest. This legislation marks a significant step forward in enhancing the region’s energy infrastructure and ensuring a reliable power supply for the populace.

Aim for Progress [ Congress Approves NEPC Franchise ]

The franchise is tailored to serve the cities of Bacolod, Silay, Talisay, and Bago, as well as the municipalities of Murcia and Don Salvador Benedicto in the province of Negros Occidental for a substantial period of 25 years. This strategic initiative is poised to revolutionize the region’s energy landscape, guaranteeing a reliable and uninterrupted power supply to cater to the burgeoning demands of its residents. By extending its reach to these key areas, the franchise aims to uplift the quality of life, enhance economic activities, and contribute to the overall progress and development of Negros Occidental.

Smooth Transition and Workforce Welfare [ Congress Approves NEPC Franchise ]

During the plenary debate, Congressman Gus S. Tambunting, Chair of the Legislative and Franchises Committee, emphasized the transitional arrangements for Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) and NEPC. He clarified that CENECO will retain a 30 percent ownership stake in NEPC. Furthermore, all financial obligations and debts of NEPC will be settled through a meticulously structured Joint Venture Agreement, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition.

Congressman Tambunting also reassured the workforce that their welfare is a top priority. He affirmed that employees’ retirement and separation fees from CENECO will be disbursed by the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreements. Moreover, employees will be given a first preference if they choose to apply to NEPC, ensuring job security and stability amidst the transition. This commitment underscores the government’s dedication to the well-being of all stakeholders involved in the transition process.

[ Congress Approves NEPC Franchise ]

Primary Objective: Continuous and Uninterrupted Supply of Electricity [ Congress Approves NEPC Franchise ]

The primary goal of this franchise is to guarantee a consistent and uninterrupted electricity supply in the designated franchise area. By doing so, it aims to fulfill the energy requirements of the residents while also fostering the region’s development and progress. This legislation represents a crucial milestone in addressing the energy needs of the covered areas, ultimately stimulating economic growth and enhancing the overall quality of electric distribution for the residents.

Looking Ahead

The approval of the NEPC franchise is a monumental achievement that lays the foundation for a more sustainable and reliable power supply in Negros Occidental. This milestone reflects the government’s unwavering commitment to addressing the region’s energy needs and signifies a proactive step towards further development and progress. With this approval, Negros Occidental is poised to embark on a path of enhanced energy security, economic growth, and overall prosperity.

[ Congress Approves NEPC Franchise ]

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