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Filipino Food / Dishes

Filipino Food and Dishes

Filipino Food and Dishes

Visiting the Philippines will not be complete without getting a taste of the different food that they offer. From chicken, pork, seafood, noodle, and a lot more, this country is indeed a rich one in terms of the culinary world. Let us discover some of the unique food found in the country. 

List of Popular Filipino Food and Dishes  To try



This cooked chicken meat in the combined power of garlic, pepper, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar. The thing about adobo is that the longer it lasts, the better it tastes. 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Filipino Food and Dishes

Chicken Inasal 

Bacolod’s chicken inasal is a famous hit in the country! It is made up of chicken highly seasoned in achuete, calamansi, garlic, lemongrass, and pepper. 

Arroz Caldo 

This chicken rice porridge is usually prepared during the rainy season or when someone is sick. This increases one’s appetite by consuming something palatably hot. 


Filipino Food and Dishes

Filipino Food and Dishes

Bagnet – the deep-fried pork is similar to Lechon kawali. In this case, the crunchy skin when dipped with vinegar. 

Bicol Express – pork mixed with coconut milk and lots of chilies make it perfect for a spicy Bicol express. 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Crispy Pata – simmered, drained, and in-depth fried process of preparing crispy pata makes it laborious yet worthy due to its delicious and crunchy taste. 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Filipino Food and Dishes

Dinuguan with Puto 

This dish perfectly combined food will be enough to make you crave. The dinuguan is made up of pork innards while the puto or rice cake is paired with it. 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Inihaw na Liempo 

Liempo or the pork’s belly is cooked in a barbecue style. It is stuffed with other possible herbs and spices to spice it up more. 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Lechon – an entire pig roasted at the top pf flaming charcoal. Though it takes time to cook this one, its taste is merely perfect. The skin tends to be very tasty, crunchy, and juicy. 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Filipino Food and Dishes

Longaniza – it is a pork sausage that is cooked using boiling oil. Dip it with vinegar to fully enjoy its combined spicy and garlic taste. 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Pork Barbecue – barbecue pork is perfect when paired with either sweet or spicy sauce. Though it may come in chicken, pork is still the most sought-after barbecue. 

Sinigang – this may come in the form of chicken, beef, and even seafood, but the most famous one is the pork version of it. Enhance the sinigang taste with the help of kamias, tamarind, or tomato. Then, mix other vegetables like string beans and kangkong. 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Filipino Food and Dishes

Sisig – chopped pork mixed with chilies, pepper, calamansi, and other ingredients make an excellent sisig dish. For some, they opt to put a fresh egg at the top when it is served on a sizzling plate. 


Filipino Food and Dishes

Filipino Food and Dishes

Fish Kinilaw – the fish will be marinated in the mixture of chili, ginger, palm coconut vinegar, and spices. Then, when the fish absorbed the taste inside, it is good to serve. 

Fish Tinola – mix the fish with onions, tamarind, and tomato and let it cook under a low flame fire for about an hour. Then, it is good to serve. 

Relyenong Alimango – a peeled crab, is mixed with herbs and onions and cooked through sautéing. Then, it is deep-fried to make it more crunchy and tasty. 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Filipino Food and Dishes

Inihaw na Panga/Buntot ng Tuna – the jaw part of a tuna fish is grilled and is dipped in a combined calamansi, chili, soy sauce, and vinegar. 

Sinanglay – freshwater tilapia is stuffed with onions and tomato. Then, it is simmered with coconut milk and is wrapped using the leaves of pechay. 

Taba ng Talangka – the pressed content of crabs mixed and sautéed with garlic is a perfect add-on to any meal. For some, they also mix it with plain rice, and it is good to go. 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Filipino Food and Dishes

Kuhol sa Gata – snails are cooked in leafy vegetables and coconut milk. Later n, the use of toothpick is necessary to get the tasty content of the snail inside. 

Sinugno – a grilled freshwater tilapia is mixed with chili and coconut milk. The taste is unique and worthy to be part of a special meal.


Pancit Habhab

Pancit Habhab – a noodle-based dish that includes lots of vegetables such as carrots, chayote, and a lot more. 

Pancit Palabok – the orange sauce used to give the noodle a rich taste is made up of pork, shrimp, egg, and chicharron. 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Filipino Food and Dishes

Batchoy – This dish is famous in Iloilo. The secret in this dish lies in the quality of the broth. It normally has some internal organs of pork and topped with crispy pork chicharon and egg.


