Delicious Bacolod Restaurant | Citadines Bacolod

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Delicious Bacolod Restaurant | Citadines Executives Meet and Greet

Delicious Bacolod Restaurant   | Pan-Fried Salmon

A Taste of Bacolod’s Finest: Delicious Bacolod Restaurant Meet and Greet with The Ascott Limited Executives [ Citadines Bacolod ]

A Busy Day Culminates in a Delightful Evening

The day I had been packed with 10 hours of classes, making Tuesday the busiest day of my week. Despite my exhaustion, I was committed to attending our meet and greet with the Citadines Executives from Manila, organized by the Negrense Bloggers group. After my last class, I hurried to Delicious Bacolod restaurant, located at Units B & C, G/F, Sunlife Building, 20th Corner Lacson Street, Bacolod City, excited for the gathering.

Delicious Bacolod Restaurant | Citadines Executives Meet and Greet

Warm Welcome and Great Company [ Delicious Bacolod Restaurant | Citadines Executives Meet and Greet ]

As I entered the restaurant, the huge hardwood door immediately caught my attention. I’ve always had a fascination with nice doors, and this one was truly impressive. The bloggers, including Eduardo Joven, the couple Dennis and Sigrid Lo, Sunshine Dacudao, Betsy Gaso, Dhadha Garcia, and Claire Algarme, were already there. Joining us were the two charming ladies from The Ascott Limited (Citadine) who had flown from Manila: Ms. Mary Eunice Lodripas, Director of Communication and Marketing, and Ms. Ysabela Carisee de Claro, the Assistant Manager for Marketing.

A Jovial Atmosphere and Exciting Conversations [Delicious Bacolod Restaurant | Citadines Executives Meet and Greet ]

The meeting had no specific agenda; it was simply a meet and greet, an opportunity to get to know the executives from The Ascott Limited. I was delighted that the gathering was informal, allowing for a jovial conversation. During our discussions, one exciting topic that came up was the opening of Citadines Bacolod, which will house 200 units designed to celebrate Bacolod’s aesthetic. The interior design features wooden accents and an earthy palette, creating a dream apartment in Bacolod City. The property will offer four different types of units: Studio, Studio Premier, One-Bedroom Deluxe, and Two-Bedroom Deluxe. Additionally, Citadines Bacolod will have a ballroom that can accommodate up to 600 guests. Isn’t that amazing?


A Gastronomic Adventure [Delicious Bacolod Restaurant | Citadines Executives Meet and Greet ]

After a while, we started to place our food order. Somebody ordered appetizers which we all tried. First, the Wasabi Prawn with mango, red onions, coriander, and lemon in crispy filo cups. Then, there were mini crab cakes with cream cheese and caviar. These appetizers were good, but I wasn’t prepared for the strong wasabi in the prawns, and I got caught off guard—it was a hilarious moment! The texture of the appetizer was excellent, and the flavor of the prawns perfectly matched the sweetness of the mango. The mini crab cakes were also good, but I liked the Wasabi Prawn more.

Delicious Bacolod Restaurant | Citadines Executives Meet and Greet

For the salad, Sunshine Dacudao and I decided to share the Classic Chicken Caesar salad with bacon bits, croutons, and parmesan cheese. The dressing was just perfect; it didn’t overwhelm the salad, and the large chunks of chicken blended well with other ingredients. It could easily pass as a meal itself.


For my main course, I ordered the pan-fried salmon with roasted baby potato, pea puree, red cabbage, and a lemon wedge. The salmon was perfect—juicy yet a little crispy on the outside. Other bloggers ordered their dishes, but I couldn’t comment on the taste since it was my first time at the restaurant.


For dessert, I ordered the sticky toffee Date pudding with whipped cream, caramel sauce, and walnuts. I found it a bit too sweet for my liking, and the serving size was quite huge. I was grateful that others shared the dessert with me; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to finish it because of its super sweet taste.

Pricing Note

While the food was great at Delicious Bacolod, please take note that their pricing is also par above that of other restaurants in Bacolod City.

Delicious Bacolod Restaurant | Citadines Bacolod


Looking Forward to More adventures [ Delicious Bacolod Restaurant | Citadines Executives Meet and Greet ]

I look forward to learning more about Citadines Bacolod and sharing the details. Until then, I’ll cherish the memories of our delightful evening at Delicious Bacolod, filled with good food, great company, and exciting conversations about the future of hospitality in Bacolod City.

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