Love Hurts : Understanding the Pain

Love Hurts: Understanding the Pain

Love Hurts: Understanding the Pain

Love and relationship can be very complex. With that being said, its complexity can bring a lot of laughter and, at the same time, tears. How many times did you feel hurt because of love? How many painful experiences were you able to go through because of love? Well, if you are still in the process of hurting, then I suggest that you read this article, where I will share with you briefly the process of falling in love while recognizing the pain brought by it.

1. Asking the million-dollar question

Finding love and identifying if it is. Indeed, love is not a comfortable journey. First, you must be sure you are ready to carry on the mission. It means that you have to give up all the excess baggage that you have coming from a possible past relationship and begin anew. Not to mention getting to know someone who is a stranger to you. Along with the recognition of love is the same matter of recognizing that there will always be pain in it.

2. Be sure about the love feeling

Yes, you might feel that you are entirely in love. But as much as I would like to be entirely happy about it, there is still a chance or a possibility that it is not loved. It may just be brought by the rush of emotion or by the heat of the moment. Recognize that if you assume this one is love instead of sorting your feelings out, there will be a higher chance of pain kicking.


Love Hurts: Understanding the Pain

3. The “in a relationship” status

Now that you are with someone, you must be fully aware that there will be issues along the way. But as long as you are willing to patch things up and when you are really in love with that person, I believe everything will be fine. I want you to understand that it doesn’t mean you are already in a relationship. Everything will be a walk in the park. That is why you have to expect that pain will still kick in every once in a while.

4. Acceptance Part

Now that you’re getting to know that person deeper than before, there might be some things that you may not find pleasant. You might even complain about it and ask yourself why you’ve become in a relationship with him/her. If you are not willing to accept him/her after getting to know him/her entirely, the pain will be something constant between the two of you. So, either agree with each other’s flaws and differences or move on with your own lives.

5. End game

It is over. If you think that there is nothing you can do but feel the pain, then you are wrong. You can sit in a corner and cry all you want, but it will not change a thing. The relationship is over, and you can do nothing about it. The more you insist on returning, the more painful it will be. So, take some time to heal and make sure you do it positively and not self-destructively. Be inspired to be more handsome or beautiful, find a new habit, and live your life to the fullest. It is not easy, but it is much easier than constant pain.

Love Hurts: Understanding the Pain

6. Back in the table

Now that you’re at the table of being single, I encourage you not to rush yourself into being with someone again. Instead, I want you to focus on yourself. Love yourself, pamper yourself. Through this, when someone is meant for you to arrive, you know how you want to be treated because you know how much you care for yourself. Through this, less pain is more likely to occur.

See? Love is complex and complicated. Pain is intertwined with love, and all you have to do is learn how to overcome such pain and live a happy and better life — wishing you all the laughter and fabulous experiences ahead of you!

Love Hurts : Understanding the Pain

Love Hurts: Understanding the Pain

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  2. Khien D. Torreña BSIT 2-F3

    Well, men are more sensitive than you all think. Men tend to hide all the emotions they feel because society expects them to be though and strong.

  3. Kyla Joyce Tenila BSIT 2F3

    Over the last four decades, more and more research has been focused on determining whether there is a correlation between the changing human nature relationship and its impact on people’s health. However, determining if there is a correlation necessitates interdisciplinary research into its scope and underlying mechanisms. Men have a harder time recognizing symptoms than women. A male is more prone to deny, hide, or try to mask his feelings from himself and others. While men may exhibit traditional depression symptoms such as a depressed mood, a loss of interest in work or hobbies, weight and sleep changes, exhaustion, and concentration problems, women do not.

  4. Chris Ruella G. Mejarito BSIT 2F3

    Pain is part of a relationship. It is natural to feel pain because it is what makes us human. If you are in a relationship you are in love and when you are in love it is only natural that you will be in pain. We don’t experience it then that’s not love. If the person we love is hurt or sad sometimes we feel sad too. We can’t avoid it because it is human nature. Pain is part of our lives and pain is proof that we are alive.

  5. Leomar Recaplaza Alpetche

    Because he loves the right relationship a man feels pain in it. He doesn’t want it to hurt them so much that it hurts him. It stings even more when you done everything and given her everything she desires, only to discover that she’s dating some else. A man was stabbed because he wanted to fight and was passionate about it. This is the didn’t want to and that she was no longer happy since she was being made happy by someone else.

