IRON RICE PLUS: Towards Health and Well-Being with CM & Sons

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IRON RICE PLUS: Towards Health and Well-Being with CM & Sons

Iron Rice Plus

IRON RICE PLUS: Elevating Nutrition for a Healthier Future

As a Filipino who values tradition and progress, I’m truly excited to share the incredible innovation that is IRON RICE PLUS. This remarkable creation by CM & Sons Food Products, Inc. stands as a beacon of hope, addressing critical nutritional challenges and transforming our health landscape.

 What is IRON RICE PLUS and its Remarkable Benefits

IRON RICE PLUS is more than just a name; it’s a promise. Imagine rice, a staple of our meals, enriched with the power of iron. This dynamic blend bridges our traditional diet with modern nutritional needs, fortifying our meals with the nutrients we need for optimal health. It’s not just rice; it’s a solution to malnutrition, especially in young children, teenagers, pregnant women, and those who are breastfeeding. It’s a step towards better health and a brighter tomorrow.

IRON RICE PLUS: Towards Health and Well-Being with CM & Sons

IRON RICE PLUS: Solving Real Problems for a Healthier Society

Malnutrition and iron deficiency anemia are not just words but challenge many of our fellow Filipinos face. This product is a solution to eradicate these health issues from our communities. It symbolizes progress that resonates deeply with our cultural affinity for rice. We fight malnutrition one plate at a time by incorporating iron into our beloved staple.

IRON RICE PLUS: Filipinos Reaping the Benefits

Our nation’s well-being is intertwined with our nutritional choices. This product is a gift to Filipinos of all ages and walks of life. It provides the building blocks for healthy growth in our children, ensuring they have the strength to learn and play. For pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, it supports both their health and the health of their little ones. The product empowers us to take control of our health, promoting a brighter future for every Filipino.

IRON RICE PLUS: Towards Health and Well-Being with CM & Sons

Yours truly with Mr. Jonathan Lo, CEO of CM & Sons Food Products, Inc., stands alongside his son Jeramie during the product launch at L Fisher Hotel. Their shared commitment to a healthier Philippines is evident as they lead toward a brighter, more nourished future.

 Visionaries Behind the Innovation

CM & Sons Food Products, Inc., creators of the beloved Merzci Bread & Pastries, have again shown their dedication to our well-being through this product. They have taken a simple grain and elevated it to a life-changing nutritional source. Their collaboration with experts like DOST-FNRI Director, Dr. Imelda Angeles-Agdeppa, showcases their commitment to scientific innovation and nutritional excellence.

 Capacity for Transformation

IRON RICE PLUS is more than a product; it symbolizes potential. Its integration of cutting-edge technologies like “Iron Rice Premix” and “Iron Fortified Rice” reflects the power of collaboration between industry and research. This innovation aligns with Republic Act 8976, which emphasizes the enrichment of milled rice with iron to address nutritional deficiencies.

 Reliability and Partnerships [IRON RICE PLUS ]

Their proven track record underpins CM & Sons’ journey in bringing this product to our tables. With their trusted brand, Merzci Bread & Pastries, they have already gained the loyalty and trust of many. Their reliability in producing quality food products gives us the confidence that IRON RICE PLUS is a product we can depend on for its nutritional value and taste.

Their partners in this journey, including DOST-FNRI, showcase a commitment to holistic progress. Collaborating with experts ensures that this product meets the highest standards of nutritional enrichment while maintaining its delicious appeal.

IRON RICE PLUS: Towards Health and Well-Being with CM & Sons

IRON RICE PLUS:  A Healthier Tomorrow Begins Today

In my view, the product is a true testament to the progress that honors our heritage. It’s a solution born from dedication, compassion, and a deep-rooted understanding of our society’s needs. As Filipinos, we stand at the cusp of transformation, armed with a nutritional ally that addresses our health challenges head-on. IRON RICE PLUS is not just rice; it’s a catalyst for change, a cornerstone for a healthier and brighter tomorrow for all of us. Let’s embrace this innovation as a product and a symbol of our journey towards a better, stronger, and more vibrant Philippines.

IRON RICE PLUS: Towards Health and Well-Being with CM & Sons


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