MY BOYFRIEND CHEAT ON ME | 15 Things to Do | Tips for Men Too


My Boyfriend Cheat On Me | 15 Things to Do | Tips for Men Too

My Boyfriend Cheat On Me | 15 Things to Do | Tips for Men Too

15 Things to Do | When Your  Boyfriend Cheat On You ( Tips for Men Too )

1. Be calm.

Yes, it is difficult to be calm in the middle of this situation. But you have to note that being here does not mean confrontation. Before you say or do anything, keep quiet, try to relax, and be calm. You do not want to do something in an instant that you’ll regret later on.

2. Be direct to the point.

Be specific in what you know and in what you still want to know. Do not leave ambiguous areas to remain for it could affect your relationship if you ever decide to move on with it.

3. Be honest with the things you’ll say.

There is no need for you now to have reservations. You’ve been hurt, and you have all the rights to air out your frustration. Be honest in whatever you feel and do not try to conceal it with other emotions.

My Boyfriend Cheat On Me | 15 Things to Do | Tips for Men Too

My Boyfriend Cheat On Me | 15 Things to Do | Tips for Men Too

4. Be reflective of your relationship.

Think of the possible signs before that you neglected. This will help you trace back how the cheating has been going on.

5. Be positive about yourself.

Never think that you’re at fault for this because if he really loves you, he won’t find a reason to cheat on you. You are enough and for that, you do not deserve any form of cheating.

6. Be curious about the cause.

Ask him why he did such a thing and what led him to do it. This could make you discover more in yourself and in your relationship.

My Boyfriend Cheat On Me | 15 Things to Do | Tips for Men Too

My Boyfriend Cheat On Me | 15 Things to Do | Tips for Men Too

7. Be frank about your needs.

You won’t heal in an instant, and he cannot force you, to do so. If you need time and space to think about it, then tell him honestly.

8. Be wise in making a decision.

Think about the consequences of whatever action you will take. Think of how it could affect you as well as those people who are dear to both of you.

9. Be firm when making decisions.

If you ever come up with a choice, stand firm with your stand for it could be your guarding post in protecting yourself. Do not give the impression that you could quickly change your mind just by mere persuasion.

My Boyfriend Cheat On Me | 15 Things to Do | Tips for Men Too

10. Be straight in your choices.

You have your decision now, then tell it outright to him. When you are able to free those decisions, then you will also get to make your heart free from pain.

11. Be helped.

You cannot do it alone. Seek the support of your family, friends, or anyone who could make you feel better.

12. Be open to what you want.

After the process, you now have the chance of thinking about what are the things that you want to continue doing, stop, or even begin doing.

My Boyfriend Cheat On Me | 15 Things to Do | Tips for Men Too

13. Be healed.

Healing takes time, but if you are persistent and you are trying to be treated, then you’ll be fine sooner or later.

14. Be together in reflecting.

Make yourself reflective about the things that happened and make sure that he also feels the same.

15. Be open in your ideas.

Let him know that regardless of what he’s done, you are capable of bouncing back to life and picking those pieces of your hearts together. You are strong, you are able, you are who you are.

My Boyfriend Cheat On Me | 15 Things to Do | Tips for Men Too

My Boyfriend Cheat On Me | 15 Things to Do | Tips for Men Too

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  1. Kyla Joyce Tenila BSIT 2F3

    If you’ve been cheated on before, or if you’re the partner of a cheater, and you can’t seem to forgive or end the unhealthy relationship, get real. Relevant previous conduct is the best predictor of future behavior. You are not to blame for this.
    Stop berating yourself about it. You must realize that none of this has anything to do with you. Evaluate your level of dedication. Either you can or you can’t handle being vulnerable with your partner again. Consider whether you have the ability to forgive. It is possible to choose forgiveness. That doesn’t make what your partner did acceptable. If you can’t forgive, let go. You choose the consequences when you choose the behavior. If you continue to toss this at your partner, he or she will become irritated.

  2. Leomar Recaplaza Alpetche

    Yes, it hurts to know that your girlfriend/boyfriend has a different flirtation with you and you saw with your own eyes what they talked about on the message. And my advance to those who cheat boyfriend/girlfriend, I hope you stop that because you don’t know what effect it has on a person. And I hope you do cheat on your girlfriend/boyfriend I hope hope think that he can give you what your love one gives you not only in materials but also in love and respect.

