Why Personal Relationship Is Important | 10 Tips to Develop and Nurture


Why Personal Relationship Is Important | 10 Tips to Develop and Nurture

Why Personal Relationship Is Important

There is a proper set of behaviors even when it comes to personal relationships. Despite being extremely close to another person, this does not mean that you are to act in an insensitive manner in front of them. Being insensitive can offend people. Being mindful of your behavior can strengthen your bond with your family and friends.

Why Personal Relationship Is Important | 10 Tips to Develop and Nurture

Why Personal Relationship Is Important | 10 Tips to Develop and Nurture

10 Tips to Develop and Nurture Personal Relationship  

Be inclusive

Do not let the people you care about become left out. Spend time with them and make conversation. Being left out is lonely, so make them comfortable by including them.

Choose to be Nice

Always choose to be nice to another person even if others can be mean to you. No one would want to be around a person who is nasty and repulsive. It can be challenging to be nice when irritated, but do refrain from being sarcastic or rude. Insulting actions is the fastest way you can destroy your relationship.

Why Personal Relationship Is Important | 10 Tips to Develop and Nurture

Why Personal Relationship Is Important | 10 Tips to Develop and Nurture

Be Truly Interested

Being interested in what your family or friend does or says is crucial. This is how you form a great conversation with them. Relationships become stronger with communication.

Listen with the intent to Understand

Show importance to the other person by truly understanding what they are saying. Try to empathize with them. Do not simply listen for the sake of giving a reply; listen with compassion.

Why Personal Relationship Is Important | 10 Tips to Develop and Nurture

Why Personal Relationship Is Important | 10 Tips to Develop and Nurture

Think before you Speak

Never speak out of hand or make a decision when you are feeling extremely emotional. Many hurtful words are said at the height of emotions; make sure to take control of yourself before you say something that cannot be undone.

Embrace the Imperfection, and treat others the way you want to be treated

No one is perfect. Accept and respect them for their flaws and beliefs. Not everyone has the same opinion as you do. Never insult their choices; being different should not be a hindrance to your relationship. Make that difference complement what the other lacks.

Why Personal Relationship Is Important | 10 Tips to Develop and Nurture

Why Personal Relationship Is Important | 10 Tips to Develop and Nurture


All relationships need commitment. When you make plans with family or friends, be committed to being there for them. If you are unable to commit, be responsible for your actions. Find ways to make up for it. Once you neglect commitment, trust will be one of the hardest things you have to gain again.

Show your appreciation

Saying Thank You or giving a Thank You note can make another person happy. Knowing that you are grateful makes them know that they are appreciated.

Why Personal Relationship Is Important | 10 Tips to Develop and Nurture


Anyone is prone to make mistakes. Learn to forgive. Holding grudges will not get you anywhere. It would help if you did not let an error form a significant rift between you. Talk it out and arise on an agreement so that the same mistake can be avoided. Never bring it up again. What is done is already in the past. Focus on the present, and give that person a chance to change.


Being in a good relationship means having fun. Find the enjoyment of being together or simply chatting with each other. Find some time for each other and create new memories.

Personal relationships can be quite a handful to take care of. But if it means long-lasting love and friendship, then following the proper etiquette is worth the trouble.

Why Personal Relationship Is Important | 10 Tips to Develop and Nurture

Why Personal Relationship Is Important | 10 Tips to Develop and Nurture

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  1. John Rey Gonzaga BSIT 2M1

    Most desirable traits of a man is being honest and confidence. Being honest is the way to give others respect and you’re always confidence because you’re doing good. Even if we go to other place we have a confidence to do something good because you’re doing good. This is the best way to nourish our soul, honesty is also the way to create happiness and happiness gives our soul more confidence.

  2. Monalisa D. Bedrio BSIT 2F4

    Building personal relationship to the human nature. If you want to be respect give respect the others first, respect the others flaws, opinion, beliefs and culture. Every people have different reasons so try to understand them first, accept them from who they are even they are different from you. And also being nice to others is one of the best attitude you can show, others will like you as a person they will also admire you, the thing you have to avoid is being rude , being rude can destroy relationship with others especially with your beloved friends try to control your temper to avoid being hated.

  3. Ann M. Dela Puerta

    The connection of building personal relationship as being human, we must build the relationship in our own self, Because it’s very important we’re having healthy Personal relationship. Just like, time to give love in someone who deserve by giving you an attention and love. It’s about developing your trust, loyalty,confident, develop deep relationship to God. The nature of human nature is what is in our personality and attitude as being human, the way we act, talk, how we think, and feel things this it’s all about the nature of human nature. Building personal relationship, it’s just like what we’re achieve in life it’s a process to becoming best version of self. When we learn to love we can love others, when we build trust and having positive mindset and confident at self, the more we achieve things in life or what we feel things get better.