Filipino Food and Dishes

Bulalo – a hot bulalo soup is perfect for any weather. The beef is cooked under the flame until it becomes very tender. Then, vegetables are added, such as potato and a lot more. 


Filipino Food and Dishes

Kare-Kare – the kare-kare becomes very tasty because of the crushed peanuts. It is also paired with shrimp paste and other vegetables like eggplant and string beans. 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Filipino Food and Dishes

Tapa – marinated beef usually served during breakfast is called tapa. To make the meal a full one, some would opt to add egg and a sinangag rice. 



The 17-day-old duck embryo is cooked through boiling. Once done, it will be taken and dipped into a bit of salt. Though it may not look pleasant, its taste is a must-try one. 


A frog stuffed with minced pork and cooked through deep frying is another level of exotic food. This dish is famous most, especially in Pampanga. 


Mole crockets turned into a crunchy appetizer. Yes, as weird as it may sound, kamaros are being taken as exceptional exotic food. 

Tinolang Tugac – this is another way of cooking edible frogs. They will turn it into a ginger soup and adding chayote into it as well as some bits of chili leaves. 


Ilocos Empanada 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Ilocos Empanada – the combined pork sausage, egg, papaya, and bean sprout makes a tasty empanada. This is also cooked through deep frying. 

Empanada de Kaliskis 

A flaky croissant pastry filled with chicken inside. It is cooked through deep frying. 

Pan de Sal

Filipino Food and Dishes

Pan de Sal – Is oval buns that are perfect to pair with coffee. This is usually taken as part of the traditional Filipino breakfast. 


Laing – taro leaves cooked in coconut milk is what laing is all about. It gives a distinct taste, which makes it famous, especially in the province of Bicol. 

Lumpiang Ubod

Lumpiang Ubod – Lumpiang Ubod is a vegetable spring roll with a sauce made up of crushed peanuts and sweet sauce. This is famous as an afternoon snack in the country. 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Filipino Food and Dishes

Pinakbet – Pinakbet is a combination of a lot of vegetables like squash, okra, bitter guard, and shrimp paste. It is usually paired with a fried fish. 


Tablea Tsokolate – this pure hot chocolate is made up of tablea de cacao. It might be a bit stronger in terms of the bitter taste, but adding a spoon of sugar can improve its original flavor. 



Filipino Food and Dishes

Bibingka – soaked rice with butter, egg, cheese, and a lot more. Bibingka is also usually visible during the Christmas season.

Taho – the use of soybean custard and brown sugar syrup produces a sweet taho. Sometimes, others may opt to add gulaman or gelatin. 

Buco Pie

Buco Pie – buko pie is the traditional coconut pie. It best consumed when served hot. 


This dish rice mixed with cocoa, milk, and sugar. This is best for either breakfast or snacks. The porridge feature of it is best for those who would like to take rice differently. 

Turon – a banana wrapped in a lumpia wrapper with langka inside is deep-fried. It is beyond tasty and sweet. 


Filipino Food and Dishes


Flatbread with special molasses filling is a specialty in Bacolod City. It is quite flaky and usually eaten as a snack or dessert.

Halayang Ube 

Using purple yam as the main ingredient, halayang ube is a hit dessert across the country. It is garnished with coconut bits at the top when served. 



This dessert or snack is a mixture of beans, purple yam, gulaman, ice, milk, and a lot more is called halo-halo. This can be seen everywhere during the summer season. 

Leche flan – this custard cake using egg and milk may be difficult to prepare, but it is sweet and worth it. 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Filipino Food and Dishes

Ensaymada at Tsokolate 

A delightful bread with cheese and sugar at the top is perfectly paired with a cup of hot cocoa. 

Pastillas de Leche – using carabao milk and sugar as well as other sweet ingredients, the Pastillas de leche is produced. These are then wrapped in tiny colorful papers or plastics. 

Filipino Food and Dishes


Puto bumbong – cooked using a chimney like a machine, puto bumbong is usually served during the Christmas season. 

Suman at Manga – this is my favorite! Sticky rice wrapped in leaves paired with sweet mango. This may be served either as a snack or as a breakfast. 

Choosing food to consume in the Philippines is easy. With the number of available options, you just have to figure out which one you like and order it. You will get to experience the rich culinary background of the country through their dishes. 