  3. Chris Ruella G. Mejarito

    To all the persons who got betrayed by your girlfriend/boyfriend, i just want to say that it’s not your fault, it’s not your fault that you got betrayed. There is nothing wrong with you. You are just a victim of someone who is not really for you. Its okay to cry or feel sad sometimes because not all the time you must feel happy. Just be thankful because you lost someone that is it not true to you, because the person who truly loves you no matter who you are and what you are he/she will choose and love you no matter what. I believed that it will come to you in the right time so don’t give up on love, but always remember that you must love yourself first before you love others. At the end of the day it’s not your loss nor your fault. Choose yourself from now on.

  4. Queenie Mae Gargallano BSIT 2F3

    My advice to those who have been cheated on it to follow the 15 advices above because it is an eye opener for those who have been hurt by their partners and for my personal advice I would like to say that know your worth never settle for less , don’t let them ruin your peace by manipulating your feelings and also learn to forgive even if it takes long but it would help u to move forward, turn those heartbreaks into a lesson for you to be a better and a lot wiser kind of person and always choose who u want to enter your life wisely .

  5. Kimberly F. Betic BSIT 2 F3

    If someone ask me for help about cheating on his boyfriend/girlfriend I advice him or her are;
    Confront your boyfriend/girlfriend, ask him or her why he/she did that, to make your sense clear so that you dont need to question yourself about he/she did that kind of sin. Find Good Adviser, in every moment we feel broken, we need someone who listen our dramas, we need someone we express our dissafiction. Pray, lord is always listen to us, he always be there ups and down, always trust him even you feel down, his plan for you are better than before, never get tired talking to him. Take a Rest, every moment of our life rest is important when we feel down, because of this we can think about how we can start again, how we can face new life without him. Cutting of Communication with Him/Her, for me this is the basis for letting him go so you can be well, this is not the reason to forget him this is reason to to get up alone. Distract Yourself so That You Can’t Think of Him/Her, be busy with things you haven’t do, because we are learning alone in the things are not used to doing. You divert your attention to things that remind him. Enjoy Your Moment, by being alone here you can enjoy yourself, because here you can think that something better will come into your life. You dont need him/her to be happy you need to accept everything for you to be happy again. New Chapter, dispite the fact we are experiencing our boyfriend/girlfriend’s cheating, let be happy because we have learned many lesson from this, not just pure pain. Accepting the truth is one step toward the new day.

  6. Crystal Gail B. Gavileno 2F3

    One of the worst pain while being in a relationship is finding out that your partner has cheated on you. Some people will say that it is inevitable but it can be prevented. The actions of your partner says a lot about your relationship, if there is something peculiar about your partner then you should start to observe his actions carefully. According to Jeremy Bentham, “thought that people sought physical pleasure rather than intellectual satisfaction,” it means that even though if you love that person you should not just be focused in all the physical pleasure but you should also think and use your conscience. You should also know the difference of altruistic and egoistic point of view. Each person should have both of these qualities in order to protect themselves and know what they deserve. You cannot be just selfless while your partner is being selfish.

    In conclusion, people has the capability to distinguish if a person is fooling them but sometimes they are just being ignorant of all the warning signs because they don’t want to get hurt. Happiness and wisdom are just few of the things that makes human beings special and above other creations. So, we must know how to weigh things out in order to know if we deserve something or not. It is okay to feel fragile and sad after being cheated on, but you should never blame and question yourself if there is something wrong with you. Cheer up and be the best version of yourself.

  7. Angelo T. Elare BSIT 2F3

    What advice can you give to a person who was betrayed by his/her girlfriend/boyfriend?

    What advice I would give to someone who was betrayed is He/she doesn’t deserve you why? beacuse I know that he/she will doubt herself/himself, he/she will ask herself/himself if he/she wasn’t enough or worth that her/his boyfriend/girlfriend need to find someone to fill what’s not in her/him, for sute he/she will lost his/her confidence so I would like to give that advice to build her/his it back and trust in herself/himself. By this I am comforting him/her that she/he is not at fault that their relationship broke. I will also say this to her/him to remember that everything that happened has a reason maybe he/she is not for you, there’s someone who will love you more than what you need. He/she will come in a perfect time and you will be happy more than ever.

