Managerial Development Course | MRM Group of Companies

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Managerial Development Course | MRM Group of Companies

Managerial Development Course | MRM Group of Companies

Empowering Excellence: A Journey in Managerial Development

As the resource person for our transformative seminar on managerial development, which concluded at the Royal Am Rei Hotel in Bacolod for the esteemed employees of MRM Group of Companies, I am struck by the profound impact of our shared journey. This gathering underscored the significance of continuous learning and strategic investment in our most valuable assets. The seminar served as a dynamic platform where industry insights were shared, innovative strategies were explored, and lasting connections were forged among participants. The vibrant exchange of ideas and experiences not only enriched our collective knowledge but also ignited a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to excellence among all attendees.

Why Companies Need to Invest in Managerial Development  

In today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving business landscape, the role of a manager has become increasingly complex and multifaceted. No longer confined to mere oversight, managers are now expected to be visionary leaders, adept at inspiring and guiding their teams towards unprecedented levels of success. To excel in this demanding environment, managers must continuously hone and expand their skills and knowledge.

Managerial Development Course | MRM Group of Companies

Investing in managerial development is not just a prudent choice; it is imperative for organizations striving to thrive in the competitive marketplace. Firstly, such investment ensures that managers are equipped with the latest tools, strategies, and best practices essential for driving organizational success. By staying abreast of industry trends and innovations, managers can effectively navigate challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities, thereby propelling their organizations to new heights of achievement.

Moreover, fostering a culture of learning and growth within an organization is paramount to its long-term success. By investing in managerial development, companies demonstrate their commitment to employee growth and empowerment, which in turn boosts morale, engagement, and ultimately, retention. Employees who feel valued and supported in their professional development are more likely to be loyal and dedicated, contributing significantly to a positive and productive work environment.

Furthermore, continuous managerial development enables managers to stay ahead of the competition. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, where change is constant and disruptions are the norm, adaptability is key to survival. Managers who are proactive in updating their skills and knowledge are better equipped to anticipate and respond to industry shifts and market trends, giving their organizations a competitive edge.

Managerial Development Course | MRM Group of Companies

Sharing My Expertise [ Managerial Development ]

As the invited resource person for this seminar, it was both a privilege and a pleasure to impart my knowledge and expertise to our eager participants. With years of hands-on experience in the industry, I approached this opportunity with confidence, knowing that I had valuable insights to offer. Throughout the seminar, I covered a wide range of topics, including strategic management and effective leadership, all aimed at equipping our managers with the tools they need to excel in their roles.

However, due to the constraints of time, I placed particular emphasis on leadership, people management, and marketing as the focal points of our discussions. These areas are crucial for modern managers, as they navigate the complexities of today’s business landscape.

Managerial Development Course | MRM Group of Companies

Leadership skills are essential for inspiring and motivating teams, while effective people management ensures that employees are engaged and empowered to perform at their best. Additionally, a strong understanding of marketing principles is vital for managers to drive business growth and stay ahead of the competition.

Despite the time limitations, I ensured that each topic was covered thoroughly, providing practical insights and strategies that our managers could implement immediately. I encouraged interactive discussions and case studies to enhance learning and promote a deeper understanding of the concepts presented. My goal was not only to impart knowledge but also to inspire and empower our managers to become effective leaders in their respective fields.

Meet the Participants of the Managerial Development Course

The participants of the seminar came from various companies under the umbrella of MRM Group of Companies. Let’s take a closer look at each of these companies:

SOI in SM City Iloilo: SOI is a casual full-service restaurant that offers a broad line of more than 70 quality Thai cuisines serving a variety of noodles, rice dishes, salads, soups, curry dishes, grills, specialties, and dessert. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in its diverse menu and warm ambiance.

Cabalen in SM City Bacolod: Cabalen is a Philippine buffet restaurant chain primarily serving traditional Filipino entrees heavy on influences from the Pampanga region of Central Luzon, ranging from Filipino, Thai, and even Japanese cuisines. However, most of the meals are from Kapampangan cuisine. Cabalen’s commitment to preserving and promoting Filipino culinary heritage makes it a standout in the industry.

MANGAN at Ayala Mall in Bacolod: MANGAN offers authentic, traditional Kapampangan cuisine – known for its delectable and mouth-watering dishes. ”Mangan” is a Kapampangan word that means “Let’s eat!”, inviting Filipinos to savor traditional and home-cooked Kapampangan cuisine. The restaurant’s emphasis on authenticity and tradition sets it apart in the culinary scene.

Mang Inasal in Silay: Mang Inasal Philippines, Inc., also known as Mang Inasal, is a barbecue fast-food restaurant chain in the Philippines. Known for its signature grilled chicken and “unlimited rice” offering, Mang Inasal has become a household name in the country’s fast-food industry.

Managerial Development Course | MRM Group of Companies


7-Eleven: 7-Eleven, Inc. is a convenience store chain in the Philippines, with branches in Silay, EB Magalona, Manapla, two in San Parq (Convergys), Hi-Strip in front of Panasiatic, Sipalay, and Murcia. 7-Eleven’s commitment to convenience and customer satisfaction has made it a popular choice for consumers looking for quick and easy shopping options.

Royal Am Rei Hotel: Royal Am Rei Hotel is located on 13th Lacson Street, Barangay 7, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. The hotel’s commitment to providing top-notch accommodation and services has made it a preferred choice for travelers visiting Bacolod City.

Shell Gas Station in Silay City: A Shell gas station is located in Silay City. Shell’s commitment to providing quality fuel and excellent service has made it a trusted brand in the gas station industry.


As we draw the curtains on this transformative seminar, my heart is brimming with pride and gratitude. The enthusiasm and eagerness exhibited by the participants throughout our time together were truly inspiring. I do not doubt that they will harness the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired, leveraging them to drive success within their respective companies.

I am particularly grateful for the opportunity extended to me by Dr. Anton Espanola, their Operations Manager for restaurants. Dr. Espanola was once my student during his Bachelor’s and MBA studies, and he fondly recalls my strict demeanor. Witnessing his remarkable ascent in the realm of business, culminating in his attainment of a Doctorate in Business, fills me with immense pride.

As we part ways, let us embrace the ethos of continuous learning and empowerment. May this seminar catalyze personal and professional growth, propelling us all toward greater heights of success and fulfillment.

Here’s to continuous learning and empowerment!
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