Baga 6100 , Bacolod City : Smoked and Grilled Restaurant

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Baga 6100 , Bacolod City : Smoked and Grilled Restaurant

Baga 6100 | L-R: Dr. Lei Lani Dusaban, Dr. Jojo Bayona, Joel Paltriguera, Jun Besa, Sir Sonny Cabahug, and I not only enjoyed a sumptuous meal but also shared laughter and the joy of being together.

Baga 6100: A Delicious Adventure in Smoked and Grilled Restaurant in Bacolod City 


Imagine celebrating your birthday with a promise yet to be fulfilled. That was my situation when, two days before my birthday, Joel Paltriguera reminded me of my commitment to visit and try his restaurant, Baga 6100, located at Barangay 32, San Sebastian – Jasmin St., Bacolod City, Philippines. In response, I decided to invite the Blogger’s Cast, our close-knit group composed of Jojo Bayona, Sonny Cabahug, Lei Lani, and myself, to join me for dinner at Baga. This establishment is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary journey meticulously crafted by Joel and his classmate Jun Besa, both graduating students of BS Entrepreneurship at the University of St. La Salle Bacolod. As their mentor, I have seen firsthand Joel’s dedication and passion for culinary excellence, making Baga 6100’s success a source of immense pride for me.

Above: Joel, Anna, and Arnel during the announcement of winners at the DTI YEP at Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod. Below: Our coaching session at my gallery, Jojo Vito Designs Gallery, as they prepare their business ideas for the DTI YEP regional competition.

A Journey to Success [ Baga 6100 ]

Joel Paltriguera’s foray into the culinary world with Baga 6100 started as a graduation project. Engaging in the Department of Trade and Industry’s Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) contest, Joel represented the University of St. La Salle Bacolod alongside Arnel Christopher Calatrava, Anna de Leon, and Gian Aguirre. His commitment and hard work paid off significantly as he emerged as one of the top winners in the competition. I vividly recall our coaching sessions sometimes lasting until past midnight, brainstorming ideas to enhance his business concept and presentation for the competition.

Three of my mentees, including Joel, swept almost all the awards, filling me with immense pride. Among his achievements, Joel secured 1st Place in Best in AVP and 4th Place in Best in Business Pitching, while Anna de Leon claimed 3rd Place in Best in Flyers and 2nd Place in Best in Business Pitching. Additionally, Arnel Christopher Calatrava won 1st Place in Best in Business Pitching.

This recognition further fueled Joel’s determination to evolve Baga 6100 into a thriving venture. The competition’s success underscored his commitment and passion for the project, laying a solid foundation for Baga 6100’s journey to culinary excellence.

Joel Paltrigera and I after the DTI YEP Announcement of Winners at Park Inn by Radisson, Bacolod. It was a happy occasion as USLS Bacolod Marketing and Entrepreneurship topped the regional competition.

Baga 6100 , Bacolod City : Smoked and Grilled Restaurant

A Feast for the Senses: Exploring  Culinary Delights at  Baga 6100

Let me take you through the delicious dishes we savored at Baga:

Appetizers: To kick off our culinary journey, we indulged in the family-sized mojos, priced at only 170 pesos. These crispy potato slices were a perfect start, seasoned just right and served with a side of dipping sauce, setting the tone for a delightful meal.

Main Courses: For the main course, we were spoilt for choice. We couldn’t resist the classic chicken inasal, a Bacolod favorite priced at 115 pesos. The chicken, marinated in local spices and grilled to perfection, was served with rice, providing a hearty and satisfying meal. Equally tempting was the pork barbecue with rice, also priced at 115 pesos. The pork, marinated in a savory sauce and grilled to perfection, melted in our mouths, offering a burst of flavor.


Baga 6100 , Bacolod City : Smoked and Grilled Restaurant

Specialty Dishes: For those seeking unique flavors, the fish on bun was a standout choice. Priced at 180 pesos, this dish featured deep-fried fish topped with a creamy sauce, served with mojos on the side. The crispy fish, paired with the creamy sauce, created a harmonious blend of flavors that delighted our taste buds.

Additional Offerings: Baga also impressed us with their smoked hog at 185 pesos, served with house sauce and java rice. The Baga Bird Classic, priced at 155 pesos, was another winner, featuring deep-fried chicken with cream sauce and parsley served with rice. Lastly, the fish in cream, priced at 175 pesos, offered a delightful option with deep-fried fish coated in Baga’s house sauce and topped with parsley. Each dish was a testament to Baga’s commitment to serving delicious and satisfying meals.

Baga 6100 , Bacolod City : Smoked and Grilled Restaurant


 Baga 6100 | Looking Ahead

Joel and Jun’s dedication to innovation is truly inspiring. They’re always coming up with new dishes to cater to different tastes. Currently, they’re focusing on boosting their marketing strategies to get more people talking about their business. My role as a coach, which I initially thought would end after the competition, has evolved into a continued mentorship, especially in the marketing area. Seeing Joel’s unwavering passion, I feel compelled to support him further. This time, Jojo Bayona, Sonny Cabahug, and Lei Lani have also offered to help in marketing. And, of course, Miss Weng Vargas, the program implementation adviser, is constantly monitoring their business.

With its mouthwatering offerings and its commitment to excellence, Baga 6100 is on track to becoming a beloved dining spot in Bacolod City. As a blogger who always reviews restaurants, I’m putting my name on the line because I believe Baga has something special. Why not visit them and try their dishes? I’d love to hear about your experience!

Baga 6100 , Bacolod City : Smoked and Grilled Restaurant

Joel and Jun with us (Dr. Jojo Bayona, Dr. Lei Lani Dusaban, Sir Sonny Cabahug, and myself), their Marketing and Entrepreneurship teachers at USLS, giving them additional business tips while we enjoyed our meal at Baga 6100. It’s always a joy seeing our students going into real business.

Baga 6100 , Bacolod City : Smoked and Grilled Restaurant

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