  6. Nathanael D. Pabiania BSIT 2F3

    As a man and being a boyfriend, I give it all but for me it doesn’t fullfil my rule as a boyfriend. I want to handle our relationship to make stronger and to pro long it that’s why I give it all what she wants. Man feels the pain brought by any relationships because their love is very important to them. And they dont want to lose their love one’s they give everything that he has even if it so hard to do .

  7. Queenie Mae Gargallano BSIT 2F3

    A lot of us can fall in love easily but can’t stay in love in the long run , it is normal to encounter difficulties in a relationship but always choose to overcome it with your partner, be each other’s peace not another war to fight for , always learn to understand each other and give efforts to make each other special ,when you fall out of love in the long run , instead of leaving try doing things from the start and start developing your feelings again , relationship is a cycle so u must break the cycle and stay consistent with the one you love .

  8. Kimberly F. Betic BSIT2 F3

    When someone commit in the relationship he or she should ready to fell the pain brought by love. Any kind of relationship we have, pain is always be there, because we always say that we are person, it is normal for us that we feel it. Pain have no exception. I know all of us experience this kind of scenario in our life hurting by someone, it is hard for us sometimes to accept the pain, sometimes we just ignore it as if we are numb to the pain. We are hurt beacuse we love it with all our heart, we cannot be hurt if its not important in our lives. The things or people we value are already imprinted in our hearts it is hard to ignore it when it is gone. Even if it hurt when live brings us sometimes but we can learn from it whatever lesson it brings. The pain caused by love is that we do not accept the truth immediately we do not immediately forget how to forget it.

  9. Anchel B. Erecido BSIT 2f3

    It’s because of their experience with their past relationships sometimes men, seems to be strong, aggressive when it comes to a relationship, but without realizing that after their hurtful breakup they feel horrible also when that someone that broke their heart is the girl they love. As when you notice boys after their breakup seems to not get serious in any relationship anymore because all they could think is the feeling of being hurt that they also want the others to experience it. I can relate this to what Socrates thought that to know the good is to do the good being hurt by their past relationship is no big deal. We can still do the right thing to be happy forget the past and live a better life.

  10. Crystal Gail B. Gavileno 2F3

    Why man feels the pain brought by any relationships? Why do love comes with pain? Why isn’t love easy? These are just some of the questions that keeps on running inside our heads. As humans, it is normal for us to feel various kinds of emotions, especially when it comes to love. There will be times where we feel excited, sad, happy, angry and emotions that you don’t expect to build up; but it doesn’t make us any less as humans because experiencing all these emotions denotes that we are just fragile human beings. Getting yourself in a relationship is not easy, it is not just rainbows and butterflies rather you can also experience storm and chaos. Love is always alongside with pain, but, you should always remember that putting yourself first isn’t selfish. Being selfless is not bad but sometimes you also need to practice self love because it is also a way of showing and knowing your self worth. Take care of yourself.

    When I was young, I thought that finding love was cliché because that is what we always see in fairytales, all of them ends in “happy ending.” But, as I was growing up, I became more exposed and seen the reality of love. Indeed, it is a tough ride but no matter what happens I realized and believe that someday when you find your right one, Love will be worth all the pain and suffering. In conclusion, do not lose heart in love, there will be always be sunshine after the rain.

  11. Angelo T. Elare BSIT 2F3

    Why man feels the pain brought by any relationship?
    I believe that feeling pain is our Human Nature, we feel pain due to certain reasons and that include our relationship to any we got attached to. There are lots of relationships we could be in like our relationship to our family, partner, pets, work and etc. We feel pain brought by those relationships beacuse we are attached to them and we don’t want them to lost, we get attach to them due to our desires to get them or be with them and we slowly build a relationship so if those relationship that we build because of our desires lost it hurt us. We feel pain like part of us lost too.

  12. Andrea Isabelle C. Palma

    Article has 6 aspects that affects the person when it comes to love. It was said that love is complex and complicated, Love does really hurt. When we are in a relationship, we are in love. And we somehow misinterpret the meaning of love, we all knew that we are growing, we are still under the process maturity. Through the process of maturity we will encounter various circumstances that will challenge how firm we are as an individual. As we grow older, discovering about love is just normal especially love for someone else that you tend to think of being in the future with him/her. By involving ourselves in that stage of life where exposure and experience was not yet enough to handle emotions, where knowledge about love is only happiness and when happiness is gone- love will also disappear. That is the reason why we, human gets hurt- we are not aware that committing into relationship can be difficult to manage. While we are in a relationship, we did not expect for the changes to come- the flaws and imperfections that was hidden during courting stage, the issues prevailed while both are in getting to know stage and the acceptance that everyone found it very complicated to do so. People get hurt of rushing things up but, in this experience- people also learned to be careful for the next relationship, people will feel less pain because they have already knew what are the standards and treatment they want.