Filipino Food and Dishes

Filipino Food and Dishes

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  2. John Collin J Jaen BSIT3-A2

    American doctors visiting my brgy. Mambulak to donate medicines and also American doctors conducting a free medical services to the poor people. And entire community of brgy. Mambulak. As a genial host our brgy. official is my partner for allowance of their foods for doctor and staff i guest its memorable for me. Brgy. captain assigned me as a leader of the reception committee for this event. To prepare there foods. Like any other dishes, dessert and many menu’s they like, but i decided im the one to choose the menu, different Those who choose the menu are the ones they have never eaten or seen before and they not have just tasted it.

    (1st day break fast) is
    (Pancit Habhab)
    noodle-based dish that includes lots of vegetables.
    (1st day Lunch) is kare kare
    Kare kare is the best menu of filipino’s
    (1st day dinner) Lechon
    a kind of Lechon that very crispy.

    (2nd day breakfast)
    Longanisa with rice and shanghai perfect combination.
    (2nd day Lunch)
    Inihaw na liempo and dinugo an. This combo is one of the best.
    (2nd day Dinner)
    Crispy pata. This food are very crunchy and delicious.

    (3rd day Breakfast)
    Pancit palabok is a orange sauce used to give the noodle a rich taste is made up of pork,egg, shrimp, and also chicharon for more tasty.
    (3rd day Lunch)
    Bulalo, Bulalo is very deliciously food. And this food gives you energy because. Of Bulalo soup and vegetables.
    (3rd day dinner)
    Tapa, Tapa its very tasty meal. Because before we cooked this tapa. I marinated for a secret spices in philippines.

    (4th day Breakfast)
    Ilocos Empanada the combined pork sausage, and pure pork also egg and papaya, and bean sprout make a tasty empanada.
    (4th day Lunch)
    “Inihaw na Buntot ng Tuna and pork barbecue”
    tuna fish and pork bbq is grilled and is dipped in combined calamansi, chili, soy sauce, and vinegar.
    (4th day dinner)
    “Relyenong Alimango and Fish kinilaw”
    for a perfect combo then, it relyenong alimango is deep-fried to make it more crunchy and tasty. And fish kinilaw will be marinated in the mixture of chili, ginger, palm coconut and the secret ingredients (vinegar) and sugar a little bit,

    (5th day Break fast)
    “Lumpiang Ubod”
    is a vegetable that what we called coconut “ubod” we spring roll with a sauce made up of crushed peanuts and sweet sauce. This menu is perfect for breakfast and coffee.
    (5th day Lunch)
    Pinakbet and Sinugno – a grilled freshwater tilapia is mixed with chili and coconut milk. The taste is unique.
    Pinakbet is a combination of a lot of vegetables like squash, okra etc. And coconut cream and shrimp.
    (5th day dinner)
    Sisig and Buco Pie
    buko pie is the traditional coconut pie and sisig is our specialty of filipinos.

  3. Ronnel Nagalo BSIT3-A2

    I’m open armed welcome them first,greeting and sending them how thankful I am. In the day one, I’ll introduce to them our native tinola soup, chicken adobo, laswa (some left over vegetables we’re we called or a hanging vegetables in the kitchen). In day two I’ll introduce to them our best different kind seafoods menu. Day three our native lechon, some vegetables like pakbet, mongo beans (pork mongo). In another day introducing them our street foods like isaw (chicken intestine), adidas (chicken feet), beta max (chicken/pork blood) , helmet (chicken head) ,hotdog and balut (goose eggs). And last day they stayed I’ll introduce to our desserts like puto bobong, halo-halo, buko pandan, Biko, Bibingka and lastly our different unique bread.

  4. Klint Libona BSIT 3-A2

    -As a team leader I will be wise in selecting my team members. I will look for a trustworthy, a resourceful and well organized people so that we could showcase the Filipino hospitality and serve our guests well. We will discuss the menu to serve for the American doctors and will surely come up with a great plan on how to pleased them. But as for me I would suggest the chicken inasal which most Filipinos love to eat because of it’s meaty and juicy flavor and to be served with soy sauce, chili and calamansi. I prefer to serve them arozcaldo for breakfast and batchoy for merienda during their afternoon break. It will surely give them a boost to their energy. It will also be my pleasure to serve them sinigang for dinner, either pork or milkfish to have them taste the savory sour soup. For the rest of their stay, I think we will be in agreement to serve our guests fish kinilaw, fish tinola, pinakbet, relyenong alimango and kare-kare. Also bibingka, turon, buko pie and empanada for merienda. We will be very happy to serve them and show them our gratitude for the giving a medical care for the people in our community.