  8. Anchel B. Erecido BSIT 2f3

    First and foremost if you are cheating on your partner confront him/her they should know the truth. When your partner betrayed you it means that he/she does not love you. Try your best to move on from that person who hurts you I know that it is not easy to accept the fact that he/she cheated on you, everyone deserves to be happy and everything that happened has a purpose. You do not need to force yourself to him/her because you are worth it, base on Socratic principles the most important task in life was caring for the soul, it is most important to love yourself and appreciate yourself more, work harder aim higher and be better. The best revenge is to come out stronger.

  9. Andrea Isabelle C. Palma

    Nowadays cheating are exposed to everyone because of social media, lot’s of influencers was cheated and lots of cheater wasn’t guilty and by large. So as I was reading article about cheating, some of the information or things in there was I have already ordained to someone or to a friend of mine. Based on the article, primarily prevailed advice you should do is try to calm a person or tell him/her to be calm, tell her/him it was not easy to suddenly calm but at least, little by little do calm and give peace on your mind. As a person who can advice, you should also be wise and careful to every word you are trying to convey. As I was saying, try to lessen the tension, be calm. Since that specific person was betrayed already, there is no reason for his/her to keep silent, to keep her thoughts, to keep his/her frustration, tell him/her to be true, tell him to bring out everything that she/he had. Most important of all is not to lose herself/himself, blaming yourself won’t include any help, asking about your capabilities will descend your confidence, tell him/her to ask the reason why is cheating happened. In his/her decision, tell him/her to be brave, furthermore be healed. Heal together with someone or to everyone who can bring positivity in place, show him/her that you can stand still, you can recover, you are still better. Everything has a purpose hence, choose to be positive, choose to be you and choose to obtain self-reliant.

  10. Marien L. Alcantara BSIT 2-F3

    Cheating are for the unfaithful man or woman. The advice I could give is, do not settle for something that will not give assurance that you are only the one. Like in Socrates principles he says in our discussion that he believes that the most important task people faced was realizing their potential as persons. God sees everything and he will find the way for you to find out that your partner is cheating. And if you feel that you are being cheated, do not afraid to approach your partner and tell him, right away, that you feel like that because you do not deserve to feel anxious about your relationship with and you do not deserve to be cheated. True love could only be feel in a right person. It is painful to realize that the person you love betrayed you for something you don’t know the reason why. Always remember the life must go on and God has a better plan for you.

  11. Claire M Miravelis BSIT-2F3

    First and foremost, this is not an advice but a lesson that you must input and retain on your mind and soul. This is solely a sister’s obligation, to make you feel alright even though things are a bit shaky for you.

    My mere advice will be, compose yourself, be better and get better each passing days. That person who cheated on you will carry out the regret of letting the most precious and amazing person that I’ve known go, know your worth because you are deserving to be loved the way you love the people that surrounds you so dearly.

    There’s always two sides of the story. Love doesn’t always asks you to wait, sometimes it asks you to come back. You are not always on the one side, sometimes you are on the other side, coz there’s only two: the love that waits patiently, and the love that comes back.
    That love that will come back, is the love for your own self. Perhaps, you lost it while on the process of holding into that person and now, it’s time to gain that love again. To love your self, value your self and to trust your self in rising again, that is the real come back.

    People come, they cheat and they go. But always remember that you are wonderfully made by God to just cry over on that unworthy person. Get going girl.

  12. Leslie D. Carnaje BSIT 2-F3

    My counsel to my friend who was betrayed by her partner is that you should never blame yourself in a situation. Someone was betraying you are a choice, not an option. It’s wonderful to be free of the one who has betrayed you. By the virtue of everything happens for a reason, and everything is designed to teach you something. If they abandon you, remember that no matter what happens, I will always be here to support you.

    • Nathanael D. Pabiania BSIT 2F3

      Betrayed? That’s why in relationships must be broke because of betrayed of one person. If you have trust, respect and love your the one you will stayed in that relationship. Betrayal, dishonest and unfaithful the worst thing to do in you partner. Example having an emotional affair, maintaining good friends outside in your relationship are healthy but an intimate close like flirting and sweet messages. If that so called friends with other it’s not healthy for your relationship.