  13. Leslie D. Carnaje BSIT 2-F3

    A man feels the pain in any relationship because he’s an egoist. His ego is more concerned with himself and his problems than together with his relationship. He wants to guard itself first and foremost, whether it means avoiding getting hurt by you. In the end, he will believe that you just will destroy his heart and demolish his ego. It’s preferable to quit a relationship earlier than to linger in one that not benefits you both. Take a step toward actual happiness along with your lover by letting go of your ego, if you would like happiness in your relationship. In line with Aristotle, happiness is obtained via knowledge.

  14. Michelle O. Nalangan BSIT 2-F3

    Man feels the pain caused by any relationship because, according to Aristotle, people want to achieve happiness, which is certainly true, and for me, the association of fun is pain, and we are aiming for happiness, and in order to achieve happiness, we must feel this pain in order to be strong and empowered. We humans have always desired to be totally happy, which is why we commit to those who provide us happiness, allowing us to grow and evolve. We are not considered human if we have never experienced pain, as we have sensations and emotions to react to in every scenario. Despite the suffering, we must use it as an opportunity to develop, learn, and become more human. Don’t be frightened to fall in love because you’re afraid of suffering and heartbreak, remember that love brings us together and completes our well-being. At the end of the day, your suffering is a lesson on how to learn and grow as a person.

  15. Melvin M. Villanueva BSIT-2F3

    Why man feels the pain brought by any relationship? I believe that we feel pain brought by our relationship because we love, we care and worry too much. I connect this in our topic last time about the Human nature were in the ancient Greeks believes the thought of happiness and knowledge were mutually supportive, Happiness was attained through knowledge because when you love someone the first move that you must do is to know all about them, and if you are knowledgeable enough about them, your knowledge will dictate if that person can give you true happiness or maybe sadness. For me relationship brought us pain because of this instance, I always believe that love is not blind but lovers are, because they believe the fallacy of words that came out from their mouth.

  16. King Ruben D. Sales BSIT 2 F3

    Man feels pain that brought by any relationship because of the too much love, respect and trust they give to their partner. Love brought so much pain to a man but love is beautiful especially when you feel it to the one who really love you unconditionally.

  17. Marvin Bayona

    Man feels pain when he/she in a relationship because it’s part of loving someone. People tend to get hurt if the happiness they wanted did not come to extent. In Human Nature, people are somewhat selfish, they’re focus in their happiness: egocentric. Most scenarios, people have a lot of expectations that this expectations lead them to disappointments most times. And as they say, if there is happiness there is sadness too. I believe these pain that people get to experience will turn into life lesson.

  18. Jonalyn S. Degabi BSIT 2F3

    Love gives us pain, so that we can learn and be able to learn a lot. Because first of all we already know when we enter into a relationship there is really pain to carry. You need to sacrifice everything and here you will know that not everything you want will come to you. Always be thankful to everyone who hurt you, because with them you can learn something you have never faced before. In this case, because of the pain you can learn new things that should not be applied when it comes to relationship to get less pain. Yes I know that no one can understand true love, but for me love is given by God to us as an experience and short -term joy because we will also die.

  19. Lorraine D. Resurreccion. BSIT2F3

    A relationship is consists of two people that have a romantic relationship. And I remembered my mom had once told me that Love doesn’t hurt you but the person who doesn’t know how love is. It really stuck with me so maybe love should be our happiness not our pain. Yes love may actually hurt but just like Aristotle said “People wanted to achieve happiness” We, humans, happiness is the most important feeling we want for those we love, especially ourselves. It may sound silly but for me being in a relationship is bonus. I’m not bitter and I’m not afraid to fall in love, I’m just afraid to fall for something I thought was love. Yes, having a very supportive partner is great he/ she may feel you the love that you want and may help you to boost your self. But yes, love truly hurts because being in a relationship is not all about being happy. If you feel your hurting each other then stop! Learn to let go when the person you love hurts you so badly. I know, It’s the most painful feeling when you’re afraid to fall in love and someone gives you all the right reasons to love but then after some days, this person also give you all the reasons to end it. So, stop expecting people to love you like you do. Deal with it! Just like the bible said, in Roman 8:18 “The pain that you’ve been feeling is nothing compared to the joy that is coming” Never settle for less than you deserve. It’s either you both fall out of love or you both keep fighting. Always remember, nothing in life stays the same even if it is good or bad.

