Most Desirable Traits in a Man

Most Desirable Traits in a Man


Have you ever asked yourself what qualities that you may find in a man that makes you think that he’s desirable? Well, admit it or not, we all dream of encountering or meeting a man with such qualities. But how do we say that such a man is desirable? Read the list!

He is charming 

He makes you feel extra happy just by the way he speaks, looks, or acts. He does not have to exert too much effort because, whether intentionally or not, his charm is evident.

Most Desirable Traits in a Man

He is fit

There is something about his physique that attracts you. You feel that regardless of his body type, he is very masculine and that the man in him could protect you no matter what the circumstances are.


He is somehow mysterious.

There is something about their personality that makes you crave for more. You want to know them better, and you would like to conquer that strange part of him. He is intriguing and fascinating at the same time.

Most Desirable Traits in a Man

He dresses well

Not necessarily expensive attire, but the way he carries his attire is what makes him more hot and sexy. For as long as he could take it confidently and he looks good and neat in it, then he’s an ideal hot man.

He exudes power

It is as if you feel that he has total command of the things happening around him. It is as if, just by looking at him, you can think that he has complete control of the environment.

Most Desirable Traits in a Man

Most Desirable Traits in a Man

He is matured

You feel that he’s not anymore for small talks or flirty games. You think that whatever he will venture on, he will always be serious about it. He will not be childish enough to entertain small matters about you nor things around them.

He smells good

Admit it; if he smells good, then you will automatically feel that he’s a clean man. This makes you assured that he’s a hygienic man, and you won’t have to worry about hygiene-related problems.

Most Desirable Traits in a Man

Most Desirable Traits in a Man

He has a specific talent.

May it be singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument, for as long as he possesses a talent, he’s hot! All you have to do is discover that skill within him help him explore his abilities more.

He communicates well

He can begin and maintain a good and sincere conversation. It is as if whenever that you talk to him, you will never feel out of topic nor bored. So, it means that they are fun to talk with.

Most Desirable Traits in a Man

Most Desirable Traits in a Man

He looks like the bad boy type.

Not the man with a tattoo-covered, but a man whom you could feel protected with. It is as if they are not afraid to do what their hearts desire to do. They dare to be different without giving too much care about what other people have to say.

He looks a bit older than his age.

Well, as women, we have the idea that when a man gets older, he becomes wiser and mature. This makes him look hot and sexy at the same time. It is as if they are in total control of his life.

Most Desirable Traits in a Man

He moves uniquely.

His movement is not choreographed nor the planned acts that they have but their natural way of moving. They seem to be so carefree and confident, so much so that you might think of them as an easy-go-lucky type of man.

He has expressive eyes.

When you look at him, you see something within. You see their soul, their sincerity, their intentions, everything. The way they look or even stare at you makes them merely hot and sexy!

Most Desirable Traits in a Man

He is motivated

You know, and you feel that he is determined in whatever he wants to achieve. His determination, as well as passion in getting there to achieve such a goal, makes him attractive to your eyes.

He seems financially stable.

As superficial as it may sound, a wealthy man is mostly equated to a hot man. Why? Without taking too much effort, they will look powerful and robust, as manifested by their way of living, actions, and speaking.

Most Desirable Traits in a Man

Most Desirable Traits in a Man

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  1. Monalisa D. Bedrio BSIT 2F4

    A matured man is strong and confident he overcomes problems challenges and fear he knows how to deal with it. A matured man is a good friend we can reply on them when depressing challenges kick in. A matured man is a good listener and caring lover he knows how to accept if he’s wrong. Matured man don’t have time for a small fry like ignorant people in short a matured man have encountered many challenges and overcome it to gain experiences.
    A man with good communication skills is also a good listener listening is not about to understand words but also to understand the emotions of the speaker. When talking with someone a man should be confident have empathy and knows how to Respect the person that he is talking too.

  2. Ann M. Dela Puerta

    First I pick the He looks a bit older than his age, as woman I like man mature, he knows how to control their problems and responsibilities in life. He doesn’t need to change his personality for to accept him. He really just be himself. He has unique personality and perspective in his life. Second, He has expressive eyes, this man is motivated who crave success in life. His eyes are open in reality. I want this traits of man, because this kind of man he has a wisdom and knowledge when it comes in life. His determination, passion achieve his goal and his sincerity. These two traits of man has a wisdom, the way they make decision in life and they know his worth, who Man and knowlege they doing good in they’re life decision, has knowledge what they learn in this world that they become wise and achiever man. I Choose these two traits of man because, nowadays we don’t need a perfect man but we will choose the kind of man that we had a future, man who really loves you purely that he never hurts you.