  13. Michelle O. Nalangan BSIT 2-F3

    My advice to a person who was betrayed by their boyfriend or girlfriend is to just keep going and life must go on without that person. It’s only a sign that he’s/she’s not the person meant for you. Just be thankful to that person because he gives you pain and heartache, which makes you stronger. Thank them for helping you realize that you need to give your love and trust to the person who deserves your love and loyalty. You are too precious only to be betrayed and wasted. Stand up. You deserve love that is pure and sincere. Simply surrender it all to God, pray for that person to change for the better, and most importantly, pray for yourself to heal from that pain and heartache. Enjoy your life, and never stop yourself from falling in love again, because it feels good to love and to be loved, and never felt hatred for that person. Forgive him/her so you can totally move on and be happy. Someday you will surely thank them for hurting you, which will lead you to the right one for you, with whom you will spend the rest of your life.

  14. Melvin M. Villanueva BSIT-2F3

    It is good to love and it is also good to be loved but it also hurts when you are loved and cheated on. My advice for young people that has been betrayed by their love one, you must know that you don’t deserve to stay in toxic relationship and partner. My advice rely on our topic about the philosophy of man, like the philosophy of Socratic principle that unexamined life was not worth living, for me it is not all about examining yourself alone, but also examine the people that wanted to be part of your life, I say this because if you find out that you are betrayed by your love one you must realize that if he/she cannot take care of your heart, it is also not worthy to be part of your life in the future. The bottom line of my advice is this it’s better for you to know the truth and be hurt sooner than for the rest of your life to suffer from your might do a wrong decision because you believe in false love.

  15. I will advice to my friend accept what happen ,forget,forgive ,be healed and move on. I will be advising her also if she enter a relationship again she should be wise, knowledgeable , careful, and hard to get.

  16. Jheeve Dhalin M. Iligan 2F3

    As a man, i encountered different people and also my friends are related to this topic. I have a friend that he two time his girlfriend. I always telling him that he’s making a bad descision. The only advice i tell to him is. All I can tell you is, I hope you change and stop cheating on your girlfriend. there is no point in the treachery you are committing against him. I hope we can teach you a lesson so that you don’t repeat it again.

  17. King Ruben D. Sales

    My advice to someone who were betrayed by their partner is that, you don’t have to forgive and forget them. You just have to move on and accept the things that happened to the both of you. And no relationship is perfect. And when you say there is no perfect relationship, that includes temptation, treacherous and etc. that can ruin your trust, respect and love to your partner. And never ever equal the evilness that they did to you. ‘cause when you did, then you are no difference from them.

  18. Efren John Reyes

    What I can advise a person who has been betrayed based on the topic of philosophy of man is to think before you decide. You should also consider why he or she betrayed you at some point. There are numerous factors to consider. I read one study on the relationship between love and pain. I’ve learned that the more you love someone, the more pain they will cause you. However, most of the time, love triumphs over pain. However, it is also dependent on you and how you evaluate the situation. Betrayal is a matter of weighing love against knowledge; always use your mind when making a decision. because our heart is deceitful. However, if you truly love the person, you can forgive him while ensuring that he or she bears the consequences of their actions. This is not to punish them, but to teach them that causing you pain is more complicated than simply saying sorry and treating you to dinner or a date. It’s all about your mental health. Mental health issues have a significant impact on your life, as well as your current behavior and actions. Try to teach him or her how to mend your relationship and make it work. It is a matter of communicating with one another and understanding one another, as well as beginning to build your foundation with love.Just like when building a house, the foundation must be strong and deep in order to withstand earthquakes and other storms or disasters. Try to give him or her another chance and learn from their mistakes. Help each other and don’t put too many expectations on anything or anyone because there will come a time when they will not meet those expectations and will eventually fail or disappoint you. Begin a new chapter with love and happiness.

  19. Khien D. Torreña BSIT 2-F3

    My advice to those who have been betrayed by their partners is do not blame yourself, blame the person who does not see your worth. Don’t ever think there’s something wrong with you, and don’t ever wonder why people treat you like that because I know everyone does’nt deserved to be cheated. We’re all worth it and deserve to be loved. Simply let go and go on. Fucos on yourself, because I believe that the right person will come at the right time.

  20. Jonalyn S. Degabi BSIT 2F3

    Don’t think deeply about your bf/gf cheating on you. Don’t lose hope to seek and find love completely. There are good people out there, sometimes the cheater has insecurities to try cheating so they do it to lose their insecurities. Cheating happens to every person, even if you are smart, beautiful and successful once the person wants to cheat they will and they really will. Even if they become perfect partner if they want to cheat they really will. Always remember that you are not the only one experiencing this, you are not the only one suffering from what you are feeling right now. You are lucky that your ex has left you now, the others there continue to go crazy and continue their relationship. Put self -love first and ignore who hurt you because someday you will find love that will not be fooled and left. Know your worth !!!

