Sakada Coffee Shop: A Sweet Stop in Silay City | A Review


Sakada Coffee Shop

Sakada Coffee Shop: A Sweet Stop in Silay City

Location and Setting

Our journey from Tomongtong Mangrove Eco-Trail left us with a craving for something sweet to complement our day’s adventure. Silay City beckoned with its array of dining options, and among them, Sakada Coffee Shop stood out. Nestled on Dr. Jose Locsin Street in Elena Subdivision, Brgy. V, is conveniently situated along the highway, adjacent to a bustling car wash. The architectural design marries modern and rustic elements, with roofing sheets adorning some walls and unpainted concrete walls exuding a tasteful gray hue. The tables, crafted from high-quality lumber, add a touch of warmth to the ambiance.

Reflecting on Our Time at Sakada Coffee Shop

L-R: Lei Lanie Dusaban, Yours truly, Jojo Bayona and Sonny Cabahug

Discovering the Menu of Sakada Coffee Shop

As we scanned through the menu card, our attention was immediately captured by the Halo-halo. Without hesitation, Jojo Bayona, Sonny Cabahog, Lei Lani, and I unanimously agreed to savor this beloved Filipino classic, while Sonny opted for a refreshing fruit slush. Delivered in a vibrant violet bowl, the Halo-halo was adorned with a generous scoop of ube ice cream, creating a visually stunning presentation.

Foregoing additional sugar, we allowed the natural sweetness of the ice cream to shine through. The concoction boasted a medley of gelatine in vibrant red and green hues, decadent ube halaya, and a delightful crunch from the cornflakes and shredded cheese topping. The creamy texture and enhanced flavor brought by the ice cream were undeniable, elevating each spoonful of this beloved dessert.

While we collectively acknowledged the potential for further enhancement with additional ingredients such as sago, kaong, leche flan, and other candied fruits like macapuno and langka, we also recognized the balance struck by the current composition. It’s worth noting that the pricing might need to be adjusted with the addition of these premium ingredients, but we believe it would only enhance the overall indulgence of this Filipino classic.

Reflecting on Our Time at Sakada Coffee Shop

Refreshing Respite [ Sakada Coffee Shop]

The warm weather prompted me to request extra shaved ice, intending to temper the sweetness of the ice cream. As we savored our icy treats, Lei Lani took the opportunity to have her car washed. The timing couldn’t have been better, as her vehicle was attended to just as we settled in to enjoy our desserts. The convenience of being able to eat while Lei Lani waited for her car to be cleaned added to the appeal of Sakada Coffee Shop. The straightforward layout, coupled with the cleanliness of the establishment, including the restroom facilities, contributed to a pleasant dining experience.

Sakada Coffee Shop

Thanks to Jojo Bayona and Sonny Cabahog

Before we left, I couldn’t help but express my gratitude to our benevolent friends, Jojo Bayona and Sonny Cabahog. Jojo generously paid for our Halo-halo, promising to treat us again next time (maybe he is expecting blessings to come, char!). With a twinkle in his eye, Sonny shared that he, too, would give us a treat soon, hinting at a great blessing in his career and love life that he was anticipating. Though the specifics of Sonny’s news remained a mystery, we eagerly awaited the occasion, Lol!

Conclusion: Reflecting on Our Time at Sakada Coffee Shop

Sakada Coffee Shop provided the perfect respite after our excursion. With its inviting ambiance, efficient service, and delightful Halo-halo, it offered a memorable experience in the heart of Silay City. While improvements could be made to the Halo-halo’s ingredients, the overall experience left us satisfied and eager to return. As we bid farewell to Sakada Coffee Shop, we left with fond memories of sweet indulgence amidst good company, eagerly anticipating our next visit and the promised treats from our dear friends.

Reflecting on Our Time at Sakada Coffee Shop

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Reflecting on Our Time at Sakada Coffee Shop

Sakada Coffee Shop

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