  5. Arby Gumban 3A2

    Being choisen as the leader of a reception committee, I will choose a few member but i can rest assure that i can help me and will give impact to guest all through out the activities.
    They mus have a sense of purpose to our goal.
    On the first day of event, We will serve piaya for breakfast, Dinuguan with puto for lunch and Chicken inasal for diner. These 3 dishes will srely satisfy their staying for the first day.
    On the second day. We will serve bibingka, bulalo and bicol express. There will be a rotation of team to present and introduce eachfood to the guest. 3rd day of event they will taste one of the most delicious delicacies in silay which is the Lumpiang ubod, and they will jump feels like they are in bicol savouring bicol express for lunch and they were feeling hot for all day coz we will serve fish kinilaw for diner. On the 4th day, it seems like they are a little tired we will seeve Arroz Caldo for breakfast to heaten their tummies early in the morning, lechon kawali for lunch and kare-kare for dinner. Lastly and the most highlighted day. on breakfast we will serve turon made with banana wrapped with lumpia wrapper. Forgot everything but not chicken pork adobo serve for lunch, pork barbecue and Shrimp Sinigang for diner. Seems like incomplete traveling int the Philippines if they will not eat our most well known Balut. Yes its more fun in the philippines and traveling our country wont satisfy you if you don’t aavour different dishes on each place you visited.

  6. First i’m gonna find people that are good in cooking like professional chief and stuff, then I will introduce to the American doctors are delicious foods. First day I will serve them sum foods in Visayas like chicken inasal, kinilaw, binakol, lumpia. And the second day foods in Luzon like poqui poqui, sisig, dinakdakan, laing, the third day foods in Mindanao like piyanggang manok, piyalam, tiyulah itum, piyaren. And the fourth day mix of variety dishes in our country. Finally the last day I will serve them my favorite food that are adobo manok and baboy, nilagang baka, lechon, linutik then lastly I will serve them street food like balut, pinoy and many more Im sure they will never forget that and that’s is memorable.

  7. Emel B. Baldeveso

    Emel B. Baldeveso BSIT 3-A2
    NOVEMBER 5,2021

    If I am the one who is given this task, the first thing to do is to form a team that can make me sleep to do everything I am ordered to do. We will definitely not be embarrassed by foreigners. A team that is well trained for this task. . And here I will start the plans on how I will let them know how delicious Filipino food is. As I serve at their dining table, I will be proud of the process of cooking the ingredients. Everything will be done just to say that it has been well prepared and the prepared food will be very delicious.

  8. kelly L. Lavergas BSIT 3A-2

    First of all i will introduce our staff and as the Genial host to prepare the food for our american visitors until day 5
    Day1: The breakfast tapa because tapa is best in breakfast .Launch i wll serve kare2 for the speciality of the day and for the Dinner i will serve bulalo . Desert is halo2.
    Day2:The breakfast that i will serve for the ameriacan visitors are the dinuguan with puto best partner in coffee when the visitors likes to coffee every morning .Launch is Sisig because sisig the one makes feel better for the solid food that gives energy for the whole day. Dinner inihaw na liempo and the desert is puto bong2.
    Day3.Breakfast noodles based based dishes also good partner of coffee and partner of ensaymayda and chocolate. launch are pinakbet it is good it has a lot of vitamins because of lot and vegetables contains vitamins. Dinner for day 3 is pork barbeque its special for the filipino .
    Day4.Breakfast of the second to the last day bibingca it is also good partner of coffee. Launch is lechon kawali for the dilicous taste for the american visitors. Dinner inihaw ng buntot ng tuna for the unique kind of food for the visitors and the desert is leche flan.
    For the last Day or the 5 Day this is the special day and this is the day to celebrate to our friend or visitors and farewell fore them therfore we will prepare the special foods and all the foods that presented to the top . This time we and our staff give thanks to them for helping such as medical mission to our places the gives a lot of matter such as the health matter. THANK YOU VISITORS .

  9. Tristan Kent Balayo BSIT 3A2

    first I will find a member who knows to cook and I will show to the Americans how to cook lechon. lechon is the best Filipino food in our country if there are events or occasion number one food we serve is lechon. and I serve to the lunch is Pakbet because vegetables is the best in our health and second kare kare to let them know how delicious karekare is and the third food is adobo we know in our country adobo is the one of the best food in our country. and I will give to them the dessert is halo halo. the afternoon meal is suman and buko pie good for afternoon meal because so delicious.