  21. Khea Joy S. Juanico BSIT 2F3

    The advice I can give to a person that was betrayed by his/her girlfriend is, don’t be afraid to say honestly what you are feeling. Let him know that it’s not okay, that you’ve been hurt. Don’t be afraid to say what you wanted to happen. If that person value you so much and if he/she consider your feelings, it won’t happen. Know that his/her ignorance is one of the reason of that mistake. Don’t be afraid to let go. Let go if it’s not healthy anymore. Let go if he/she is causing you too much pain. Let go if you think that both of you are not growing anymore and that relationship became toxic. Let go if the pain that he/she caused is killing you and stressing you out. Remember that wounds from the inside heals slower than the wounds on the outside. You can take time to heal. In order to attain the happiness and peace that was disturbed, you must be good to yourself and free the things or the person that hinders you to achieve it. Time would really reveal what you really mean to someone, and time will teach you to wait for either to be together again, or prepare you for someone better and is really meant for you. Man in nature is indeed imperfect, but learning can always be acquired. Pray always to GOD and learn from HIM the true definition of love. Certainly, he will reveal to you that a right person will treat you and love you like he does. God won’t fail us. He is all knowing, overflowing and the source of love.

  22. Marvin Bayona

    You can close your eyes to things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to things you don’t want to feel.
    My advice for the person who was betrayed by his/her boy/girl friend is that control your emotions. At most times, people who betrayed comes with an impulsive actions that later on they regret that’s why you have to control your self. Never ever beg him/her to come back to your life. Have a decency, love and respect for yourself. If you’re in the right state that you are ready to talk things out then, communicate. Ask for reasons why it ended up like that because by this it could help in your healing process. It could help for the acceptance and self-realization. Move on, distract yourself from thinking things and blaming yourself. There’s more to life. Know your self-worth. Base on the human philosophy, we can never be wise especially in choosing of person to beloved but this lessons will help you to prevent you from making bad decisions in your next relationship.
    Love cannot be taught, love comes from grace.

  23. Lyka C.Oscianas BSIT 2F3

    As a person who experience being betrayed of a own boyfriend in the past,I personally give advice to a person who was betrayed by his/her boyfriend/girlfriend was to always choose yourself .Never question your self worth because you are worth it. Don’t blame yourself if he/she is not contented because true love begin with contentment and trust.Yes, it’s hurt because you truly love that person but you need to be strong to handle that pain because no one can help you but yourself. Of course it is not just fast as you cook boiled egg ,its takes time to forgive and to get you over the pain that cause of the past betrayal.Maybe it will cause you trauma that will lead you to never trust again because you think they are all the same and its will takes you guard your heart because you don’t want to be hurt again and again and being left in the end.But never let the past ruin you ,like what I said you are worth it!Maybe in your past relationship is just a try for you to make you strong and be better ,maybe its just a way of God to make you understand that their are better plan waiting for you than the plan you wanted it before.Always remember ,pain is part of love .Its a choice if you will stay in the stage of pain or you will continue run until you reach the stage of love where the true happiness will be the greatest prize.

  24. Lorraine D. Resurreccion. BSIT2F3

    Being betrayed by your love one is really painful. Your heart is broken? It’s given, you choose to love and love hurts. Just cry it out loud, it may hard and heavy for you but always remember people who make you happy and smile through your bad days. Appreciate the people who bring good vibes in your life. You only live once don’t focus on the bad and negative things that happening in your life. Think that it’s a new problem that you need to handle and fix. I just wanna say that he/she is not worth it, people come and go. Maybe he/she is not the one for you. Just live your life to the fullest. Ignore him/her then slowly move on, be happy and start on your own. You, yourself was a great expensive gift that you may get. So, don’t let your hearth break ruin you. Stay away and never allow people to make you feel bad about yourself because at the end of the day, yourself are the only one who can help you and your lucky because I know there are people who truly care and love you that will accept the entirety of you. And when the day come’s by, when you finally sleep peacefully at night knowing that no one is betraying, lying and cheating on you is really great feeling that you may feel. Always appreciate and love yourself, feel free in this world full of problems. Be kind to yourself, you matter and you are worthy.

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