  3. Laureano, Ely John

    The two traits of a man that I find admirable, he posses an expressive eyes and He is somehow mysterious.
    He has an expressive eyes
    A man that has expressive eyes means that his eyes shows his emotions. Anger, joy, sadness, pain, hope, and surprise are all visible in his eyes. Looking into someone’s eyes reveals their hidden emotions, attitudes, and thoughts. They’re similar to mirrors. In the eyes of another person, we can sometimes see a reflection of their selves. We can get a sense of their feelings toward us. Furthermore, according to the Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) Philosophy that eyes are said to be the window to the soul, and I agree with that, Look into the eyes of those who have attained enlightenment. The soul is directly connected to the eyes of enlightened beings. Because of his direct connection with the soul, you can feel the silence in his presence and see the stillness in his eyes. And because every soul is the absolute’s heartbeat, each one is equally beautiful. Eyes are not only doors to the soul, but also gate to the absolute.
    he is somehow mysterious
    Many individual are drawn to men who appear “mysterious,” even if we don’t follow through on that interest. Apathy or withdrawal characteristics, for some reason, tend to draw us in rather than push us away. It makes us believe that these characters are intriguing and that they have hidden depths that need to be explored. More over, people said, that being a mysterious person is a quality that make you as a wise man. But according to Pythagoras, only god can be called wise, a mysterious person can be called as a lover of wisdom but he can never be wise.

  4. Chandylou L. Lava, BSIT 2 F4

    According to the topic we’ve tackled about the Philosophy of a man under The modal “Happiness is the fruit of virtue,” and in addition in Socratic principle “The most important task in life was caring for the soul,” the two attributes I pick out of 15 traits of man are first, “He is charming,” and second, “He is motivated.” Socrates believed that the most important task people face was realizing their potential as people.” I prefer to like men who are charming and movativated in terms of their dreams. Having a charming man who gives you happiness by action and in words and who is always looking for ways to make people around him happy is so lucky.
    I also admire a motivated man who has a bright future ahead of him and has the potential to achieve things in life that will lead to success. It makes me pleased to think of having a partner with those characteristics. The most crucial characteristic is a man’s extravagant faith and love for God. According to Pythagoras, “Only God can be called wise,” and because we are sinners, we can neither be perfect nor wise. However, if God is placed at the center of our lives, true man will be given to us, and we will be given more than we asked for. As a result, whatever characteristics a man possesses, we should accept them. Admiring men is fine, but remember that the right man will come through God’s will.

  5. Hanna B. Montibon

    Of all the good traits of man that is desired by many there are two attributes that are more desirable for me. First is someone who is mature, a man like this is someone who knows his priorities and purpose, he could be someone who focuses on a certain goal and that he is wise and smart enough to handle the challenges and problems in life. He is also someone who knows a lot, because a mature man has a broad and deeper understanding of the things around him, including people’s personality and attitudes. As what Socrates said “The unexamined life was not worth living”, so if you are someone who is matured, more focus and idealistic then you are living a life that is worth to live for you have lived to serve your purpose.
    Next is someone who dresses well, it is an indication that he love his own self. Most of the people expresses self love by making their selves appear great to other people and that includes the way they dress and carry their selves. If you are someone who is confident of the way you look and talk to other people, it means that you are proud of being you. A person who is proud of being himself loves himself and it is not impossible for him to love other people because he is someone who knows how to share and give love and it is very ideal that it must come to himself first.

  6. Jamaica Catacutan

    I chose matured and smells good since these are my top two green flags for men. It is very important to me that a man is hygienic and has a mature mindset, as he will not be foolish enough to entertain silly concerns about me or the things around him. It will really gives me a peace of mind and being unbothered to the small things because i know my man is matured enough to handle that thing. A man who can pick up my vibe will be the luckiest man alive.

  7. Patricia Pendon BSIT2-M1

    The two admirable traits that I want in a man is he is motivated and he is matured because a man who is always motivated to pursue his dream is something that attracts me. He will do anything and take the risks just to get what he wants. Another trait is that he is matured because he is more serious and always avoids fighting in the relationship. They do not let their fear defeat them, they always think positive and become stronger when consequences may occur in their life. In reality we cannot possess these admirable traits in a man, we are just making an imagination for us to be happy but all men are not perfect. Like in Socratic principle the most important part of our life is our soul. What is the use of being a gentleman if you’re not being true to yourself. If you are someone who just acts as someone good to deceive other people.