  10. Kevin M. Astrologo BSIT 3-A2

    As a person assigned to be the leader of the reception committee at this event and to be able to properly serve them, I must hire people to help me manage this event and I must ensure their well -being. doctor’s I will meet their needs here in our barangay and for example when I serve them food here in the philippines and I must also make sure that they like what we eat here Filipino food’s and on the first day in the morning I will serve food grilled liempo and then fish tinola, Bulalo and their desert Turon langka because it is an example of a delicious meal and it is usually prepared by the Filipinos and on the second day we will serve porridge and then Pork barbecue, Pancit Habhab and their desert Halo-halo. and on the third day we will serve Pinakbet, Fish kinilaw and their desert Bibingka and on the fourth day we will serve Relyenong Alimango, Kare-kare, and their desert Ilocos impanada. and on the fifth day we will serve Lechon, Dinuguan with puto and their desert is Letche flan and as a leader in our event for me all the Filipino food prepared is super delicious and unique.


    Im gonna select a members who are expert for cooking and members who can serve and introduce the popular food of Filipinos. First I’m gonna list the foods for the day like breakfast , lunch, snack, dinner and dessert 🍨 and because most of the Americans they don’t actually eating rice so I’m gonna let them know that the culture of the Filipino that is every meal we are eating rice I’m gonna serve the foods every morning sizzling like longaniza with rice and egg on top of it . Tapa , sisig . Because for me egg are always for the breakfast and for lunch i would like to serve them a dishes with a soup because soup are always best in lunch for me like bulalo and kare kare for snacks in the afternoon i would serve depends of the weather conditions if hot I would like to serve them a halo halo and if rainy I would serve them a batchoy you know the caldo (soup) of batchoy are always best in the afternoon merienda actually cold wather or hot it’s always tasty . In the evening i would like to serve them inasal . Beef inasal chicken inasal . And last i would like to taste them at last meal of they staying in the Philippines is The ADOBO i think everyone would agree with me that Every Filipinos Favorite is ADOBO because i don’t hear anyone didn’t like Adobo they are always happy to eat adobo and every Foreigner first time taste it are love at first Bite . And after the Dinner i would like to serve them a Balot many videos in the internet many foreigners different reactions of the balot many are love the taste and many are not . But they reaction are always memorable. They are funny I’m sure they will never forget Balot and that’s are memorable.

    • The first thing I will do is hire the people who expert to cook and know how to manage the visitor to avoid conflict between us. I greet the Americans a good day. I am instructed to introduce you to the delicious Filipino food traditions. in the morning i will introduce them to the dinuguan with puto which is their breakfast food but maybe we don’t know if the five americans want . Give them the choices to choose, rice with pakbit dish. arroz caldo can also be used to warm their stomach. but most of us Filipinos have coffee and bread in the morning. let’s also put in the choices the coffee and bread. then at noon for their lunch we serve a variety of dish choices such as adubo, grilled fish, kinilaw isda, and tinulang isda we also give meats like bulalo, kare kare and tapa. and when they arrive in the afternoon so that they can meet and taste more exotic food, give them balut because once in a lifetime they can only taste the balut known as delicious and unique food in the country . In the evening feed them again rice and serve dishes on the table exotic fruits that are also like the Dorian as crazy desserts.

  12. Ashlley Jaztine Hisu-an, BSIT 3-A2

    In Introducing Our Foods and Culture to a Foreigner, It is Our Pride and Pleasure to Promote Our Fine Dishes in every Visitors who visits our Country. We All know that Filipinos are Very Hospitable especially when we have visitors. I will ask help to those people I trusted the most to help me do this task. I will serve them Dishes that is only served here in the Philippines. Dishes that they don’t usually eat in their Country, I want them to try and t have an Unforgettable, and Memorable Experience during their stay here in Philippines. A lot of Americans love Filipino Foods, and there’s no doubt for Me that they won’t like the Dishes that were Serving.


