Pat-pat’s Kansi: Candid Dining Experience | A Review

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Pat-pat’s Kansi | Exploring Bacolod’s Culinary Delights with Foodie Critics: Lei Lani Dusaban, Engiemar Tupas, Mark Canieso, and Yours Truly.

Exploring Pat-pat’s Kansi: A Candid Dining Experience

Amid our bustling lives, teeming with work commitments, business responsibilities, and a whirlwind of extracurricular activities, we cherish every chance to unwind, escape our worries, and share hearty laughter. Among our cherished pastimes, dining outshines is a perennial favorite. Yet, when circumstances align, we yearn to escape Bacolod City’s hustle and bustle for fresh air.

 Anticipation Builds – Pat-pat’s Kansi Beckons

Our latest adventure led us to Pat-pat’s Kansi (located at CL Montelibano Ave., before Northside Baptist Church) drawn by the allure of piping hot dishes on a cool evening. Intriguingly, some of our blogger friends had featured this place, but we deliberately avoided reading their reviews, preferring to craft our own experience.

Pat-pat's Kansi: A Candid Dining Experience | A Review

Pat-pat’s Kansi: A Muted Welcome – An Empty Restaurant

Upon arriving, we couldn’t help but notice the near-empty establishment. Only one table was occupied, which did raise some initial concerns. Experience has taught us that a sparsely populated restaurant often hints at two possibilities: the prices are astronomical, or the food leaves much to be desired.

Pat-pat’s Kansi: A Reluctant Decision – Staying for the Unknown

Nonetheless, Mark Canieso convinced us to stay. After all, we were already there, and he was eager for us to sample their cuisine. So, we decided to give it a shot.

Pat-pat's Kansi: A Candid Dining Experience | A Review

Pat-pat’s Kansi: Unadorned Ambiance but Homely

 Pat-pat’s Kansi is a converted house, unadorned and unrenovated, preserving its simple, homely charm. We settled in the spacious lanai, with the garden enclosed by nets offering ample seating. We chose the lanai due to the absence of electric fans in the garden, fearing potential mosquito encounters.

 A Limited Culinary Landscape – The Menu of  Pat-pat’s Kansi 

A friendly waiter promptly approached us with menus. The entire staff was warm and welcoming. However, upon perusing the menu, we noted a limited selection. Inquiring with the waiter, we learned that their specialty was Kansi. Struggling to find a complementary dish, we opted for the sizzling Kansi and sizzling tangigue and added “Iwi” for variety.

Pat-pat's Kansi: A Candid Dining Experience | A Review

 Lukewarm Reception – Sizzling but Not Sizzling

The sizzling dishes arrived first, and while they tasted delightful, the sizzling plates were disappointingly lukewarm, failing to sizzle as expected. Nonetheless, the flavors compensated for the tepid presentation. The sizzling tangigue, though somewhat thin, retained moisture and boasted perfectly executed cooking. The “Iwi” was an acquired taste, slightly bitter and tangy, hinting at robust marination.

 A Peculiar Delight – The Unexpected Kansi Soup

During our visit to Pat-pat’s Kansi, one particular aspect of our meal caught us off guard—the Kansi. It was quite different from our expectations, and we were relieved we hadn’t ordered it.

As we sampled the Kansi soup, we immediately noticed a unique flavor that set it apart from the standard Kansi found in Bacolod City. An unexpected touch of sweetness combined with a distinctive souring agent took us by surprise. As the soup cooled, these unusual flavors became even more prominent.

This departure from the norm wasn’t precisely what we had in mind. We were quite content with our decision not to go with their Kansi dish. Our unanimous agreement confirmed that this twist was far from what we anticipated.

 A Final Verdict – A Mixed Experience

Ultimately, our evening at Pat-pat’s Kansi was far from spectacular but equally far from disappointing. The unpretentious ambiance, friendly staff, sizzling kansi, and tangigue, except for the restaurant’s unique Kansi soup, all left a positive impression.

 The Parting Note – A One-Time Experience | Pat-pat’s Kansi 

So, for those who dare to venture off the beaten path of Bacolod’s culinary scene, Pat-pat’s Kansi might offer a surprising detour. While our overall experience wasn’t overwhelmingly positive, it was far from unpleasant. However, we don’t plan to return anytime soon. Happy dining!

Pat-pat's Kansi: A Candid Dining Experience | A Review

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