  20. Marien L. Alcantara BSIT 2-F3

    Man is a human who can also feel the pain. Some man takes relationship seriously so that they feel hurt, they invest so much feelings towards someone that not so sure for them. Everyone of us have feelings so that man can also feels pain brought by any relationship. And I can relate it in our topic in human nature in ego because of ego that’s the reason why man can also feel the pain. Because when someone step your ego it hurts big-time.

  21. Claire M Miravelis BSIT-2F3

    All relationships have ups and down but most of us felts pain brought by relationship , because when we are in a relationship we invest time, efforts and love. Also, we are expecting that those investment of us will be reciprocated but we received nothing. On that situation you will get hurt because you are expecting.

    Before you enter in a relationship be sure that you are totally ready to face the consequences of your actions and pains of your decisions. Love is not about being happy all the time but love is all about pain and a lot of misunderstanding situations to deal with your partner. Being inlove is heaven feels you will feel the butterflies inside you stomach but did you know that being loved is surreal and it is the best definition for mans happiness.

  22. Efren John Reyes

    I believe we feel the pain caused by any relationship because we are Humans. Humans are a social species, and emotional pain is as real as physical pain. And, as humans, we have the knowledge and understanding to comprehend or interpret what we feel through the use of our minds and senses. When we are rejected or dumb by a person, or when we are emotionally hurt, our bodies can send an emotion to our brain and interact with the different parts of our body, specifically our nervous system, which is why we feel physical pain. That is what distinguishes us as humans because pain can be seen in our facial expressions and the words that come out of our mouths as well as how we behave. The human brain is exceptionally capable of learning and adapting to pain. Consider a world without pain; we might not know how to be strong, fight, or even be happy. This is what makes us human: allowing and accepting that life isn’t perfect and that pain will always be a part of it. This is what makes us stronger. So accept your pain,embrace it and learn from it, but don’t let it consume you.

  23. Kyssa Marie Aquino

    Man feels more pain because if a man inlove they love truly and sincere without even thinking what left for their self. In addition man feel pain because of being ignorant sometimes and lack of awareness.

  24. Jheeve Dhalin M. Iligan 2F3

    The man feels the pain brought by any relationships. Like aristotle said, people wanted to achieve happiness. Just like in relationship. If they’re attach to someone they love, and then they get break up, it will cause mental breakdown. It also feel that very heavy feelings inside. Maybe other man cannot related on this of they are not finding love to a person. But i witness this when the time when im inlove once.

  25. Khea Joy S. Juanico 2F3

    Just like what Aristotle believed, people wanted to achieve happiness. Being able to know someone, being able to be cared, being able to be comforted, being able to be loved back, and having someone you can run to and can be trusted, are the package brought by a relationship. Yet, these cloud nine feeling is not infinite. Pain entered because no one expected that along the way, there exist fleeting emotions and uncertainty over someone you wanted to stay and you expected won’t fail you. There exists difficulties and feelings that no matter how hard you try, still cannot be reciprocated. On the view of essentialist, reason and not desire is the feature of man. Reasons exist in a relationship, and these reasons makes it stable and enduring. So when these reasons were finally neglected and vanishing, man starts to feel the pain of failing, losing, or betrayal. Just like when someone has to leave against your will or you have to let go someone precious in your life because they are not meant to stay forever. There are seasons under the heaven and not all relationships lasts for a lifetime. What we have now, we must cherish it and love them with all our heart so we won’t regret not expressing it later on. Your matured and adaptive behavior that exist within you will teach you to accept these things and adjust to a new environment and new people when change actually happened.

  26. Lyka C.Oscianas BSIT 2F3

    Man feels the pain brought by a relationship because we as a human we have feelings.We can feel so many emotions ,we are not like a stone or ice ;we are human,we have feelings.We feel pain because we are inlove,we are afraid of losing someone and pain is always be a part of love even we like it or not ,love is not all about happiness,falling in love and spark but love also brought pain ,sorrow and sadness.Its only depends on you how to handle it.

  27. In my own perspective, a man feels pain brought by any relationship for the reason that not everyone we love will always be there for us. Even our parents, friends, sisters and brothers will say goodbye to us and let go. It’s hard and it’s hurt, but sometimes the name of love is to let them go. There is a saying that love doesn’t hurt but beautiful memories does. Love is like a rose as it is beautiful but its own thorns that may scratch us and give us wounds but after all beauty comes with pain. Thus, true love is all about sacrifices.

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