  8. Clarence Manejable

    In the philosophy of man there is three types of man the lover of pleasure, lover of success and lover of wisdom. Being a perfect man they say, a man that has a standard into his emotion and proud to show it to everyone he meet every time.

    A man that can understand of who you are and understand your feeling and thought. In philosophy of man there is what they called the perfect man in the article admirable traits of man I chose charming and fit.

    A charming man can attract people around him, make them think allot of good things about these person, of how he live, what’s he doing in his daily life.

    List just say that these charming man or being charming is leaving a life of virtue in which people see it perfection. Many people want a nice and perfect body. Some girls likes a man that have a nice and fit body so that someone will protect them. And feel secure and safe. Whenever you encounter think, that they have their own standards and principle in life.

  9. Jeffrey F. Bagahansol BSIT 2M1

    On the article about Admirable Traits of a Man, the two attributes that I choose on the article to relate on the subject Philosophy of Man are the Mature and Charming. Because when you are matured you will understand things better and you can be able to handle the problems and conflict more easily. When you matured you can think solutions that may solve any problems and can have a better view on any difficulties you might face. Just like the subject, Philosophy of Man that tackle about human nature and how a man should act maturely. It makes me want to learn it deeply so I can understand myself as I’m on the process of gaining knowledge on this subject. The second is the charming, I relate the subject to the charming because the subject itself can able to gain the interest of every learner caused by the interesting topics of Philosophy of Man. As the subjects wants to mold every learner to be a better person, students can realize what are the things that he/she should improve or change on itself. So, in the future they can be the better version of his/her self. A person who is matured to handle any responsibilities and a charming person that can able to communicate and build relationship with others.

  10. John Rey Gonzaga BSIT 2M1

    Treat other people with respect

    People around us will give big respect if we respect them. Life is easier when we treat people respectful way. Always acknowledge each person dignity because we have inherent and worth and deserve basic rights. We need to collaborate relationship to others .

  11. Anro Pahilanga

    Philosophy is mysterious like the man because it makes you crave more. There are things that you want to know why and what is the reason behind it. Philosophy is also like the man because it exudes power. There is a saying that goes “knowledge is power”. This goes to show that wisdom on man is a means of showing strength through knowledge.

  12. Mena M. Alolod BSIT 2F4

    In the article are admirable traits of a man desired by many. “He moves uniquely” and “He is motivated” were the two attributes I chose. In the philosophy of man, a person is an embodied spirit. This means that a man is made up not only of his body, but also of his heart, mind, and soul, which gives him unique abilities. That is why “He moves uniquely”, because he has the abilities and freedom to do what he wants to do. That makes him unique social being. That is part of being human in philosophy. The attribute “He is motivated” in the philosophy of man, we have the ability to understand what is right and wrong. In order for him to achieve his dreams and goals in life, a man needs to keep motivated and have the freedom to be successful in life that makes him productive social being. We should appreciate as an individual that we are created by our Almighty God to be unique among other creations. This is because God has endowed us with different qualities and abilities.

  13. Two attributes of man which are comparable and relatable to the Philosophy of Man are 1. He exudes power and 2. He is somehow mysterious.Among the 15 these 2 more likely to have been an impactful in life of a man . He exudes power in the sense that he knows how to drive himself , shape his life and put power over his journey .The power he holds lead him into deeper understanding of himself and gives him glimpse of how he should fit himself in the society.He is somehow mysterious , the mere fact that everyone of us is still under a great observation of ourselves and our society we tend to hide ourselves from others. Leaving them with a big question mark about our identity . This is just a sort of privacy and respect to our individuality and how we silently battle with our lives.

  14. John Miguel L. Villa

    The two traits of a man that I chose is: He is matured, and He moves uniquely. There are several classification to look at a man. It is in the topic Philosophy of a man and this is why I chose the maturity and uniqueness of a man because, it is stated that a man is more attractive when he act mature than those who are immature. Man is also uniquely made by God.

  15. Noel D. Ecang BSIT 2M1

    My two that I pick in the article is matured and motivated and I relate it in the Philosophy of man. Matured, because if we matured enough, our knowledge is growing too that we think in big ideas and we can take responsibilities. God has given us wisdom through reading bible to become mature and continue growing. Motivated, because if we are motivated we can strive or reach our goals in life. If we are continuing pursue our goals we achieve it. For me we should matured and be motivated at all times because God wanted us to be matured enough to understand and obey His words to achieve our goals and that is the promised land.

