Your YES Matters : JVA Proxy Voting Revolutionizes Participation


 Your YES Matters : JVA Proxy Voting Revolutionizes Participation

Empowering Your Vote: CENECO JVA Proxy Voting Campaign Takes Off

To ensure every voice is heard, Bacolod City Mayor Albee Benitez revealed an expansive initiative that kicked off last Monday. The city has now set up “proxy booths” to cater to CENECO member-consumers who might find it challenging to make it to their designated polling centers during the upcoming plebiscite concerning the joint venture agreement (JVA) with Primelectric/Negros Power.

 Proxy Voting Made Accessible

In a dynamic move, the electric cooperative has paved the way for proxy voting during the plebiscite. If a member-consumer cannot personally attend the polling centers within CENECO’s coverage areas, they can still exercise their voting right through a proxy. This innovative approach aims to make voting flexible and inclusive.

 Your YES Matters : JVA Proxy Voting Revolutionizes Participation

 Key Plebiscite Dates

Mark your calendars: The plebiscite dates have been set as follows – August 19, 20, 26, and 27, as well as September 2 and 3, 2023. These days allow every member-consumer to contribute to decisions that will impact the future of CENECO and its joint venture agreement.

  •  Your YES Matters

Are you a supporter of the CENECO JVA but can’t be present on the plebiscite day due to time constraints? Don’t worry – you can still make your stance count. It’s as simple as filling out a proxy form, allowing someone you trust to vote on your behalf.

 Your YES Matters : JVA Proxy Voting Revolutionizes Participation

The Proxy Voting Experience

Imagine a world where your vote is not bound by time and location constraints. With the “proxy booth” initiative, this vision becomes a reality. Member consumers no longer need to worry about conflicting schedules or the hassle of reaching a designated precinct. The proxy voting experience offers a convenient alternative that upholds the importance of your opinion.

  •  How It Works

The mechanics of proxy voting are simple yet impactful. If you cannot make it to the polling centers on the specified dates, you only need to fill out a proxy form. This form designates someone you trust to cast your vote on your behalf. It’s like extending your arm to the ballot box even when you can’t be physically present.

Fill up your proxy form. Available at the CENECO JVA booth located at:
  • SM City Mall
  • Ayala Mall
  • Robinsons Mall
  • City Mall
  • Gaisano Mall
  • 888 Mall
  • Bacolod Old City Hall
  • Bacolod City Government Center
  • Brgy Hall of Taculing
  • Brgy Hall of Estefania
  • Brgy Hall of Tangub

  •  A Community-Centered Approach

This initiative isn’t just about voting; it’s about community engagement. The “proxy booths” serve as gathering points where members can come together, discuss, and exchange ideas. It embodies democracy in action, where voices are shared, opinions are respected, and decisions are collectively made.

Your Choice, Your Future

As the plebiscite dates draw near, the significance of your choice becomes more evident. The joint venture agreement (JVA) can potentially shape the future of CENECO, impacting services, rates, and the overall energy landscape. Through proxy voting, you’re not just marking a ballot but influencing CENECO’s path.

  •  A Unified Stand

This proxy voting campaign is more than a logistical solution; it symbolizes unity. It showcases the collective determination of member-consumers to take part in decisions that will shape the electric cooperative’s destiny. By utilizing the proxy form, you become a part of a shared commitment to progress and active participation.

  •  A Step Toward Inclusivity

In a world where time is precious, proxy voting extends an olive branch to those whose circumstances might hinder it. Your voice matters whether it’s work, family, or other commitments. The proxy booths across various locations testify to Bacolod City’s dedication to ensuring that every member-consumer can exercise their right without compromise.

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