    Because I was assigned to be the leader for the event The first thing I cook for them is adobo Because adobo is the longer it last the last is better and for the dessert is halo-halo To make them cool and delicious in what I have prepared for them For dinner, I will prepare bulalo For them so they can sip the Soup and to make them sleep better And on the second day, I will prepare that for them Chicken inasal is the dish I will serve for them And I will give them spicy vinegar to make them delicious to eat Maybe I’ll give them to dessert Taho so that they are delicious with what I prepared for them And I forgot to say that it was like that When they wake up, I will prepare pandesal and coffee for them Pure coffee To awaken their souls tired from work And that’s all I will do in five days if I serve them I will do just that for five days So that they don’t get bored, I will always talk to them and make them happy with filipino jokes .

  14. Zaver B. Divinagracia BSIT3A-2

    First I will welcome them to the event and I will serve them in the morning adobo, dinuguan, and pinakbet. Cause it is good in the morning and can give you more energy when you wake up. Then in the breakfast, I will give them Tapa, Kare-kare, and fish inihaw.
    Cause its good to eat meat in the breakfast and its good to drink the soup. And in the evening I will give them Pork barbecue, Letchon, and Chicken inasal. Cause the food like is good to eat in the evening when you are in the philippines, and in the dessert I will give them Halo-halo and Balot cause every tourist can’t forget to taste this when your in the philippines.

  15. First of all i will find a team members who’ll help me to do the said task, a members who i trusted the most, presentable, well descipline and well mannered persons. At the first day i will introduce to them their food for lunch, the liempo(a pork belly that cooked in a barbecue style), bulalo(a bulalo soup with a beef that cooked under the flame for a long preriod of time until it becomes very tender) in partner pakbet(a combination of a vegetable like squash, okra bitter guard and shrimp paste) then after eating lunch we will offer dessert leche flan(a curstard cake using egg and milk that they will surely like it because it’s so sweet) and the second day we will serve sea foods like talaba(we will serve it ready to eat well open because talaba is really hard to open especially when you don’t know how, and its dangerous)along with that there is a fried fish, grilled fish,soup sea food shells (green shell,tahong) that they like it when they taste it, and after that we well introduce and try to them our exotic food like BALUT (The 17-day-old duck embryo is cooked through boiling. Once done, it will be taken and dipped into a bit of salt. Though it may not look pleasant, but when you taste it it’s so good). At day 3 we will serve grilled chicken inasal, pork barbicue with a delicious sauce that you will dip on it. At day 4 we gonna serve kare-kare, the tapa and nilagang baboy(pork sinigang) and after that in the afternoon we will try to them our baked piaya, bibingka and pandesal in partner of coffee that they will surely like it because it’s so good. And the last day we will serve dinuguan with puto(rice cake) paired, after that we will serve our specialty lechon baboy(an entire pig roasted at the top flaming charcoal. Though it takes time to cook this one, its taste is merely perfect. The skin tends to be very tasty, crunchy, and juicy and it’s more delicious to eat when you dip into a hot and spicy sauce which is called mang thomas. After eating all of that we’re sure that they would like it and they are going to do a way to come again here because of the delicious food here in our country.

  16. Manuel Fungo 3A2

    Presentation and plating of these dishes is key to make it more enticing to American guests, as they say you eat with your eyes and most of the time that is true most specially to foreigners. Lunch and dinner meals should always have a meat, soup and vegetable dish paired and matched with each other depending on taste and always have a dessert at the end of every meal. As for breakfast, you can never go wrong with a mix of Longanisa from different regions with egg and fried rice. Ensaymada and Tsokolate, Champorado, Aroz Caldo, Ilocos empanada and Bibingka can also be served as breakfast as they are heavy and filling. You can never go wrong on all of these dishes apart from Balut which is notorius around the world as the most exotic dish out the of the Philippines but if the guests ask for it, serve it to them as an in between meal snack but do not force them if they eventually refuse to eat it.

  17. Johnie Dave Cordero #BSIT3A2

    At the beginning of the event, give them inihaw na leimpo, dinuguan and kare kare for the lunch if the event will start in the afternoon and the event is afternoon only . i will choose a group of members that are trustworthy, presentable looking and knows how to serve food and know how to describe the dish or food for the guest.
    at second day we will serve them bulalo, tapa and pork barbeque.
    Third day, give them something vegetable and seafood, pinakbet, fish tinola and fish kinilaw.
    Fourth day, pork adobo, chicken inasal and bicol express.
    And the day is we serve the best food like, lechon, chicken inasal, pork barbeque, sinigang, sisig, grilled bangus and diniguan.
    In Filipino culture when someones going, its always a big feast. In Filipino when someone important peoples coming it is our culture to have an extravagant meal and serve 2 or more dishes.

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