  4. Maria Ennah G. Zamora

    So the question goes, Discuss the connection of Building Personal Relationship and according to this article there are 10 tips tp develop and nurture personal relationship these are the following: Be inclusive, Choose to be nice, Be truly interested, Listen with the intent to understand, Think before you speak, Embrace imperfection, Commitment, Show your appreciation, Forgive, and Enjoy. And on my opinion this falls on spirited/emotional tripartite soul. And by having personal relationships with your peers makes us feel happy. according to Aristotle, he believed that he wanted to achieve happiness and happiness also comes within ourselves because there is a saying, no man is an island.

  5. Clarence C. Manejable

    As for the global economy today is overwhelming the ability of the earth to maintain life’s abundance. We are getting something terribly wrong. At this critical time in history, we need to reorient ourselves in how we relate to each other and to the earth’s wonders through the economy.

    We need a new mass movement that bears witness to a right way of living on our finite, life-giving planet and this gives a huge impact in building once relationship. As such, the human–nature relationship goes beyond the extent to which an individual believes or feels they are part of nature.

    It can also be understood as, and inclusive of, our adaptive synergy with nature as well as our longstanding actions and experiences that connect us to nature. Human nature is the concept of disposition and characteristics that includes the way of thinking, emotions and action that is part of what we are but as time fly this things are affected of what we called globalization or should I say the modern world which we live on.

  6. The connection of building personal relationship to our subject matter in the nature of human nature is all about the moral understanding and ethics that we thought to our self because first and for most all of our action are noticed by our self, we are human we think rational, we felt emotion and have physical desires. It is a fact that we can identify what is Good and Bad however, it is essential for us to decide to distinguish our personality or behavior. There are ways to develop and nurture personal relationship it can be choosing to be nice, thinking before speaking, embracing the imperfection and treat others the way you want to be treated, showing appreciation and forgiveness. In that way we can build a strong relationship tou our subject matter.

  7. Laureano, Ely John

    Personal relationship is a broad term that differs from person to person. What you mean by relationship is personal to you, although most people associate it with a feeling of closeness, particularly an emotional connection.
    As I read the article about Why Personal Relationship Is Important, it introduced me to a wealth of perspectives, this is how I perceive the article, there are few things that are vital in building a personal relationship to make it stronger and last longer. They are what I refer to as the foundation of a relationship. And those are : Loyalty, trust, care, concern, love, understanding, faith, and respect.
    The most important is understanding, as it is what determines the rest of those foundation. When you understand someone, you can figure out what drives them to do what they do. This understanding allows you to predict what they’ll do in a given situation. Faith is when you know what they can do, what they are capable of, what they can’t do, and so on. You can rely on someone if you have faith in them. You’ll never be able to rely on anything if you don’t have that. When you have that understanding, you will be able to learn their way of expressing affection/care. Some people are simply one-of-a-kind, and they express it in ways other than words. It is done through actions. But you must understand this in order to accept their love. You can only respect someone if you truly understand what motivates them. In building a personal relationship necessitates and requires understanding. There will be fights every day if there is no understanding, and the relationship will eventually break down. Love (attraction) isn’t enough to sustain a long-term relationship. With the passage of time, that allure fades in favor of certainty. Understanding is the only way to keep a relationship healthy. And that’s how humans can be distinguished from other animals and machines, their fully conscious mind, ability to understand and thus manage the relationship. Furthermore, if you posses the qualities such as, Loyalty, trust, care, concern, love, understanding, faith, happiness, and respect you can be labeled as a altruistic person. Because an altruistic person freely gives what they have to others without expecting anything in return, recognizes those who require assistance, responds kindly, and does their best to help without expecting anything in return, understands that some people regard him as foolish and/or people-pleasing, but he always chooses to express and confirm his true character regardless.( those statements that I have mentioned exhibits trust, concern, love and understanding).

  8. Chandylou L. Lava, BSIT 2 F4

    The connection between Building Personal Relationships and Human Nature is that they both concern a person’s deeds. Human nature teaches us to recognize whether a person is doing good or evil, and we learn from there that “To know the good is to do the good.” We should be good or nice to everyone to achieve the happiness we desire because being with someone with whom we are comfortable is having a strong relationship. It teaches us how to do good or spend time with someone so that we can feel joyful and close to them, as well as the benefits of doing good rather than evil in building personal relationships. As a result, doing good brings us the happiness we truly desire, whereas doing evil may cause us to feel lonely and isolated from others because no one wants to be around someone who is unpleasant and repulsive.

  9. Hanna B. Montibon

    Every human does have an individuality, it means that each of us are unique and all of us have different nature. Some people considered their desire to know as something that could make them happy. On the other hand, there also people who seeks for intimacy and physical pleasure to be happy and being happy is what make them humans. This nature of man plays a great role in building relationships. people does have an instinct of choosing the people with the same nature as him to build a relationship with. It is important that they have the same beliefs, principle and ideas in life to get along very well. The key for having a strong relationship is respect, love and of course having the same goal and philosophies in life to understand each other better and make the bond stronger.

