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Cremation,  A Choice For Many Filipinos | Teresa Development Corporation

The alternative practice of cremating the dead is continuously achieving popularity with the Filipinos and from a merely small percentage who prefer it, it has now increased to a large margin. It was only a few years ago that Filipinos are hesitant to consider cremation, and the Roman Catholic Church’s nod played a major factor in this change. In addition, there are also other reasons why cremation has become a choice for Filipinos especially in the aspect of Celebrating Life in Style.

Celebrating Life in Style

The Art of Cremation

Simply put, cremation is the means or procedure of compressing the deceased’s body to bone fragments and ash by treating it to flame and extreme heat.

The whole process begins by placing the deceased body into a chamber for cremation where it will be set in high heat. The heat is so extreme that the body vaporizes and most of it was reduced to ashes, except for the bone which may break down into bits and pieces. The ash will now be rested for cooling before it can be finely grounded through the use of a cremulator. Afterward, the cremains or ashes will be turned over to the family where it can be stored in an urn until they decide to bury, scattered, or even combine the ashes to other components depending on the final wishes of the deceased.
CREMATION, A CHOICE FOR MANY FILIPINOS | Teresa Development Corporation

Teresa Development Corporation

Why More Filipinos Prefer Cremation

As earlier mentioned, the Roman Catholic’s nod played a major factor in why more Filipinos now are more open-minded in the idea of cremation. The Philippines is predominantly a Catholic country that’s why clearly, the influence is there for the general population. Thus, Filipinos now choose to forgo tradition because the Church no longer disagrees.

Here are more reasons why Filipinos choose cremation:

  • Simpler Method

Cremation may keep it simple for the loved ones of the deceased. They no longer need to have a burial parade and the long ceremonies that come with it. Most columbarium offers funeral services and after the cremation, the urn can be placed on a designated place in the same building. 

  • Cost

Practicality is one of the main reasons why cremation gained popularity. The traditional funeral and burial package usually costs 50%-60% higher, and with the rising costs of goods, cremation is the more practical. 

  • Convenience

Columbariums are now available for more people, and this means convenience for the changing lifestyle of the Filipinos as well. Other than being lower in cost, people who want to visit their deceased loved ones are more convenient in columbariums than a traditional burial site.

  • Columbariums are more solemn

Visiting public or private cemeteries can be jampacked during weekends, holidays, and All Soul’s Day, and some people prefer a more private or solemn visit. Columbariums provide this serenity and privacy that a burial site lacks. 

  • Environment-friendly

Spaces on memorial parks and burial sites have decreased over the years and columbariums only require a small spot for the urns of the deceased. While the cremation process itself leaves some emission footprint, it is still, generally considered as an eco-friendly option.

CREMATION, A CHOICE FOR MANY FILIPINOS | Teresa Development Corporation

Teresa Development Corporation

TDC’s Christ the Redeemer Columbarium Complex |  Celebrating Life In Style

 Responding to the growing demand and popularity of Cremation, Teresa Development Corporation will open its new world-class facility in Bacolod City. The Christ, the Redeemer Columbarium Complex, is located inside Rose Lawns Memorial Park in Brgy. Bata, Bacolod City.

This property is the first of its kind in the region and has the following features:

Lobby of Remembrance 

This beautiful lobby with a glass ceiling will surely evoke the feeling of comfort and relief. 

The Amethyst 

By 2020, the Amethyst will be the first cluster to be made available to the public. The Amethyst can accommodate 6,000 urns.

 The Family Suite 

Catering to the need and lifestyle of every Bacolodnons, the complex offers Family Suites that provide a more private area. This feature is air-conditioned and has glass windows wherein one can ponder on the beautiful landscape of the complex. 


For masses and thanksgiving, The Christ the Redeemer Columbarium Complex for this purpose.

Pool of Providence 

To reminisce beautiful memories of your loved ones, the complex offers a water feature – the Pool of Providence. 

Parking Space

A total of 1,595 square meters of space is allotted for the parking area. 

CREMATION, A CHOICE FOR MANY FILIPINOS | Teresa Development Corporation

Teresa Development Corporation

For details, please contact:


Galo Street. Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

Tel. No. (034) 434-5555 

CREMATION, A CHOICE FOR MANY FILIPINOS | Teresa Development Corporation

Teresa Development Corporation

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