  16. Melitado, Angel B. BSIT 2M1

    A man who is matured and can communicate is very admirable. Once man is matured you can expect them to be a happy go lucky one. They sets their priority on what’s important for them, they think about others first before thereselves, they are the kind of man who can understand yo, lots of then matured based on their experiences. The challenges and struggles they’ve been through made them who they are right now. And the man who can communicate well will never be boring. They can be that someone who you can run into and you can talk with anything without judgment. They are also the one who can give life advices, those kind of people is the best you’re lucky if you have that kind of people in your life.

  17. Gerro Palanog BSIT2 M1

    He communicates well
    Is if a man communicates well, it signifies that he is literate and knowledgeable. He can maintain good conversation. In the philosophy of man, true knowledge is the application of knowledge. For you to be able to communicate well, you must apply the knowledge you have. With this, you’ll be able to get the attention of the person and he/she well think that you are fun to be with. It is not only about fun but as well as the learning that you can impact when coversing
    He is motivated
    Determination is an important attribute of a person. You must preserve to achieve what you want and be passionate about it. In philosophy of man, contemplation and imitation means imitating the good exemplar and living the good by leading a good life. If you are motivated, you are striving to pursue something and I believe that with this you are living the good life. This assures that you will gradually take with your hands your aspirations and it is about a good life lead by your determination.

  18. For me a philosophy a philosophy of man describes if he is motivated and exudes power because a man that has a trait of this, he is determined in life and he is using his wisdom to pursue success. However, in the philosophical study of a man we understand that there will be a qualities and desirable traits that assumes the personality of a man like describes his dignity, truth, freedom, justice, love, and relation to God.

  19. Sharmaine D. Bantillo BSIT 2-F4

    In our last discussion, we tackled the philosophy of man. In my opinion, if I were to choose an attribute of a man in the article, I would choose a man that was mature and knew how to motivate a girl. As a woman, a girl like me wants to find a guy who is mature enough to handle a relationship and also very responsible. A god-fearing guy and a loving partner; that was the ideal man that every girl wanted to marry, like me. He motivates me in a situation where I feel down, and he is willing to sacrifice his life for me. According to socrates, The unexamined life is not worth living. I agree with his theory about life. I appreciate a guy that has not unexamined his life. A real man respects and cares for his soul.

  20. Riega D. Monteza, BSIT-2F4

    In the article, I just chose two of the 15 most desirable traits in a man. These are “He is matured” and “He is charming.” According to our topic in the philosophy of man under man and knowledge, man knew all things by direct intuition. Furthermore, according to the perfect model, happiness is the fruit of value. I prefer man who are mature enough to deal with difficult situations, particularly in partnerships. Back then, I was in a series of adolescent relationships that didn’t make me happy or comfortable. I have my own man in my current situation, and I have the idea that he is the sort of man that does not pay attention to childish issues in our relationships. He is endearing because he considers happiness to be the result of virtue. He always makes me happy with his deeds, words of love, and the way he looks at me. He’s the type of man that constantly values virtue and displays it for me and others because it makes him happy. I wholeheartedly believe that he is the type of man who meets the philosophy of man beneath man and knowledge, as well as a perfect model. As a woman, it’s a delight to have a mature and charming man at my side.


    I will choose the attributes that the man exudes power and he is motivated. By choosing two attributes in the desirable traits of man , I know that it can be related to the philosophy of man. The two attributes that I have chosen to correlate it to man and virtue it is very suitable since man that exudes power have high knowledge and tactics behind his head together when the man is motivated he will decipher ignorance for the famous Socrates have said ” Knowledge is Virtue: Ignorance is Vice. There are three types of man the Lover of Pleasure, Success and Wisdom. With those three I can line my attributes into a man which a lover of wisdom because above all a man that is wise always claim the success. A man cannot perfectly possess a comprehensive of all meant wisdom but they can continually pursuit wisdom.


    I will choose the attributes that the man exudes power and he is motivated. By choosing two attributes in the desirable traits of man , I know that it can be related to the philosophy of man. The two attributes that I have chosen to correlated it to man and virtue it very suitable since man that exudes power have high knowledge and tactics behind his head together when the man is motivated he will decipher ignorance for the famous Socrates have said ” Knowledge is Virtue: Ignorance is Vice. There are three types of man the Lover of Pleasure, Success and Wisdom. With those three I can line my attributes into a man which a lover of wisdom because above all a man that is wise always claim the success. A man cannot perfectly possess a comprehensive of all meant wisdom but they can continually pursuit wisdom.