  10. Jamaica Catacutan

    Building a personal relationship is part of human nature because we need it in order to survive and cope up with environment and the people around us to live a meaningful and happy life. Let’s all enjoy our life to the fullest while we are young and let’s all forgive all the things that hurt us and let yourself keep moving forward cause time is gold and life is short.

  11. Jeffrey F. Bagahansol BSIT 2M1

    As we all know that one of human nature is that they can’t survive by their own, just like the saying “No Man is an Island” everyone must rely on the company and comfort of one another in order to thrive and survive. But in order to have someone who is willing to spend its life with you, you must develop your personal relationship so you can improve and maintain a good connection to a person. To have a great bond with others, we must do some things in order to make it possible. Like spending an enough time with them, having a great time to communicate with each other to fully understood one another and being willing to listen on their point of view. Because being understanding to them all the time can also makes them wants to understand you thoroughly which can be a way to avoid and misunderstanding and conflict to your relationship. The nature of a human nature is to give what they get, when you treat other people in a good way they will also treat you in a good way too without you expecting them to do the same thing because they will do it voluntarily.

  12. Patricia Pendon BSIT2-M1

    Building a personal relationship is important to have an intimate relationship with your friends and family that can help you to be a good person. They can help you to correct your actions in a good way and most importantly they can help you to develop your personal development. As we grow, we develop our behavior. Our behavior is our choice if you choose to be good or bad, being altruistic or egoist it all depends on ourselves as long as you get your happiness. Always think before you speak because it affects our relationship to other people. If you choose to be nice, show them without hesitation, treat people as you want to be treated. Nobody’s perfect better show your true self rather than hiding or ashamed to show the real you. Enjoy your life as long as you choose the right path that can help to become a better person.

  13. Anro Pahilanga

    Aristotle and jeremy bentham they are philosophers make us grow not physically but mentally.Mentally for making friends not being sarcastic or rude, seeing of importance even little things and also making decisions by our self. By help of them, we are growing, we make our self mature to people around us.

  14. John Miguel L. Villa

    In building a personal relationship, we must remember the nature of human which is to sin which is inevitable because human is not God and will never be. What I’m trying to say is humans are not perfect being, humans will always has a sin no matter what because, in the first place, Adam and Eve already committed a sin. To effectively establish a personal relationship, we have to understand our imperfections rather than aiming perfections.

  15. Mena M. Alolod BSIT 2F4

    Building Personal Relationships is necessary and important because we are human and it is in our nature to socialize with other human beings. We were created by our Almighty God with unique qualities and abilities among other creations, with a substance of physical and spiritual, spiritual in nature, physical in nature, and faculty that correspond to his relationship with society. According to Aristotle and Boethius describe man as a rational being. A rational being means a person is able to know reason out and of course apply what he knows. Man is also called a social being because he is always a part of the community where he will be able to socialize. Furthermore, as humans, it is in our nature to build personal relationships with other human beings.

  16. Building personal relationship is vital and necessary. As humans it is inevitable for us to foster a strong core personal attachment. The relationship we build in ourselves is natural and genuine. It helps us to grow and learn enormous things within ourselves.

  17. Noel D. Ecang BSIT 2M1

    In building of personal relationship is hard because of some situations that you faced or experience, and the nature of human nature. People are not perfect, we are having a mistakes, sin in our lives. I relate the building of personal relationship in the nature of human nature because we cannot achieve to be a perfect person because nothing is perfect in this world except our Lord. God has given us a will or choices to do, He has given us freedom. It begins in the times of Adam and Eve, they have a freedom to choose. But we know what we will do the right thing that we can build our personal relationship even it is not perfect but we do it to become right.

  18. Gerro palanog BSIT2 M1

    Human nature is about the attitudes, perspective and preference of human being. People vary in different aspect from one another. This is a diverse world for lots of differences exist. One might see me thing as better and this can be contradictory to others opinion. Human nature is unfathomable, we can’t read minds and lots of inconsistency occur that sometimes we give other people the benefit of the doubt. Building personal relationship is necessary. Some may find it challenging but is important because this world isn’t an isolation room that will keep you away from other people. Everyday you are encountering people, your family, friend, neighbours, and even strangers. Building personal relationship is vital to understand the human nature and vice versa. Let’s talk about the first one, if you build a personal relationship with other people, you have the chance to explore their world. You are given the opportunity to dig deeper with their characteristics and that talks about their human nature. In the latter one, if you understand the human nature, then you can find the correct path to build relationship with them. You have the knowledge on how to connect with other people.