  23. Yulatic, Junmer Paul A.

    Other girls is dreamed about a man that is charming , fit, dresses well, matured, smells good, and a talented but the most important is a man that has a good virtue because the perfect model of a man is a man that should live a life of virtue which true human perfection consist. Living a good life in making good in others to influence them in making good things.

  24. Wenna M. Donguines BSIT2 -M1

    Based on the topic philosophy of man I relate this two attributes , he is matured and he is communicate well. Being matured is important traits that should have beacuse in our stage is not proper to act like a kid and make things like a pastime or a joke . Being matured is being a serious one so if we are matured no more judgement and we are enough to communicate well beacuse we are able to know what is wrong and right or we should say we know already how to make a decision with are own.

  25. Maria Ennah G. Zamora

    Out of those 15 most desirable traits we were assigned to pick only 2 traits that we desired the most. For me it was Him being motivated and being fit. I chose these 2 as my desirable trait. Well who wouldn’t like a man who is motivated? Rather than being born or is very lazy. Being motivated means you do what you love and also motivates you in everything. Next is being fit. Being fit does not only mean having big bulging muscular muscles but it does define you can almost do anything, to simple activities or to rigorous activities. I believe physically fit guys can be handy. Like you can save labor expenses if your partner knows how to do such jobs and as the article say, you can feel so much safe if the guy is physically fit. These are only some of my desirable trait for a man because I personally feel that these type of men can be dependable in any times rather than just having someone who only knows how to dress well or smell good or just by being handsome. On my opinion, these desirable traits relates to our lesson on Philosophy of man which lands on THE IDEAL MAN, THE PERFECT MAN, THE PERFECT MODEL, AND MAN AND VIRTUE as you desire a specific trait from the opposite sex.

  26. Althea Murielle Mendoza BSIT 2-F4

    The two attributes of man that caught my attention in this article are the: He is matured and He is motivated. Being a matured man means that he already know how the things work around him. He knows the things that will make the situation worst or the things that will solve the situation which shows that he is applying virtue in his everyday life. He don’t want to argue about the small things but instead he just want it to be done and clear things out in a way that both of you will understand. He is willing to listen and understand difficult situations. He don’t want to focus on a small matter but instead he wants to explore and expand his knowledge. Matured man have self-respect and respect towards others. He knows how to control his self but if you go too far with him then he also has the confidence to protect, defend himself, and to set boundaries. In our topic state in the Socratic principles, Socrates believed that the most important task people faced was realizing their potential as a person and being a matured man means that you fearlessly face that task. You take effort to understand yourself and you strive to grow from your past self. You are willing and eager to learn from your surroundings. Like the famous Socratic saying: Knowledge is virtue: Ignorance is vice”. Socratic principles said that the unexamined life was not worth living but if you try and make yourself as being a mature man then maybe you’ll know the worth in your existence. This type of man is a lover of wisdom. Now, let’s talk about when the man is motivated. A motivated man means that you are eager or determined to achieve your dreams or to accomplish a certain task. For example, you wanted to be financially stable in the future so that you can help the people in needs so what you did was work hard until you save enough money to build your own business and work hard again to expand it. You did not stop until you achieved it and that is what it likes to be a motivated man. As long as you do what love without harming others you will achieve happiness. Happiness is when you are doing good for other because of your motivation. Motivated man is an example of a man living a life of virtue. This type of man is a lover of success.

  27. Emar B. Baldeveso

    The man that is they do what is their desire,what they want to make, a man is like a good person concern what they doing just like god he created us to make this world happy he sacrifice hes life to us to be free and a man have always faith he always do everything to us to make our lives better .

  28. Emar B. Baldeveso

    The man that is they do what is their desire,what they want to make, a man is like a good person concern what they doing just like god he created us to make this world happy he sacrifice hes life to us to be free and make us happy a man have always faith he always do everything to us to make our lives better .

  29. Malaga,Louis Miguel S. Bsit 2f4

    I pick the topic he is motivated and he moves uniquely becouse at our topic i motivated to have avirtue in my self to tell other people that i can stand up without them i can finish all my doings woth out them and i move uniquely becouse i can manage my self to finish all my doings.

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