  19. Melitado, Angel B. BSIT 2M1

    Personal relationship is important, you can have a loving family and gain plenty of friends but, you also need to be wise in choosing a friend and who you can trust on your family. They’re maybe you family but that doesn’t mean you will automatically trust them, same goes on choosing your friends its better to have a small circle of that you know you can count on rather than a big circle of friends who are all fake, they can be good to you when you’re talking to them but they can also talk shit behind your back. Trust is earned not a candy you can give easily. And it is not also about other people you also need to work on yourself to have friends you wish to have, you can’t be mean and repulsive then expect you’ll have a true friend and a loving family. Sometimes other people is not the problem its in you. That’s why work on yourself and be better that way you can build a strong relationship with your family and friends.

  20. Riega D. Monteza, BSIT-2F4

    People wanted to know, according to Aristotle, and this is what made humans human. Human nature always connects to form personal relationships. The development of personal relationships is important to the character of human nature. It does not imply that you are at ease with someone; you are always free to disregard your actions, even if they may hurt someone’s feelings. Always consider the 10 tips to develop and cultivate personal connections to completely fulfill your nature as a human. These tips are to always be inclusive to the people you care about, choose to be nice even if they are mean to you, be truly interested in listening to someone’s important statement to have stronger relationships through communication, Listen with the intent to understand, think before you speak, embrace the imperfection, and treat others the way you want to be treated, have commitment, show your appreciation, forgive, and finally enjoy. Practicing these tips makes humans more human by allowing them to think, feel, and act naturally. This is due to the fact that developing personal relationships is an example of how to be human.


    Building personal relationship is accepting and listening to people around you. Putting a positive energy everytime you do the interaction with others It is learning to give and take feedbacks in order to develop communication skills. Building personal relationship is a step to success . It will make you happy, strong and feel more greatful in life. It can be correlate to the nature of human nature because human nature denotes the fundamental of dispositions and characteristics which you can develop while you are building your personal relationship. Including ways of thinking, feeling and acting were all involved in human nature that was being build during personal relationship.

  22. Althea Murielle Mendoza BSIT 2-F4

    Based on these tips to develop and nurture personal relationships, it shows the things, behavior and attitude that you have to reflect and apply on to yourself especially in your everyday life in order for you to develop a good relationship towards the person you love, to your family, and to your friends. The connection between these tips and to our subject matter “the nature of human nature” is that they have the same intention to inform people how to act and to choose what is right. In our topic, it is stated that Aristotle thought people desired to know and this is what made humans human. I agree to what Aristotle said, like these tips, having the desired to know about these tips can help you to be more like a human because these tips teaches you how to respect and the proper way to treat the people around you. I am not saying that if you do not know about these tips then you are not considered as a human but instead it helps you to gain the trust of the people that you love and it also helps them to be comfortable around you. For example, you don’t treat them the way these tips tells you and you just treats them bad, do you think they will see you as a human at all? They’ll just think that you’re an egoist person. In our topic it is also stated that happiness was attained through knowledge and I think these tips are the proofs to this statement, why? Because like I said having the knowledge about these tips can help you to strengthen your bond with you family and friends and I think having a good relationship with them can bring you a tremendous amount of happiness.

  23. Sharmaine D. Bantillo BSIT 2-F4

    In my opinion, “Why are personal relationships important?” Personal relationship is important to me. For example, I meet new people online like my classmates now. I always choose to be nice to them, even we communicates through messenger, so that they may also return the goodness I have shown. I always show to my friends that I nurture them because they are not just friends to me, they are part of my life that I treasure. For me, having a genuinely relationship with people leads you to experience how happy life is. In my experience, by showing your true self to your classmates, friends, and family, you are spiritually healthy inside and out. In our last discussion, we said, “Happiness is the fruit of virtue.” I agree with it because my mother taught me that virtue always prevailed to be successful in life.

  24. Yulatic, Junmer Paul A.

    Other people are egoist because of their selfishness and greedy and other people are altruist because they are unselfishly concerned to others and they are welling to devote to welfare to others. There are good and evil person because of their ego. Some people still do some unethical actions even though they know what is right or wrong. Some people know the the good is to do a good for others.

  25. Wenna M. Donguines BSIT2 -M1

    As humans we are living naturally as we grow it develop some changes in our life. It growth also a relationship with others as humans it is important for us to build a good relationships to others. Good relationship give us easy and enjoyable life. Developing positive relationship result for happy living.

  26. Emar B. Baldeveso

    Their a lot of places that we can see in this world a beautiful places for me i will just enjoy what i have because being conte nted to i hav is much more. To have a relationship to your love one’s your friends and also your family to have a better life. A place that we can relaxing our sleeves to see the happiness of your family is the best thing that god will give you.

  27. Malaga,Louis Miguel S. Bsit 2f4

    I relate our topic to personal relationship that the nature is you can enjoy to the natures it becouse you can see the naturw that God’s made.

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